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The dates are for the most part given on the authority of Blair, although in many instances the arrangement of other Chronologers has been followed in preference; and lists are given of the names and order of the Judges, the Roman Procurators of Judæa, the family of the Herods, as well as an account of the various particulars in which the persons who typified our blessed Redeemer, both before and after the law, chiefly resembled their great Antitype.'

He now submits his work to the candor of the public, convinced that, short and unpretending as it is, it may be regarded as a complete index or compendium of the most authentic and valuable of all histories; and hoping that his labor, although it may appear in tenui, will not have been altogether in vain.

In this, the Author has chiefly followed Mather on the Types, (4to. Lond. 1705.) greatly abridging his superfluous prolixity, modernizing his quaintness, and methodizing bis perplexed order.


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The creation of the world, and of Adam' and Eve

This is the date of the Hebrew text, and the margin of our English Bible.

* In his relation to Eve, who was formed out of his side, (Gen. ii. 21) St. Paul says to the Corinthians, “I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you a chaste virgin to Christ,” (2 Cor. xi. 2). And to the Ephesians. We are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones," (Eph. v. 30, 31). Adam called his wife's name



St. Paul styles Adam the figure of Him that was to come, (Rom. v. 14). He was so in his creation as the same apostle declares, (1 Cor. xv. 45). “ The first Adam was made a living soul, the last Adam was made a quickening Spirit.AgainAdam was the head of the first covenant, Christ of the second. Adam conveys and communicates sin and death, but Christ righteousness and life, by the resurrection of the dead-For as in Adam all die, eden so in Christ shall all be made alive, (1 Cor. xv. 21, 22). In his sovereignty and universal dominion over all creatures, (Gen. ii. 19, 20; Heb. ii. 6, &c.).

The Septuagint version places the creation of the world in

And the Samaritan Pentateuch in
Enoch, the seventh from Adam, born -




Chavan, or Eve, (Lxx. Zwă, life) because she was the Mother of all living, (Gen. iii. 20). So Jerusalem, which is above, that is the church, is the Mother of us all, (Gal. iv. 26).

A. C.

Enoch was a type of Christ-Ist. For his unparalleled holiness in a corrupt and evil generation. It is twice repeated, as worthy of special remark, that Enoch walked with God, (Gen. v. 22, 24). So Christ fulfilled all righteousness, (Matt. iii. 15).

2d. He was a most illustrious type of Christ's ascension into Heaven, and indeed the only type that existed before the law. Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him, (Gen. V. 24). He was translated, that he should not see death, (Heb. xi. 5).

3d. There was in Enoch a shadow of Christ's Prophetical Office. We read of his prophecy of the day of judgment, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousand of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, 8e. (Jude, 14, 15). This was the great subject of Christ's prophetical admonitions—he delivered most minute predictions of that awful day when the Son of Man shall come

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in his glory, and all the Holy Angels with
Him, 8c. (Matt. xxv. 31).

Noah born
The Deluge, (Gen. vii. 4.)

In illustration of this most awful event, to the truth of which the whole face of the earth bears ample witness, Stackhouse has some excellent remarks, a part of which I cannot refrain from transcribing :

Examine the highest eminences of the earth, and they all with one accord produce the spoils of the ocean, deposited upon them on that occasion; the shells and skeletons of sea-fish, and sea-monsters of all kinds. The Alps, the Apennines, the Pyrenees, the Andes, and Atlas, and Ararat; every mountain of every region under heaven, from Japan to Mexico, all conspire in one uniform universal proof, that they all had the sea spread over their highest summits. Search the earth, and you will find the moose-deer, natives of America, buried in Ireland; elephants,

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