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ceived from various Ministers to have the Bible in the volgar among the Hottentots, for a sca- tongue, that it might be expected sonable supply of the Dutch Scrip- that every man who could write, tures, which could not otherwise would make a copy on ollas pala have been procured ; accompanied leaves) for his own family by the information that several of In short, as the Edinburgh Society thie Hottentots can read very well, remarks, It is a most surprisir; and are sensible of the obligations and animating symptom of medea thus conferred upon them.' -• The times, that the zeal to circulate. Porluguese Tesiamenis, sent to and the anxiety to receirc, Ibe Lisbon, have been circulated with sacred volume, seem to have con great rapidity there, and are repre- menced at the same period; and sented as held in high estimation by they increase in similar propos all ranks.' – The same success has tions.' — When it is considered attended the distribution of Italian that of the 800 millions of souls Testainents at Malta and Messina, which inhabit the earth, 480 m.and other places in the Mediterra. ons are still Pagans, and 140 millie nean. Copies of the Scriptures ons Mabommedans, and only 50 have been gratefully accepted also nilions Protestant Christians, by Roman Catholics, both priests what is the stale of the nations des and laits, in South America, and titute of the light of Revelatioa, in Geribany, Switzerland, and which may in some measure be cor France. – Gratifying testimonies ceived from the following facts, have also beeu received of the be- viz. that the sacrifice of multitudes neficial effects produced among the of children annually, within wat Aegroes in Barbadoes, Antigua, dominions in the East Indies, va and St. Kitt's, by the copies sent only stopped by the last Goversorthither.

General: that ihousands of womes A gentleman writes from Mes

are now annually burned to death sina, in sicily, — . The distribution at the tombs of their deceased bus of the Italian Testirnents has ex• bands, within the same district: ceeded any expectations, from the and that the Hindoo religios could pressing and anxious desires of all furnish no better direction to the sanks of people to obtain them. troubled mind of a Brahınin (since I have bad at my house, from the become a Christian) who had con prince to the poor labourer solic.tceived an earnest desire of eter. jug ibem.' – From Tanjore, in the nal happiness,' than that he should Kust judies: • Almost all the men, “repeat a certain prayer 40,00 particularly to the south of Tan- times,' with many wearisome cere. jore, know how to read ; and are monies: – When these thing are very eager for books.

If only considered, we cannot but be ice every tenth person among then pressed with the great importance had a copy of the Holy Scriptures, of the object proposed by the Bible we should soon see the word of Society, and the blessed etfects Christ dwelling richly in them, and likely to result from its widelyer. his saving knowledge spread among tended and successiul operations, their heathen and Popiski neighbours. r Portuguese Christians

Culcutia duxiliury Bible Society. are also in freat wint of Bibles.' – Dr. Buchi sun states, that when a We rejoice to learn that og proposal was made of sending a February 21, 1811, a meeting was copy of ihe Scriptures in the sia- held at the College of Fort WAME, layinin ianuage to each of the 55 Calcutta, in the East Indies for the churches of the syriao Christians purpose of considering the proin the Easi Indies, • as a standard priety of insituting a Bible Societ, bouk, on condition that they would as auxiliary to the British and transcribe it, and circulate the Foreigu Bible Society in London ; copies among the people,' -- the when it was resolved, tiders replica, thai so great was • That this meeting do box form the desire of the people jo general theiusclves into a doricis, lu be

litled, “The Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society ;' the object of which

GUERNSEY. shall be the same with that of the British and Foreign Bible Society,

June 30, a new chapel was opened viz. to encourage the circulation of at Guernsey, for the use of the the HolyScriptures, without note or French and English Tuhabitants of comment ; and especially to sup- the town of St. Pierre Port; when ply the demands of the native Chris- four serions were preached on the tians of India, computed to be occasion ; two in French, by Mess. nearly a million, including those in Franeis and Clement Perrot, from the island of Ceylon.'

Jersey; and two in English, by This Society will have an ample Messrs. Western and Gray. The field for their benevolent opera. folļowing day (July 1) Mir. Gray tions, as there are nearly a million was ordained to the pastoral charge of persons, called Christians, who of the English Congregation; who, are alınost destitute of the Bible. after struggling for several years It will be the work of years to with a great variety of trials, we supply that deinand which now

rejoice to find are at length proexists for it. Books are opened for vided with a commodious place of the reception of Subscribers' names; worship, and a settled minister for and we hope to hear that very li- the regular enjoyment of divine beral sums are supplied by the af- ordinances.

We have only now fuent in that country,

to pray that the peace of the island A hope is entertained that this may be preserved from the threatlaudable example will be followed encd attack of an invading foe, and. by similar institutions at Madras, that prosperity may attend this inBombay, and Columbo. — God fant cause. l'he liberality of the grant it!

British Churches will, we under.' An excellent letter to the Society stand, be solicited for defraying the in London on this subject. concludes expence of crecting this chapel for thus: “I feel persuaded, that by his

the accommodation of their French grace, something will be done in and English fellow - subjects in Asia, as well as in Europe, towards Guernsey. the spread of the glad tidings of his gospel over the earth; and if no

Another Accouut, extracted from the other good should proceed from

Leller of a Friend. our Auxiliary Bible Society at We have heard, with great sathis Presidency, it will, I trust, be tisfaction, that the preaching of the blessed, to render the members of gospel is accompanied with the it inore seusible of the inestimable

power of the Holy Spirit in this value of what Mr. Marty(in a late island. A friend informs us that sermon) einphatically calls, 'next there is now a French congregation to the saviour, God's best gift to of 800 persons; and that in are man.'

about to be added to a regular JAMAICA.

church there._ The Lord is carryMAY 30, Mr. J. Wiggins and ing on his work in these islands Mr.J. Toland, two preachers of the (Jersey and Guernsey); and there Methodist connexion, were con seeins to be as fair a prospect in victed at Kingston for preaching regard to the extension of the goswithout a licence, and after sun-sct: pel, as in any part of the habitable they were fined € 50 each.

world. The contiguity of these This is the method which some islands to the French empirc, tos, of the gentlemen of Jamaica take gether with the sameness of lanto ensure their safety and their guage and habits, promises much. property ! - May they remember May we not hope that, froin these that the Jews filled up the measure islands, which sheltered many who of their iniquities, by forbidding fcd from persecution in France, the gospel to be preached to the the pare word of life may sound Gentiles! God forbid that our out through the widely - extended West India planters 'sbould invitate empire of Gaul?' their çxample!

dir. Cleipent Perrot has been

Jahouring for some months, inde- vocal, his conduct was singolar. fatigably, in the island of Guernsey, He would not be left alone, night and, we are told, with great encou- nor day; he not only required to tagement. He is also employed in have some person with him, but he translating Boston's Fourfold State must see that he or she was there ; into the French language.

and would not allow his curtains to be closed at any time ; and if

, as it THE POPE.

would sometimes unavoidably hap The Pope is said to have been pen, he was left alone, be would removed, by order of Buonaparte, scream and hallo until some persos from Savona in the Genoese terri came to him. When relief from tory, to Tortona, a strong place in affliction would admit, he seemed Piedmont. Such an event, at the thoughtful and contemplative, bi period of the mecting of the eccle- eyes generally closed, and his hands siastical council at Paris

, may give folded on his breast, although he room for various reflections. Very never slept without the assistance little has hitherto transpired of the of an anodyne. There was some proceedings of this council; but it thing remarkable in his conduct is suspected that the Emperor finds about this period (which comprises them rather refractory.

about two weeks in pediately pre

ceding his death) particularly when THE JEWS.

we reflect that Thomas Paine Fas Tu: Consistory of the Israel. the Author of the Age of Reason.' ites was installed Aug. I, at Rome.

He would call out during his parorThe novelty of a spectacle so ex

isms of distress, without intermis traordinary in the city of Rome, sion, O Lord help me! God help • the seat of the Head of the Chris- me! Jesus Christ help me! O tian world,' attracted an immense Lord help me!' &c. repeating the erowd of spectators. M. Lconi de same expressions without the least Lconi was proclaimed Grand Rabbi, variation, in a tone of voice that by a decree of Buonaparte.

would alarm the house. It was

this conduet (says Dr. Manley) that Death of Mr. Thomas Paine.

induced me to think he had aban

doned his former opinions; and I We are generally anxious to know was more inclined io that belief,

in what manner celebrated men when I understood from his nare leave the world, especially when (who is a very serious

, and I be they have distinguished them- lieve, a pious woman) that he would selves in favour of Christianity, occasionally enquire, when be sur or in opposition to it. We pre- her engaged with a book, what she sent, therefore, to our readers

was reading; and being answered, the only account we have yet re- and at the time asked whether she ceived of the last hours of Thomas should read aloud, -he asseeled, Paine, who appears to have died and would appear to give particua sullen and wiscrable infidel. lar attention. I took occasion dur

The life of Thomas Paine, from ing the night of the 5th and 6th of the pen of a literary gentleinan, of June to test the strength of his the name of Chathani, bas lately opinions respecting Revelation. I been publisbed at New York. Å purposely made him a very late few copies only have found their visit ; it was a time wbich seemed way to this country; and from one to suit iny errand-it was midnight. of these the following account of He was in great distress, constantly his last moments is extracted. It is exclaiming in the words above given in a letter to the author of mentioned'; when I addressed him ibe work from Dr. Manley, an emi- in the following manner, the nurse acut physician at New York, who being present: Mr. Paine, Tour attendei Paine during his last ille opinions, by a large portion of the Dess.

community, have been treated with • During the latter part of bis life, deference. You must be seasible though las conversation was cquis that we are acquainted with juve

religious opinions, as they are given June 5, 1811, the Rev. James Anto the world : What then must we gear, of East Looe, Cornwall, was so think of your present conduct? lemnly set apart over the chorch, and Why do you call upon Jesus Christ congregation attending the above place. to help you? Do you believe in A suitable address was delivered by the Divinity of Jesus Christ? Come to the minister and church, from 3 Jobs

the Rev. J. Brewer, of Birmingham, now, answer me honestly I want

viii. an answer as from the lips of a dy. In the evening, the church and congre

• Fellow - helpers to the truth.' ing man, for I verily believe that gation were addressed by the Rev. J. you will not live 24 hours.' -I Hudson, of Westbromwich, from 1 Cor. waited some time at the end of xvi. 18, Watch ye, stand fast,' &c. every question. He did not answer, Messrs. Hammond, of Handsworth, but ceased to exclaiın in the above Dawson, of Dudley, and Griffiths, of manner. Again I addressed him, Wednesbury, engaged in the other

Mr. Paine, you have not answered parts of the services. my questions ; will you answer January 9, 1811. A new place of them? Allow me to ask, Do you worship was opened at Lostwithiel, belive? Or let me qualify the Cornwall, when three sermons were question, -- Do you wish to believe preached; that in the morning by the that Jesus Christ is the Son of God ?

Rev. J. Guard, of Liskeard, from After a pause of some moments, he Numh. xxi. 17, 18; that in the afteranswered, • I have no wish to be- min, from Psalm cxviii. 25; and that

noon by the Rev. Mr. Skeat, of Bodlieve on the subject. I then left in the evening by the Rev. R. Cope,

him, and know not whether he of Launceston, from Isaiah Ixii. "; - afterwards spoke to any person on the Rev. 'Messrs. Smith, of Fowey,

any subject, though he lived till the Moore, of Mevagissey, and Meek, of morning of the sth.

St. Columbe, &c. offered up suitable Such conduct, under usual cir- prayers. - Lostwitbiel is remarkable cumstances, I conceive absolutely for the great spirit of hearing that preunaccountable; though, with difti- vails. The present place of worship dence, I would remark not so much has been erected on the most economiSo in the present instance ; for. cal, plan, and is well filled. though the first necessary and gene

A new chapel was opened ral result of conviction be a sin- at Great Torrington, Devon. The Rev. cere wish to atone for evil commit. H. Besley, of Guernsey, opened the ted, yet it may be a question worthy prayed; and Mr. Gunn, of Ifracombe,

service; Mr. Rooker, of Bideford, of consideration, Whether exces

preached from Ps. lxxii. 18. In the sive pride of opinion, consummate afternoon, Mr. Evans, of Appledore, vanity, and inordinate self - love, prayed; Mr. Cope, of South Molton, might not prevent or retard that preached from Ps. cxix 130, and conotherwise natural consequence ?' cinded. In the evening, Mr. Blair, of

Ilfracombe, prayed ; Mr. Gardiner, of Provincial Intelligence.

Barnstaple, preached from i Kings viii.

27. This town was formerly honoured On July 17, 1810, the new Independo with the labours of the great Mr. Howe. ent Meeting at Hales Owen, Salop, was opened for divine worship. The Rev.

The Independent Chapel at Market J. Brewer, of Birmingham, preached Bosworth, Leicestershire, having been in the morning, from Isaiah Ixvi. 1, 2; enlarged, was re-opened on August 6. and likewise the Rev. Mr. Grove, or A double lecture was preached by Mr. Walsall, preached from Isaiah lyi. 2 i

Hartley, of Lutterworth, from Isaiah the Rev. Mr. Weaver, of Salup,

Ix. 22; and by Mr. Davies, of Wig. preached in the evening fon i Thess.

stone, from John iv. 24: Messrs. Pa i. 5; Messrs. Hammond, of lands. terson, of Donnington, and Millar of worth, Tbeodosius, of Gornal, 'Scales,

Earl-Shelton, engaged in prayer. of Wolverhampton, Redford, of War. On August 29, a new place of wors wick, and Simpson, jun. of Hoxton, en, sbip was opened at Horsmonceux, Susgaged in the other parts of the ser

Mr. Fisher, of Lewes, preached vice. The place, was well filled ; and iu the morning from Psalm xciii. Si the present prospect of success is en Mr. Cliff, of Marlborough, in the after couraging, tho' the town was once re noon, from i Cor. i. 12 ; and Mr. Styles, markable for opposition to the gospel. of Brighton, in the evening, frog


Feb. I.


3 M

1 Cor. iii. 16; the devotional exer. and Hant. The best meeting is to be cises of the day were conducted by held at East Griastead the secood week Messrs. Styles, Cliff, and Press. This jo April; Messrs. Kerby and Forster interest, under God, owes its existence to preach. to the pious beoevolence of a few in

Oct. 2, the Associated Independent dividuals, who, having been destitute of Ministers of Dorset held their Halfthe means of grace, and feeling com- yearly meeting at Stalbridge. In the passion for the poor ignorant villagers forenoog Mr. Keynes and Ms. Higgs around them, determined at length to prayed ; Mr. Rogers preached on prierect a commodious meeting-house.

vate devotion,' from Matt. vi. 6. la Sept. 5, the Chapel at Chinoor, the evening Mr. Morris prayed; Dr. 0x00. was re-opened after its eolarge. Cracknell preached op 'religious interment. Messrs. Wilkins, of Abingdon, course,' from Psalm cxix. 63; Mr. Hinton, of Oxford, and Seymour, of Weston concluded. Real religion was Tring, preached on the occasion ; and stated to be upon the increase in this Mess. Raban, of Wallingford, Dawson, county, and that the gospel has been of Risborough, Hesler, of Long Wiek, iotroduced into several new places. and Paul, minister of the place, en

The Second General Meeting of the gaged in the devotional services of the Lincolnshire Association was held at day. The gospel was introduced into Great Grimsby, Wedn. Oct. 2, On the this place by Mr. Whitfield ; but the preceding evening Mr. W. Buro, of cha pel has beea erected six years only. Wiuteringham, preached from Psalin

Sept. 11, the Rev. J. W. Percy, late xxxvi. 7. In the morning the minisStudent at Hoxton Academy, was or

ters met by 9 o'clock for prayer, &c. dained Pastor of the Independent Mr. Fisher, of Tartney, opened the Church at Warwick. Mr. Rowton, of public worship by reading the ScripFoleshill, commenced the service by tures and prayer; Messrs. Rich and prayer, &c. ; Mr. Jerard, of Coventry, from Jer. xxxi. 12 ; after which the

Newman, of Gainsborough, preached delivered the introductory discourse, de. ; Mr. Burkitt, of Kenilworth, of ordinance of the Lord's Supper was fered up the ordination prayer; Mr.

administered. In the afternoon serPercy, sen. of Woolwich, gave the

vice Mr.Hunter prayed, and Mr. Fisher charge to his son from Luke xii. 42, 43;

preached from 1 J ihn ii. 14. In the Mr. James, of Birmingham, preached evening Mr. Newınan prayed ; Mr. J. to the people, from Phil. ii. 29; Dr. Clark, of Brigg, preached from Luke Franklin, of Coventry, concluded with xxi. 38 ; and Mr. B. Jeans, of Market prayer. Mr. Gronow, of Weedon, Deeping, from Jobo i. 12 ; wben a preached in the evening of the ordina: collection was made for the Case al tion, from Romans xiv. 19; and Mr. Deeping; after which Mr. w Swelle Hartley, of Lutterworth, the preced-corcluded the service of the day. ing evening, from Isaiah ix. 22; Ness. In conference it was resolved, That as Johnson, of Leek, Brackstone, of co. many congregations have expressed a ventry, Harris, of Stafford, and Mr. desire of having the Associate MeetBurton, engaged in the devotional parts ings, the Half-yearly meetings shall of the day.

continue on the present plan. - The

next mecting is appointed to be at Sept. 24, the Second Anniversary was Gainsborough, the last Wednesday in held at the Baptist Meeting, Fladden. May, 1812. bam, when Mr. Tomlin, of Chesham, preached from 1 Tim. vi, 6; Mr. Cle Oct. 3, the Hampshire Association ment, of Tring, from Psalm cii. 16; held their meeting at Newport, Isle of Mr. Seymour, of Tring, from Psalm

Wight, The services commenced on Ixxii. 6; Messrs. Paul, Howlet, Bed. the preceding evening, at the Hev, Mr. ford, and Collet, engaged in the other Brace's Meeting; when Mr. Adams, of services of the day, the whole of which Cowes, prayed, and Mr. Durant, of were highly interesting.

Poole; preached from Isaiah lili. 1;

• Who hath believed our report,' &c. The Sussex Mission Society held tbeir Mr. Styles, of Brighton, concluded. On Annual Meeting at Brighton, Sept. 25. Thursday morning at yo'clock, at Mr. Mr. M. Fisher preached on the preced. Tyreman's Meeting, Mr. Webb (a stuing evening, from Psalın lxxii. 17; Mr. dent) prayed, and Mr. Sleigh, of SalisHunt on the Wednesday morning, froin bury, preached on the subject of moraHleb. ii. 9; Mr. Palmer in the evening, ing devotion, from Psalun 1.4;. Mr. froin Rev.v.6; and the devotional ex. Flower, of Pitchfield, and Mr. Bennet ercises wele' conducted by Messrs. Pal. prayed; Mr. Jefferson, of Basingstoke, mmer, Hyalt, Gore, Clix, Press, Lake, preached, from Phil. . 4. 5. After

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