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Mr. Hill concludes thus :- Let the change or omission of a few hristians of all denominations unite words, which time has rendered ob

one, and, according to their reli- solete and unintelligible. ious principles, be firm, yet mo The present selection is made by crate; patient, yet persevering; omitting those Homilies (or parts of and apply respectfully to Govern- Homilies) which treated on tempoent for their needed redress; and rary subjects, the peculiarities of humbly trust we shall yet have Popery, and merely moral or poliore abundant cause to Bless God tical duties. The subjects retained or that justice and liberality ex are Reading the Scriptures, – The mplified by our Governors, which Misery of Man, Salvation by hall still inore unite our hearts to Christ, Faith, Good Works, he British Constitution, and to the Love and Charity, Apostacy, sing who fills the British throne.' The Fear of Death, Prayer,

The Appendix contains a paper, The Nativity, the Passion, and ReEcluding the regulations for the surrection of Christ, — Whitsun dmission of persons into the Ca- day, - Rogation Week, - Repenholic chapel" at Cheltenham, in tance, &c. hich sittings of various descrip These Homilies will, doubtless,' ious are let; after which Mr. Hill be acceptable to Christians in ge. ndulges his comic fancy in the sup- neral, but especially to Members of osed calechisation of a Catholic the Church of England; and we Priest, under the new Protestant think it might answer a most exccl-' nquisition ; and then in the similar lent end, it they were occasionally ramination of a Protestant Dissent- read in places where the gospel has er, in both wbich many of Counsel- been resisted and opposed under or Spankie's candid and eloquent the idea of Novelty and Enthusiayings are archly introduced. The asm, since it will be seen that the whole terminates in the adoption doctrines of Grace, Justification by ofthat excellent petition, that. God Faith, &c. are the very pillars upon would give the magistrates grace to which the church is founded ; and recute justice, and to maintain which every clergy man is obliged truth.'

to subscribe (Art. 35.) as · godly and

wbolesome doctrine.' Select Homilies of the Church of

As to the style of these discourses, England, appointed to be read in it is antique and venerable; but Churches in the Time of Queen considering the age in which they Elizabeth, and no less suitable for were written, we have the authority Villages and Families, 12m0, 38 6d. of three bishops (Burnet, Horsley,

The Homilies of the Church of and Tomline) for saying they are England are in two books, though, 'very extraordinary compositions.' of late years, generally printed in Dr. John Hey, of Cambridge, says, one large volume, 8vo. The for- • I have really a very high opinion mer book was set forth in the reign of them: I find them continually of King Edward VI. of blessed me- improve upon me,

- the more I mory; and (according to the bis- read, the more I find in them to turical preface of the present edi- read and admire.'. Bishop Horsley. tor) was drawn up by Archbishop goes farther. In his charge of 1790, Cranmer, assisted by the venerable he says, • These discourses I would Latimer. The second book was earnestly recommend to your frepublished by Archbishop Parker, quent study, as an unexceptionable in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, summary of doctrine, and an exceland chiefly drawn up, as is believed, lent inodel for popular instruction.' by the adinirable Bishop Juel : 60 As it is but seldom that evaogeli. that these books contain the ge- cal truth comes with such highnuine 'unadulterated doctrines of charch recommendations, we hope the Reforination, in the very lan. they will be attended to, and that girage of the inost celebrated Re- this publication will be the means formers; and the editor of this edi- of removing the prejudices of tion has adınitted no alteration, but many. XII.

3 L

The Glory of the Creator displayed which • The Origin, Extent, and in the visible Heavens: A Sermon, Consequence of idolatry," formed occasioned by the grand and betido one of the subjects. An expectatiful Appearance of the COMET, tion of the discussion of this subwhich has lately visited our He- ject produced an anonyinous letter nisphere. By Joseph Jefferson, to the preacher, requiring him to Price ls, 8!o.

vindicate himself from the charge It is the wisdom of Christian of Christian Idolatry. This be ministers to excite the attention readily undertook, in a discourse of their hearers to their great con

on Heb. i. 6. • Let all the angels of cern, by noticing and improving

God worship Him.' - Dr. Smiths passing events: in so doing they plan is as follows: he proposes to iinitate their great Master, who prove, " That the true and essential took every occasion of affording nature of the One Infinite God was, spiritual instruction to his disck in an intimate and indissolute mar ples, by leading their minds froin ner, united to the man Jesus; geh, earthly to heavenly objects. Mr. without any confusion of the divine Jefferson has taken this method and the huinan natures: that such with regard to the celestial stran- an union was necessary to constiger,' whose appearance has engaged tute the person of the Messiah, as the attention of every cye. The described in the Jewish propte text is P's. xix. I, . The heavens de

cies : and that, for this reason, the clare the glory of God;' from which Messiah is the proper object of rehe contemplates some of the more

ligious adoration." esident wonders of the visible hea

In support of this 'proposition, vens; and then enquires in what the preacher produces the follosdiffereut ways they declare the glory ing proofs: of God. Mr. J. treats these particu- of his, humiliation, accepted such

1. Our blessed Lord, in the day lars as a workman who needeth not be ashained;' and we trust that this homage as appears to have been seasonable discourse will be exten- designed and understood to be resively perused, and the glory of ligious adoration, without any es. God in his works be promoted by ception, caution, or limitation this display of it from his word.

2. There are declarations in the scriptures, attributing to him the possession and exercise of those

qualities which have a near rela. The Adoration of our Lord Jesus lion to religious worship, and in

Christ vindicated from the Chargeply a right to it. of Idolatry: A Discourse delivered 3. The scriptures demand for the at Hackney, by J. P. Smith, 1. D). Name of Christ sach high regard, Published we the Request of the as appears irrational and indeteslearers. Price ls. 61.

sible, except on the supposition of

his being entitled to religioas Dr. Priestley was pleased to homage. call the worship of Jesus Christ 4. Christiaus are described in the

the Corner-stone of superstition, New Testament, by the particular which he said, 'the Reformists left characteristic of invoking the Lord untouched. The professors of Jesus Christ. what is, in courtesy, called Uni 5. The New Testament furnisbei tarianism, or more property Soci: examples of religious worship pad nianism, bare generally adopled to him. the same sentiment. Dr. Smith, Ou all these particulars Dr. Smith who, in consequence of the re- enlarges and proves, we think, in moval of Dr. Priestly's successor the most satisfactory manner, that to a newly-erected chapel in Hack- the adoration uf jesus Christ s Rey, now occupies the same place strictly agreeable to the word of of worship, has delivered, ii ap- God, and by no means liable to the pears, a set of lectures there; in charge of idolatry,

Serious Enquiries, or Important Christian Charity on true Evangeli

Questions relatire lo this Worldcal Principles. The author strongly and lo that which is to come. To proves that benevolence grows out which are added, Reflections on of every view of Christianity, as Morlnlily, occasioned by the Death exbibited in the sacred records. A of the Rev. 1. Spencer. Ry just tribute of respect is also paid Charles Buck. 38.

to the sympathy and tenderness of

the female sex. The notes and ilMr. Buck has added to several useful pieces before published, and lustrations are valuable. Wequole weil received, these Serious En- a sentence from the illustrious Bas quiries :' his former publications con, p. 5: There never was found were addressed chiefly to the reli- in any age of the world, either phigious world; he has now turuca losophy, or sect, or religion, or lav, his attention to the careless and imn. or discipline, that did so higlily penitent. The subjects first con

exalt the public good as Christian

Faith! sidered are Human Nature, Wealth, Pleasure, Beauty, Dress, Friendshuip, &c. He then presents to his A Sketch of the Life of Thomas readers Thoughts on the Knowledge

Prior; and a series of Leilers, of God, the Bible, the Soul, Judg

written by him, addressed to his ment, Future Happiness, &c. The

Relalives, on the Importance of latter part of the volume contains

Religion. Compiled by his Brother,

Mr. J. R. Prior. Reflections on Mortality, first delivered to the Author's own congrc

This young man was led, by gation, since enlarged, and which his extravagant love of music, into occupy 40 pages. As most of the the army; where he became a mupieces are short, and enlivened oc sician, hoping to indudge his corcasionally by anecdotes and sen

rupt appetites without controul ; tences from the writings of wise and but his conscience was loaded with good men, we hope this book will guilt, and all his pleasures were prove acceptable and useful, espe- turned into pains. 'lle then found cially to the rising generation.

out some praying soldiers, whose

conversation was of great use to Christian Charity delineated and

him; and he became, it is hoped, recoin't ended : a.sermon proach- scized op his frame, and terroinated

a true penitent. Disease, however, ed at the Request of the female in death, Aug. 19, 1810, at the age Society, Glasgow. By J. Mitchell, of 27. These Letters bespeak a A. M.

pious mind, decply affected with Tuus is a very superior ser the things of God; and we hope will Mon, well calculated to promote be useful to many young readers.

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SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS. Ncale's History of the Puritans, Canticles;

; or the Song of Soloabridged into two vols. by E. Par mon. By the Rev. J. Fry, A. B. 6s.

Vol. I. (to form two vols.) Maxims and · Directions for 10. 6d.

Youth. By the Rev. J. Thornton. President Edwards's Works com 12ino, 3s. 6d. pleie, 8 vols. royal $v0, 31. 12s. An Address to Candidates for Com.

The Mosaic Creation : illustrated munion in the Christian Church by Discoveries and Experiments de. By the Rev. Mr. Harris, Camrived from the present enlightened bridge. 6d. State of science, with the Cosmo Solitude Sweetened, the fourth graphy of the Antients. By the edition, 8vo, 8s. 19mo, 45. Rev. T. Wood, 8v0, 8s.

Infant Interest in Christ's ComiOrdination Service of Mr. J. mission (a Sermon on the Baptism Orchard. By the Rev. J. Barton, of the infant Daughters of the Rev. T. Priestly, T Smith, &c. 1s. J. S.) By W. Milles. Is.



TRINID AD. Extract of a Leller from Mr. Adum, daled Port of Spain, Aug. 1, 1811.

On the first Sabbath in June I preached at South Union Estate. The Manager who had long expected me, expressed much pleasure, and sent to the neighbouring estates, 'requesting the attendance of as many as could come. In the forenoon, about to negroes and 10 whites attended. At the service in the evening, 150 negroes attended. On the Sabbath following I attended Sevilla Estate. For want of conveyance, I did not arrive till eight o'clock on the Sabbath morning; at which time all the negroes were in their own grounds at work, for it is the regular practice to set them to work their own ground on the Lord's Day. The inanager rode round the estate, and ordered them to be ready at 12 o'clock. By two o'clock 100 assembled, avd 14 whites. The negroes are very anxious to attend religious instruction ; and the white gentlemen are equally so. There are 20 estætes within three miles, on which are 3000 negroes, who all understand English. You will perceive from this, that there is a prospect of much good on the coast ; but the conveyance being by water, must be uncertain, and being engaged in town, I tind it impossible to pay that attention to it which its importance demands, without another Missionary.

The Directors have learnt, with grief, since the receipt of this letter, that in Trinidad, as well as in Jamaica and Demerara, &c. some restrictions have been laid on the exertions of Missionaries, utterly inconsistent with the liberal laws of the mother country.

TOBAGO. MR. Elliott writes, that the preaching is attended as well as when he wroto last; that a piece of land is purchased for a place of worship, and a few persons have subscribed liberally towards the building. It is proposed that the chapel should be 25 feet wide, and 60 long; which will cost nearly € 500. My usual way, says Mr. Elliott, of instructing the negroes is, to sit down and catechise thein, by asking them, and suffering them to ask me questions, in a familiar way; which they like, and which I think is the best way. I then give them a short address for about fifteen minutes.

To Ceylon and Port Jackson. Brief Abstract of the Screrth Re

In EUROPE: -- To Alsace, Gerport of the British and Foreign many, Lisbon, Sicily, Malta, GuergBible Society, read at the last sey and Alderney, and the Morea: Annual Meeting, May 2, 1811. At HOME :- To the Female Peni

tentiaries of Loudon and Plymouth, In the course of the last year to the Prisoners of War at the copies of the Scriptures, in whole several depots, – to poor Danes,or in part, and in various languages, the Miners in Cornwall, – the Hoshave been sent abroad to the fol- pitals at Bath, – the Hibernian Solowing places :

cieties in London and Dublin, -- 19 In America :-To Upper Canada, poor Germans at Hull, – to sundry Quebec, Nova Scotia and La

Work-houses and Gaols, - and to brador,--to New York,- the West various Military and Naval Stations, Iudies, and Newfoundland. In AFRICA:-To Sierra Leone and soldiers and sailors.

for sale, at reduced prices, to the Bashia, -- the Cape of Good Hope, New Testaments in the Maoks, and various parts of Southern Af- Irish, and Modern Greek languages, rica,- to Scnegal and Goree.

have been completed and put iute

circulation in the Isle of Man, Ire has been taught to read ; and there land, and the Greek Islands. Edi. are many respectable and benevotions of the French and Dutch lent persons anxious for the religiBible, and of Italian and German ous improveinent of their country, Testaments, are in progress.

from whom an active co-operation Thirteen new Auxiliary Societies inay be expected.' The Society have been formed within the year has voted € 600. for the printing of in Great Britain ; and ten additional 10,000 Testaments in the dialects of Societies, having the same object these provinces. ia view, have been established in The Society at Stockholm have the United States of America, and printed 10,600 Testaments, in the most of them assisted in their funds Swedish language ; they have a by the Society in London.'

fourth edition in the press; and Twelve Thousand Polish Bibles the printing of 5000 copies of the and Testaments have been printed whole Bible is considerably adby the Bible Society of Berlin, at vanced. The demands for the the expence of € 1600; of which Swedish Scriptures are much greatthe Society have contributed £960. er than can be satisfied ; and are It does not appear that more than daily increasing. The Society have four editions of the Scriptures were also printed an edition of the New ever before printed for the inhabit Testainent in the language of Lapants of Poland.

land. Five hundred pounds have been The printing of the New Testagranted to the Committee at Kon- ment at Karass, in the Turkish lauigsberg, to enable them to print guage (a language spoken by 30 3000 copies of the Bible in the Li- millions of people) was advanced as thuanian language. In Lithuania far as the Acts of the Apostles, in there are reckoned 400 schools, 74 August last. churches, and a million of inhabit The translation of the Scriptores ants, very indigent: but so scarce into the various dialects of the East. were the Scriptures, that it was lodies, is rapidly advancing. In a grectly to be apprehended that the few years, editions will be coinOld Testament, at least, would fall pleted in 20 languages. In addition into utter oblivion among them. to the sumn of g 5000, before con1300 copies were subscribed for, al- tributed for the advancement of most as soon as it was known that this great work, the Society have a Bible was in the press.

engaged for £ 2000 annually, for: The Society at Basle has been the next three years. Besides this, enabled to distribute many hun the Corresponding Committee at dred German Bibles and Testaments. Calcutta have raised £ 1000 on the It has almost finished a French Society's account, for the supplying Bible, the printing of which was of copies of the Scriptures to assisted by £ 300 from the Society. 12,000 native Protestant Christians £ 200 have be

granted to it for belonging to the Tanjore Mission, printing a Romanese Old Testa &c. none of whom possessed the ment i aud £ 200 more for an Old Testament; and not above vue Italian New Testament.

in 200 or 300 the New.' - The SoFroin Esthonia (or Revel) and ciety have also sent out a printing Livonia, the following account is press, &c. for printing the Scrip received : • The poverty of the tures in the language of that part üf lower classes is extreme; many of India, the peasants are igaorant even of Very pleasing accounts are given the existence of a Bible; at all of the manner in which the books events, from its price and scarcity, dispersed by the Society have been it is unattainable by them ; not one received, and of the effects profamily in a hundred possesses a duced by them, Prisoners of war copy; and there are 400,000 fami- have expressed the liveliest gratilies in the two provinces absolutely tude for the Bibles and Testainenis without a Bible. For the last 40 distributed to them.' "The warı.. Fears, also, almost every individual est ackgowledgruguts have been re

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