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While Destruction round us rages,

Thou dost Zion still defend;
An! do I see anyther year,

Fix'd upon the Rock of Ages,
Who have so many keen?

she shali stand till Time shall end ! Doth vercy yet for me appear Still the gospel trump is sounding, Who have so fruitless licen?

Jesus still is strong to save ; Siill does the lanıp of Being burn,

Grace, and Truth, and Love abounding,
Tho' with such feeble glow;

Due more Year of mercy gare!
How sball I render in return
The debt of love I owe!

I have a distant land to seek,

Oh! Thou, eternally the same.
Ao cver-bless'd abode ;

W bose wisdom rear'd this wandr'ous I have a heaten path to keep,

frame, And light to show the road;

And fix'd the date of things !
Yellow I liager on the way,

Subject to change and swift decay,
Uowilling to be gone,

Created heings haste away,
While swut declines Life's transient

On Time's incessant wings. day,

Veil'd in iinpenetrable night,
And evening shades come on. To-morrow's doubtful fruits or flight
Now Tiine begies a date anew,

No auxious heart can tell;
Let me new ardeur feel;

Yet one sufficient truth is known,
Aad may the days to come, tho' few, Our times are in thine hards alone,
Increase with double zeal!

Abd thou dost all things well!
The past demands a grateful song,
The future claims my trust,

Prosperity on some may söine,
For God, who rolls the years along,

While some 'midst adverse blasts re. is wise, and good, and just!


And wither'd good deplore.

Some may Ambition's height ascend,Scarce of Being, great Creator,

Some down in degradation bend,

And sink to rise no more ;
At whose fiat Time began,
Fouot of Grace, and Lord of Nature, Some, who have bail'd the new-born
Author, Hope, and End of man !

Thus far thou hast safely led us, Or ere its close shall disappear,
Cheer'd our faith and check'd our While others take their place;

And thousands yet unknown on earth. Pity'd, spar'd, sustain'd, and fed us, From this New Year shall date their Brought us thro' anucher Year!

birth, By Thee, orbs of pory beaming,

To life's uncertain race.
Trare their circles thro' the skies;
And the earth with plenty teeming,

What future change awaits me here
Flow'rs, and herbs, and food sup-

I cannot tell, - por need I fear, plies.

If Thou my way approve; Swiftly so succession pressing,

Nor sickness, poverty, nor death, La ! the seasong scatter'd round,

Nor foes around, nor fiende beneath, Varied beauty, constant blessing,

Shall strip me of thy love! And the Year with goodness crown'de

Soon shall the last great change draw Bou'd beneath tly veogeance present,

nigh, Guilty nations feel thee just;

Wheo Time shall end, and Death shall Thrones and initres, crown and crescent,

die, fall and ningle with the dust!

And Earth consume in flame : Deeds of death and wild disorder,

Then shall the siaper meet his doom, kuwdr brings to wound the ear; And saints possess their promis'd home, jet sweet peace is in our border,'-- Eternally the same!

ALIQU58. We are spar'd another Year!


This triumph shont all

The tenanted ta'l : [By the late 11. k. Whyte.]

"God blesse i for ever, aod Lord over AWAKE, Sweet harp of Indah, wake;

all!' Return thy strings for Jesus' sake :

CHORCS. Vesius the Saviour of our race,

Continue the straia, The Lamb, our shield and hiding-place.

Repeal it agnin: When God's right arm is bar'd for war, And shout Hallelujah! Amen and find thunders clothe his cloudly car;

amen! Where, where, oh! where stall man re

..)...). tire,

A NEW YEAR'S THOUGHT. T'escape the horrors of his ire ?

ANOTHER Year, how swisily roa! "Jis lie, the Lamb, to him we fly,

Ancther Year, how soon begun! While the dread tempest passes by;

And thus our life we speed! God sees his Well-belovcu's face,

Just like a story briciig tolů, And sparcs us in our hiding-place.

Iwe re born and live, and soon grow old, Thus, while we dwell in this low scene, And soon oor days we end! The Lamb is onr unfailing screen ; Ilow rain, alas! the prospect seems, To him, the guilty, still we run,

And only filld with airy ireans And God still spares us for his Son!

And Time's saniasiie joys; While yet we sojourn here below, The same vull round of pleasure bor, Pollutions still onr hearts o'c tow; Anon, of grief, and paill, and woe: D'alten, abject, mean, a sentenc'd race, Thus Time our jeurs employs ! We deeply redd a hiding place.

And were this all, we well might say, Yet courage ; days and years will glide, We loath it; dor rould live alway And we shall lay these closisie:

Tird of the world and siu ; Shall be baptiz'd in Jordan's food, Put Patience soruly cries, ' I'll wait And wash'd is Jesus' cleansing blood ! • The days of my apnuin'ed state : Then pure, immortal, sinless, freed,

Snon shall my heav'n begin.'
We, toro' the Lamb, shall be utcrced; Ny fleeting days I would improve
Shill Wiect tbe Father face to face, In works of saith and holy love,
Ard need no more a hiding-place!

My Jesus glorify !
Soon shall I woe and sin resign, -

Soop in my Saviour's imace shine,
The Lutter Day Glory.

la vonder world in his ! COME, brethren, and sing


S. Our Saviour and Kios: With bighest bosannas creation shall

London Female Penitentiary. riog.

PASSING by night the streets along, Continue the strain,

Thi bysteric lau:b, the oatlı, the song Repeat it again,

Oi harlots wound thecari And shout Hallelujah! Amen and see how the yawning 'labe they brave, amen!

Aud sport just n'er ih' untimely grave,
The mountains bring Peace,

With scarce a pitying iear!
The little hills Grace;

Once they were modest, timid, mild, Join angels with stuners ia anthems of Each one her father's much-lov'dcbil, praise !

Her teoder mother's joy:

Py fair pretensions led astray,
Behold, tbe clouds bend,
The showers descend;

Now wide they roam to seek for pres: Again swell the chorus that nerer sba!!

sod ruin'd, now desiroy! end !

Yet some there are, with heavila

The reigo of the Son
Wish us is begon:

Who sigh for liberty and rest;

But refuge suillis fas! To conqueribe nations Messiah rides on.

The house of Mercy's too confiad The frame of bis grace

T'admit within each aprious iniad, Sets Larth on a blaze,

There led by Beihlehem's Star! And makes man's dark dwelling a

Strall not the Lori's elect he brought : planet of praise.

And ev'ry soul of God be taught,
Each seeptre and crowa

In his ows time and winy?
He claims as his owo;

Harlots and thieves among them pres And sov'reigns with subjects fall were The heav'nly gare, and loud confess shipping down

The great Millerial day!

G. duld, Pribler, Greville Street, Londoo.

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(In a Lelter from the Rev. Mr. Wray to the Editor.)

(Continued from our last.) [Twe following Extracts from the Letters of Mr. Post are given (as promised in our last) to shew how much he had at beart the glory of God, and the salvation of the negroes :-)

• My health and strength (he says, in one dated Feb. 1808) have failed me much for several months, and disabled me, in many instances, from being as useful as I could wish ; but I kuow that our Lord has no need of ine: I am not worthy to serve his cause. Join with us in earnest prayer, that the work here, as well as in other places, may continue and prosper, to the salvation of many of every colour. God, in his mercy, has prepared a way for his ininister; and will, I trust, continue to bless his labours with his Almighty power, and open the understandings of the people, to whom the sound of every scriptural or spiritual expression is new. May his hcalth be preserved, and the obstacles against future undertakings be removed !'

When writing for a person for the school, he says, My constitution is such, that it does not promise me many more healthy days. The gout seems to continue my constant companion ; but I trust I shall, before my departure, see that long-desired work accomplished, of instructing the youth of all classes in the ways of true wisdom.'

In another letter, dated Jan. 19, 1809, he writes, 'It would be ingratitude to our God and Saviour, not to praise his kame for what he has done. He has built his temple in this wilderness, aud, I trust, has given us reason to call it Bethel, because many of the ignorant negroes have experienced the presence of the Lord. 'It is not possible that such a change could otherwise have been effected in their conduct, both on mine and other estates, but especially on the estate next to mine. They were formerly a nuisance to the neighbourhood, on account of their drumming, dancing, &c. two or three nights in the week, and were looked on with a jealous eye, on account of their dangerous communications ; but they are now become the most zealous attenders on public worship, catechizing, and private instruction. No drums are heard in this neighbourhood, except where the owners have prohibited the attendance of their slaves. Drunkards and fighters are changed into sober and peaccable people, and endeavour to please those who are set over them.

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