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Sect. VIII. Josiah cleanses the temple of the Lord, and

destroys idols. He fulfils a prophecy concerning

himself, spoken in the days of Jeroboam the son

of Nebat, and slays the idolatrous priests 27

Sect. IX. Josiah repairs the house of the Lord. The

book of the law found. A covenant made. A

great passover kept ...... 31

Sect. X. Part of the prophecy of Jeremiah. He warns

the nations of impending judgments, and calls

upon them to humble themselves and reform

their lives * 36

Sect. XL Part of the prophecy of Jeremiah. He de-'

scribes the treachery of God's chosen people;

and foretells the judgment which would be in-

flicted upon them .... 39

Sect. XII. The conclusion of the reign of Josiah. He

is slain in battle. His good character 44

Sect. XIII. Part of the prophetic lamentation of Je-

. remiah for the captivity of the Jewish nation;.. 47

Sect. XIV. Part of the history of the heathen nations

which were concerned with the Jews 50

jiect. XV. The reign of Jehoahaz (called also Shallum)

king of Judah. Jeremiah sent to call the peo-

ple to repentance, and threaten them with God's

veugeanc for disobedience 52

Sect. XVI. Jehoahaz deposed. Jehoiachim made

.. king of Judah..... 60

Sect. XVII. The beginning of thereign of Jehoiachim
Jeremiah again sent to call the people of Judah
to repentance,Vnd to threaten the destruction
of the temple. The priests and prophets con-
spire against Jeremiah. Urijah the prophet
alain, 6l

Sect. XVIII. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon,

comes up against Judah. Jeremiah foretells se-

• . venty years captivity to the Lord's people; and

the subsequent punishment of the Assyrians ... 65



Sect. XIX. Jeremiah commanded to write his pro-
phecies in a book. He gives the book to Barucb,
who reads it in the Lord's house OS

Sect. XX. Jehoiachim becomes tributary to Nebu-

chadnezzar. Baruch reads to the princes Jere-

miah's prophecies. Jehudi reads them to the

king, who causes the book to be burnt. Jere-

miah writes another book 71

Sect. XXI. Jehoiachim rebels against Nebuchadnez-

zar. His death... 74

Sect. XXII. The beginning of the reign of Jehoia-

ehia (called also Jechoniah, and Coniah) king of

Judah. Jeremiah sent to call upon him to re-
turn to righteousness, and to threaten him with
punishment for disobedience 7©

Sect. XXIII. Jernsalem beseiged by Nebuchadnez-

zar. Jechoniah taken prisoner, and carried into

captivity with many others. The treasures of

the Lord's house, &c. carried away 78

Sect. XXIV. The beginning of the reign of Zedekiah

king of Judah. Jeremiah sent to command him

in the name of the Lord to submit to Nebuchad-

nezzar 81

Sect. XXV. A false prophet contradicts Jeremiah's

prophecy 85

Sect. XXVI. Jeremiah's consolatory letter to the cap-

tives in Babylon, foretelling the end of their

captivity 87

Sect. XXVII. Zedekiah's disobedience. Ezekiel's

prediction concerning him ... —^. 90

Sect. XXVIII. The city of Jerusalem closely besieged

by Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah's prediction con-

cerning him 92

Soct. XXIX. The army of Nebuchadnezzar with-

drawn from Jerusalem. Jeremiah foretells its

return. The prophet endeavours to escape from

Jerusalem, and is cast into prison 94

A 3 Sett.


Sect. XXX. Jeremiah released by Zedekiah 96

Sect. XXXI. The princes conspire against Jeremiah
for his prediction. He is cast into a dungeon.
Ebed-me!ech procures his deliverance. Zede-
kiah consults him privately 07

Sect. XXXII. Zedekiah hardens his heart.. Jere-

miah's . prophetic description of the miseries of

the siege 101

Sect. XXXIII. The city of Jerusalem taken. Zede-

kiah pursued by the Chaldaeans and taken.

Ezekiel's and Jeremiah's predictions concerning

him and the people fulfilled 102

Sect. XXXIV. The temple burnt. The city of Je-

rusalem destroyed. The remaining treasures

carried away 1.0.1

Sect. XXXV. Jeremiah's predictive lamentation for

. the miseries of Judah ... .'t. 106

Sect. XXXVI. Jeremiah set at liberty. He continues

* .with others of the Jewish nation in Judea 110

Sect. XXXVII. Gedeliah made governor over the

i Jews in Judea. Ishmael and others conspire

against him. Gedeliah is treacherously slain.

Johanan succeeds him 113

Sect. XXXVIII. Ishmael and the people form a de-
sign to take refuge in Egypt. They consult Je-

remiah. He commands them in the name of the

Lord to remain in Judea 117

Sect. XXXIX. The people discredit Jeremiah's pre-
diction, and scorn his counsel. They depart
from Judea Egypt. Jeremiah prophe-
sies the destruction of Egypt by Nebuchad-

. nezzar v 120

Sect. XT* Jeremiah's prediction respecting the Jews

who dwelt in Egypt. The Jews despise his

counsel, and persist in idolatrous practices.

Farther predictions concerning Egypt 122

Sect. XLI. The history of the Jews who were carried

. .. captive


captive into Babylon. The piety of Daniel,

Shadrach, Meshach. and Abed-nego 127

Sect. XLII. Nebuchadnezzar's prophetic dream for-

gotten by himself, but recalled to his memory

and interpreted by Daniel. Daniel and his

friends promoted 131

Sect. XLIII. Nebuchadnezzar sets up a golden image.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, cast into a

fiery furnace for refusing to worship it. . They

are miraculously delivered 138

Sect. XLIV. Prophecies of Isaiah designed for the

comfort of the people of God, under the pros-

pect of captivity, and during its continuance.

Cyrus named as their deliverer 147

Sect. XLV. Prophecies of Jeremiah respecting the

restoration of God's people 150

Sect. XLVI. A prophecy of Ezekiel relating to the

city of Tyre .- 153

Sect. XLVII. Prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel

concerning the Ammonites 157

Sect. XLVI1I. Prophecies against Moab, Edom, Da-

mascus, &c 159

Sect. XL1X. Prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel

against Egypt 165

Sect. L. Another prophetic dream of Nebuchadnez-

zar's interpreted by Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar

abased for his pride and arrogance. His restora-

tion to reason and dominion 169

Sect. LI. The kindness of Iivil-merodach king of Ba-

bylon to Jehoiachim king of Judah in his capti-

vity ^ 175

Sect. Till. Isaiah's predictions concernining the down-

fall of Babylon. Cyrus mentioned by name as the

conqueror 177

Sect..LIU. Predictions of Jeremiah concerning Ba-

bylon and her idols ^ „. 180

Sect. LIV. Further predictions concerning the de-

struction of Babylon by the Medes ....,,,,.. 182



Sect. LV. A prophetic account of the Lord's stirring

up the nations against Babylon, and of the cir-

cumstances of the siege 188

Sect. JJvi . The reign of Belshazzar king of Babylon.

His impious feast. The hand.writing on the

wall. Daniel's interpretation of it. His promo-

tion 190

Sect. LV1I. Babylon taken by Cyrus according to tho

predictions of the prophets. Darius the Median

takes the kingdom 196

Sect. LVIIL Daniel highly promoted by Darius. His

enemies persuade the king to make a decree.

Daniel cast into a den of lions for breaking it.

He is miraculously preserved 198

Sect. LIX. Daniel's vision of the four beasts 203

Beet. LX. Daniel's prayer for the restoration of Israel 205

Sect. LXI. Cyrus makes a proclamation for the re-

building of the house of the Lord at Jerusalem.

He restores the sacred vessels. The captive

Jews return to their own land 209

Sect. LIII. The foundation of the temple laid at Je-

rusalem. The sacrifices restored 212

Sect. LXIII. Daniel's vision of the Son or Man .... 216

Sect. LXIV. The Samaritans write a letter to Artax-

exres king of Persia, concerning the building of

thc temple. The work is stopped 219

Sect. LXV. The prophecy of Haggai concerning the

house of the Lord 221

Sect. LXVI. Extracts from the prophecies of Zecha-

riah and Haggai, calling the people to repent- ,

ance. The building of the temple continued .. 224

Sect. LXVII. Tatnai the governor of Palestine op-

poses the work of the temple. He writes to

Darius, who makes a decree in favour of the

Jews 226

Sect. LXVIII. The people enqaire of the Lord con-

cerning fasting. Zechariah receives command

to admonish them 230

5 Sect.

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