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young fellows in the gallery. However, “ the lion leaped on her with great fury, “ and we gave her for gone; but on a sud“ den he let go his hold, and turned from “ her as if he were nauseated; then gave “ her a iafh with his tail ; after which the “ returned to the gallery, not the least out “ of countenance : and this, it seems, was “ the usual treatment of coquets.

“ I thought we had seen enough; but my “ friend would needs have us go and visit

one or two lions in the city. We called at two or three dens, where they happened

not to Thew; but we generally found half “ a score young girls between eight and eleven

years old, playing with each lion, fitting

on his back, and putting their hands into “ his mouth; some of them would now and “ then get a scratch, but we always disco“ vered upon examining, that they had been “ hoydening with the young apprentices. « One of them was calling to a pretty girl “ about twelve years old, who stood by us “ in the gallery, to come down to the lion, “ and, upon her refufal, faid, Ab ! miss “ Betty, we could never get you to come near the lion, fince you played at hoop and hide " with my brother in the garret.

“ We followed a couple, with the wed“ ding folks, going to the church of St. Mary Ax. The lady, though well stricken “ in years, extremely crooked and deformed, was dressed out beyond the gaiety of

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fifteen ;

6 fifteen ; having jumbled together, as I im« agined, all the tawdry remains of aunts, “ god-mothers, and grand-mothers, for some “ generations past. One of the neighbours “ whispered me, that he was an old maid, " and had the clearest reputation of any in " the parish. There is nothing strange in “ that, thought I ; but was much surprized « when I observed afterwards, that she went " toward the lion with distrust and concern, 6. The beast was lying down ; but, upon « fight of her, snuffed up his nose two or " three times, and then, giving the sign of « death, proceeded instantly to execution. “ In the midst of her agonies, Me was heard “ to name the words Italy and artifices with « the utmost horror, and several repeated " execrations; and at last concluded, Fool " that I was, to put so much confidence in the o toughness of my skin !

“ The keeper immediately set all in or. " der again for another customer, which « happened to be a famous prude, whom s her parents, after long threatnings and $ much persuasion, had, with the extremest “ difficulty, prevailed on to accept a young “ handsome goldsmith, who might have pre« tended to five times her fortune. The fa. “thers and mothers in the neighbourhood « used to quote her for an example to their “ daughters; her elbows were rivetted to her “ fides, and her whole person fo ordered as " to inform every body, that she was afraid

66 they


« they should touch her. She only dreaded

to approach the lion because it was a he one,

and abhorred to think a male animal « should presume to breath on her. The “ sight of a man at twenty yards distance « made her draw back her head. She al. ways


upon the farther corner of the " chair, although there were fix chairs be« 'tween her and her lover, and with the “ door wide open, and her little sister in the

She was never faluted but at the " tip of the ear; and her father had much " ado to make her dine without her gloves, “ when there was a man at table. She enés tered the den with some fear, which we “ took to proceed from the heighth of her “ modesty, offended at the light of fo many

men in the gallery. The lion, beholding “ her at a distance, immediately gave the * deadly sign, at which the poor creature « (methinks I see her ftill!) miscarried in a fright before us all. The lion seemed to “ be as much surprized as we, and gave her

time to make her confeffion; That she was five months gone by the foreman of her fa" ther's shop; that this was ber third big belly : and when her friends asked, why “ fhe would venture the trial ? she said, Her nurse told her, that a lion would never burt a woman with child." Upon this I 'immediately awaked, and could not help wil that the deputy censors of my late inftitution were indued with the same instinct as these parish lions.


Ingenuas didicise fideliter artes Emollit mores.


From Sat. March 3, to Tuesday, March 6,1710. From my own apartment in Channel-row,

March 5,

THOSE inferior duties of life, which

the French call Les petites morales, or the smaller morals, are with us distinguished by the name of good manners or breeding, This I look upon, in the general notion of it, to be a sort of artificial good sense, adapted to the meanest capacities, and introduced to make mankind easy in their commerce with each other. Low and little understandings, without some rules of this kind, would be perpetually, wandering into a thousand indecencies and irregularities in behaviour; and in their ordinary conversation fall into the same boisterous familiarities, that one ob, serves amongst them, when a debauch hath quite taken away the use of their reason. In other instances it is odd to consider, that, for want of common discretion, the very end of good breeding is wholly perverted ; and civi. lity, intended to make us easy, is employed in laying chains and fetters upon us, in debarring us of our wishes, and in crosfing our


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most reasonable desires and inclinations,
This abuse reigns chiefly in the country, as
I found to my vexation, when I was last
there, in a visit I made to a neighbour about
two miles from my cousin. As fcon as I
entered the parlour, they put me into the
great chair that stood close by a huge fire,
and kept me there by force until I was al-
most ftifed. Then a boy came in great
hurry to pull off my boots, which I in vain
opposed, urging that I must return soon after
dinner. In the mean time the good lady
whispered her eldest daughter, and flipped a
key into her hand; the girl returned in-
ftantly with a beer-glass half full of Aqua
Mirabilis and fyrup of gillyflowers. I took
as much as I had a mind' for, but madam
vowed I should drink it off ; for she was sure
it would do me good after coming out of
the cold air; and I was forced to obey,
which absolutely took away my stomach.
When dinner came in, I had a mind to fit
at a distance from the fire ; but they told me
it was as much as my life was worth, and
fet me with my back just against it. Al-
though my appetite was quite gone, I was
resolved to force down as much as I could,
and desired the leg of a pullet.“ Indeed,
" Mr. Bickerfaff (says the lady) you must
" eat a wing to oblige me ;” and so put a
couple upon my plate. I was persecuted at
this rate during the whole meal; as often as
I called for small beer, the master tipped the



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