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and New Year's Gifts to young persons, we know of no literary performance of a similar size and price, we should be more inclined to recommend to the munificent patrons of the ingenious and inquisitive' part of the juvenile community, than this New Pocket Cyclopædia."-Eclectic Review for Dec. 1811.

"Cyclopædia is here used in a restricted sense. It does not mean a circle of the sciences, but a short account of some of the most important; which, in general, is given with such precision as to make the work very proper to be used in SCHOOLS. A distinguishing characteristic of this work is, the recommendation of select books on every important subject of learning and science: and of this part, we must say not only, that it is, in general, well executed, but that the attention of the writer has been extended to the very latest productions of real merit and value; works which, though not long published, have already deserved the authentic stamp of approbation.”—British Critic for Dec. 1811.


"The Author's plan includes a variety of useful and entertaining matter, and affords much satisfactory information on subjects of which young persons are, most frequently, ignorant. The multifarious subjects are, in general, treated with such perspicuity and brevity, as to render these Elements of Useful Knowledge' highly acceptable to young persons, and more especially to SCHOOLS. Of the lists of Select Books, we must express our warmest approbation. The superintendants of education may safely commit them to their pupils, as they appear to have been selected with scrupulous accuracy, and considerable judgment."-Universal Magazine for June 1812.

"This useful volume is divided into eight [nine] classes; each of which parts is judiciously sub-divided into the several branches; and the whole work is well calculated for the information and amusemen of those who have not leisure to peruse, or ability to purchase more elaborate publications."-Gentleman's Magazine for August


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