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his heart to notice the infirmities of his fellow men.

Mr. Johnson. It is the very same with me. Time has been, when no doubt I passed by many who were as lame as I now am without noticing them, but it would be difficult for a lame man to pass me now unobserved. I have been so long halt, that I am quite reconciled to my infirmity. He who has withheld from me the proper use of my limbs, has put his peace into my heart, and his praises into my mouth.

Visitor. Ay, that is a mercy indeed. I fancy, Mr. Johnson, that it has been God's grace, and not the long period of your affliction, that has reconciled you to your infirmities. When a sinner knows that Christ died for him, whether he be halt, or whether he be whole, nothing can keep him from singing the praises of the Lamb that was slain. “The whole life of a Christian should be nothing but praises to God. We should neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep, nor talk, but as doing all to God's glory and praise.” But I am going a different road to the one you are about to take. Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson, good afternoon.

CALL ON AN UNGODLY PARENT. Thomas Brindley, you must not be angry with

me for what I am going to say. If I knew how to do you a kindness I would willingly set about it directly; and, indeed, it is my desire to do this in speaking to you about your children. Do, Thomas, do be persuaded to set them a better example, and to bring them up in the fear of the Lord.

They are now getting great boys, and ought to be doing something for your benefit, as well as their own; but, instead of this, they are either wasting their time in idleness, or running into every kind of mischief and sin.

Thomas, I must speak plainly to you, for I wish you well with all my heart. You are not thriving, and the probability is that you never will thrive, unless it shall please God, of his infinite compassion, to enlighten your eyes, to influence your heart by his grace, and teach you the way of salvation through Jesus Christ; for, until then, I am afraid you will never see the advantage of industry, sobriety, and integrity.

What will become of your children if you should be summoned suddenly from the world ? When I see them, as I frequently do, with their bare legs begrimed with dirt, their faces unwas 'red, and their hair uncombed, hooting and hallooing after some dog which they have been tormenting, or some donkey which they have unmercifully belaboured with their sticks, I

think to myself— Well, there is one gracious and merciful Almighty Being, who can turn the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; and he may, of his boundless compassion, yet direct aright the erring feet, and bestow his grace on the erring hearts, of these thoughtless and disobedient children.

He pardons much, and suffers long,

Before he bends his fatal bow;
There never was a heart so strong,

But he could work its overthrow.

You blame your children; but how can parents who do that which is wrong, expect their children to do that which is right. When a bird teaches its young ones to fly, it flies on before to set them the example. Take a lesson then from the poor bird, and let your children see in you a proper pattern to imitate. If, Thomas Brindley, you could be prevailed on to follow Christ, your children might be persuaded the easier to follow you; and how much better would it be to lead your children in the paths of holiness, than in the way of destruction. “A peaceful conscience, a happy heart, a holy life, and a joyful prospect through death, all spring from faith in a once despised and crucified, but now risen and glorified, Lord and Saviour.” May the Holy Spirit lead you to seek for this

faith, and with it to find all things necessary for life and salvation.

CALL ON THOUGHTLESS BOYS. My boys, I have called in to advise you not to play with the long ladder that is against your house. I saw one of you drop down from a great height, and you may injure yourselves before you are aware. Bones are broken sooner than they are mended; and accidents are abundant enough as it is, without our wantonly in.creasing them. I love to see you cheerful and happy, but I do not like to see you in danger. Human life is too short to be trifled with. I will tell you what occurred some time ago, merely through thoughtlessness.

A youth about sixteen years of age, amusing himself on the third floor of one of the large warehouses on Fish Street Hill, London, thoughtlessly laid hold of an iron crane used to hoist up heavy bales and packages from the street below, and swung backwards and forwards for some time. Before he was aware, the crane, which was outside the door, wheeled round towards the street, so that the unfortunate youth hung suspended by his hands over the pavement at that fearful height. There happened at the time to be no person in the warehouse, and his cries for assistance were heartrending. A crowd assembled in the street, expecting every moment to see him dashed to pieces, and several persons called out to him to hold fast till they could come up and assist him. Overcome by exertion and terror, the unhappy young man at last let go of the crane, and fell down. Though severely injured, providentially he was not killed; but he furnished another to the numerous instances on record, wherein thoughtlessness has occasioned the most fearful accidents.

There are a hundred ways, besides swinging on a crane, whereby a boy may draw upon himself a terrible calamity; therefore, leave off your thoughtless and dangerous sport, my boys, before some accident befalls you. It would be a hard matter to go limping through life for a moment's pleasure. Be advised, my boys! he advised !


Visitor. You were telling me, Bikter, the other day, that your grandfather lived to eightythree, and your father to eighty-six.

Baxter. Yes; and I feel pretty sure that I shall live as long too; for I am threescore now, and am as hearty as a buck.

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