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mounted upon wheels, and had handles for their

more casy removal. These were ornamented with The laver was a sacred utensil of the tabernacle oxen, lions, and cherubim. A laver appears to erected by God's command in the wilderness. have been a double vessel, consisting of a bason, Moses informs us that it was made of the brazen to receive the water that fell from another vesmirrors of the Israelitish women (Exod. xxxviii. sel above, from which it was drawn by cocks. 8), who thus sacrificed an article of convenience In the lavers the things were washed which were to the service of the Lord their God. For the for the burnt-offerings (1 Kings vii. 27-39; 2 magnificent temple of Solomon there were ten Chron. iv. 6). lavers of brass: they stood upon bases or pedestals Every thing in the law had a typical significa




tion. The washings and various purifications de- Cor. xii. 14); let thy com munications, O Holy noted that effectual washing which we have in the Spirit, be ever with nie. fountain opened in Jesus Christ for sin and for un

THE FATHER." cleanness. And, as the victims that were to bleed I believe, and love, and praise thee, O my God, on Jewish altars were not only to be clean in the first Person in the most adorable Trinity; the themselves, but were also washed before they Fountain of the Godhead; the eternal Father of were offered to the Lord, so the purity of that thy co-eternal Son (John i. 18, v. 18), Jesus my great victim is indicated, who as a Lamb without Saviour. spot was sacrificed for the sins of the world. We Glory be to thee, O God the Father, for so are further taught that we must offer unto God loving the world (John iii. 16) as to give thy pure service: a polluted heart and filthy affections only-begotten Son to redeem us. he will not accept. He “is a Spirit; and they Glory be to thee, O heavenly Father, for first that worship him must worship him in spirit and loving us, and giving the dearest thing thou hadst in truth” (John iv. 24). Having then very for us. O help me to love again, and to think precious “ promises, let us cleanse ourselves from nothing too dear for thee. all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting

ALMIGHTY." holiness in the fear of God” (2 Cor. vii. 1).

I believe, O my God, that thou art a Spirit (John iv. 23, 24), most pure and holy (1 Pet. i. 16), and infinite in all perfections (Ps. cxlv. 3),

in power (Ps. cxv. 3), and knowledge (Isa. xl. DEVOTIONS ON THE APOSTLES' CREED 28), and goodness (Matt. xix. 17); that thou art ENTITLED “THE MOTIVES OF LOVE*." eternal (Ps. xc. 2), immutable (James i. 17), and

omnipresent (Ps. cxxxix. 1, &c.): all love, all BY BISHOP Kenn.

glory be to thee.

I believe, O Lord, that thou art most wise (Ps. “I BELIEVE."

cxlvii. 5) and just (Rom. ii. 6), most happy (Ps. My Lord and my God, belp me with a full, free, xvii. 11) and glorious (1 Tim. vi. 16) and alland firm assent, to believe all the articles of my sufficieni (2 Cor. xii

. 9), most gracious and mercreed, because thou hast revealed them: I know ciful and tender and benign and liberal and benethou art infallible truth, and canst not (Deut ficent (Tit. iii. 4; Eph. ii. 4; Ps. li. 1): all love, xxxii. 4; Heb. vi. 18), thou art infinite love (Ps. all glory be to thee. xxv. 8), and wilt not, deceive me: glory be to

I believe thy divine nature, O my God, to be thee,

in all respects amiable; to be amiableness itself ; With all my heart, O my God, would I love to be love (Cant. v. 16; 1 John iv. 8, 16) itself; and praise thee, who art so infinitely amiable in and therefore I love, I admire, I praise and fear thyself, and so full of love to us, that all I can and adore thee. know or believe of thee excites me to love thee. Thou, Lord, art my hope, my trust, my life,

Lord, daily increase my faith : make it active my joy, my glory, my God, my all, my love. and fruitful (James ii. 20), that I may believe and

«MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH." love thee as entirely as becomes one entirely de

I believe that thou, O Father Almighty, didst voted to thee.

create heaven and earth, the whole world, and all IN GOD.”

things in it, visible and invisible, out of nothing, I believe, O my God, that thou art One (Deut. Ps. xxxiii.'6). All glory be to thee.

and by thy word only (Gen, i. 1; Heb. xi. 3 ; iv. 35), and that there is no other God beside thee (Isa. xliv. 6; xlv. 5, 6); thou art that one love made thee conmunicate being to thy crea

I believe, O thou great Creator, that thy divine infinite and independent Being, that one only true tures; that thou lovest all things, and hatest noGod, whom all men and all angels are to adore: thing thou hast made : glory be to thee. all glory be to thee. O Lord God, help me to love and to praise and Proprietor of all things thou hast made

I believe, O God, that thou art the sole Lord thee with godlike affections and a suitable devo- (Deut. x. 14; Ps. lxxxix. 11); that all things do tion. I believe, O my God, that in the unity of thy we live, and move, and have our being (Acts

necessarily depend on thee; that it is in thee only Godhead there is a trinity of Persons (Matt. iii. xvii. 28). All love, all glory be to thee. 17; John i. 1, xv. 26). I believe in thee, O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in whose name Ithat thou dost preserve, and sustain, and protect,

I believe, O thou communicative Goodness, was baptized (Matt. xxviii. 19), to whose service and bless all things thou hast made, suitably to I am religiously devoted : all glory be to thee. I believe, I admire, I love, I praise, I adore All love, all glory be to thee.

the natures thou hast given them (read Ps. cxlv). thee, O most blessed and glorious Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy most sweetly order, and govern, and dispose all

I believe, o inighty Wisdom, that thou dost Ghost, for being the joint' Author of our salva- things (Ps. civ. 24), even the most minute (Matt. tion: all glory be to thee. O sacred, and dreadful, and mysterious Tri- (Gen. 1. 20), to conspire in thy glory. O do thou

vi. 26-28, x. 30), even the very sins of inen nily, though I cannot conceive thee, yet let me

conduct my daily experience thy goodness: let iby grace, o soul, towards the great end of our creation—to

whole lite, steer every motion of aiy Lord Jesus; let thy love, O God the Faiber (2 love and glorify thee. * Fron "A Manual of Prayers for the Young." By the

I believe, O Lord, that thy love was more ilrev. E Bickersteth. London: Seeleys. 1848." We have lustrious in the creation of man than in all the before favourably noticed this volume. -ED.

rest of the visible world. Thou wast pleased to

make bim (Gen. i. 26) in thine own image, and iv. 25; Acts vii. 37 ; Luke iv. 18), who didst after thine own divine likeness : all love, all glory teach, and reveal, and interpret thy Father's will be to thee.

and all-saving truth to the world. Thou, Lord, didst make man for thyself, and Glory be to thee, O Christ our King (Luke i. all things visible for man. Thou designedst all 33, 69, 71), who dost give laws to thy people, creatures for his use (Ps. viji.), and didst subject dost govern and protect us, and hast subdued all them to his dominion. The very angels thou didst our ghostly enemies. charge (Ps. xci. 11) to keep him in all his ways: Glory be to thee, O Christ, our Priest, who all love, all glory be to thee.

dost bless us (Acts iii. 26), who dost offer thyself Thy works, O Lord, are wonderful and amiable a sacrifice (Isa. liii. 10; Eph. v. 2; Heb. ix. (Ps. cxi. 2-4). I love, and admire, and praise thy 14), and dost still make intercession for us (Rom. universal providence over the whole world, the viii. 34; Heb. vii. 25). perpetual How of thy goodness on every creature : Our rerleiption, our illumination, our support all glory be to thee.

is whoily from thy love, O thou anointed of God: I love and praise thee, O my God, for all the all love, all glory be to thee. particular vouchsafements of thy love to me (Ps.

HIS ONLY SON." Ixviii. 19); for all thy deliverances and biessings, I believe that thou, O most adorable Jesus, art either to my body or to my soul, known or un- the Son of God by ineffable generation (Heb. i. known (read Ps. cii.); for all that I do not re- 5; Isa. liii. 8; John i. 1): thou didst from etermember, or did not consider: all love and glory nity derive thy Godhead from the Father: thou be to thee.

art the brightness of his glory, and the express The longer I live, O my God, the more reason image of his person (Heb. i. 3):all love, all glory I have to love thee, because every day supplies be to thee. me with fresh experiments and new motives of Thou, O blessed Jesu, art the only Son of God, thy manifold love to me; and therefore all love, the only-begotten Son, full of grace and truth all glory be to thee.

(John i. 14, xviii. 5, 18; Rom. viii. 32; Matt. “AND IN JESUS.

iii. 17): thou art the only-beloved Son, in whom I believe in thee, O Jesus ; and I rejoice in that the Father is well pleased : it is only in thee and dear name wbich is so full and expressive of thy for thee that sinners have hope ; and therefore love.

all love, all glory be to thee. Thou art Jesus, our Saviour, because thou Thou art equal (Phil. ii. 6) to thy Father, O camest into the world on purpose to save us from Jesu, in amiableness and love to us, and art our sins (Matt. i. 21): all love, all glory be to equally to be loved by us; and therefore all love thee.

and praise be to the Father, that eternally begat O be thou ever Jesus to me! O let me feel the (1 John v. 1), and to the Son eternaily begotten, kind force of that sweet name, in which I and all

" OUR LORD." sinners do read our danger and our deliverance, I believe, O thou eternal Son of the Father, our guilt and our salvation.

that thou art the great (Tit. ii. 13) and true God 0 most benign Jesus! he well deserves to be (1 John v. 20), Jehovah our righteousness (Jer. accursed that does not love thee (1 Cor. xvi. 22). xxiii. 6), God above all, blessed for ever (Rom. Who, Lord, can ever hope to share in thy salva-ix. 5;, and miglity to save (Isa. Ixiii. 1). All tion, who does not love thee, his Savivur? Grace glory be to thee be with all them that love thee in sincerity (Eph. I believe, O Lord Jesus, that thou didst make

(John i. 3) and dost sustain all things by thy “ CHRIST."

power (Heb. i. 3, 1°), and that thou art to be I beli ve, O merciful Jesus, that thou art Christ honoured by men and by angels, as thy Father is the true Messias (Jolin i. 41; Dan. ix. 26), the honoured (Heb. i. 6; Pbil. ii. 10; John v. 23): anointed of the Lord, the promised seed which all love, ali glory be to thee. was to bruise the serpent's head (Gen. iii. 15), I believe, o thou King of kings, and Lord of long expected by the fathers (Luke ii. 25), fore- lords (Rev. xix. 16), that thou are the Lord and told by the prophets (Acts x. 43), represented by the Author of the men of the new creation (Eph. types (Col. ii. 17), which were all fulfilled in i. 21, 22, ii. 10), as well as of the old ; that thou thee, O thou the desire of all nations (Hag. ii. art more peculiark Lord of us sinners by purchase 7); all love, all glory be to thee.

(1 Cor. vi. 20). O that I, and all that own thy I believe that thou, O Jesus, wast anointed dominion, may for ever love, and revere, and with the Holy Spirit (Acts x. 38; Heb. i. 9); obey (Luke vi. 46) so powerful and gracious a that all his gifts and graces were poured out, and Lord ! diffused like a sweet ointment on thy soul, without measure (John iii. 34). Thou art altogether lovely,

GHOST." O Christ; and of thy fulness we all receive (John I believe, O most condescending Majesty, that, i. 16): all love, all glory be to thee.

when thou didst stoop so low as to assume our I believe, O thou anointed of God, that, az trajl nature, the Holy Ghost came on thy sacred kings (1 Sam. xv. 1) and priests ( Lev. iv. 3, v. mother, and that the power of the Highest did over16) and prophets (1 Kings xix. 16) were hereto- shadow her (Luke i. 31, 32, 33, 42), and that she fore apointed with material oil, so by thy hea- did conceive and lodge thee in her wonib, where venly anointing (Matt. iii. 16) thou wasl conse- thou, who fillest heaven and earth, wast about crated to be our Propbet, our King, and our Priest, nine months for our sakes imprisoned ; and thereand in all those three offices to manifest thy love ture all love, all glory be to thee. to us; and therefore all love, all glory be to thee.

BORN OF THE VIRGIN MARY." Glory be to thee, O Christ, our Prophet (John I believe, O most adorable Humility, that thou

vi. 24).

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wast at last born into the world (Luke ii. 6, 7); sufferings were under the Roman governor of that thou having only God for thy Father, and Judea, Pontius Pilate. I believe all those mighty Mary, a pure virgin, for thy mother, whom all sufferings, but am as little able to express the generations do call blessed (Luke i. 48), both thy greatness of them as I am the greatness of thy conception and birth were perfectly immaculate, love which moved thee to suffer : all I can do is that being without sin thyself (1 John ii. 1, 2) to love and to praise thee. thou mightest be a fit sacrifice to atone for us sin- How great were thy sufferings, O Saviour of ners, who, being born of unclean parents, were the world, when the very apprehension of them all by nature unclean (John xiv. 4); and there made thy soul very heavy, exceeding sorrowful fore all love, all glory be to thee, Ó'immaculate even to death; made thee offer up prayers, with Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the strong crying and tears, that if it were thy world (John í. 29).

Father's will the cup might pass from thee; threw I believe, O blessed Saviour, that the two thee into an agony and bloody sweat (Heb. v. 7; natures of God and of man were in thee so mys- Matt. xxvi. 38 ; Luke xxii. 43, 44), insomuch teriously united, without either change or con- that there was an angel sent from heaven on purfusion, that they made in thee but one Person, pose to strengthen thee! O thou agonizing Love, but one Mediator (1 Tim. ii. 5), one Lord (Eph. impress on my heart so tender a sense of thy sufiv. 5). Thou, () Eternal Word, didst become ferings for me, that I may agonize with thee, that flesh, and didst dwell among us (John i. 14), on I may feel all thy sorrows; that, though I cannot purpose to save us; and therefore all love, all sweat blood like thee, I may dissolve into tears for glory be to thee.

thee, that I may love and suffer with thee " SUFFERED."

throughout every part of thy passion. I believe, O adorable Love, that thy whole life O suffering Jesus, when my meditations follow was made up of suffering, and that for sinful men, thee from the garden to Mount Calvary, í grieve and in particular for me. O let me never cease and I love all the way. to adore and love thee.

I grieve and I love when I see thee, O incarIt was for us sinners, O tenderest Love, that in nate God, who couldest command more than thy very infancy thou wast circumcised (Luke ii. twelve legions of angels for thy rescue, out of 21), and designed by Herod for slaughter, and love to sinners, and in particular to me, one of the forced to fly into Egypt (Matt. ii. 13, 16); and vilest of all that number, humbling thyself to be therefore I praise and love thee.

apprehended, and bound by the rude soldiers as a It was for us sinners that thou, O afflicted malefactor (Matt. xxvi. 47, 53, 57 ; John xviii. Love, wast all thy, life long a man of sorrows 4). and acquainted with grief (Isa. liii. 3); that thou I grieve and I love when I see thee, O gracious wast persecuted and reviled, despised and rejected, Lord, for, my sake, betrayed by the treacherous and hadst not where to lay thy head (Matt. viii. kiss of Judas (Matt. xxvi. 49, 56, 70), denied by 20), and therefore I am bound to praise and to Peter, and forsaken of all thy disciples. love thee.

I grieve and I love when I see thee, O spotIt was for us sinners that thou, O compassion- less innocence, out of love to me, dragged to ate Love, when thou tookest on thee our nature, Annas (John xviii. 12), and Caiaphas (Matt. xxvi. wast touched with a feeling of our infirmities, and 57, 59; Luke xxii. 66) the high-priest; when I wast in all points tempted like as we are, yet see thee accused by false witnesses, arraigned, without sin (Heb. iv. 15), that thou mightest and condemned. the more affectionately pity the weak, and suc- I grieve and I love when I see thee, O divine cour the tempted; and therefore I praise and love Majesty, out of love to me, spit upon, and blindthee.

folded, and buffeted, and mocked; sent to Pilate It was for us sinners that thou, O beneficent (Matt. xxvi. 67; Luke xxii. 63), an infidel Love, didst go about doing good (Acts x. 38), judge (Matt. xxvii. 2); then to wicked Herod preaching repentance, publishing the glad tidings (Luke xxiii. 6, xi. 12), who with his men of war of salvation (Matt. iv. 17; Luke iv. 18), sending set thee at nought, arrayed thee in a white robe thy disciples (Matt. x. 1, 5), confirming thy hea- of mockery, and sent thee again to Pilate. venly doctrine by many glorious miracles (Matt. I grieve and I love, O injured Goodness, when xi. 5), and illustrating it by a god-like example. I see thee, though declared innocent by the very All thy life is full of attractives, of sweetest love traitor Judas, who out of horror for his crime, and pity to us sinners, which (2 Cor. v. 14) kindly went and hanged himself-though declared innoand forcibly constrain us to praise and love thee. cent by Pilate himself, the judge to whom thive

O most exuberant Love, how amiable are all enemies appealed—yet worried to death by the thy graces! O fill my heart with thy love, and clamours of the rabble that cried out, Crucify, transform me into thy likeness (Rom. viii. 29; crucify; when I see Barabbas, a traitor and a Phil. ii. 5), that I may all my life long imitate murderer, preferred before thee (Luke xxiii. 14, thy perfect obedience unspotted holiness, un- 18, 19, 21; Matt. xxvii. 3-5). changeable resolution, universal charity, uninter- Í grieve and I love when I see thee, O lover of rupted devotion, contempt of the world, hea- souls, for my sake most unjustly given up into the venly-mindedness, gracious condescension, ardent hands of infidel soldiers, to be stript naked, and zeal for thy Father's glory, and unbounded love, tied to a pillar, and scourged (John xix. 1; Ps. and that for the sake of that dearest love which cxxix. 3); to see the ploughers ploughing on thy inclined thee to become incarnate for me.

back, and making long furrows. “ UNDER PONTIUS PILATE.”

I grieve and I love, King of heaven, when I I believe, O my Lord and my God, that, though see thee, out of love to me, humbling thyself to be thou didst suffer all thy life long, yet thy greatest arrayed in purple, with a reed in thy hand (Matt. xxvii. 28, 29); when I see thee crowned with Was ever any sorrow, O crucified Lord, like thorns, to multiply thy torments; when I see that sorrow my sins created thee? thee mocked by barbarous wretches, with their Was ever any love, O outraged mercy, like bended knee, and with “Hail, King of the that love thou didst show in dying for sinners ? Jews!”

All the frame of nature, o dying Saviour, fell I grieve and I love when I see thee, O Lord into convulsions at the crucifixion of their great God, whom the angels worship, spit upon again Creator : the sun was darkened (Matt. xxvii. 51), and again, and buffeted (Mark xv. 19), and for the veil of the temple was rent from the top to my sake made the extreme scorn and contempt the bottom, the earth quaked, the rocks clave and sport of thy insolent and insulting enemies, asunder, the bodies of dead saints rose out of and, though still declared innocent by Pilate their graves, insomuch that the centurion and (Matt

. xxvii. 24-26), yet surrendered to the un- infidel soldiers acknowledged thee to be the Son relenting cruelty of the multitude, to be crucified. of God: thou wast lovely, and glorious, and

My Lord, my God, my Saviour, with all my adorable in thy lowest humiliation : all love, all heart I love and adore thy infinite love and be- praise be to thee. nignity to sinners : with all my heart I lament Thy bodily sufferings, O Almighty Love, were and detest the hatred and outrage of sinners to intolerable, but yet thy inward were far greater. thee.

I grieve, I love, I melt all over, when I hear WAS CRUCIFIED."

thee on the cross crying out : My God, my I grieve and I love, O sorrowful Jesus, when I God! why hast thou forsaken me ?” (Matt. xxvii. see thee for my sake oppressed with the weight of 46). Ah, sinful wretch that I am ! how infinite thy own cross (John xix. 17) till thy tender body, and inconceivable were the inward pains and quite spent with sufferings, sank under it (Matt. agonies thou didst undergo for us sinners, when xxvii. 32).

thou didst tread the winepress of thy Father's I grieve and I love, O thou great Martyr of wrath alone (Isa. Ixiii. 3), when it pleased thy love, when for my sake I see thy virgin body own most beloved Father to bruise thee, and to stript naked, thy hands and thy feet nailed to the put thee to grief; when the iniquities of the whole cross; when I see thee crucified between two world were laid on thee (Isa. liii. 6, 10), and my thieves (Matt. xxvii. 38), and numbered with the numerous sins increased thy load and heightened transgressors; when I see gall given thee to eat, thy torment; when thy own Deity withdrew all and vinegar to drink (Ps. Ixix. 21).

consolation from thee; when God, offended by I grieve and I love when I see thee, O incar- our sins, did afflict thee in the day of his fierce nate Deity, hanging on the cross, and for my anger (Lam. i. 12)! No sufferings, no love, was sake, by thy own people, in the height of thy ever like unto thine for me: no grief, no love but anguish, derided, reproached, and blasphemed, thy own should exceed mine for thee. with wagging of their heads, mocked by the For whom, O unutterable Goodness, didst thou soldiers, and by the impenitent thief (Matt. xxvii. suffer the extreme bitterness of sorrow, but for the 39; Luke xxiii. 39).

vilest of all thy creatures, sinful man, and for me, I grieve and I love when I see thee, O God one of the worst of sinners ? and therefore Í blessed for evermore, O fountain of all blessing, praise and I love thee. bang bleeding on the cross, and made a curse for For what end didst thou suffer, O most ardent me (Gal. iii. 13). How does my indignation swell Charity, but to save sinners from all things that against the injustice, and ingratitnde, and inhu- were destructive—the curse of the law (Gal. iii. manity of the Jews, who could thus cruelly treat 13), the terrors of death (Heb. ii. 14, 15), the so irreproachable an innocence, so amiable a tyranny of sin (Rom. vi. 14), the powers of darkcharity, so compassionate a Saviour !

ness and torments eternal (1 Thess. i. 10); to Alas, alas ! it was the sinner, O love incarnate, purchase for us all things conducible to our happirather than the Jew, that betrayed, and derided, ness (Eph i. 7; Heb. ix. 12, 15)-pardon and and blasphemed, and tortured, and crucified thee : grace, consolation and acceptance, and the everthe sins of lapsed mankind (Isa. liii. 6), and lasting joys and glories of the kingdom of particularly my sins, they were thy tormentors; heaven? And therefore I praise and love thee. and therefore from my heart I bewail, detest, and Out of what motive didst thou suffer, O abjure them.

boundless Benignity, but out of thy own preventMy Lord and my God, instil penitential love ing love (1 John iv. 19), free mercy, into my soul; that I may grieve for my sins, compassion ? and therefore I praise and love which grieved thee; that I may love thee for thee. suffering for us sinners, who occasioned all thy When no other sacrifice could atone thy griefs : O may I always love thee, O may I never Father's anger, O thou beloved Son of God, and grieve thee more.

reconcile divine justice and mercy together, but " DEAD."

the sacrifice of God incarnate, who as a man I grieve and I love, O bleeding Love, when I was to die (Heb. ix. 28), and to suffer in our see thee on the cross, quite spent with pain and stead, as God was to merit and make satisfaction anguish, when I see thee in thy dying pangs com- for our sins, it was then that thou, O God the mending thy spirit into the hands of thy heavenly Son, didst become man, the very meanest of men, Father (Luke xxiii. 46), bowing thy head (John didst take upon thee the form of a servant (Phil. xix. 30), and giving up the ghost. Thou, O Lord ii. 7), and didst on the cross shew us the mystery of life,"didst for us sinners humble thyself to and the miracle of love-God crucified for sinners, death, even to the death of the cross, a death of and sinners redeemed by the blood of God utmost shame and ignominy, and of torment in- (Acts xx. 28). supportable : all love, all glory be to thee. Othou propitious Wonder, God incarnate on

and pure

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