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The hope of accomplishing this work himself was however never realized. Disease advanced with rapid progress, leaving the sufferer, at the age of thirty-five years, but little more than sufficient strength to engage in the solemn duties of the dying bed, and to reconcile his surrounding relatives and friends to the view of his departure, which he saw to be now near at hand.

With a few general directions, he entrusted to others the work of selection and publication, a pleasing labour indeed to those who have been employed in it, but such as would have received a better accomplishment at his own hands.

The Editor therefore, and those friends of the departed who have lent their useful aid in selecting these Sermons for the press, have but endeavoured to discharge a duty bequeathed to them by one, whose dying hours furnished a happy example of the blessedness of a christian hope. No too fond partiality of surviving relatives, no vain desire of kindling or cherishing the flame of a mere posthumous praise, but obedience to the last wishes of a friend, has

alone directed the present undertaking.

The volume is committed to the care of the christian public, with the prayer, that the humble services of its deceased author, may redound to the glory of God, and become, under his blessing, profitable to the souls of men.

The pecuniary profit, if any, arising from the sale of the work, will be applied to the support of the Charitable Institutions of the united parishes of Tormoham and Cockington.

The Editor ventures to add, in conclusion, that the texts of scripture in the Title Page, have been inserted in compliance with the Author's directions, as contained in the following note discovered in his diary. “Memorandum. Should I ever publish a volume of Sermons, dedicated to my own flock, to prefix the following words, 2 Peter i, 12, &c.”

January 31, 1831.

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