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The Review of the Life and Character of Archbishop Secker, of which a new Edition is here presented to the Public, has hitherto been prefixed to the first of his seven Volumes of posthumous Sermons, and could not be purchased separately, nor, of course, without considerable expense. And in this state it would probably have remained, had not a very respectable and learned Prelate judged it expedient to introduce into his Life of bishop Warburton, such observations on the talents, learning, and writings of archbishop Secker, as appeared, both to me and to many other of his grace's friends, extremely injurious to his literary character, and the credit of his numerous and useful publications; and therefore highly deserving of some notice from those who loved him in life, and revered him B 2


after death. Accordingly, these animadversions have been ably and completely refuted in a Letter lately addressed to the lord bishop of Worcester, by a Member of the University of Oxford, to which the world has given very decided marks of approbation. But as the author of that Letter has made frequent references to the Review of the archbishop's Life and Character, I conceived that it might still further promote the important end which both he and I have in view, the vindication of the archbishop and his writings, if I rendered that review of his life more accessible, by detaching it from his other works, and printing it as a separate publication. The estimate there formed of the archbishop's erudition and abilities, is undoubtedly very different from that which the bishop of Worcester has been pleased to give in his Life of Dr. Warburton. Both cannot be true. Which of the twò, his lordship or myself, has had the best means of information, and which of the two accounts corresponds best with the opiņion entertained of archbishop Secker by the best critics and scholars of this kingdom, I shall leave to others to decide. Be


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