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ABRAHAM, a Polish Jew, The Conversion of.

By the Rev. James Henderson, D.D.,


Adam, A Contrast of the First and Second,


Adam's Descendants, The Transmission of

the Curse to, 751.

First Sin, imputation of, 203.

Address, An, to our Readers, 817.

Adversity, God Sought in. By Thomasina

M. A. Hood, 400

Affliction necdful, 63.

rouses the Christian, 655.

Afflictions of God's People, a Salutary Dis-

cipline, 351.

Aged, To the, 303.

Alpine Horn. By the Rev. William Hether.

ington, A.M., 16.

Anchor of the Soul, The, 576.

Angels, On Communion with. By the Res

Thomas Doig, A.M., 225.

On the Nature and Society of, 255.

at Bethlehem, The Song of, 304.

Arimal Life, On the Geographical Distribil-

tion of. By the Rev. James Esdaile,

D.D., 292

Antioch, The Two Friends of. By the Rev.

Robert Jamieson, 561.

Apostles, The. By the Rev. James Esdaile,

D.D., 669.

Assembly, Christian Places of, in Early Ages


of 1638, An Account of, 805.

Asylums, Lunatic, The Importance of Reli-

gious Instruction in, 16.

Athanasius, The Trial of. By the Rev.

Robert Jamieson, 326.

Atheism, The Reign of, 368.

The Relation of, to a Future State
of Being. By James Steele, 525.
Atmosphere, The. By the Rev. A. Robert-
bon, 295.

Baird, James. By the Rev. David Lands.

borongh, 523, 515.

Bear, or Dub of the Hebrews. By the late

Rev. David Scot, M.D., 142.

Bede, The Last Hours of the Venerable, 681.

Beggar, A Spiritual, 824.

Believer, The, encouraged in the prospect of

difficulties and dangers. A Discourse,

by the Rev. Robert Buchanan, 648.

Believer's anxious desire to be present with

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Conversion, A Standing Revelation the best

and the only authorized means of. By
the Rev. Andrew Hamilton, A.M., 123.

of an intended Self-Murderer, 352.
Coronation, Thoughts on the. By the Rev.

Robert Jamieson, 385.
Covenanter, The Death of the. By Mon-

tague Stanley, A.R.S.A,,512.

Covenants, The, 31.

Covetousness, The Disguises of, 239.

Creation, Records of. By the Rev. John
Anderson, D.D., 116, 158.

The Great Design of. By the wate
Rev. David Armstrong, 433.
Crisis, The; Or the Young Ruler's interview

with Christ. By the Rev. J. A. Wylie,


Cross, The Glory of the, 527.

The Offence of the, 400.

Crucifixion, The, 528.
Cunninghamne, Hugh. By the Rev. David

Landsborough, 481, 497.
Cuvier, The Death of Baron, 336.


the Lord. A Discourse, by the Rev.

William S. Moncrieff, 376.

Portion, The, 63.

Bengel, John Albert, Biographical Sketch of,

Ben lone of the Hebrews, or Young Pigeon

of the English Bible. By the late Rev.

David Scot, M.D., 510.

Bible, The, 175.

John Locke's View of the, 288.

Value of the, 480.

Blair, Mr Robert, Biographical Sketch of,

755, 773.
Blind Men by the Wayside, The two. By
the Rev. J. A. Wylie, 413.

Origin and Progress of the art of
Printing for the. By C. Baker, Exq., 275.
Bombay, Progress of the General Assembly's

Mission at, 46.

Bondmen. By the Rev. Robert Simpson,

A.M., 134.

Boos, Martin, Biographical Sketch of. By

the Rev. John Morrison Whitelaw, 323,

Bottles, Oriental, 32.

Brethren, Love to the, 47.

By the Rev. Wil-

liam Oliver, 484, 531, 612, 709, 739, 78).

Brunswick, New. By the Rev. George

Burns, D.D., 365, 533.


Cameron, Richard, 288.

Capadose, Dr, a Portuguese Israelite, Con.

version of, 460, 469, 501.

Cecil, Anecdote of the late Rev. Richard, 592

Charity among the Early Christians, 688.

Charles, The Rev. Thomas, A.B., Biogra-

phical Sketch of. By the Rev. J. M.

Whitelaw, 628, 643.

Chasidin, The Doctrines of the, 824.

Cherokees, Moravian Mission among the,221.

Child, The Reasoning of 2, 32.

China, Medical Missionaries in. By John

Coldstream, M.D., 348.

Christ is all in all, 655.

Looking to, 784.
our all and in all, 543.
The Call of, to his People, 463.

The Candour of the Teaching of,

The Constraining Influence of the

Love of, 527.

The Image of, 110.

The Love of, needful to the Love of

the Father, 495.

The Parting Disclosure of, to His

Disciples, in reference to the Trial and

Triumph which awaited Him. A Dis-

course by the Rev. John Glen, A. M.,


The Resurrection and the Life. А

Discourse, by the Rev. Hugh Fraser,

A. M., 296.

The Substitution of, in the Room of

the Sinner. A Discourse, by the late
Rev. Andrew llunter, D.D., 537.

the True Vine. By the Rev. Wil-

liam Minty, 401.

Crucified, The Preaching of, the on-

Effective Preaching, 160.

Christian, A, should get good from every

thing, 224.

Blessedness of the, 127.

Churches, The peculiar duties of
the Members of. A Discourse, by the
Rev. W. B. Kirkpatrick, 488, 505.

Dispensation, its Superiority to the
Jewish. By the Rev. A. Turner, 209,

- Example. A Discourse, by the Rev.
Peter Petrie, A. M., 265.

pih and Courage, Traita nf, 699.
Discos, Pzze for An Essly, 91,

Perseverance, 'The Pfaise of, to be

ascribed to GOG, 333:

Philosophy. Sy the he?. James

Brodic, 14,'59. 229; -38' 596.

Unity. The Importance of;' sni,

The, a Fink, 03.

The P. jects and Hover of the

True. A. Riscuirse, by the Ruv. Gcorgo

Burns, D.D., 425.

Christian's Cross, The, 131.

Jealousy for the Honour of his

Lord, 196.

Christians, Cowardice in Professing, 783.

Duty of, to prove their own Work.

A Discourse, by the Rev. James Whit-

son, 120,

Inconsistencies of Professed, the

most efficient Enemies of Christianity,


Christianity, 47.

A Sketch of the Early History

of, in Scotland. By the Rev. James

Bryce, 6, 54, 187, 246, 300, 451, 594, 651.

The Divine Origin of, 639.

The Effect of, on Soldiers and

Sailors, 464.

- The Slow Progress of, a recom-

mendation in its favour, 735,

The Temporal Benefits which

it Confers. By the Rev. J. W. Taylor,

231, 269, 356.

Chronology of Sacred Scripture, 430, 446.

Church of Christ, The Glorious prospects of

the. A Discourse, by the late Rev. John

Love, D.D., 664.

Colonial Sketches. By the Rev. George

Burns, D.D., 365, 633.
Commandment, The New. By the Rev.

James Buchanan, 1.

Communion Service. By the Rev. James

Balfour, 270.

By the Rev. James

Buchanan, 285.

Conscience, The Power of.

By the Rev.

John Thomson, 625.
Consistency, The Importance to Christians

of Habitual. By the Rev. Charles Hope,


Contentment, Christian, 320.

The Happiness of, 543.


Death, 352.

On the Fear of, and Victory over it.

By the Rev. John Glen, 513.

Reasons why the Prospect of, may be

distressing to the People of God. By

the Rev. James Anderson, 569.

The Mystery of, 735.

to a Believer, 79.

Death-bed, The Christian's, 464.

Defilement, Inward, 719.

Deluge, Heathen Traditions of the. By the

late Rev. James Kidd, D.D., 206.

, Various Hypotheses in reference to

the means by which it was produced.

By the late Rev. James Kidd, D.D., 375.

Demoniacal Possession. By the Rev. James

Esdaile, D.D., 101.

Desire of the Eyes taken away with a Stroke.

A Discourse, by the Rev. Hugb Ralph,

LL.D., 105.

Devotion, The Benefits of Private, 272.

Diaz, The Martyrdom of John, 695.

Diluvian Antiquities. By the late Rev.

James Kidd, D.D., 141, 206, 375.
Direction of my Conduct, Rules for the, 107
Discontent, 767.
Discourse by the late Rev. Dr T. S. Jones

Recollections of a, 606.
Disunion among Christians, The Evils of, 639.
Divine Glory, The Earth viewed as the Scene

of the Peculiar Manifestation of, A Dis-

course, by the Rev. James Buchanan, 249.
Divine Mercies, 47.
Doctrines concerning our Saviour and the

Holy Spirit, 255.
Dog, The. By the late Rev. David Scot,

M.D., 673, 705.

Dove, or Ione of the Hebrews. By the late

Rev. David Scot, M.D., 8.

Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou re.

turn, 95.

Dutch Church, A Letter addressed to the,

by the General Assembly of Scotland in
June 1644, 379.

Letter of the General As.
sembly to the, in 1838, 733.
Duty, The Proper View of, 111.


Eagle, The. By the Rev, David Mitchell,


Earth, Age of the. By the Rev. William

Patrick, 711, 731, 766, 780, 803.

Motions of the. By the Rev. James

Brodie, 220.
Eclipses. By the Rev. James Brodie, 486.
Eden, The Garden of. By the late Rev.

James Kidd, D.D., 449.
Education should be Religious, 63.

The Necessity of Christian, 302.

Egypt, the Pyramids of, 190.

Election and Reprobation, 15.

Elephant, The. By the late Rev. David

Scot, M.D., 604.

Elisha, The Fountain of, and the Mount of

Temptation, 96.

Eloquence of the Pulpit, 240.
Embalming of the Dead, 400.
Emigrant's Daughter, The, 704.

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