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In Great Britain and Ireland the gage in the arduous and honourable Influence and advantages of the Bri- work. - Thus à suitable supply of Ish and Foreign Bible Society have Missionaries would probably be probeen no less conspicuous. Notwith vided of the Lord, and the means of standing the opposition it has met supporting them in their respective with, the number of Auxiliary Soci- stations would be sufficiently fuceties has considerably increased nished. Whoever reflects on the since the Annual Meeting; and these events which have taken place in several branches, under tbcauspices the church of Christ within these of the most respectable patronage, few years, may justly exclaim, have been actively engaged in sup- •What hath God wrought ! – and plying the spiritual wants of the may we not, in the confidence of poor, by a liberal distribution of the Faith, look forward with the cheerholy Scriptures in their respective ful expectation of seeing greater neighbourhoods; and we are happy things than these? To God in to learn, that since the publication Christ be all the glory! Amen. of certain painphlets against the Parent Institution, the number of its Subscribers has been augmented in

Dutlling. – A law for the supe a very considerable degree.

pression of this horrid practice has The attention thus excited, in lately passed in the Illinois territory, various parts of the world to the

in America. The punish inent of written word of God, ought to sti- the surviving duellist, if his antamulate Christians to far greater ef- gonist die within three months, is to forts for preaching the Gospel to

suffer death by hanging. The chalthe Heathen than have bitherto been lenger, or person accepting a chalexerted. If we consider the advan- lenge, is declared incapable of being tages with which Missionaries may

elected to, or holding any office of now go forth among the nations, trust, civil or military.' Persons from having the written word to ac- entering on an office are to swear company their ministerial labours; that they have never been engaged and that hitherto, in the dispensa- in a duel, in any way whatsoever. tions of Providence, every consider EASTERN JEALOUSY. A letter able awakening has been by the from Travancore, dated March 4, union of these iwo modes of diffus- states the following tragical occuring divine truth, – ought we not to rence : - A shock of an earthquake seek the Lord in fervent prayer, being experienced during the night • that, - great may be the company at one of the small hill-forts, owing of the preaebers,' who shall go forth to which some houses were thrown to preach the everlasting gospel ? dowır, nearly at the same time a fire

But we should not be content unfortunately broke out, which so without also using vigorous endea much alarmed the people, that numvours to accomplish this desirable bers left the place and sought safety object. The labours of the Mission in the open country. Among the arý Society must necessarily be li- fugitives were several females, wbo, mited by the inadequacy of their under the impulse of terror, bad funds, to enable them to engage and fied half naked from the Rajah's support Missionaries equal, in any Zenana. The natives, pilying their degree, to the vast field that opens condition, took them in, and the betore them for Missionary exer next morning conducied them back tions. It would therefore, be very to the fort ; when their jealous desirable that the example above tyrant ordered eight of thein to be mentioned should be followed by the immediately decapitated, for having formation of Auxiliary Societies in aid exposed themselves to the observaof the Vissionary Society: as such tion of men; and sentenced five of Associations would not only tend to their innocent conductors to have auginent its Funds, but also to sti- their eyes put out, for having bad mulate their respective members and an opportunity of gazing on their connexions to unite in this labour of persons ! Will the opposers of love, and to elex ibemuselves to en East India missions maintain, that

the mild and gentle Gospel of Jesus steal the whole of the valuable Christ is not wanted where tyranny church-plate belonging to St. Paul's and cruelty like this prevail ? Cathedral, although the property

was locked up in iron chests, and Church Robbery. - On Saturday defended by many strong doors. -night, Dec. 22, or, the following The number of ounces of silver morning, some thieves contrived to stolen, is said to amount to 1600.



At a Meeting of the Editors, January 16, the following Cases being presented, were approved and relieved accordingly :Denomina. Recommended

Denomina- Recommended
Cases tion.

L. Cases. tion.

L. J. R. Independ. Mr. Burder 5 c.


Mr. Fuller 5 G. ditto, ditto


5 V. ditto, Mr. Buck 5B.


ditto H. ditte, Mr. Platt 5 | B.



5 | 3. D.

Mr. Hinton
J.L. ditto,
Dr. Williams 4W. ditto,

Mr. Burder
A.L. ditto, ditto

41 P. Methodist. Mr. Wilks 5 E.T. ditto, ditto

4 || M.

5 E. B. ditto, Mr. Simpson 5 B. ditto,


5 P. ditlo,

Mr. Roby


A. P. ditto, Mr. Buck ML. S. ditto,



Mr. Hill
A.M. ditto,

Mr. Fuller 5 M. G. ditto, Mr. Platt 5 E. F. ditto. Mr. Townsend 5 S. H. Presbyt.

Mr. Duncanson 4 D. Baptist, Mr. Cockin 41L. ditto,


4 J. H. ditto, Dr. Ryland 5 C. ditto, Mr. Waugh

4 A. E. ditto,


4 R.

5 M. ditto,

ditto M. ditto, ditto 5 S. diito,

Mr. Smart 4 M. T. ditto,


41 c. ditto, ditto S.J. ditto,


4 E. C. ditto, Mr. Hill H. J. ditto,

4 | N. ditto, Mr. Ewing

4 LB. ditto,

Mr. Roby 5 | J. C. ditto, Dr. Smith
Some other Cases were voted, subject to enquiry.

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d. Heathen's Friend Society, Dover

14 0 0 Paisley Missionary Society, by W. Carlisle, Esq.

70 S Rev. Nr. Shufflebotham and Congregation, Bungay

13 1 A Gloucestershire Friend, by Mr. Thomas

10 0 0 Collections in the North of Scotland, by the Rev. Mess. Philip and J. Thomas. At Cambletown

£ 3 4 0 Brought forward £ 95 7 9 Rev. Mr. Clark and Cong.

Rev. Mr. M Xeiland Con.

14 9 6
Rev. Mr. M`Kintosh, of


Rev. Mr. Gibb and Con. the Estab.Ch. at Thurso 1 1 0


13 5 0 Rer. Mr. Cleghorn and

Weekly Contrib. Soc. do:

2 15 Cong. Wick

26 2 0

At a Prayer-Mecting, at
At Inverness

37 0 3

Cairny, by Huntley
Rev. Mr. Dewar and Con.

Rev. Mr. Robertson and

3 16.6
Rev. Mr. De war and Con.

Cong. Crichie

6 3 2

A Member of Mr.R.'s Ch. I 1 0 Nairn

3 7 0

Female Soc. at Aberdeen 20 0 0 Rev. Mr. Martin and Con.

Mr. David Gray, diito 1 8 9 Forres

6 7 6


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Carried forward

95 7


L 147 11 10



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"Trs Winter ; but the sup's warm beams by day
So cheer the season, and the moon's mild ray
So silvers o'er the night, - the air so bland,
One fancies heart-reviving Spring at hand.
Backwards and forwards, as I walk along,
All Nature's still. No Philomela's song
First stariles, then enchants. The beetle's huma
Is heard no more, - the grasshopper is damb.
I see my shadow pacing by my side,
As if it meant my footsteps to deride ;
Or rather, as a monitor and friend,
Some useful hint, some precept kind to lend.
What am I then? Turn in, my thoughts, to know
Whence came I here: - and, Whither do I go?
What is my character, and what my state, -
My.future prospects, - my eternal fate?
The Hand which hung yon brilliant lamp op high,
With golden studs adorn'd that azare sky,
By pow'r divine and wisdom built my frame,
Inspir'd with Reasop's intellectual flame!
From the bright fount that pours the blazing day
Down to the dew-drop glittering in its ray,
All Nature serves its Maker; - so his will
Should move my thoughts, my powers, my passions still.
When Adam sinp'd, in the cool garden's side,
He beard the voice of God, and was afraid ;'
Why so? Guilt fillid his trembling soul with shame;
And well may I this evening feel the same.
Bat swell, my heart, with gratitude and love,
Who made and rules those shining worlds above,
On me look'd down, with gen'rous pitying eye,
Pardon'd and sav'd a rebel doom'd to die?
There's not a berry on this hedge-row grows,
There's not a snow-drop at this season blows,
But proves his pow'r ; but in the plan divine,
Lost man to save, his whole perfections join.
And am I written on the Saviour's heart?
Metainks the Saviour whispers, ' Yes, thou art.'
O then, what prospect to my soul appears,
Beyond the twinkling stars, – the rolling si heres !
I see my Jesus on his throne of love:
I hear the rapt'rous songs of saints above !
And when this dust lies kindred dust among,
My soul shall join the everlasting song.

RUSTIGES Long Buckbu.

G. AULD, Printer, Greville Street, London.

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