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My LORD, From the Havel at Hampton

Wick, April 7. 1711. HEN I first resolved upon doing my self this Honour, I could

not but indulge a certain Vanity in dating from this little Covert, where I have frequently, had the Honour of your Lordship’s Company, and received from you very many Obligations. The elegant Solitude of this place, and



elie greareft Pleafures of it I owe te its being so near those Beautiful Mannors wherein you fonietimes reside : It is not retiring from the World, but enjoying its inost valuable Bielfings, when

a Man is permitted to share in your Lordship's Conversa consin the Country. All the bright Images which the Wits of past Ages have left behind them in their Writings, the noble Plans which the greatest Statesmen have laid down for Administration of Affairs, are equally the familiar Objects of your Knowledge. But what is peculiar to your Lordship above all the illisftrious Personages that have appear, ed in any Age, is, that Wit and Ilearning have from your Example fallen into a netv Ara. Your Patronage tiasi produced those Arts, which before thurinedi the Com merce of the World, into the Ser vice of Life, and it is to you we owo, lebat

the Man of Wic has turned himsetf to be a Man of Bufiriefs. Tite false Düllcady of Mea of Geo


cnius, and therObjeäions which 30i vthers were apt too infinuate against

jtheit Abilities föri lengring into Affairs, have idquably vanifhedso And Experiencerhab fhown, that Men of Letxers are not only qualify'd with ia greater Capacioy, but also a greater Integrity in the Difpatch of Bufiness. Your own Studies have been diverted from being the highest Ornament, to the highest Use to Mankind, and the Capacities which would have rendered you the greatest Poet of your Age, have to the Advantage of Great Britain been employ'd in Pursuits which have made you the most able and unbiassed Patriot. A vigorous Imagination, an extensive Apprehension, and a ready Judgment, have distinguished you in all the illustrious Parts of Administration, in a Reign attended with such Difficulties, that the same Talents without the fame Quickness in the Poffeffion of them would have been incapable of Conquering. The natural Success of fuch; Abilities has advan


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-ced you to a Seat in that illustrious House, where you were received by a Crowd of your Relations. : Great as you are in your Honours, and Personal Qualities, I know you will forgivé, an humble Neighbour, the Vanity of pretending to a Place in your Friendship, and subscribing himself,

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