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and day, both here and at home?" This reproof was followed by a solenn silenes; after which a long conversation ensued.

• The next morning we arrived at the hrall of Gasta. llere I met with some Cattrey who understood hutch: with whom I freely converscd about their eternal welfare. This hai is situated about a mile from the sea. shore, and has a most delightrat appearance. Vast tieids of Caffre and Indian corn present them lies io view; which, with the herds of cattle, give it a strong European pasem lauce.

After leaving this spoi, ve passed through woods of most excellent tiraber; but the path en su wretched, that we were obliged to lead our Beasts. About noon we got through the woods, and arrived at Caffrekrali; when the people imus dite!y brought us two large baskets of their sour milk, which wis a shot airlicion iscat to us. This beverage we proerred at a'most every arsi we visited, and nothing was disgusting but the nastiness of the buckets, which are never cleaned but by the tongues of the dogs. This directly, however, I have long since learned to orercole . !n the termiche krall of the Caffre chief Camma, who, hama

WILE: il regard for the word of God. Bere I was received wi.

lui wishing to hasten to Zlatti loer that evening, proceede, .. •!call on my return. He loaded us with Indian corn, which, when one or roasted, is very delicious. On leaving this place, we again entered large woods, where we found fresh tracks of elephants, and perceived the devastation they had made, by breaking down large trees, and pulling up others by the roots.. We came through these woods, directly down upon the shore; and arrived, at sun-set at the krall of Ztootazec; where I was received, hy all who know me, with open arms. Jan, however, and his father, were from home on a huntingparty, to procure skins for their carosses. The cldest son was present, whose friendship was very great.

He immediately ordered a fat ox to be killed for our enteriainment; and the women brought in abundance of Indian corn, besides a sufficient quantity of milk. A man was dispatched in the night to hasten the return of Jan, who, with his father, arrived next day. This situation, at a small distance from the shore, is also not delightful. The kralls, in number about 20, containing about 19 houses each, are built in a row, the gardens joining cach other'; all placed on an eminence, commanding a full view of the sea. There is abundance of fine grasy, wood, and water. The elephants bere are very numerous, and troublesome in the gardens; and the Caffres have no guns to shoot them. In the Boscheman's River, which is about six miles distant, are numbers of the hippotamps, or sea-cow, which are very enyy to be shot. I was sorry that cir. cumstances world not allow me to sead my people out to shoot them. The house of the chief was allotted for my residence ; but it was frequenied by so many visitors, night and day, which, together with the smoke occasioned by the cooking, made it absolntely intolerable. My clothes also became red, from the colour with which they paint their bodies. The mei are altogether unciothed.

"The next day we were visited by about 20 (affres, three of whoin were foreruuner: ; and were soon followed by the rest of the company, with al? 2.000vho are taught to proceed with great swiftness. The (2 visitory s re naked, as were those of the krall, except a belt roum thcirlerds; to which were fastened two wings of the crane, which had taocarance of horns. Lach of these men had a shield in his hand, aboli tour feet in heighi, made of nu ox's hide, with a bunch of assagays For lng darts) fastened to it. With these weapons they will fight the most fierce lions and tygers, by creeping under them, and taking on opportunity to stab them with the assagày. The crane-feathers are used only in hunting, or in war ; and in the latier, those who are so distinguished, act as the cavalry among our troops.

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Shortly after, arrived Jan, with his father. Our mulwal joy al meeting was greatJan, it scems, kad submitied to the ceremony of circumcision, and was considered as the appointed successor of his father, in preference to bis brothers, le being the only son of the real wife of Ziaatzoe. i had much conversation wih the old man, who caquired particularly into the state of our institution, and expressed a strong desire to see brother Vanderkemp; and especially that a Missionary might be sent to instruct him. I told him that brother Vanderkemp had requested leave to visit the 'iumbookies, at which information be seemed very much grieved; and asked,

Why Janktkinnd * could do such a thing, to neglect him, and pass by to another nation? Did he not think that Ztatzoe needed instruction as much as the Tambookies?' 1 assured him that it was iny intention to try to visit biin now and then ; and be intreated me to leave no means for that purpose untried. Many of the inhabitants of the neighbouring kralls, especially those returning from the chace, paid us a visit, -- all of whom expressed their joy on seeing me. The women were very troublesome, in begging handkerchicfs, beads, &c.; and seemed surprized when I expressed a reluctance to part- with the handkerchief which was about my neck (having already got my pocket-handkerchief, and every other article I could spare); for they could not conceive the use of that about my neck. The women are always clothed, and appear to be very modest.

'I was surprized to observe the wonderful share of spirits which both men and woinen possessed; for, from morning to evening, they were busily engaged, some in playing upon their garus, some hallooing, some singing, and making the most child-like gestures.'

A name which the Caffres had given to Dr. Vanderkemp, and by which he is known through all Caffre-land.

[7o be continued.]

CAPE OF GOOD LIOTE. We have formerly heard, with great pleasure, of a pleasing revival of religion among the British soldiers at the Cape, especially when the Missivuaries, who were on their way to the Purinan Empire, tarried there,

bile waiting for a ship. The foilowing letter contirms the agreeable intelligence ; and shews how desirous the pious soldiers are of obtaining further improvement in religious knowledge. • Sir,

Cape of Good llope, Aug. 31, 1810. He who is shaking the nations of the carth, and dashing them in prees, bas, by his sovereign grace, been shaking the kingdom of Satan among the soldiers at the Cape, and drawing, by the cords of his everlasting love, the now willing captives after the glorious chariot of the gospel of peace, fresh trophies of that victory gained on mount Calvary by gur victorious Captain, Jehovah Jesus. le bcheid us in the waste and howling wilderness, sporting with our deceivings, possessed by legions of fals, und tottering on the brink of eterual misery: lle sent his word to leal our souls; and his messengers, Pritchett and Brain, with the glorious pens of peace on earth and good-will towards men. For these things, let esery one that is godly praise him !

But we are ignorant, and our instructors few : I have, therefore, to reygest that, if consistent with the designs of the Missionary Society, you will send us, by as early au opportunity as possible, the books mentioned in the succeeding page of this leiter. As it is not intended to put the Society folhe ospence, while more important objects demand their utmost atten. tou, a snuail sum is collected monthly, to be paid into the hands of the mabagers of the society at the Cape when the books shall arrive.

I reipain, &c.

W.A. To J. Haricastle, Esq.

A List of Books then follows, including some of the Works of Wilsius, Owen, Edwards, Walts, Sewton, Romaine, Bunyani, Scott, &c. &c. It is scarcely necessary to add, that the request of the soidiers was readily granted. EAST INDIES.

tized, had formed themselves into Wolezrn that levers have lately

a ciuich.

The above is the substance of the arrived from the Buzzotint Niission

intelligence A more particular aries in bengal, containing encouragingo aecounls. One dated

statement will be given in No. XXI

of the Periodical Accounts. til.chi 6, 18101 sparks of Mr. Jonil Deler as having entered on his work N. B. We find Lord Minto has in Orissa with a spirit that appeared expressly given Icave to Ice to Iruly pleasils, and of the door Scitie as a Missionary, and that cpiling before hun more freely Gordon is likely to obtain the same. od extensively than was expected. it also reproeits Carapeit, the Jescre Visiorsiy, as very diligent

SPAIN. and successful. "The church in that Is the late decree of the Corire divisie, of which he has been 0;'

respecting the liberiy of the press, deinde ile pastor, consists of four the regulations are similar with branches, about 30 miles distant those which exist in England, exfor each viher; to each of winch cepi on mailtors of religion; in whichi, le pays a monthly visit, preaching it seenis, no liberty whatever is likeide vord and administering the ly to be allowed, as every paper on Lord's Supper; where also, at mis re

the subjeci must pass under the eye, qust.four ilindvovreihren ere sent and obtain the sanction of a papal is ride. If his success continues, ecclesiastic before its publication. it is beped these four branches may

ARTICLE VI. 'All writings on matbacone so many distinci churches. ters of religion remain subject to Lowcea Jan. 1 and the date of this the previous censorship of the ecclebeter, 25 had been wided to the dif- siastical ordinaries, according to iceni churches; ten of whom were

what is laid down in the Council oi at Perhampore, and tweive in Jey- Trent. fu another letter (daied May 23

Letter from a Scaman, on board his and 25, 1910) mention is made of

Niu jesty's Ship Zealous, Lisbon. ile baptism of the mother of Deep

daled u filla Franca, Col. 23

1810. Chiund, who, by her icars and enirentes, bud for:perly drunhiin "Mv serious breihreu are distri gide into idolatry, but who was tuled in fial-bottomien heats, o afterwards inluced by hisin?reaties, laluches with carronades, or doity; io aitend on the peaching of the garrison-duty. The Lord is per word, which was liiessed to her con mcrciful to us. The other day th yersion. The curch and congre

French struck our launch with so gation al Calculu were on the in- shot, that iook off the legs of fou

Fou had been added in the men before, behind, and on eithe lasi inorth, anal sik Wone siood as side of brother S. and never touch candidales. licligion was much hin. The Lord is truly inercii; the ioner of conversation in the uno i!s, and prese, ved hiu. cit. llie galeries ri' the chapel fiat wils avigside at the time u required to fiinhen ine min in the loch lost their limb clariyanchool arealet :o 30 1034. live shots cause so close to us int Tic or thirtien buddiers from fal, that ile wind of thein was to Hori lizi attended the chapel, fire across our faces. and in real to be seriously cal fering great hardships : but tha Strict Statior. The same is sutricient for us, and has litir Motoi nany orderent nations preserved as. } { } ,

torn 1. Calcutta. V.J. Peler, and those to encerteride irudi who were with him in Orissa, Fransa, silicio bute. Bainst t among whom is one newly bap- iowaletes.

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We are

the river are desolate, and the houses of the society, and continues lobce without inhabitants. You may say

mcmber on paying two dollars al• Destrudion covers all the laud,

nually; or, on paying filiy do!!!!7'sim The seat where Babel stood ;

becomes a inember for life, without The temple of our gospel foe

any further contribution. Of this Is now a scene of blood !'

latter class of members, there 213 Saughter and the devouring sword

now about twenty.

It is believed, that twelve or is walking the sirects around,

fifteen other Bible Societies have Babei is falling beneath the stroke, a að staggering to the ground. Dear l'nited States, in addition to numer

been already established in the friend, Pray for us, is our particular request. May the Lord bless you been in existence, and in successful

ous Missionary Societies, which have ali on shore. Our brethren on board send Christian salutation-greetings

operation for many years past. Of by Yours, &c.

these Missionary Societies, one, with

funds of about 2500 dollars, is supTo the Rev. G.C.S. Penzance.

ported chie:iy by the Independeni, Rome. - The Emperor has issued Town, South Carolina. The Bible

or Congregational Church, in Charles a decree, by which the clergy are forbidden to marry any person, with- from London a set of stereotype

Society of Philadelphia has ordered out the sanction of the civil magis- plates, for printing the whole of the trate, under the penalty of depriva- Old aud New Testamenis, by which tion and two years imprisopment they will be able to supply all the for the first offence; five years iin- Bible Societies in the lnited Stales prisonment for the second offence; with copies of the Scriptures on the and for the third, banging or im- most moderate terms, &c. prisonment for life.

Thus are the priests in that country deprived of the power of admi Bible Society in Nova Scotia. nistering one of their seven sacra The British and foreign Eille Coments, unless they have the sanction ciety lately sent a considerable ruumof the civil power.

How are the ber of Bibles to Lova Scotia. Duis mights fallen!

has given occasion to an Institution

of a smilar kind in that province. Vesuvirs. - A tremendous erup- lis correspondent in July last, says:

The Rev. Hugh Graham, writing to tion of this volcano took place on

A Bible Society was instituted at the 13th and 14th of September last. The village of Resina was nearly the parent institution. It compre

Truro : ihe olject similar to that of overwhelined by the torrent oflava.. hends the easiera division of this Fresh eruptions were apprehended.

province. Diderent deneninations

ucite as ore 24 ociation. The idev. AMERICA.

Mr. Wadde! preached at the estiClarlis Town, South Carolina.

blishnical of ihe Society, froin Join The Bible Society of Charles Town, xxiii. 1.: 1 have esteemed the South Carolina, adopted their con

words of his mouth more than my slitution on tbe 18th of June; and necessary food.' cleated their board of managers on the both of July, 1810. Althis time,

LONDON viz. Aug. 28th, thic cumber of members is about 300; and the amount of funds obtained, about 2500 dollars.

London, Dec. 6, 1910. Subscription papers, for procuring an increase of members and funds, At a Monthly Meeting of ihc Miare lodged in the bands of all the nisters of the independent (or Cosmembers of the managers, -- and gregational) denomination of Proother friends of the Institution; and testant Dissenters, it was resolved, any person subscribing and pay 1. That the ministers present ining jire dollars, becomes a nienaber tend by disiue perrcission's



preach to their respective congre- sacred office they were about to engations, on the Second Lord's Day ter upon, and a suspicion that their in January, 1811, On The Necessity object was to evade the militia law, and Advantages of Secret Devotion. and other public duties, from which

2. It was resolved, on the motion ministers are exeinp!. lie admiited of some ministers from the country, the claims of some, and rejected That the same practice be recom others, an account of not being of mended to their brethren in the sufficient age. The Examiner, country.

Dec. 16. These Resolutions were occasioned by the pleasing information given newspaper carrier for vending on a

The Lord Mayor lately fined a to the company, that much benefit Sunday, a pretended second edition had been derived from the plan of one of the Sunday newspapers. adopted in January, 1810, of preach- The Lord Mayor expressed his deing, on the same day, on family termination to take every measure Worship

in his power to put an end to the Nid:lleser Sessions. -- Eleven per- custom of hawking papers about sons appeared before the Court, and the streets on the Lord's Day. His applied for Licenses

to become Lordship observed further, that it Preachers of the Gospel.

was wident in this, as in former peared that they were in obscure cases, that no news whatever had stations of life. The Chairman (Mr. arrived: and that the publication of Maiuwaring) expressed great reluct- tbe Paper itself was therefore a apce in complying with their desire, gross fraud upon the public.Times, on account of their unfitness for the stov. 27, 1810.

It ap




Preachers. Jan. 17, Th. The Pithay, The First Promise.

Dr. Ryland. The Establishment of the Jewish Feb. 13, W. Tabernacle,

Mr. Thorp. Economy. Mar. 12, Tu. Bridge-str. The Duty of Prosessors to the

Tab. Minis. l'nconvcrted: Apr. 16, Tu. Broadmead, Deceitfulness of the Human Ileart. Mr. Roberts. May 16, Th. The Pithay, On Behalf of the Tract Society. Mr. Pagc. June 13, Th. Castle-green, Abrogation ofthe Jewish Economy. Vr. Lowell. July 17, W. Tabernacle, Jesus the True Messiah.

Mr. Roberts. Aug. 13, Tu. Broadmead, Deliverance of Israel from Egypt. Mr. Thorp. Sep. 10, Tu. Bridge-str. Intiuence of Religiou on our secular Concerns.

Tab. Viinis. Oct. 17, Th. The Pithay, 'The Conversion of the Jews. Mr. Lowell. Nov. 14,1 h. Castle-greco, Origin and Design of Sacrifices.

Mr. Page Dec. 11, W. Tabernacle, Last Curse on Mount Ebal. Dr. Ryland.

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for the Success of the Gospel at Home and Abroad,

to be held in Bristol, for the Feur 1811.

Place. Time. Place.
January 7, Ebenezer. | July ), Bridge-street.
February 4, Bridge-street. | August 3, Castle-green.
March +, Castle-green.

Sept. 2, Portland Chapel.
Aprill, Tabernacle.

Oct. i,

Lady Huntingdon
May 6, Broadmead.

Nov. 4,

June 3, The Pithar.


Dec. 2,

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