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in the morning, from 2 Chron. vi. Baptist Meeting - House at Swan18; Mr. Allen, of Exeter, in the bourne, Bucks." Mr. Scraggs began afternoon, from Acts yiii. 5; and the service; Mr. Shepstone, of LonMr. Hill in the evening, from I Cor. don, preached from 1 Pet. i. 11. Is i. 22, &c. Mr. Wilks has since sop- the afternoon Mr. Gardner, of Potplied it for several weeks; and the ters Pury, from Ps. Ixxii. 6-7: and congregations have been respects in the evening Mr. Tyler, of Hodable. He is succeeded by his son, desham, preached from Eph. vi. 14. Mr. Mark Wilks, of Salisbury. As Mr. Williams, of Waddesdon, and Sidinouth is a populous and increas- other ministers, engaged in prayer ing watering-place, we cannot but in the service of the day. - Å very rejoice in the exertions that have few ycars ago Swanbourne was been made to introduce a stated quite a dark spot ; but through the gospel ministry.

generosity and very active exerThe Eastern Association of Inde. tions of Mr. Dawney, of Aylesbury, pendent Ministers in South Wales the present place of worship has was held at Brychigored, Brecknock, been erected. Mr. Collet is their June 19, 20. Tlie Rev. Messrs. D. stated minister, and there is a prosDavis, Swansea; J. Davis, Alltwen; pect of encrease. A. Shadrach, Talybont : J. Griffiths, July 31, a small Independent Machyulleth ; w. Griffiths, Glan. Chapel was opened at the village dwyr; J. Miles, Rhosycacre; D. of Wilmcole, Warwickshire. Mr. Davies, Llanbryi; Dr. Lewis, Jolan. Percy, of Warwick, preached from ywchllyn; D. Peters, Carmarthen, Isa. IX. 1; and Mr. Smith, of Alces. and Mr. Jones, Ponty pool, engag.. ter, from Matt. xviii. 20; Mess. ed in prayer and preaching on this Stokes and Whitehouse, of Stratford occasion.

upon Avon, engaged in other parts July 10. The Independent Mi- of the service. The Gospel bas nisters in the county of Kent held

been preached here occasionally their Annual Association at Sheer. for eight years past ; and more ge

Mr. Vincent preached in the nerally for the last two years. A morning, from Col. iv. 5; Mr. church of eight members is formed. Brackstone in the evening, from The poor inhabitants, and their Rev. xix. 6; and Mr. Young on the neighbours, have exerted them. preceding evening, from Heb. xii. 3. selves to forward the building; but On this occasion the associated ini. there remains a debt of about nisters and others present, voted

€ 130; for which they look to Thanks to the different bodies who the Providence of God and the opposed Lord Sidmouth's Bill. Religious Public.

The Particular Baptist Meeting Aug. 5. Mr. Charles Collins was house was re-opened, after an en ordamed Pastor of the Particular largemont, on July 18. Mr. Sur Baptist Church at North Street, mau prayed; Dr. Rippon preached; Knightsbridge. Mr. Keeble, of Mr. Simpson, Senior Tutor at Hox Blandford Street, introduced the ton, concluded. In the afternoon service of the day by reading the Mr. W. Tomlin, formerly of Sand- scriptures, and prayer; Mr. Iremy, wich, was settled as co-pastor with of Eagle Street, asked the ques. Mr. J. Sleap: Mr. Nawson prayed;

tions, and received the confession Mr. Groser delivered the introduc o' faith ; Mr. Chin, of Walworth, tory discourse; and Mr. Hughes, of prayed the ordination prayer; and Battersea, preached. In the even

Mr. Upton, of Charch Streci, care ing Mr. Cox, of St. Alban's, began; the charge from Titus ji. 7 and 8. Mr. Clenient, of Newinill, preached; In the afternoon Mr. Norris, of

nd Mr. Millar concluded. - The Bermondsey, began with prayer; congregation was very numerous,

Mr Shenstone, of Whitechapel, and the prospect encouraging; but preached, 2 Sam. xviii. 29; and Mr. we are concerned io hear that Mr. Dughton, of Paddington, concluded. Sleap is since dead.

August 8, the Rev. S. Perrolt, July 30, was held the Second An- late a student at Hackney, was orniversary of the Opening of the daiucd over the indepeаdent church



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at Topsham, Devon. Mr. Lawrie, have united in one common inof Budleigh, introduced the service; terest, and intend to appeal to the Mr. Winton, of Exmouth, delivered benevolence of the religious public. the introductory discourse, and ask

The Annual Meeting of the Surry ed the several questions ; Mr. Cob Mission Society will be held at Tootbis, of Crediton, offered the ordina- ing. on the 4th of September: the tion prayer; Mr. Allen, of Exeter,

sermon by the Rev. J. Clayton, jan. delivered the charge; and Mr. Pike, Service to begin at eleven o'clock. of Broadway, concluded. In the afternoon Ńr. Gleed, of Teign. the Associated lodependent Minis

The next Half-yearly Meeting of mouth, prayed; and Mr. Wheaton, of Lyme, addressed the people. ters of Dorsetshire, will be held at Mr.Wilks, of Salisbury, preached in Stalbridge, on Wednesday, Oct. 2. the evening; and Mr. Stenner, of Mess. Rogers and Weston to preach. Dartmouth, prayed.

The Wilts Association will hold their next Half-yearly Meeting at

Congregalional Collections to the

Prolesiant Society for the ProtecMarket-Lavington, on Wednesday, October 2. Mr. Berry is expected

lion of Religivus Liberty. to preach in the morning a funeral

L. S. d. discourse for the late Mr. Lewis, of Tottenham Court Chapel

77 10 6 Mere. Mr. Stevenson in the after

Abingdon, Rev. W. Wilkins
Gamlingay, G. Capes

3 noon, Mr. Elliott in the evening.

Barkway, T. Lowe

30 The next Meeting of the Salop Ogden, J. Hargreaves

Little Baddow, Steph. Morrell 7 Association of Congergational Ministers will be held at Oswestry, Corfe Casile, T. Deany

St. Neoi's, T. Morrell

4 S Sept. 5th and 6th. This Associa

Ebley, J. Brown

6 50 tion was formed in 1796, and con Yaruouth,.). W. Beynon 31 sisted of four members, being the Oakhadipron, N. Newcombe whole of the ministers of that de Church Sir. Meet. J. Upton nomination then in the county,

East Bergholt, J. F. Cover 12 13 6 though there are now 13. Some

Welford, T. llewit Students, and others, are also en

Horsham, J. Harm

15 ou

Bangor, A. Jones & R. Hughes 2 gaged in assisting the Association in Village Preaching ; several Cha- Penzance, J. Foxell

Lincoln, G. Gladstone

5 pels have been erected, and new Topshani, S. Parrott

5 Interests established.

Gloucester, T. Tborn

I 186

W. Bishop Io the course of the last year a

7 Waldgrave, Mr. Payne

66 new Chapel was erected in the bo

Whithy, J. Arundel

6 60 rough town of Bishop's Castle, in Abingdon, J. Evans

10 15 O the county of Salop, where igno West Bromwich, J. Hudson ranee of divine truth, and profli- Coveniry, J.Jerrard

37 gacy of conduct, have awfully pre

F Franklin

14 15 vailed, as they have also for several Havanı, W. Skamp

6 6 6 miles around it. On occasion of

Chalford, T. Jones

2 16 o

Woyhurn, Bucks, J. Harrison 10 10 O opening the place, two sermons

Huddersfield, W. Moorhouse 17 00 were preached by Mr. Weaver, of

East Barlow Shrewsbury, and Mr. Francis, of Shephard's Market, S. Hacket 5 su Ludlow. - A new Chapel was open Cheshunt Collection

5 cd, in the same year, at Prees, a Harleston, T. Fisher populous village in the same coun Marsden, Silv. Shaw iy, where there is no other Meet Lynn, J. Allen ing House. Sermons were preached

Wivelscombe., J. Buck by Mr. Weaver, of Shrewsbury, and

Sarum, M. Wilks

6 6 kic. M.Donald, of Drayton. „The Sudbury, J. M. Ray

Winter Douro, hy ditio

6 o two chapels have cost 850 1. They

21 130 Mr. Waring

3 10

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Carnarvon, J. Griffith L. 4 00

Nether Sheffield, J. Dawsos 3r35 Pulhely, B. Jones

4 00 Well Str. Hackoey, G. Collisod 23 50 Bridport, J. Saltren

Yardly, Hastings, Bateman Soo
Foundes s' Hall, by Mr. Cook 10 Fitchin, W, Williams
Brenchley, T. Hall

I 150
J. Geard

- 10 13 S Wintringham, W. Burn 3 13 6 Lavenban, T. Hickman Newbury, J. Bicheno

St. Albans, W. Harris
Mitchell Str. Meet. T. Powell 25 76 Mile End New Towo, G. Evads 20
Woolwich, J. Bickerdike 16 10 Keusington Chapel
Chichester, J. llunt

59 Buckingham, G. Scraggs 3 S. Titchfield, Flower

Odiham, J. Messer

5 5 Billericay, J. Thornton 6 12 6 Duokinfield, T. Beonett Ipswich, E. Davies

Eynsford, Kent, J. Rogers Cheltenham, by B. Wells, Esq. 16

56 Bratton, Wilts, R.Edmondston 4 70 Poole, additional

50 United Congregations, Hull 34 Sutton Ashfield, T. Roome 3

Horningsham, Wilts, J. Gould i

10 6 Brighton Chapel

50 Kingsbridge, Devon, various Oo Malmsbury, D. Bidmead

Basingstoke, J. Jefferson

oo Westbury, Wilts, G. Phillips

Launcester, R Cope

5 OO Melbourn, Camb. W. Carver

5 50 Brixham, E. Daoiel Newport, Essex, Briaat 8 0 0

Cymmer, Glainorgaos. M.Jones 6 12 O Bassingbourn, S. Bull 6 0 0 Llanharan, Noah Jones

8o Seven Oaks, T. Shirley 6 11 3

Weedon Beek, J. Gronord 3 Beeston, T. Rogers

2 20 Town Sutton, S. Beaufoy Chatham, addition. J. Slatterie o 10 O Forton & Gaostang, Grimsbay 19 Howorth, Yorks. Miles Oddy 5 Bridgenorth, Barber, Edmonds 8 11 3 Orer, Cambridges. G. Prudden 2 Sunderland, w. Biggs Fetter Lane, G. Burder

5 0 0

(Avnual) Deal, J. Vincent


Bewdley, G. Brooks Ashburton, J.Stout, & P.House 3 17 0

Kings bridge, w. Wilkins 3
Plymouth, addition, Nr. Praoce o 12 O Manchester, W. Roby 15
Diss, W. Ward

Barbican, T. Gore

- 10 Eye, ditto

Knutsford, J. Tarner Kingsland, J, Campbell Il

39 Bamford, J. Gray Earls Colne, G. Pudney

6 0 0

Rhayaden, D. Evans
Poriseа, J. Griffin

14 00
Cayback, D. Powell

i o@ Haoover, E. Davies

Wem, P. Edwards Holcome, P. Ramsay

Bourt, on the Water, T. Coles 5 Haslington, J. Henchliff

Friars Sır. Chapel, Sibley! Stansted, S. Percy

6 o

Fordbam, D. Sanith, Brentw. 3 16. Beaumaris, J. Evans

Wandsworth, Elvey

4 Bridport, T. Howe

Gainsborough, Hutchinson 3
Sion Chapel, additional 717 6 Cluppennam, Spackman
Duomow, R Frost

8 o

Waltoo, Suffolk, Cowell 5 Lutterworth, R. Hartley 10 0 0 Bishops Storiford, w.Chaplin 10 Dartmouth, T. Stenrer

Forton near Gosport, W.Tilley (3) Ilkeston, J.Shaw, W.Pickering 2 100 Burnham, Westg. J. Creak 5 5 Tring Congregal. Seymour 6

Westbary, Upper Str. Meeting 4 Braintree, D. Pritshard.

Henley, J. Churchill

7 Diargate, Zion Chapel

8 66
Treleach, Mor. Jones

10 Elin Ch. Fetter La. A. Austin 10 Coggeshall, W. Blackborne 5 50 Greenw. East La. Meet. G Scott 3 13 0 Penzance, Cornw. G. C. Smith OO Poiters Barr Meet. A.Jackson 6 8 7 Sheffield Protestant Diasenters 22 9 Dover Chapel, Mather

Dursley Tabera. W. Bennett 5:0. Pinchbeck, J. Robinson

5 10 o

Suttertop near Bost. J. Bessell 6 Portsea, J. Kingsford

Framlingham, Suffolk

53 Winchester, H. Tyler

Bishopsion, Wills Walworth, G. Claytun

10 IO O Colobrook, T. Rowles Oxford, J. Iliuton 9 150 Cannon Str. Cb, Manchester

30% Debenhamn, Owen

14 2 2 Thirsk, s. Neale

Individual Contributors are omitted Brighis, T. Gough

for want of room. Kingston, Mr. huicht

6 16 6 ERRATA in former List. To Ly. Gruodisburyn, J. Thompson 8 Oo mington Collection. For • Rev, . Moodbridge, W. Beulsa - 13 14 • Davies,' read. Rev. W. Gilesi?

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Chairman an address, expressive of

their grateful sentiments to him African and Asiutic Society. and the other members of both

Houses of Parliainent who support

ed the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Lord Barhain, Lord Calthorpe, W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. J. Stephen, Mr. Wilberforce delivered a most Esq. M.P. T. Read Kemp, Esq. M.P: eloquent and impressive speech, in

which he modestly disavowed the July 19, the Society held their credit which had been given him Annual Meeting at Free Masons' for his exertions; attributing the Tavern. After transacting the ge success chiefly, under Providence, neral business of the Institution, the

to the co-operation of others, of Governors and friends dined toge- whom two present were adverted ther, W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. in

to : James Stephen, Esq. M. P. and the chair. A brief Report of the Zachary Macauley, Esq. Mr. proceedings of the Committee for Stephen aiso, with his usual manly the past year was read, from which eloquence, addressed the company, it appeared that the Society had modestly expressing how little he been actively employed for the felt was due to himn for any coreligious instruction and temporal operation he had given ; and theu relief of the untutored and dis- adverted to the nature and objects tressed natives of Africa and Asia, of the Institution which had brought and their descendants resident in the company together, the excel, London. Nearly 240 cases of deep lence and importance of which he affiction have been relieved dur- justly and feeliogly described. ing the past year. Upwards of 50

We rejoice to sec the cause of the persons of colour have in the same

poor Africans, & home espoused time joined the Benefit Society, by such characters; and we trust established by the Africans them the beneficial infinence of this instiselves ; by the rules of which they tution will continue to extend. are bound to attend the means of Ainong the principal persons pregrace when able. The means of sent, besides those named, we obreligious instruction have been at- served Lord Calthorpe and Thomas tended in many instances with the Read Kemp, Esq. M. P. Various bappiest efects. The gospel has evi

persons,ainong whom were the Rev." dently been made the power of God G. Jerment, and the Rev. G. Greig, to salvation' to not a few, while of Secretary, addressed the company. others, good hopes are entertained. The meeting was altogether bigliy It appeared also to be the wish of interesting, and, we should hope, the Society, to enlarge the sphere attords a happy proof of the rising of their benevolence, by the adop- usefuluess of this infant Society. tion of such plans as may be com Subscriptions, we understand, mensurate with the wants and are received by David Niven, Esq. miseries of the natives of Africa Treasurer, 15, King Street, Soho; and Asia in this metropolis. and Rev. G. Greig, Secrclary, 25,

A nuinber of persons of colour, New North Street, Red Lion Squase: connected with the Society, and who dined in an adjoining apartinent, were introduced to the company. Their appearance and their Prejecied Travels in the Interior. lively expressions of gratitude to --A German, of the name of Routtheir benefactors, and especially to gen, a scholar of the celebrated the worthy Chairman, for his exer- blumenbachi, in Gottingen, has antions in the cause of their enslaved ounced lus intention to cudeavour countrymen, seemed to produce to penetrate into the interior of feelings of the deepest interest on Africa, almost in the tract pursued the part of the company. Besides by Mriflornemann, who, as he has their own simple and fervent er. not been heard of for perrig len pressions of gratitude, Dr. Rippon, years, is thouslit to have perished in their namnc, presented to the in the chic prize.

TM Found


man is about 20 years of age ; and owned and navigated by negroes. seems to have obtainod all that This brig is uwned and commanded kind of knowledge which is parti. by Paul Coffee, the son of Cuffee, a cularly necessary for bis purpose. negro - slave, imported into AmeHe understands the Arabic lan-' rica. Her mate and all her crew gwage, is remarkably abstemious, are negroes, or the immediate deand has accastonied himself to make scendants of negroes. Capt. Cuffee raw flesh and insects his food. At is about 56 years of age : has a wife Gottingen he submitted to circum- (a negress) and six children, living cision, that he might appear to be at New Bedford, Massachussets, of a true believer in the Koran; and, which state he is a citizea. When in the character of a physician, Capt. C.'s father (who had acquired travel thro' those countries where his freedoin) died, he left a family the naine of a Christian would in. alınost unprovided for ; but he (the fallibly lead to slavery or death. In son) laboured hard to support them. his peregrinations ou foot through the began trade in a small boat; and Gerinany and Switzerland, he als after a while, alınost by himself, ways chose the worst lodgings and built a larger vessel; in which he accommodations, to inure himself worked some years with assiduity. to hardships. In Germany avd Paris Having met a person wishing to he has collected a number of ques impart some knowledge of naviga. tions, proposed by the literati, re- tion, his ideas were enlarged; and Jative to the unkuown regions which with his prospects he enlarged bis he intends to visit. He means to efforts to succeed. Happily for endeavour to accompany a mercan- him and his family, his mind retile caravan from Mogador to Tim- ceived religious instruction from buctoo. - Hamburgh corresponden- the Society of Friends; and be atten, April 17.

tached himself to that respectable

body, adopted their dress and lanMungo Parhe. - By the arrival of guage, and is now a wortby memthe Merced, at Plymouth, accounts ber of their community. When Mr. have been received which termi- Clarkson's celebrated History of nate all hopes which the friends the Abolition of the Slave Trade fell of this enterprizing traveller had into his hands, it awakçued all the entertained of his being yet alive. powers of his mind to a consider. The search which was made for ation of his origin, and the duties bim tended fully to confirm the ac- he owed to his people. With the counts previously received of his view of benefitting ihe Africans, he dissolution. It seems that the im- made a voyage to Sierra Leone, mediate cause of his death was a and with the saine object has come fever, occasioned by the hardships to England. Capt. Cuffee is of an he bad endured. He expired in the agreeable countenance, and his hovel of an old negro woman. physiognomy truly interesting : he

is both tall and stout, speaks Eng.

Jish well, dresses in the Quaker To those who rejoice in the Aboli- style, in a drab-coloured suit, and

tion of the Slave Trade, the fol wears a large flapped white hat.. lowing article, taken from the He is coming to London to confer public newspapers, will attord no

on his favourite topic with the Dismall gratification. They will rectors of the African Institution. hail, with delight, the progress of civilization and conimercial

FRANCE. intercourse among men,

who were, till lately, bought and sold

The proceedings in the ecclesie

astical synod lalely held at Paris, as brutes :

bave been kept out of the public The brig Traveller, lalely ar papers; but it is asserted that ibis rived at Liverpool from Sierra reverend assembly, on account of Leouc, is perhaps the first vessel the freedom of some of its discus that ever reached Europe, cotirely sions, was suddenly broken up by


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