Annual Report of the American Historical Association

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913

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Página 602 - I reed, a letter from Linton written the same day as your last and [am] much obliged by his suggestions which I think extremely judicious and correct. I will write him in a day or two. I will send you this by private hand, and therefore have spoken with freedom. Du Bose is very unwell and will perhaps go home tomorrow. Barrett is unwell at home; the rest of us well except myself. I am a good deal worn out with diarrhoea which threatens to become chronic. Being stationary now I will watch it with...
Página 433 - Dear Sir I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 12th Feby under Cover of your obliging favor of the 25th from Wilmington: In reply to the former I cant help wishing you had been at Newbern...
Página 497 - And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace ! but now they are hid from thine eyes.
Página 438 - April next, no master or captain of any ship or vessel, or any other person, shall import or bring, or cause to be imported or brought, any negro, mulatto, or other person of color, not being a native, a citizen, or registered seaman of the United States...
Página 253 - My opinion is, that a reservation of a right to withdraw, if amendments be not decided on under the form of the Constitution within a certain time, is a conditional ratification ; that it does not make New- York a member of the new Union, and consequently that she could not be received on that plan.
Página 318 - ... as to questions growing out of the compromise that the Administration did in seeking an alliance with Seward and Co. The great error in both has been that instead of controling events they endeavoured to resist them. If we are successful in Georgia by a very decided majority I think the " trio ",* as they term it, will be able to dictate terms in the next Presidential race.
Página 437 - That from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and eight, it shall not be lawful to import or bring into the United States or the territories thereof from any foreign kingdom, place, or country, any negro, mulatto, or person of colour, with intent to hold, sell, or dispose of such negro, mulatto, or person of colour, as a slave, or to be held to service or labour.
Página 437 - ... and if any captain or master aforesaid, or any other person, shall import or bring, or cause to be imported or brought into any of the ports or places aforesaid, any of the persons whose admission or importation is prohibited, as aforesaid, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of one thousand dollars for each and every negro, mulatto, or other person of...
Página 613 - Brigade: SOLDIERS: To-day I cease to command you. I have resigned my commission as Brigadier General in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States. The separation from you is deeply painful to me. I do not deem it proper on this occasion to enter into a detail of the causes which impose this duty upon me. It is only necessary now for me to say, that, under existing circumstances, in my judgment, I could no longer hold my commission under President Davis with advantage to my country, or to you,...
Página 172 - I no more doubt that the North will abolish slavery the very first moment it feels itself able to do it without too much cost, than I doubt my existence. I think that as a remedy for the South, dissolution is not enough, and a Southern Confederacy not enough. The latter would not stop the process by which some states, Virginia for example, are becoming free, viz. by ridding themselves of their slaves; and therefore we should in time with a Confederacy again have a North and a South. The only thing...

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