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The tablecloth was quickly thrown over, and an immediate drumming commenced on the plates, which put Quammino in bodily fear till he produced the beef.

Little notice was taken of Morland, save that he was informed he was a young bear, that all his sorrows were to come; and he was helped first, for the first and last time.

The evening passed away amidst noise and jokes; and after supper, when the party were tired of singing “Here's a health to jolly Bacchus !” “Fire in the Cockpit !” “Needles and Pins,” to which many improvisatores added choruses, they had recourse to the game of Able Wackets.

It is commenced by playing cards, which cards are named the Good Books; the table, the Board of Green Cloth; the hand, the flipper; the light, the glim, &c., and whoever misnames any of these is detected by the word “watch.” The delinquent's flipper is then demanded: his crime is repeated by each person, who strikes him a severe blow, with a twisted and knotted handkerchief, on the hand ;-swearing is also watched;--and as these blows are not easily borne without irritation, the good books are scarcely required more than to commence

the game.

When Morland retired to his hammock he found his sheets reefed, i. e. made up into a round, and to him inextricable ball. In the middle of the night however, when sleep had reconciled him to his blankets and the strangeness of his hammock, he came suddenly to the deck, bed and bedding; and, awakened by the clatter of shot about him, on examination found two twenty-four pounders in his bed, the foot of which was now

on the deck, and the clothes scattered about the cockpit. The sentinel assisted to hang up his hammock, instructed him to let the reef out of his sheets, and promising to protect him from farther molestation during the watch, he slept soundly till the morning, when Peters was loud in his calls

to the lazy Mids, “to rouse out;" and the dozy Muzzy, who had the middle watch, and was the perpetrator of the nocturnal mischief on Morland's hammock, was actually cut down in a similar inanner by Peters, justified by virtue of his office.

It was Sunday morning, and no sooner were the hammocks neatly arranged on the margins of the upper bulwarks, than the lower decks underwent a thorough cleansing by means of the holy stone system ; a scouring operation performed by men in a kneeling position with sand and stones, which gives a dry and white appearance to the decks. The upper parts of the ship had been washed, the ropes fancifully coiled down, and every part of the rigging was in the neatest order.

After breakfast, the word was passed to muster at six bells (eleven o'clock); and many of the Mids having neglected to decorate their persons till near that time, blacking and brushes were flying about-boots lost-cocked-hats

[blocks in formation]

astray-dirks not to be found-towels hidsoap stolen-sentinel refusing to pipeclay waistcoats and weekly accounts*—when suddenly the drummer was called to beat to divisions, and there was a clattering of chest lids over a confusion of uniforms and cleansing apparatus, which merits the delineative appellation of a midshipman's chest, where every thing is upper. most and nothing at hand.

It was at such a time that Scud the messenger arrived, to say " the captain was coming.' Morland had not yet seen his uncle, as he did not reside on board while the ship was in harbour; he therefore repaired to the quarter-deck with the other midshipmen.

A guard of marines was drawn up on the opposite side of the deck to that which the boat was expected, where the lieutenants, master, surgeon, purser, and

marine officers were pacing; while the master's-mates, midshipmen,

* The name given to the white patch on the collar of a Midshipman's coat.

warrant officers, surgeons' assistants, and clerks, occupied the other portion of the deck near the guard. The boatswain stood close to the sentinel on the gangway, and as the bowman of the neatly painted barge spun his oar in the air, laid it in, and stood erect in the bow with the boat-hook, the boatswain gave a loud pipe, and four boys ran down the side with red covered ropes, becketed to the upper bulwark, the first lieutenant walked to the gangway, and the rest of the officers faced that way. As Captain ***** appeared on the deck, the sentinel and guard presented arms, the boatswain piped, and the officers lifted their hats, which the captain returned by uncovering, and looking politely round, ordered the guard to be dismissed.

There are few situations more despotic in their nature than a captain of a ship of war, for although he is subject to, and governed by the same laws as every man and officer in the fleet, yet he is, as it were, the head of the law in his

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