The Edinburgh Magazine, and Literary Miscellany: A New Series of the Scots Magazine, Volumen42

Brymer, Murray and Cochran., 1780

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Página 174 - Faith etc. and the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Netherlands concluded the 21-31 day of July 1667.
Página 365 - William Joyce, the sentence of the Court upon you is, that you be taken from this place to a lawful prison, and thence to a place of execution, and that you be there hanged by the neck until you are dead; and that your body be afterwards buried within the precincts of the prison in which you shall have been confined before your execution. And may the Lord have mercy on your soul.
Página 182 - The morning after the capitulation was signed, as soon as day broke, the whole garrison, now consisting of about two thousand men, besides women and children, were drawn up within the lines, and on the point of marching off, when great numbers of the Indians gathered about, and began to plunder.
Página 62 - Though, I was ready to believe (for I had experienced) that patience and fortitude, in a supreme degree, were to be found as well as every other virtue, under the most tender forms, I was .astonished at this proposal. After so long an agitation of...
Página 519 - ... places, and to future times. If in this hope the authors of the Mirror may indulge, they...
Página 140 - And Abraham answered and said, Lord, he would not worship thee, neither would he call upon thy name ; therefore have I driven him out from before my face into the wilderness.
Página 141 - ... in the water till a boat could come to take you up. I do not know how far corks or bladders may be useful in learning to swim, having never seen much trial of them.
Página 181 - Indians. Colonel Monro, a brave officer, commanded in the Fort, and had no more than two thoufand three hundred men with him, our detachment included.
Página 140 - And Abraham arose, and went forth into the wilderness, and sought diligently for the man, and found him, and returned with him to the tent ; and when he had entreated him kindly, he sent him away on the morrow with gifts.
Página 453 - I am not in the least surprised, nor in the least angry at this view of things. I have read the book of life for a long time and I have read other books a little. Nothing has happened to me but what has happened to men much better than me, and in times and in nations full as good as the age and country that we live in.

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