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the Itell Fire Club? le said No; He was much concerned about but that the society to which he be the salvation of his daughter, and

longed was composed of Atheists, the family in which she was con• Deists, and members of the allonni- pected. He said to his wife, Go pati; – that they were bound to to that benighted place,' meaning work all manner of iniquity to the where his daughter lived, and tell extent of their power, and to ut- all the people that God will pardon ter all possible blasphemies against them if they will forsake their evil God. Now,' said he, • can I hope ways and turn unto him, for he for mercy after all this? Mr. Wood pardoned me, one of the vilest of tuld him the Gospel hield forth par. sinners. Use all your influence; for don to the vilest of the human race; you know their souls are very preSalvation was of grace alone, .with- cious; and that without boliness out money and without price,' and none can sce the Lord in glory.' therefore free for every guilty Shortly before he died he sufsoul: that conld he exbibit a cata- fered much. His whele frame was logue of the blachost crimes that affected, and the nervous system ever disgraced the character of seemed to be unstrung: but his soul man, these crimes could not be was lifted above all earthly things. urged as too great, or too complir le frequently said, “Sing! O sing cated for the blood of Christ to ex- praises to God! I shall soon bear piate; and that Ciod himself, that the happy spirits sing above, where could not lie, had declared it. He pain shall never enter.' then repeated some of the gracious Life now sunk apace, his eyes appromises and invitations which the peared set for death, and his limbs Ciospel holds forth to every singer had lost all power of motion, yet who sees his guilt and misery: and while he could articulate, he conas he dispensed to him the divine tinued saying; • Praise the Lord, o cordials from the sacred promises, my soul! Glory! Glory! be to he could perceive a gleam of hope God! Thus brightening up his saddened countenance; and he was enabled to re

On his lips, joice in the consolation, and to

Ilis dying lips, - the sound of glory have a good hope through grace.

quiver di He then cried alvud, in the lan And with this language of triumph snage of joy and confidence, 'I ilo he closed his mortal career; his believe it, and I shall never more disimprisoned spirit burst the veil, feel darhness: Ict all come in now, and took its flight to the mansions and I can and will deciare what God of eternal bliss, to sing the praises hath done for my soul. Thus, the of redeeming grace through the reprey was taken from the mighty, volving ages of eternity! and the lawful captive delivered ! He departed on the 28th of July,

From this time he never lost the 1809, in the 55th year of his age. seuse of his pardon and accept Here is again an evidence of the ance with God, till his happy spirit reality of that evangelical religion took its flight from the clay-tene- which alone is capable of imparting meut. Nothing now fell from bis joy in a dying hour. Ilcre the moral lips but praise to God, and fervent and the pious, the thoughtless and prayer for the whole human race, the gay, the licentious and the proparticularly for the regiment to fanc, ihe sceptic and the intidel, which he belonged. He said to his may read and pause, wonder and wife, You have often entreated me adore! Let those who despise the to turn to the Lord, and embrace revelation of God, consider the sithe Gospel; and in some degree you tuation of their own minds, and see have been the instrument of my if they are prepared to ineet death. conversion; but take care, let it Let them examine tbeir principles, not be the case with you, that after and discover, if they can, any tbing you have preached to others, that to affird comfort or support when you yourself should beconic a cast the King of Terrors approaches. away.'


The New Testament of our Lord doctrine, or precept of the New

and Sariour Jesus Christ, with Testament being here made the Derational Reflections. By John ground and matter of prayer; and Gillies, D. D. one of the Ministers that in such a style as to be an ex. of Glasgow : to which is prefixed, cellent model for devotion, either A Brirf Memoir of the Author, to ministers or private Christians. by W. Nicol, D. D. Second edit. The following very short passage Tuo l'ols. 8vo, 188.

may give the reader an idea of tlie

Work, and justify (so far as it goes) Tuis Work was published in

our opinion to the public. On the separate volumes, and at distant Baptism of Jesus (Matt. iii. 13 – 17, periods, in 12mo; but without the

• Then cometh Jesus,' &c.) he subtext, which made it necessary in joins, • We rejoice, O Lord ! that using them to turn continually to a thou hast fulfilled all righteousness! New Testament; which is here ob. thou art, therefore, a tit Saviour for viated by the insertion of the text. unrighteous and guilty transgressWhat Dr. Erskine says of his Works ors. "Thou art the Lord our rightein general, applics peculiarly to his

ousness ! Ilcavenly Father, be merDevotional Reflections : « They are beautiful and striking, though un

ciful to us sinners, and graciously

accept us in thy beloved Son, on designed pictures of his pious and benevolent heart. They are the voice was heard from heaven, say

whoin thy Spirit descended; and a devout aspirations of a soul breath- ing, . This is my beloved Sou, in ing after God and heaven, and the whom I am well pleased. O, be salvation of mankind. Dr. G. recommends this method Vol. 1, p. 8, 9.

well pleased with us for his sake!' of studying the Scriptures on their knees to ministers, to students, and Two Discourses, preached before the to serious Christians in general. To

University of Cambridge, July 1, students, • as one of the best ways

1810; and One before the Society to settle their principles, and to

for Missions to Africa and the make the proper improvement of

East, June 12, 1810 : lo which are all other knowledge. He can ven

added, Christian Researches in ture to assure them, that, upon

Asia. By the Rev. Cl. Buchanan, trial, if their hearts be in the work,

D.D. late l'ice Provost of the Colthey will find it the pleasantest, and,

lege of Fort William, in Bengal. by the blessing of God, the most

8vo, 9s, uscful of all studies.'

Dr. Buchanan certainly merits He would (also) recommend this highly of the religious world, for way of meditation and prayer on awakening their attention to the the Scriptures to Christians in ge. Cause of Missions and of Sacred ncral, as a source of the truest wis Literature, to the best interests of dom, and of the most rational and mankind. This he has done in scpure delight, which it is not in the veral previous publications; but in power of the world to deprive them nove with more interest and cffect of; and as an excellent mean of than in that before us. promoting that temper and conduct The first two sermons are en. which will ever be the best answer titled 'The Eras of Light;' and are to the objections of Infidels; and founded on a spiritual application may, by the blessing of God, serve of the almighty tiat: • Let there be. to remove their prejudices against light.' The Eras of Light particNChristianity.

larly distinguished are, those of In these sentiments we cordially the Incarnation, the Reformation, concur; and beg leave to add, that and the Present Period, wbereia we consider it as a most valuable the vital spirit of our religion hath book for those who lead family de- revived, and is producing the fruits Votion, - every important fact, of the first century. Christianity

hath assumed its true character, as cient and Modern. By G. Burder, • the light of the world. The holy 12mo, price 58. Scriptures are multiplying without number. Translations are prepar.

The object which the Editor ivg in almost all languages; and proposes by this little volume, is to preachers are going forth into al.

induce religious persons to exert most every region, to make the

their pious zeal in the support of ways of God known upon earth, his

Missions to the Heathen. His plan saving health among all nations.' is simple and perspicuous. The The subject of the third scrmon

book consists of two parts. Part 1,

exhibits the miserable condition of bears a proper analogy to the two former. In this Christians are con

the Pagan nations; – Part 2, the sidered as the light of the world, happy effects produced by the gos-Christ, the fountain of light,'

pel. Mr. Burder opens the first his ministers and disciples lumina, part of his book with the absurd ries in his hand; but this discourse notions which even the wisest Heahas been already noticed in our last then entertained of God, religion, volume, p. 403.° Eloquent and use,

and morality; fully justifying the ful as these discourses are, the most observation of Sir Charles li olsejinportant parts of the volume are ley that the ancient philosophers the Christian Researches;' from

who were such giants in all kinds which we shall be happy to give Ex- of literature, were such dwarfs in tracts in our Intelligence, when divinity, that they might be inroom will perinit; – at present, we

structed by Christians of the lowest cau only give a sketch of the con

forin in the school of Jesus. Fromn tents, wbich will gratify all who the ignorance, the Editor naturally are interested in the success of the proceeds to the abominable superRedeemer's kingdom :- Introduc. stitions and horrid crvelties of Pation, The Chinese, – The Hin. ganism, in all its varieties : of iodoos, - Juggernaut, — Immolation fanticide, the burning of wives on of Females, Letters of King

the funeral piles of their husbands, George 1. and Abp. Wake, – Trau.

- the abandonment to death of quebar, Tanjore, Tritchino aged and infirm relatives, -and the poly, Versions of the Scriptures sacrifice of human victims to their for the Hindoos, The Ceylonese, gods. , On this subject we select

, The Malays, Syrian Christians

the following quotation :in India, - The Malabar Bible,

The horrid practice of offering Syriac Bible, - Romish Christians

human sacrifices prevailed throughin India, — Inquisition at Goa, - out every region of the Heathen Translation of the Scriptures for the world, to a degree which is almost Remish Christians - The Persians, incredible, and still prevails in - The Arabians, — Arabic School, many savage countries wbich Chrisfor the Translation of the Scrip- tianity has not reached. There are tures, - Jews in Asia, – Their MS.

incontestible proofs of its having Ecriptures, – Ten Tribes, - Resto- subsisted among the Egyptians, the ration of the Jews, Versions in Syrians, the Persians,the Phenicians, Eastern Languages, - Bibliotheca and all the various nations of the Biblica, The Armeniaps, – Ec

east. It was, we all know, one of clesiastical Establishment for India, the crying sins of the Canaanites, - Letter from Bishop Watsoo,

one of the causes of their extermiConclusion,

nation by the hands of the Israelites; and one of the principal rea

sons of the many peremptory and Missionary Anecdotes : exhibiting, tremendous prohibitions to the lat

in numerous instances, the Elli- ter, not to have the slightest comcacy of the Gospel in the Conver

merce or communication with those sion of the Heathen ; to which is monsters of cruelty. The baneful prefixed, An Account of the contagion spread like a pestilence Idolatry, Superstition, and iruel over every part of Asia, Africa, ry, of the Pagan Netious, du: and Europe." No climate, no 50

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Ternment, no state of civilization, and in different countries. The no mode of Pagan superstition, was “Editor has classed this part of his free from it. Even the Greeks and book in centuries. Romans, though less involved in Our pious readers will see, alas ! this guilt than many other nations, with regret, how many centuries were not altogether untainted with passed away, affording but very it. On great and extraordinary little for the History of Missions occasions, they had recourse to to perpetuate. An affecting proof that which was esteemed the most of the low state of vital godliness in valuable, the most efficacious, and these ages ! -- they wil blush to most meritorious sacrifice that learn how much the zeal of the could be offered to the gods,-the Papal church surpassed for a long effusion of human blood; but period that of Protestants, for this among more barbarous nations it great and honourable employ; and took a firmer and wider root. they will rejoice to see that at The Scythians and Thracians, the length they have been aroused from Gauls and Germans, were strongly this lethargy, and in the 18th and addicted to it; and even this island, 19th centuries have established vawhere benevolence and humanity rious Mission Societies to the Heahave now (thanks to the gospel !) then nations : a happy syinptom of fixed their seat, - this island was at the revival and increase of genuine one time (under the gloomy and religion in their own borders. Of ferocious despotism of the Druids) the happy effects of these labours polluted with the religious mur in different parts of the world, disder of its wretched inhabitants. The played in the secret and artless simevil reached from one end of the plicity, the docility, the mental and globe to the other ;--and on the first moral improvement, the social bap. discovery of America it was found piness and the good hope of a glorithat the new world was even more ous immortality of thousands condeeply contaminated with this verted froin darkness to light, and dreadful crime than the old. In from the power of Satan to God, we the midst of wealth, luxury, magare at a loss which exemplification nificence, and many of the polished to select. The following instance is arts of life, Montezuma offered from the Greenland Mission: 20,000 human victims every year • In a Greenland house, where all to the sun. In one of the most the rest of the family were opposers, powerful kingdoms of Africa, the there was one young woman, called same savage superstition still exists; Pussinck, who was very much afand our navigators found it estab- fected. One time, when we (the lished in every new - discovered Missionaries) were speaking at a island, throughout the whole extent meeting, she held her bauds before of the vast Pacific Ocean.'

her face, to hide her tears; and seRites cruel like these made a cretly sighed, O Lord, let thy light Heathen (Plutarch) once exclaim, break through the very thick darkTell me now, said he, if the Mon- ness!' Another time, we saw her sters of old (the Typhons and the kneeling behind a rock ; and only Giants) were to expel the gods and heard the following words: -'0 to rule the world in their stead, God, thou knowest that I am very could they require a service more much corrupted from our first pakorrid than these infernal sacri reuts, have mercy on me! When fices!--and yet this is a part of the she was afterwards asked what she elegant mythology of the antieuts was about there, she uswered, · Bewhich our infidel writers affect to cause I now begin to believe: I admire! If the light that is in pray every day iu secret to God to them be darkness, how great is that be gracious to me.' Upon this she darkness !

was taken under ruore express inThe Second part of the Book, struction; iud once, when she was viz. the happy effects produced by directed lu stedfastness and conti. Abe gospel, is illustrated by a variety nuance is prayer, she herself began of instances, in successive ages, to weep, audio pour forth the ful..

lowing ejaculations : -'0 Jesus,' for baptism; and we endeavoured my heart is very much corrupted! to give ber a right conception of o'make me truly humbled' and the institution, design, and operagrieved about it, because thou wilt tion of this holy sacrament; and bave it so ! Take away the bad now her sleady declaration was, thoughts from me, and from my that she no more believed that Jeheart, so that it may be pleasing to sus was the Friend of sinners bethee; and as I know but little of cause we had told her so,-- but be. thy word as yet, give me thy Spirit cause she experienced it in her own to instruct me!' – The rest of the heart. Now, as we had discovered people of the house where she lived in her a most ardent longing after were put to shame, and touched the blood of sprinkling, and the with the example of this damsel, energy of Jesus's death; and as she and yet had no inclination to follow had repeatedly uttered her great it; therefore, they hated her ; and, desire for baptism, therefore, on contrary to the custom of the the 30th of October, she was bapGreenlanders, treated her very tized in the name of the Iloly Trie sharply, and would scarcely allow nity; and the name Sarah was given ber to go any more to the meel- her. Many Greenlanders were preings; and when they removed their sent; most of whoin were moved habitation, she was obliged to fol- by the power of the Lord; and low them, though she would have some beheld and beard with tears." been very glad to have staid ; but We rejoice to learn that a more in a few days she came again, and copious history of Missions is, in entreated us to take her into our part, prepared for publication by service; and afterwards could never the lev. Mr. Greatheed, in con: be prevailed on, by good nor bad juuction with the editor of this in. words, to leave her teachers. teresting volume : -- such a work is a

One could perceive a particular desideratum in the Christian church, desire in this person to experience

C. G. the power of Jesus's blood. She

Maria Ballard, &c. By the Rev. J. was never weary of hearing its and

Bowden, Tooling, 12mo, 6d. soon began to confess and speak of it before others. Wben any lea

Tuc happy death of this young thens came on a visit, she went

woman is recorded as an encourageamong them directly; and whether ment to the teachers and conductasked or not, told thein why she ors of Sunday-Schools. It is judilived here, what she had already ciously drawu up, and deserves au experienced by the testimony of extensive circulation. Jesus's sufferings, – and how she wanted to be a partaker of all the.

LITERARY NOTICES. blessirgs treasured up in it. By The Rev. Mr. Pratt has issued this always some, and now and then Proposals for a New Edition of Bp. perfect strangers, were very inuch Reynolds's Works; as has. Mr. Paraffected. Therefore, she was taken sons, for an abridged edition of into a more immediate preparation Neale's History of the Puritans.

SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS. A Christian's Survey of all the Scott's Force of Trutb, eiglith Primary Events and Periods of the edition, crown 8vo, 4s. World. 12mo, 7s. 6d.

The Voice of God to the Churches; Persecution a Poem, founded a Serinon, on the Death of Messrs. on Recent Events and çircum- Cran, Desgranges, and Braiu, Misstances. By the Author of the Age sionaries, 8vo, ls. of Frivolity. 1210.

Towgood's Dissent, a new cdit. Qualifications for Teaching: a 12mo, 4s. 6d. Sermon, by R. Wardlow. Is. 60. A Treatise on Delighting in God.

Maps and Tables, adapted to the By Mr. Ilowe. 12mo, As. 6d. Now Edition of Mr. Scott's, and The Missionars serions for 1811 some other Quarto Bibles. 108. od. may be expected in a few days.

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