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To his Reverend and Learned Friend, Mr. John Flavel, on his Spiritual Navigation and Husandry. "

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Spiritualizeth sea-affairs; again, - - ,
Makes the rude ground turn tutor unto men.
Shews Mariners, as by a compass, how
They may unto the port of glory row.
Teacheth;he plowman, from their work, to know
What duties unto God, and man they owe.
Rare artist! who, when many tongues are mute,
Mak'st things, that are inanimate, confute
The age's fins: by preaching unto eyes,
Truths, which, in other modes, their ears despise.
Prosper his pious labours, Lord! howe'er
Do not forget to crown the labourer.

Sic raptim camit,

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7%, his Reverend and invaluable Friend, Mr. J. F. upon his Husbandry Spiritualized.

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