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ed, the evils which it promises to the most distant Life Subscriber of mitigate, will grow into serious and Ten Guineas, or Annual Subscriber oppressive magnitude.

of One Guinea, will be entitled to The children of Dissenting Minis- vote by proxy, – the Committee ters are excluded from most of cherish a hope that the prompt and those Schools which are under liberal contributions of the wealthy the patronage of the Established will soon raise the institution to a Church. It is reasonable that they state nearly, if not quite, adequate should look for assistance from to the reception of all who apply their own denomination. Plans and are deemed eligible. have been proposed, to supply the necessities and lighten the cares of

Hoxton Academy. those whom we .esteem highly in love for their works sake; but it On Friday the 14th of June, the is time that something of a compe- Students were examined in various tent and permanent nature should branches of learning, to whieh their be carried into vigorous execution. attention had been directed during

In making this appeal to the libe- the past year. In Hebrew, pasrality of Christians, the Committee sages were read from the historical think that they may confidently ex and prophetical parts of the old pect the strenuous co-operation of Testament. In Greek, passages were the ministers and officers of Con- read from Homer, Xenophon, and gregational Societies. They also Longinus. The junior classes were cherish the animated hope, that the examined in some of the Latin Clasafluent of the Laity in general will sics; but there was not sufficient discover that promptness of gener- time for an examination of all the ous zeal which may enable the books which had been read during projectors and friends of this infan- the year. The Junior Students tite Seminary, to give it that rank were examined in the Philosophy among useful institutions, to which of Grammar, and the Senior Stuit presents such powerful and af- dents in the Philosophy of the Hufecting claims.

man Mind, and in Mathematics. It Although we are much straitened was intended to render the examifor room, we feel it incumbent on nation more public than it had us to add, that the Committee have hitherto been, and invitations were at the bottom of the address, rules, sent to all ministers resident in Loa&c. declared their intention of com- don, who had received their edemencing their operations by the cation at this Academy, or who are Election of Six Children at the Subscribers to the institution. The next Half-yearly Meeting of the Rev. Jobn Atkinson, of Epsom, forSubscribers in October next. For merly a tutor in this Seminary, was the information of such ministers called to the chair, and conducted as wish to know the precise rule the examination. of adınission, we subjoin Rule xiv. On the following Wednesday the • That the Sons of Ministers shall (19th of June) three Students dels be admissible, provided the Father's vered discourses to a numerous annual income arising from his audience on the following subministry or otherwise, do not ex. jects: - Mr. J. Turnbull, the Ex. ceed the following sums ::

cellency of the Holy Scriptures ; A Minister haviug one child, 1201.; Mr. E. Andrews, the Doctrine of two children, 1401. ; three children, a Superintending Providence; Mr. 160/.; four children, 1801.; five T. Adkins, the Nature and Advanchildren, 2001. ; six children, 2201.; tages of Communion with God. seven children, 240!. ; eight chil- The Rev. J. Atkinson, then addren, 260'. ; nine children, 2801. ; dressed the congregation, and gave ten children and upwards, 300/.

a distinct and full account of the The number of applications already examination of the Students on tbe greatly exceeds the proportion Friday preceding. Mr. Atkinson 1o be admitted; but as there will expressed, in strong terms, the be'l wo Elections in every year, and agreeable impressiou made on bos

mind by the indications of cor- 9th of July last ; 'when three ser. rectness and proficiency given in mons were preached; that in the the whole course of the examina- morning, by the Rev. A. Waugh, tion, and congratulated the friends M. A.; that in the afternoon, by the of the Academy on its increasing Rev. J. Hughes; and that in the prosperity.

evening, by the Rev. G. Clayton. On the evening of the following - A large concourse of people atday (Thursday) Mr. Sanderson, tended. See the Advertisement on one of the Senior Students, was the Cover. publicly set apart to the work of

CHESHUNT ANNIVERSARY. - The the ministry, with a view to his exercise of the pastoral, office at St.

Annual Service at Cheshunt College John's, Newfoundland. Mr. Hooper The Rev. Mr. Wilkins cominenced

took place on Wednesday, June 19. commenced the service with prayer with prayer; the Rev. Mr. Richand reading the Scriptures; Mr. Kent, of Gravesend,' asked the ards, President, next addressed the usual questions, and received the congregation : after which three of confession of faith ; Mr. Simpson the Students, Messrs. Cole, Jones, offered the ordination prayer; Mr.

and Bloomfield, spoke from apBuck gave the charge ; and Mr. pointed subjects, víz. Death, Judg H. F. Burder concluded with

ment, Eternity. The Rev. Mr.

pray. er. Before the concluding prayer, Kemp preached from 2 Tim. ii. 2. Mr. Sanderson made a short address

After shewing the absolute necesto the congregation, earnestly and sity of faithful Ministers, he exaffectionately entreating their sup. plained their character, and the plication for his success in the views and qualifications requisite

The Rev. work to which he was ordained. for the sacred office. The service was in a high degree The solemnities of the day were

Mr. Mather concluded with prayer. interesting and impressive.

gratifying and profitable. The Church and Congregation June 19. The Rev. Samuel Bur. under the Pastoral care of the Rev. der, A. M. author of the Oriental C. Buck, having found the place of Customs, was unanimously elected worship in Wilson Street too small, Sunday Afternoon - Lecturer of and very inconvenient, have remov- Christ Church, Newgate Street, in ed to the spacious Chapel in Grub the room of the Rev. John Mcakia, Street, wbich was opened on the deceased.


The Friends of the Society are again reminded, That we insert ia this Magazine those Donations only which are Anonymous, and Collections made by Congregations. Annual Subscriptions, and the Donations of Persons whose Names are known, appear in the regular Annual Accounts of the Society.

s. d. Rev. Mr. Shufflebotham and Cong. Bungay (received Dec. 1810) 13 16 Omicron

100 0 Rev. Mr. Chapman and Congregation, Greenwich

42 8 6 C. a Friend and Wellwisher

1 0 Glasgow Missionary Society, by Mr. W. Muir

100 0 0 U. G.

10 10 G. L.

10 0 0 A Friend at Lancaster, by the Rev. Mr. Charrier, Liverpool 2 0 0 Congreg. at Cawsand, near Plynout. Dock, by Rev. Mr. Platt 7 12 6 Collection at Wells Street Chapel, Hackney, by Rev. G. Collison 27 6 Rev. J. Walker and Friends, Peppard, Oxon.

5 3 Rev. John Wilson, &c. Matlock, Bath

10 00 R. G. (June 28)

6 0 0 A Friend, by the Rev. Mr. Small, Azmin :ter

1 0 0

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2 6




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Colleclions made during a Tour through thr: Counties of Esses, Suffolk,

and Norfolk, by the Rev. J. Tosinsend, of London. Royston, Congregation of Rev. Mr. Townes 19 0 Malden, ditto

S. Foster

40 2 3 Bocking, ditto

T. Craig

32 4 Thaxted.


Mr. Jenniars 14 15 8 Haverhill, ditto

Mr. Bowers

8 4 9 Witham, ditto

Mr. Newton

30 0 0 Norwich, Cong. of Rev. Mr. Philips & 32 2

ditto, Mess. Hull and Kinghorne 26 15 7
ditto Mr. Wilks

20 7 9

79 5 4 Yarmouth

13 0 Lynn, Congregation of Rev. Mr. Allen

9 0 9 Fakenham, ditto Mr. Johason

11 4 Burnham, ditto Mr. Creak

8 8 3 Wyrondham, ditto Mr. Morris

6 10 3pswich, ditto Mr. Atkinson

23 15 6 Woodbridge, ditto

Mr. Price

9 4 9 Soutbwold, ditto Mr. Nottage

9 5 4

314 1 Collections made during a Tour in the West of England,

by the Rev. A. Warugh, of London. Blandford, Congregation of Mess. Field and Keynes 25 8 4 Dorchester, ditto Mr. Higg

* 11 Weymouth, a Donation by sundry Fi iends there 5 Bridport, Congregation of Rev. Mr. altren

31 Lyine Regis, ditto

Mr. V'heaton

9 9 6 Honiton, ditto

Mr. Gibbons

6 7 0 Eseter, a Donation by sundry Friends there

5 15 Plymouth, at the New Tabernacle there £ 12 27

Friends, by Rev. Mr.Juvlson 5 9
ditto, a Donation

0 11

18 3 1 Podmin, Congregation of Res. Mr. Skeat

3 7 0 Lostwithie!, by Rev. Mr. Skeat

0 Truro, a Donation by Friends there

3 0 Launceston, Congregation of Rev. Mr. Cope

0 Ashburton, ditto

Mi. Sloat

3 13 10 Taunton, ditto

Mr. Tozer

14 3 5 Wellington, ditto

Mr. Banister

0 Chard, ditto Mr. Winton

7 Yeovil, ditto

Mr. Tavlor 5 0 Sherborne, ditto

Mr. Weston 13 2 Andover. ditto

Mr: Winchester 18 4 3 Warelain, a Donation by Friends there

. 15 0

196 191 67 By Mistake, the Collection made by Dr. Cracknell and his riends, at Weymouth, which was in a former Number stated to be £ 10. siould have been



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67 Wear? sorry to ir again under the necessity of omittin; or pert poning a gospel alumber of Articles of Foreign and Honie Intelligence, 23. sereroi Puges af (i l'ections and i onations to the Protestant Society for De ferice of Religinis Liberty, which will appear in the Suciety's Proceedings nr in l:c l'rcas.

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