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Mr. Henry Marsh (& Magistrale.) Q. What was the tone of his - Did he appear to have finished voice? was this the voice of prayer his prayer when he said he did not or conversation? A. He began care for Man or Devil: A. Yes. very low, and spoke very load in

Q. Did it appear as if he was deed. talking with thein ? A. Yes. Q. Did it appear to you be was

Q. Was he in prayer when he praying, or preaching? 4. It did said he did not care för either Man not appear to me like a prayer. or Devil? or had be finished his Q. Was it addressed to every prayer, and did he then say I do body: A. Yes. not care for either Man or Deyil?' Did he appear to be praying at the time? H. Yes.

Earl ef lædnor.-IV as the PrayMargaret Partridge sworn.

er on a re'igious subjert ? . I do Examined hy Mr. harefield.

not recollect;-I did not pay parties Q. Do you know William Kent ;

lar attention to what was sait. Å. Yes.

Mr. Henry Marsh. – You only Q. Where does he live? A. Al heard the words · Daun and cuar. Childrey.

OSITY.' A. No. Q. Has he an empty house there? Earl of Radnor.- Was it address A. Yes.

ed to the Supreme Beiagi- to God Q. Have you ever been in that Almighty ? A. Yes. house: A. Yes.

Q. He began,'0 God, - or someQ. When was that? A. On the thing of that sort ? A. I do not re21st of October last, - a Sunday

collect the words with which he evening.

began. Q. How many people were there! Mr. G!eed. - The only words she 1. Between thirty and forty.

heard were DANN and ct AIOSITY. Q. Was W. Kent there? 4. Yes. (To be concluded in the Supplement.]

Q. What were all the people doing ?- were they standing or sit.

LONDON. ting? A. They were all kneeling.

Q. Was Kent saying any thing? We are happy to learn that the A. Not when I first went in.

attempts lately made in some of Q. What did you hear before you the proviucial papers to destroy heard Kent say anything?. 4. the reputation of a Country Minis. heard two or three before I heard ter, of some celebrity, have prosed Kent.

abortive ; and that after a minate Q. Can you recollect what those investigation, a most respectable two or three said? A. No.

Committec of Gentlemen (who Q What did you hear Kent say I have affixed their names to their 1. I did not pay particular atten- Report, in some ofthe pablic prints) tion to what he said; but I heard have pronounced him · ENTIRELY bim utter the word · DANN.'

INNOCENT of the Charges alleged Q. Did you hear him say any against hiin.' thing else? A. I heard himn say * CURIOSITY.'

Homerton Academy, which bas Q. Were those words uttered as undergone cousiderable sepaits, exclamations, or were they part of will be re-opened on the 11th inst.; a series of words:-Were the words on which occasion a sernion will be

DAMN and CURIOSITY' single preached in the morning, by Dr. words, or were there words before Winter, at Dr. Smith's Meeting. or after them? 4. I do not rememo house, Hackucy; aod another in ber what he said before or afler.

the evening, by Dr.Collyer, at New Q. When you heard this, was

Broad Street. Collections after Kent on his knees, or standing?

both sermons. A. I do not know.

We are informed, that on ThursQ. Was he kneeling or standing? day inorning, Dec, 26, a General A. I do not know, indeeda. I could Meeting of the Managers, Subscrinot 52hii.

bers, and friends of the various do

cięties for visiting and relieving the holy Scriptures. After prayer, by Sick Poor, will be held at the Rev. Mr. John Belfrage, of slateford, a Mr. Thomas's Meeting Devonshire sermon was preacbed by Mr. Jack, Square, precisely at 10 o'clock, of Manchester, from 1 Cor. i. 21. when a Mass of interesting infor- It pleased God, by the foolishness mation will be laid before them. of preaching, to save them that beMinisters are particularly requested lieve. The moderator of the Presto attend.

bytery theu recited the measures Mr. Henry F. Burder, having which had been taken bythe church. been chosen' Assistant to Mr. Pal and which had issued in the act of iner at Hackney, a few ministers

the Associate Synod, translating were requested to unite with the

Mr. Fletcher from Down to his precongregation in imploring the di sent charge in Miles's Lane ; revine blessing on that connexion, quired the members of the church on the 31st of October last; when to recognize their cali, - and Mr. Mr. Ford, of Stepney, began the Fletcher also to recognize bis forservicc: who was followed in mer vows at ordination ; and to exprayer by Mr. Waugh, of Well press his cordial acquiescence in the Street, Oxford Road. Mr. Jay, of present call, together with his firi Bath, delivered an appropriate dis

purpose, thro: divinc strength, to course, which he was desired, both

fulfil the various and important by the ininisters and the church, to

duties of a gospel minister among publish. Mr. George Burder, of them.' This being done, the moFerter Lane, concluded.

derator, by solemn prayer to God,

and in the name of Him who holds On Thursday the 7th of Novem the stars in his right hand, and ber, the Rev.Alex. Fletcher was ad- regulates all their movements, admitted, by the Associate Presbytery. milted him to the pastoral charge of of Coldstream, to the pastoral care his people. Some scriptural counof the Scottish Church in Miles's seis were afterwards suggested to Lane. Mr. R. Fletcher, of Hamil- bin and to the congregation ; and ton, began the public service by the service was concluded with reading suitable portions of the prayer by Mr. Lee, of Horudean.


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d. Rev. Mr. Rafles and Congregation, Hammersmith

35 7 Berry and ditto, Warminster

23 00 Collection at Melbourn near Royston, at a Sermon, by the Rev. J. Townsend

23 20 Friends at Chatteris, by the Rev. Mi. Miller

I 17 6 L'nited Congregations at Brighton, at the Monthly Missionary Praves Meeting

23 61 Perth Missionary Society, by Rev. J. Willison

40 0 A. H. 5:. B. Z. 41. Rev. Mr. Kemp and Congregation, Swansea

17 17 0 A Friend, by Mr. Butcher

1 Dilto, by Mr. Ricks, of Canterbury

Colirclions by the Ker. J. Torensend.
Rey. Mr. Morell, St. Neots, Huntingdonsbire € 811 2
Mr. Dobson, Chishil, Essex

Mr. Robinson, Steeple Bum-tead, ditto
Mr. Owca, Debenhain, Suffolk

Mr. Gurteen, Canterbury. Kent
Mr.Cramp, St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet

5 15 6
Mr. Young, Margate

15 18 9 Sundries

4 1 0 79 13 5 Collections by Mr. Wray in our supplemeni.

8 16


And in my study safely stay addressed to the Rev. Mr. M. and Tho' authors are not all like you,

Till Spring bas lengthend out the day. written immediately on his present- My shelves contain a chosen fex. ing the Author with a Cage nf Your cage shall not approach the place Turtle Dores.

Where'rests a hard polemic race; ACCEPT, dear Sir, in artless lays, An angry waspish tribe, that bring The thanks a grateful heart displays ; No honey, but enough of sting. Whose green-bouse Dow contains, sus Too great a contrast you would be pended,

Seep near a South or Toplady. A charge thy fair so late attended, But Benry, Duddridge, B1 es.agd Hex* The emblem of your mutual loves, Audi Couper! (God's own Poet thing!) A wedded pair of Turtle Doves.

Norton, and Watts, and Leightn. ca. Within your boat and osier cell,

Who always dipp'l in love their res;

And Fenelon, a Roqish saint,
Ye heauties here conteved dwell.
With pleasure daily we'll engage

Admir'd by every Protestact;
To furnish fuod, and guard your cage.

And Wilberforce, whose name we blead

With truth and love, - the Negro's Here build, ye lovely birds! your nes',

friend ! Apd bow, and coo, aod swell your

With others of a kindred mind, breast; No lears shall here your peace annoy,

Near them a place my doves sball God.

And when for siody I retire, No foes shall here your young destrey;

sad working feel unhallow'd fire, And while your forms and modes I view,

My thoughts to barsb endeavours less.

iog, I'll make you my instructors too.

And threatening urge, iostead of visThe Dove scut forth from Noah's sight,

ning; No place could find whereon to light : I'll learn from you the softer art, of food as well as perch bereft, And'woo, by kind address, the beart; She soon regain'o the rest she left: In all I speak, in all I do, The raven found provision there ; I would the law of love pursue. But Dire and flesh not tempted her. Yei, as we daily need, as well The worldly mind the world admires ; To flee from snares, as do so ill, The heav'nly soul to bearen aspires; I'd all the Savioui's, mar at puze: And shews, when joyful or distrest, * Like Doves, be harmless, -bat, as Seso The Saviour is alone her rest.

peuls, wise,' 0, like a Dove, that I had wings !

And now, dear Sir, these musings eod; (So sigh d the chief of Israel's kings) Dismiss the critic, and be still the Gentle, in death as well as life,

friend. I'd noiseless leave the sons of strife; Ad innocent the regions gain,

AN HYMN. Where love and peace for ever reign.

How shall the feeble heirs of Death When Mary to the temple weni,

Attempt Jehovah's praise,
Avd would her wondrous Child present, Where loriy Gabriel's tupeful breath
Her humble stale, her offering proves No equal song can raise !
She brings a pair of Turtle Doves,

Will the Eternal downward beod
Tho’lle was rich, in power and lame,
On our behalf, He poor became;

A list’ning ear, to inortal suund, Laid ail his might and glory by,

Wher couniless seraph-bands attend, To raise ihe weak and needy high.

With heav'nly harps, his throne And shall I e'er refuse to take

around: Aly cross, and bear it for his sake? Holy, Almighty, glorious King! what he despıs'd shall I esteem,

Millions of voices cry; And court a worlu ihat bated him? While with the bursting echoes ring Baptind of Joh!), as Jesus stood

The arches of ihe sky. Upop the brink of Jordan's flood, Lord, we would join that blessed The Spiru mark'ul his soul benig",

throng, And scaid his mission all divine: And bear an humble part; Hoverns, Cereaded from above, Thou canst empow'r a seeble toogue, And rested on 1:aan like a Dove.

And warm a languid heart. While Summer lasts, je ippiates sweet! Yes, and while still on earthly ground, I oft shall visit your retreat;

With weary steps we rove, And when the monihs to cold jueline, Thou wilt approve where'er 'lis fuand) Tou thco shall come aod visit bine ; I be melody of love. Jos.


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