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Kegister, Journal,



JANUARY 4TH-JUNE 28th, 1845.



"There is no truth in the observation of some people, that all discoveries of importance are already
made; on the contrary, the æra of scientific research and the application of science to the arts may be
considered as but commenced. The works of creation will for ever furnish materials for the exercise
of the most refined intellects and will reward their labours with a perpetual succession of new disco-
veries. The progress which has been made in investigating the laws that govern the aqueous, atmo-
spheric, mineral, and vegetable parts of creation is but a prelude to what is yet to be done—it is but
the clearing of the threshold, preparatory to the portals of the temple of science being thrown open to
the world at large."-EWBANK.









Atmospheric power, railway engines, con.

tracts for, 48 Auld's steam boiler regulator, 431 Auxiliary steam and screw power, 192; ap

plied to the schooner “ Experiment,” 196 Axle, Rowan's patent, 64, 143

Baddeley, Mr. William, on the emancipation

of the glass manufacture, 196; Report on London fires in 1844, 177; Strictures on Mr. Braidwood's papers for the supply of

water, &c., 228, 242, 275 Barnsley gas works, explosion at, 191 Bars, on the measure of, by Prof. Airy, 100 Bay's railway rails, 92 Beale's rotary roller engines, 13, 142 Bearing, improved, for steam engine and cog

wheel shafts; by Mr. S. G. Davis, 38 Beart's patent boring tools, 111 Bell for York Minster, 128 Bell for the table, Furlong's, 414 Benningfield's electric gun, 160 Bennet's wooden caulking, 93 Benson's pile driver, 77 Berney, T. T. Esq.; portable one-pounder

gun, 417

Academy of science, French, a learned cor

respondent of, 96 Accidents on railways, steam-drag for pre

venting, 88 Acid, sulphuric, arsenic in, 283 Agriculturists, good news for, 384 Air-pumps with and without valves, Horne's

patent, 257 Airy (professor) on the measure of bars, 100 Aitken's improvements in the condensing

steam engine, 172, 314 Albata metal, 208 Almanacks, old, and solar time, 39, 67, 235 America, protection of English patents in, 336

rapid mail-carrier in, 271

screw propelling in; case of Emer. son 0. Ericsson, 165.—Stevens's propeller, 384

Steam navigation in, 167 American goods with English marks, 288

improvements in cotton spinning, 240

manufactures, 64, 191 American and British electric telegraphs, 400, 421

national grant to the heirs of Robert Fulton, 271

patents, 75, 91, 316, 335
Anastatic printing, 307, 308
Anchor, Hitchings’s liberating, 295
Antediluvian toads, 336
Archimedean railway, Farrell's, 129
Argand furnace, Williams's, 125
Arsenic in sulpburic acid, 288

new process for detecting, 16 Arts of design in England and France, 31 Arts and sciences, lists of new works con

nected with, 62, 126, 222, 284, 380, 446 Arts, society of, proceedings of, 238 Astronomical problem, 235 Atlantic and Pacific junction canal, 383 Atmospheric power, substitution of, for steam

power on the ocean ; by J. B. Dixon, Esq., 325

pressure, new theory of, 259, 365

propulsion; comparison of the methods of Messrs. Clegg, Hallette and Pilbrow; by James Pilbrow, Esq. C.E., 11

System, Pilbrow's, 36, 61, 68, 112, 121, 197, 271

Hediard's, 320
Nasmyth and May's, 430

Report of the select committee of the House of Commons on, 293


Bewley. Mr. Richard, on steam boiler explo

sions, 142 Bingham's spring bolt, 318 Biram, Benj. Esq.; patent improvements in

oscillating engines, 443 " Blackwall” steamer, Table of performan

during the season of 1844, by Timothy

Harrington, 8 Blackwell and Norris's improvements in

ating metals, 108 Blast engine, the largest in the country, 240, Blofield's plan for cheapening the supply of

gas, 99, 123 Blown looking-glass, 438 Bohemia, manufacture of glass in ; memoir

on, by M. L. P. Debette, 281, 299, 349, 396, 497,437

glass works of, general statistical view of, 439 Bohemian glass, remarks on, 236 Boiler, Fairbairn and Hetherington's patent,

121 Boiler explosion at the manufactory of Mr.

Samuda, 160, 208, 210, 336 Boiler flues, large and small, 10 Boring tools, Beart's patent, 111 Boulogne and Folkstone steamers, 272, 304,

320 Bradley's air-heating furnace, 319 Braidwood, Mr. James, Abstract of paper

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by, oa the means of rendering large sup- Chimneys, how to extinguish fire in, 208
plies of water available in cases of fire; Chimney roof, and apparatus for sweeping,
and on the application of manual power to Kite's patent, 161
the working of fire engines, 137, 147; Choate's new system of rigging, 92
strictures on, 228, 242, 275

Christy, John, Esq., testimony by, to the
Bridge building, expeditious,on Mr. Dredge's durability of Beale's roller rotary engine, i
system, 48

Bridges, Pratt's truss frames for, 91

Cinder-sifter, Hewetson's, 123
Bridges and viaducts, fall of, 320

Clark's fire escape, 239
Bridges, suspension, 314,335,354,378, 390, Clive, J.H. Esq. ; plan of suspension bridges,

Bristol and Transatlantic navigation, 16 Clocks, electric, Bain's, 128
British enterprise, 16

Clocks at railway stations, on the construc-
British plate glass company, 191, 196

tion and regulation of, by B. L. Vulliamy,
British and American magnetic telegraphs, Esq., 370, 410, 417
comparison of, 400, 421

Coal-gas, Malam's patent improvements in
Broadmeadow's process for converting iron purifying, 273, 289, 305, 321
into steel, 317

Coffee, essence of, Staite's, 384
Bucket-wheel, Dutton's patent, 318

Colbourne, Ward, and Gillet's chaff-cutting
Buckle, Verplank's patent, 75

machine, 33
Building act, the new Metropolitan, 183 Collectanea Minora Technica, gleaned from
Buildings, on warming and ventilating, by the registries of useful and ornamental

Franklin Coxworthy, Esq., 201, 218, 230 designs, 414
Busse's locomotive greasing apparatus, 40 Collin and Bourne's Victoria glove-fastener,
Butler's registered furnace bridge, 49, 77, 49 414

Combined cylinder engines, Sims's, 64
Camphine lamp, Wooley's safety, 215 Combustion, spontaneous, 182
Candles, improvements in the manufacture Compass, the neutralization of the local at.
of, Humfrey's patent, 109

traction of iron ships on, 312
Caoutchouc binding, 96

Composition and resolution of forces, 323
- vulcanized; Hancock's patent, Concave-bottomed kettle, Williams's, 415
112, 150

Condensing steam engines, Aitken's patent
Cardan's rule for cubic equations, 171

improvements in, 172, 314
Carpet, immense, 256

Condie's, Mr., claim to the invention of the
Carriage wheel hubs, metal boxes for, Pal- hot-blast, 297
mer's patent, 75

Cook, Mr., on the crank question, 135
Carrington's hot ventilator, 415

Cooper's patent for doubling cotton, &c., 440
Cartwright's (Dr.), velocipede, 24

Copper, method of obtaining, from the ore,
Cask-cleansing, Messrs. Davison and Sym- Ritchie's patent, 410
ington's process of, 16

Cork-sole boots, M'Cauley's patent, 335
Cassell's new patent materials for flooring, Cornish engines, historical notice of, by
roofing, paving, &c., 329

Capt. C. W. Hughes, 42, 356
Cast-iron enamelled vessels, 428

Cotton, doubling of, &c., Cooper's patent,
Cast mirrors, 438

440; preparing, slubbing and roving,
Catoptric spirit lamp, Wilkins and Ken- Groom's patent, 442
drick's, 97

Cotton spinning, American improvements
Cayley, Sir George, Bart., description by, of in, 240

an artificial hand, 152, 174, 192, 198, 217 Cowan's gas retorts, 108
Centrobaric mensuration, 34, 72, 116, 185, Coxworthy, Franklin, Esq.; on warming and
244, 309, 387, 436

ventilating buildings—fermentation and
Century of inventions, the Marquis of Wor- putrefaction—theory of rain and artificial
cester's, 82

light, 201, 218, 230-233
Chaff-cutting machine, Joyner's, 264 Crank question, 11, 47, 53, 135, 173, 272,

-Ward, Colbourne, & Gillets', 33 333
Cheverton's, Benj. Esq«; on Pilbrow's system. Crosley, Henry, Esq. C.E., on the boiling

of atmospheric propulsion, with a post- of sugar by steam, 125
script on the removal of Sunderland light- Crutchett's improvements in gas-light, 316
house, 68

Cubic equations, 19, 246, 298
Childs' (A. D.) improvements in horse Cumberland, George, Esq., suggested im-

provements by, in the daguerreotype pro.
Chimneys and smoke-jacks, antiquity of, 444

lofty, repair of, a case for opinion, Cummins, Mr. Chas., on roller escapements,


power, 316

cess, 421

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England and France, metal workers of, 144
English and American electric telegraphs,

comparison of, 400, 421
English patents in America, protection of,

Engraving, new mode of, called ivory en-

graving, or Durer-type, 20, 74, 140
Equations, numerical, 136
Ericsson's, Capt., patent screw.propeller,

Escapement, substitution of rollers for pal-

lets in, shown to be disadvantageous, 13,

Explosion at the Barnsley gas-works, 191

of the great gun on board the
American frigate, “ Princeton,' 47

Cylindrical printing press, Hoe's patent, 92
Daguerreotype process, suggested improve-

ments in, 421
Davison and Symington's, Messrs., process

of cask-cleansing, 16
Davis's improved bearing for steam engine

and cog-wheel shafts, 38
Debette, M. L. P., memoir by, on the manu.

facture of glass in Bohemia, 281, 299,

349, 396, 427, 437
Design, arts of, in England and France, 31
Differential gearing and stern propellers,

Hays's patent, 193
Dircks, Henry, Esq. ; new mode of engra-

ving, called ivory engraving, or Durer-

type, 20, 140; on the argand furnace, 123
Direct-action engines, 357, 393, 405, 444

-screw-propeller engines, Mauds.
lay & Co's., 401, 423
Diving bells, 48
Dixon, J. B. Esq., on the substitution of

atmospheric power for steam power on the
Donble cylinder marine engine, Hick's, 113
Downing's tanning process, 319
Drain-tile and sole-making machine, Young

and Boyle's, 337
Drain tubes and tiles, Ford's patent, 439
Dray's registered fruit gatherer, 409
Dredge, Jas. Esq., investigation by, of the

causes of the failure of the suspension

bridge at Yarmouth, 390
Dredging machine, Letestu's, 160
Drill or borer, Grant's patent, 93
Dundonald, Earl of, and the Janus steam

sloop, 351
Durertype, or ivory engraving, 20, 74, 140
Dutton's bucket wheel, 318

ocean, 325

Fairbaira and Heth

on's patent steam
boiler, 121
Fall of bridges and viaducts, 320
Faraday (Professor) on the liquefaction and

solidification of gaseous bodies, 89; on

anastatic printing, 307
Farinaceous products, improvements in the

preparation of, Thompson's patent, 443
Farrell's Archimedean railway, 129
Feldspar, pure, discovery of, 416
Fenn's registered spring adjusting plane,

Fermentation and putrefaction, on by F.

Coxworthy, Esq., 201, 218, 230
Fire annihilator, Phillips's, 96, 101

escapes, 185, 239
Fires, on the means of rendering large sup-

plies of water available at, &c., by Mr.
Braidwood, 137, 147

of London, in 1844, Mr. Baddeley's
report on, 177
Fitch, John, one of the early promoters of

steam navigation, monument to, 384
Fitzgerald's sub-marine gun-boat, 318
Fletcher, Mr. Wm., claim of, to the invention

of the rapid mail-carrier, 416
Flooring, &c., new materials for, Cassell's

patent, 329
Folkstone and Boulogne steamers, 272, 304,

Forces, composition and resolution of, 323
Ford's drain-tubes and tiles, 439
Free-trade, and trade in fetters, 48
Fruit-gatherer, Dray's, 409
Fuel, Tetley's plan for economising, in the

boilers of locomotives, 86
Fuels, artificial, Warlich's--Wylam's, 348
Fulton, Robert, grant to his heirs, 271
Farlong's table-bell, 414
Furnace-bridge, Butler's patent, 49, 77

feeding apparatus, Whiteley's, 145
portable, Waring's patent, 76
Bradley's, 319

Elbow or knee-jointed lever, investigation

of the principles and power of, 341
Elbow-jointed pall for working windlasses

with double speed, Kendall's patent, 408
Electric clocks, 128

gun, Beningfield's, 160

telegraphs, English and American,
comparison of, 400, 421

telegraph London and Gosport, or
South-Western, 48, 96, 192

telegraph, Heighton's patent, 122

telegraph, and Time, 416
Electricity, application of, in the extraction
of metals, 432

developed in the manufacture of
machine-made paper, Dr. Hankel on, 30

lighting by, 25, 200
Electro-culture, 90
Elements of physics, Peschel's (review), 328
Emerson v. Ericsson, case of ;-screw pro-

pelling in America, 165
Enamelled cast iron vessels, 428
Engines, small and large, 184

Galvanic shower-bath, Middleton's, 412
Gardens, the New Royal, 384

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