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Página 20 - DANTE, by the Editor. — VOLTAIRE, by General Sir EB Hamley, KCB — PASCAL, by Principal Tulloch. — PETRARCH, by Henry Reeve, CB— GOETHE, by A. Hayward, QC — MOLIERE, by the Editor and F. Tarver, MA— MONTAIGNE, by Rev. WL Collins, MA— RABELAIS, by Walter Besant, MA — CALDERON, by EJ Hasell. — SAINT SIMON, by Clifton W. Collins, MA — CERVANTES, by the Editor. — CORNEILLE AND RACINE, by Henry M. Trollope. — MADAME DE SEVIGNE, by Miss Thackeray.— LA FONTAINE, AND OTHER FRENCH...
Página 20 - It is difficult to estimate too highly the value of such a series as this in giving 'English readers' an insight, exact as far as it goes, into those olden times which are so remote and yet to many of us so close.
Página 296 - ... cum rota posterior curras et in axe secundo. Libertate opus est : non hac, ut, quisque Velina Publius emeruit, scabiosum tesserula far possidet. heu steriles veri, quibus una Quiritem 75 vertigo facit!
Página 235 - In every triangle, the square on the side subtending an acute angle, is less than the squares on the sides containing that angle, by twice the rectangle contained by either of these sides, and the straight line intercepted between the perpendicular let fall on it from the opposite angle, and the acute angle.
Página 21 - There can be no question that the work when completed will form one of the best and most serviceable works of reference of its class. . . . It is admirably adapted to meet the requirements of every ordinary reader, and there are few occasions of special reference to which it will not be found adequate. The definitions are necessarily brief, but they are almost always clear and pointed. ... A word of praise is due to the beauty and clearness of the printing.
Página 22 - Engravings, 1s. 6d. A Manual of Palaeontology, for the Use of Students. With a General Introduction on the Principles of Palaeontology.
Página 24 - In this Society are combined the Advantages of MUTUAL ASSURANCE with MODERATE PREMIUMS. The PREMIUMS are so moderate that, at usual ages for Assurance...
Página 22 - to take into consideration all questions affecting the well-being and prosperity of the University, and to make representations from time to time on such questions to the University Court, who shall consider the same, and return to the Council their deliverance thereon.
Página 6 - THE SCIENCE OF ETHICS : an Essay upon Ethical Theory, as Modified by the Doctrine of Evolution. By LESLIE STEPHEN. Demy 8vo. i6s. RENAISSANCE IN ITALY. By JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS. Comprising: AGE OF THE DESPOTS. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. i6s. THE REVIVAL OF LEARNING.

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