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Mr. Toplady's Collection. Liverpool Collection. Mr. Walker's Collection. Rouen Collection, Mr. William's Collection. Salisbury Callection. Olney Hymns.

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Again our weekly labours end,
Again the Lord of life and light,
Ah, wretched souls, who strive in vain,
All nature dies and lives again :
All his works, that subject are
Almighty author of


Almighty father! gracious Lord !
Almighty maker, God!
Almighty maker, Lord of all !
Almighty maker of my frame
All-powerful, self-existent God,
All-seeing God! 'tis thine to know
Amidst the heav'nly pow'rs sublime,
Among the princes, earthly Gods,
And art thou with us, gracious Lord !
And can my heart aspire so high,
And is the gospel peace and love?
And will the eternal dwell with us?
And will the great eternal God
Are not thy mercies sov’reign still,
Array'd in majesty divine,

Page 309

8 101 412 449 200 150 127 145 167 432

40 309 206 186 251 232 294 183 484 407 52 181 Bless'd

eyes ; ,

As the good shepherd gently leads
As various as the moon
Author of good ! we rest on thee :
Awake, my soul! awake, my tongue !
Awake, my soul! lift


Awake, my soul! rouse ev'ry pow's,
Awake, my soul! stretch ev'ry nerve,
Awake, our noblest pow'rs! to bless
Awake, our souls ! away, our fears !
Awake, ye saints! and raise your eyes,
Awake, ye saints! to praise your king,

Page 124 266 217 109 414 411 424 223 423 424 12


Be ev'ry vale exalted high;
Be thou exalted, O iny God!
Before thy throne, with prostrate joy,
Begin, my soul, th' exalted lay,
Begin my soul, the lofty strain,
Behold he comes ! your leader comes
Behold that wise, that perfect law,
Behold, the day that dawns in air,
Behold the grace appears,
Behold the gloomy vale
Behold the lofty sky
Behold the morning sun,
Behold the path which mortals tread:
Behold the Prince of peace,
Behold, where, breathing love divine,
Below, rerpetual change appears;
Beset with snares on ev'ry hand
Beyond the limits of the sky,
Bless, ( iny soul! the living God,
Bless'd are ihe humble souls that see
Bless'd are the souls that hear and know

185 138 150 70 60 283 305

94 282 446 103 300 445 285 372 210 394 201 1c6 377


Bless'd are the undefil'd in heart,
Bless'd be the everlasting God,
Bless'd is the man who shuns the place
Bless'd is the man whose heart is kind,
Bless'd is the nation where the Lord

Page 386 297 379 367 254

Can creatures to perfection find .
Celestial worlds, your maker's name
Children in years and knowledge young,
Come hither, all ye weary souls !
Come, let us all unite our joys,
Come, let us join our cheerful songs,
Come, let us search our ways, and try;
Come! pay the worship God requires,
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice,
Come, sound his praise abroad,
Come, thou desire of all thy saints !
Come, ye who love the Lord !
Commit thou all thy ways
Courage, my soul ! 'while God is near,

32 69 390 293 199 193 376 216 319

16 230 400 333 413


Dear source of all my joys,
Death may dissolve my body now,
Deserted now the verdant fields,
Diseases are thy servants, Lord !
Do not I love thee, O my

Lord ?

231 448 243 474 357

Early, my God, without delay,
Earth’s old foundations God hath laid:
Eternal and immortal king!
Eternal God, almighty cause


5 273 356

19 Eternal

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