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the mandate of Buonaparte : and the charity; and in no instance has eleven of the Bishops were sent the preventive power of Vaccina. prisoners to the Castle of St. Vin- tion' been discredited, although

It is also reported that the many of the children have been Pope has been removed by order of repeatedly inoculated with the Buonaparte, from Savona, in the maiter 'of small pox, and been subGenoese territory, to Tortona, a initted to the infuence of its constrong place of Piedmont.


"They also state, that similar suc. Vaccination, or Coro Por.

cess has attended the practice of

Vaccination at the Lying in Charity THE Board of the National at Manchester, where, in the space Vaccine Establishment have made of nine years, more than 9000 per. a Report of their Proceedings dur sons have been effectually vacci. ing the year 1810: which has been nated ; and, by a report from Glasprinted by order of the House of gow, it appears that, of 15,500 perCominois; froin which it appears sous who have undergone vaccine that the Surgeons of the nine sta inoculation in that city, duriog tbe tions established in London, have last ten years no individual has vaccinated during the last year been known to have been subse3,108 persons, and that 23,362 quently affected with the small pox. charges of vaccinelyinph have been The Board then proceed to state distributed to various applicants the number of deaths from small from all parts of the kingdom; pox, announced in the bills of morbeing one third more than in the tality of the year 1810, ainounting year preceding

to 1,198 ; which, although great, is They also report, that no case of considerably less than it had been failure has occurred, in any indivi- previonsly to the adoption of that dual vaccinated by the Surgeons of practice.

They are persuaded these stations, since the commence that this inortality has arison from ment of this Establishment; that contagion having been propagated the few instances of failure,, sub byinoculated persons, of the poorec, mitted from other quarters to the class, whose prejudices against Vac, investigation of this Board in the cination are kept alive by false and last year, have been asserted with. inischievous hand-bills, denouncing out sufficient proof; that such re various imaginary and feigned disports of failure as have been re eases against all those who have ceived from the country, have been undergone Vaccination : and the ascertained to rest upon imperfect Board have reason to believe, that evidence.

these bills are issued by persons who They state the favourable result derive emolument froin small pox of Vaccination in the Royal Mili. inoculation. tary Asylum for the children of It appears from extensive correSoldiers, and in the Foundling spondence, that in the principal Hospital. In the former of these country towns, gratuitous Vaccinacharities, Vaccination was intro. tion of the poor is practised on an duced in the year 1903; and during extensive scale : that, among the seven years, this institution, which superior classes of society in the contains more than 1100 children, country, Vaccination is very genehas lost but one by small pox; and rally adopted ; and that the prejuthat individual had not been 'vac dices of the lower orders appear to cinated, in consequence of having he gradaally yielding to a couricbeco declared bytkoinotjer to have tion of its benefit. had the small pox. In the taller The information received from institution,n. death has occurred by Scotland, is of a very favourable small pox since the introduction nature. The practice of Vaccinaof Vaccination in the year 1801; tion there, is universal among the from which period every child has higher orders of society; and that, been vacciualed on its admission to in the opinion of their learned

bodies, the mortality from small geon, No. 69, Great Russel Street, pox has decreased, in proportion Rloomsbury. Subscriptions are reas Vaccination has advanced. ceived by the following bankers :

The Reports of the Vaccine Estah. Mess. Hoare, Fleet Street; Fuller lishment, instituted at Dublin, state, and Co. Lombard Street; and Ran. that Vaccination continues to make som and Co. Pall Mall. progress in that cily, and in Ireland generally; and that the pre

Aberdeen Female Servant Society. judices against it are subsiding. A Society has been established at

Very favourable accounts have Aberdeen, composed of female serbeen received of the progress of vants, who, by subseribing sinal! Vaccination in ludia; the ravage suus quarterly, are raising a fund of small pox has been repeatedly for promoting the diffusion of the prevented, and the disorder exter. Scriptures. They have already minated in the island of Ceylon. collected £ 49. 98 ; £ 20 of which

The Board declare their una has been given to the Edinburgh bated confidence in the preventive Bible Society. This Society was power of Vaccination that the first formed in August, 1809; and local and constitutional maladies, consists at present of 110 members. which frequently follow the small -. Surely, it is a token for good, pox, rarely (if ever) succeed to when a love to the Bible, and a Vaccine Inoculation; that it pro- zeal to promote its diffusion, thus dluces neither peculiar eruptions, actuale all classes of people among nor new disorders of any kind ; us. -- The Bible is Britain's best and that they are of opinion, that bulwark ! hy perseverance in the present St David's. — The present Bishop measures, Vaccination will in a few of St. David's (Dr.Burgess) discovers years become generally adopted. a most laudable zeal to promote Signed by

the cause of religion in his diocese. L. PEPys, President.

The establishment of a College, or

Seminary; for training up young Vaccination. -- An ordinance men for the church, is a special obhas been received in Bavaria, which ject of his altention. Another obobliges all parents to vaccinate their ject is the support of Superannuated children before they are three years Curates. Subscriptions are also of age, or par a fine, which in- raised for the distribution of religicreases with the age of the child.

ous Tracts, — for giving preiniums This nieasure, rigorous as it may for Essays on certain subjects, – and seem at first, has almost banished for the Proficients at Grammar the Small Pox from that country, Schools, in Hebrew, &c. where formerly

was very dc

Among the subjects of the Essays structive.

proposed for the present year is ihe following:

An Essay on Con. Tlie Nrre Rupture Society (insti- version, and on the three following tuted in 1804) have lately circulated questions: - Whether a minister of a short account of their progress; the Church can be an unconverted in which it appears, that they have professor of Christianity? What relieved, since their commence are the marks of unconversion in 3 Hient, 2190 persons afilicted with minister of the Church? What are berniu and protop:08. The Govern- the means niost likely to excite in ors have notified to parochial of the mind of a minister (if such can ficers, conductors of charitable in- be) a sense of his unconverted state. stitutions, &c. that the benefits of A premiuin of ten pounds will be this Society are extended to all given by a friend to the Sociely parts of the kingdom, prosided for the best Essay on this subject. exact descriptions of the cases, with Subscriptions for the College, proper m.castrement of the pa- Library, &c. received by Messrs lients, be sent by my subscriber Toares, Banhers, Fleet Street; and Sposi paid, in W. Bloir. Csg. Sur. by the Re:. T. Bryce, Carniarthen.



&c. Communion with Christ, and

Mary's happy choice, were eonsidered THE REV. T. SPENCER. as the leading ideas of the text; and in

his conclusion, he made a forcible apIt is with much concern that we

peal to his auditors, particularly his relate the particulars of this painful young friends, co the importance of event, which has excited a sensation

immediate decision on the side of at Liverpool, and in the religious world Cbrist. On this occasion, he said it in general, which has been seldom might not be long before he should equalled.

meet them at the bar of God; and that, lo January last Mr. S. took an af.

if the salvation of Christ were not ac. fectionate leave of Hoxton Academy, cepted by them, he must be constrained from these words : « None of these

to bear witness against them. The things move me ; neither count I my effect (says one of his hearers) which life dear onto myself, so that I may this remark produced, was wonderful. finish my course with jy? Lille, The solemosiy which impressed the bowever, did his friends think that his

minds of the audience was visible in Bourse would prove so short. - At li.

their countenances; and the remem. verpool he cominenced his stated la

brance of it will, it is to be hoped, bours on the first Sabbath in February; never be forgotten.' and so accep'able were his services, At supper the same evening, he was that crowds attended, and crowds went unusually cheerful; and when the conaway, who could not gain admittance versation turned upon sudden death, he within the walls. Never was such a expatiated on the deligh:lul change to spirit of hearing (says a correspondent) the believer. These things are not in this great, wicked, place before.' mentiooed however to jouicate that he lo consequence of this, a considerable had any particular premonition of bis subscription was entered into for the sudden death, -- bat to shew tha: he erection of a New Chapel, on a large lived as every Christian, and espeally scale, 96 feet by 65; and Mr. S laid the every minister, ought to live, in the first stone, April 15, in the presence of habitual sense of the uncertainty of 5000 persons,

hoana' life. June 12th he was ordained; Mr. On the Monday morning he recited Hordle, of Harwich (with whom Mr. S. Cowper's celebrated hymn, od had resided the year preceding his ad moves in a mysterious way,' &c.; and mission at Hoxton) gave the charge, little more than half an hour before he aod is said to have used the following left this world of sin and sorrow, in expression, which has unhappily proved conversation with a young person but propheric : * Your ordination service just admitted into his church, he remay be only a prelude to your funeral sumed the subject of his discourse on service.' On this occasion Messrs. the prereding evening, conversed on the Evans (of Stockport) Fletcher, Cockin happiness of communion with Jesus, or Hallifax, and Sleil, engaged in the and strongly recommended closetdifferent parts of worship.

The ser

prayer. Anout eleven o'clock be left vice was performed in Mr. Medley's home, and went down to the beach, and Chapel, as being larger than Mr. Spen- talked with a person who had just left cer's.

the water, on the best place to bathe On August 4th, the Sabbath preced. in He walked in to his middle, and fog his death, Mr. S. preached twice, meering another person, consulted him and adninistered the Lord's supper. also; then walking in breast high, His discourse on this day made particu- plunged 10 rise ro more! It is diffi- . Har impression on his congregation; and cult to account for the inmediate cause we have been favoured with a few par. of this catastrophe. It has been supticolare. The morning service was posed that it might be occasioned by founded on these words: I have loved the declivity of a rock suddenly siok thee with an everlasting love, and ing about 18 inches ; by this means it therefore with loving kindness have I is supposed he lot bis standing, and drawn ibee. He shewed that the was not able to recover, though he people of God were drawn, 1, To his could swim a little. The last person ibrone ; -2, To his cross ;- 3, Tv his to whom he spoke, swam to his assist church, ani hal all was th effect of ance ; and Mr. Smith of the Poitery, loving-kioeness. At the ordinance dis ordered out two beats, and went with address is said to have been uncorn several of his servan(s to seek the body, inonly striking; and in the evening he which after a search of about 30 ininutes, preached froin' One thing is peedful, was found by a gentleman who plunged aud Mary hala chosen that good pari,' in for that purpose, bet a few yards

from tbe spot in which he first eunk. delivered an energetic discourse on the By the time he was hrought to shore, occasion, from Psalm xc. 12. So two surgeous were waiting, anaiher teach us to number our days, that we medical gentleman arrived at the m). may apply our hearts to wisdoin.' This ment, and three others soon after. All disconrse, including a narrative of Mr. the water being first discharged from Spencer's life, and a solemu aildress to the body, it was then wrapped in 14u- the students, is printed by particolar pel, and removed to the house of Mr. request. Smith (above mentioned) where all It was impossible, however, for this possible means were used for its resus. spacious chapel to contain the multi. citation, and persevered in till about tudes that came together; Mr. Back, five o'clock in the afternoon,-but alas! therefore, Secretary of the Academy, utterly in vain!

addressed a great coogregation in the Thus prematurely was this amiable adjoining garden. These vaited testiyouth removed from scenes which pro- monies of public esteem for eminent mised very extensive usefulness, and piety and talents, cannot bat afford every earthly comfort, and consigoed pleasure to reflectiog minds. They to the cold embrace of Death before shew that, however the ministry of the he attained the age of 21. It was not gospel may be despised by some and three months since he probounced tlie opposed by others, it is duly apprefuneral oration for his friend Mr. ciated by very many, who know the White, of Chester, formerly of Hert- joyful sound, and esteem very highly ford, where MF. S. used to attend his in love, for their works sake,' those brinistry, aod where his parents survive preachers of the word who, like Mr. to mingle the rears of parental affec. Spencer, are burning and shining tion with the public grief.

lights' in a benighted world. The high esteem in which Mr. Spen. cer was held in Liverpool, may be seen

WICKHAM-MARKET, in the following account of his funeral, received from one of the members of

SUFFOLK ASSIZES. his church.

The King v. Churchyard and others. • Nothing in Liverpool (says he) The criminal information granted ever excited so much public attention by the Court of King's Bench against as the death of this excellent young the persons engaged in the uopreceminister Tbis is confirmed hy what dented and riotous proceedings outside took place at his funeral on Tuesday of a Meeting house for Protestant Dis. morning (August 13). All the streets, senters, at Wickham-Market, in this from his late residence, to the chapel- couoty, in order to prevent their reli, yard were crowded with people; the gious worship: and another prosecuwiadows of every house full; and when iion under the Toleration Act, for dis. the procession arrived in sight, you turbances practised in the same Meer. might almost have walked on the ing, were expected to be tried at these people's heads. I can compare it to assizes, and had excited just aod voi. nothing but Lord Nelson's funeral in versal interest. Public expectation Londoo. Scven medical gentlemen, was, however, happily disappointed ; and twelve ministers went first, four for we learn with pleasure that the on each side the corpse. Mr. Spencer's persons who had been concerved ia brother followed it; but he was so those disgraceful irregularities, being deeply affected, that he could not walk convinced of the impropriety of their without assistance. All the gentlemen conduct, apprehending the probability of the coegregation followed . A of their conviction, notwithstanding the solemn and impressive oration was de- delusive promises by wbich they had Hvered by the Rev. Joseph Fletcher of been stimulated and encouraged, and Blackburo, who had preached on the anticipating severe punishment, tenpreceding Sabbath to the afflicted con dered their apologies to the Disseol. gregation ; and Messrs. Charrier, Sten- ing Gentlegien by whom they were pro. peli, Lister, and May, engaged in secuted, and offered to withdraw their

pleas of Not Goilty, to ackcowledge on Thursday erening (August 5) this their guilt on the Rolls of the Court, siriking eveot brought together an in to enter into recognizances for their nence congregation to Hoxton Chapel, appearance to receive judgment wheaLondon ; where the Rev. Henry Bur. ever required, and for their interme der, one of the tutors of the seminary, diate good behaviour, and to present

prayer, &c.

• Another letter says, bis suneral was attended by 30 ministers, you laymen, and 20,ovo spectators,

them with two hundred guineas, to he dable a thing Methodism is becone: appropriated at their discretion. Our he was of opinion that the present pleasure was augmented when we learnt prevailing and increasing system of That the prosecutors, with a liberality Methodisin existed for the ultimate worthy the religion they profess, dis

and final destruction of the Church deining to manifest any viudictive per: severance; and perceiving that all the

of England: he argued, therefore, legitimate obj •cts of their interference

• that the broad and splendid would be thereby ohlained, received

river of Methodistical benevolencethe proposal with promptionde, and should not be allowed to overflow grunted the request. The Defeadants the country, by draining the little having therefore confessed their guilt, rivulets that should nourish and entered into recognizances, and paid support the Established Church' the penalty; no further proceedings But the anti-methodistical elowill be adopted, unless interruptions of

quence of Mr. Spankie did not the devotions of the Dissenters should be renewed. We also understand, that for the Court were of opinion that

prove effectual in this instance ; the Prosecutors, on the recommendation of the New Society for the Pro. the property of Surry Chapel was tection of Religious Liberty, intend not sufficiently vested in Mr. Hill, to present the fine they have received to enable the parish to make the to two or more public charities ia this rate on him. The appeal was thereor the adjoining county, as an addi- fore dismissed; but it is supposed tional demonstration that they have it will be made on other persons been totally uninfluenced by any mer concerned for the Chapel. cenary or party motives : and they hope Many other places of worship that even those who are most hostile bare already been assessed ; and as to their principles will arimit, that they

the measure seems likely to oppress have acted with that nationally charac

the Methodists and Dissenters, wo teristic magnanimity which would repist aggression with energetic firmness, doubt not that the persecuting bat would disdain to ođer molestation spirit, roused by Lord Sidmouth's to any prostrate foe.

bill of restrictions, will avail itself

of the utmost rigour of the law in Poors' Rates. - It is well known all such cases. We hope, ere long, to the public at large, that a serious by the assistance of our legal design is entertained by many friends, to state this subject fully to parishes, both in town and country, our readers. to levy the Poors' Raies on Chapels and Meeting Houses. An inbabit. Licences. - We hear with conant of the parish of Christ Church, cern that a respectable preacher Surry, lately appealed against the was lately refused a Licence, at rate made in that parisli, because Portsino'ith, and that other preachthe rate did not include Surry Cha ers also, in different parts of the pel. The appeal was heard at the kingdom, have been rejected by the Guildford Sessions, July 19. Mr. magistrates. We trust that the SoSpankie, counsel for the appellant, .cieties instituted for the Defence of paid many compliments to the elo our Religious Liberties will prove quence, diligence, and success of the utility of their establishinent, Mr. Hill; but these were only for by taking up some of these cases, the purpose of shewing how formi- and prosecuting them with vigour.

The Widows Donations in our next.

Collections by the Rer. D), Bogue, during a Tour in Scotland, de.
Edinburgh, Rer. Mr.Johnston's Chapel 120 0

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