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leathern cap, and the three graceless young scoundrels, who are deceivers, as well as Frank Lucas and his wife Peggy, and to bestow what you otherwise might have given them on this poor industrious woman. I will leave the case with you, and you can act as you think proper. You will easily find the white cottage at the back of the brewery. It was the employment of the Saviour of the world to go about doing good, and a blessed thing it is to follow his example. “The liberal soul shall be made fat," temporally and spiritually; and “ he that watereth shall be watered also himself,” Prov. xi. 25.

CALL ON A THOUGHTLESS YOUNG MAN. Ah, Thomas ! Thomas! all that I said to you the other day, did but little good, I understand. You went to the wake yesterday, after all, with your thoughtless companions, and I dare say that now you are sorry for it. Here to-day you are stopping at home with more pains in your head, and bitter reflections in your mind, than you have money in your pocket. You ask me if no one can go to a wake without getting into mischief. I reply, When you can put your hand into a wasp's nest without being stung, or into the fire without being burnt; when you can walk barefoot on thorns without injury, or handle pitch without being defiled, then may you hope to go into temptation with thoughtless comrades without giving yourself up to evil.

You look ashamed enough, and feel ashamed enough, I dare say, and, therefore, I will say but little, for I have no wish to speak bitter truths to you while your heart is telling you so many. For the sake of your own soul be more careful, more watchful, more prayerful, for the future. It is an error to reprove a transgressor too roughly, and another to treat him too tenderly; I would not willingly fall into either of them. Read this tract, “ Advice to a Young Man on entering the World;" it may excite a desire, if God's blessing attend it, to live more consistently with his glory and your own happiness—a course that will insure peace when the summons of death shall arrive, and an abundant entrance into a heavenly inheritance. May God of his goodness show you the deformity of sin. “That heart which never saw its own desperate wickedness will lightly esteem, or totally reject, Christ's righteousness.” May you be taught and guided in the way of salvation, and finally attain everlasting life, through Him who will save all that trust in his mercy,

CALL ON A CRUEL MAN. I was very sorry, Frank Lewis, to see you, from my window, yesterday, beating your donkey in a very unmerciful manner; and felt determined to call upon you the first opportunity, to have a word or two with you about your cruel usage of your poor beast. Kind treatment often succeeds better with animals than blows; and no one ought to strike a dumb creature until he has tried a milder methud. The Scripture says that “the merciful man is merciful to his beast;” but this I am sure, that you showed no mercy to yours.

There's mercy both for man and beast

In God's indulgent plan;
There's mercy for each creeping thing,

But man has none for man.

Frank. I do not know that my donkey is used worse than other people's. Jack Holmes knocks his about from morning to night. He thinks nothing of thumping him about the head for half an hour together.

Visitor. But if Jack Holmes has no feeling, that is no reason why you should follow his cruel example. The same Almighty Being who made you, made your donkey also, and woe be to those who abuse his creatures !

His eye surveys the world around,

The water and the land ;
He frowns upon the harden'd heart,

And hates the cruel hand. And depend upon it, that with what measure” you “mete, it shall be measured to you again.” You have power over your donkey, but remember God has power over you; and for every unnecessary stroke you inflict, he may smite you with the rod of affliction. If his hand should be heavy on you, it will be needless to complain, for your hand has fallen heavily on your unoffending beast. Take warning in time, Frank. Neither the mercy. nor the judgment of God is to be despised. With the merciful he will show himself merciful, 2 Sam, xxii. 26; but for the cruel, who have no pity, he has stores of terrors. Once more I say, Take warning, and have pity on your poor beast; lest the wrath of God fall upon you, and overwhelm you with destruction.

CALL ON ONE HEAVILY AFFLICTED. You will not take it amiss, William Summers, that I leave you this tract, “ To the Afflicted;" for I know that you are one of those who would willingly glorify God in their afflictions. I have heard of your distress, and my heart has


ached for you; nevertheless, if your trouble be great, the consolations of God are not small; even in this winterly season of adversity you will reap, if you faint not.

Cheer up your desponding spirit, for the sun is in the skies yet, and the moon proclaims by night the goodness of God. I can feel for you, for I know that your trial is a heavy one; but you must cast it as much as you can on Him who has promised to bear the burdens of his people. Oh, the unutterable weight of the transgressions of a sinful world! If this was borne by our adorable Redeemer, do you think that his followers need fear being crushed with lighter trials ? No; he will bear for them what they cannot sustain. Though your present calamity be exceedingly urgent, yea, though the furnace of your affliction were even heated seven times hotter than it is wont to be heated, still would I say, trust in your heavenly Father, and you shall be seen walking in the midst of the fiery trial uninjured, with a companion like unto the Son of God.


Visitor. Never idle, Jasper, never idle ! Mending your nets, I see, to fill up the chinks

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