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“ Thy Lord God is one God, and thou shalt love , preach the gospel to all nations, kindreds, tongues, thy Lord God with all thine heart, with all thy and people, but first to wait for the descent of soul, with all thy power, and with all thy might, the Holy Ghost, by which they were to be endued And the whole cause why I sin against any infe- with power from on bigb; the Holy Ghost is rior precept is that this love is not in mine heart; given; the word of God spreads; the number of for were this love written in mine heart, and were the disciples is greatly multiplied; nation after it full and perfect in my soul, it would keep mine nation, as time rolls on, becomes obedient unto heart from consenting unto any sin. And the the faith. And for 1800 years the gospel has whole and only cause why this love is not written been proving itself to be the power of God unto in our hearts is that we believe not the first part, salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew that “our Lord God is one God.” For wist what | first, and also to the Gentile. Thus has Christ these words, one Lord and one God,” mean ; and his cause, like a tender shoot, grown to a that is to say, if I understood that he made all strong, powerful, and fruitful branch ; and the and ruleth all, and that whatsoever is done to me, leaves of it been healing the nations, and proving whether it be good or bad, is yet his will, and to them as the balm of Gilead, imparting to them that he only is the Lord that ruleth and doeth it: life and vigour, sowing among them the seeds of and wist thereto what this word “mine” mean- eternal life, and making them blossom and bud, eth; that is to say, if mine heart believed and felt filling the world with fruit! fruit to the glory the infinite benefits and kindness of God toward and praise of God. me; and understood and earnestly believed the But an important point in the declaration manifold covenants of mercy wherewith God hath is the character assigned to the Branch, or bound himself to be mine wholly and altogether, the Lord Jesus. He was to be a righteous with all his power, love, mercy, and might; then branch, or person. And this was absolutely should I love him with all mine heart, soul, necessary for the effecting the object of the power, and might, and of that love ever keep his mission on which he came. As to his divine commandments. So that ye see now, that as faith nature, in him dwelt all the fulness of the godis the mother of all goodness and of all good head bodiiy. He was, therefore, mighty to works, so is unbelief the ground and root of all redeem, being the Lord Jehovah from heaven, evil, and all evil works. Finally, if any man that God manifested in the flesh; but, being also hath forsaken sin, and is converted to put his trust man, being one “chosen out of the people," in Christ, and to keep the law of God, do fall at any being expressly appointed to act as mediator be. time, the canse is, that the flesh through negligence tween God and man, to effect the counsel of peace hath choked the spirit and oppressed her, and taken between them both; he had in that character also from her the food of her strength; which food is to sustain a righteousness, or to be perfectly holy; her meditation in God, and in his wonderful in order to make his sacrifice, or the shedding of deeds, and in the manifold covenants of his his blood, precious and available in the sight of mercy.

God for human transgression. Had he failed in Wherefore then, before all good works, as one point of duty, had he committed any the least good fruits, there must needs be faith in the heart sin in thought, word, or deed, his life would have whence they spring. And before all bad deeds, been uscless, and his sacrifice unavailable, as a as bad fruits, there must needs be unbelief in the Redeemer. He could in that case have made no heart, as in the root, fountain, pith, and strength atonement for the sin of man, and brought him no of all sin ; which unbelief and ignorance is called nearer to God from whom he was separated in the head of the serpent, of the old dragon, which affection, and by sin. But “righteousness was the woman's seed, Christ, must trend under foot as the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle promised unto Adam.

of his reins.” Outwardly and inwardly, complete

, perfect, and entire holiness was stanıped upon bim. The first and great commandment of the divine

law, that man should love the Lord his God with CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS BRANCH*. all his heart, and with all his mind, and with all

his soul, and with all his strength, was fulfilled The term Branch is not an inappropriate figure by him, not only in the letter, but in the spirit

. when applied to Christ. What do we behold in a He hinself testifies as man: “ I delight to do thy branch? There is first the gentle shoot from the will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my main stock, or trunk; then its gradual increase heart :” “ The prince of this world cometh, and and enlargement, and its sending forth its leaves hath nothing in me." In his complex character

, and fruit. Now apply this vegetable process to then, of God and man he was righteous. He was our Lord. His first appearance on earth was as a not only manifested, as St. John tells us, " to take tender shoot: as an infant of days. Years pass away our sins”, but“ in him was no sin”. He was away, and he attains to manhood through the not like the Jewish high priest, who had first to gradation of childhood and youth. He enters on offer up sacrifice for his own'sins, and then for his Father's business ; preaches the doctrines of the people ; but, being "holy, harmless

, and undehis kingdom; a few are attracted to him by them; filed”, he could, by one sacrifice, make an atone. the numbers increase till multitudes hear him ment for liuman transgression, and thereby make gladly, and become his followers. He elects some an end of sin, and bring in everlasting righteous

. to become his special attendants ; makes a vica- ness; could by one-offering of himse!', as the vious sacrifice for sin; rises from the dead ; com- Lamb of God, take away the sin of the world; missions those whom he had chosen to go and or, to use the language of the 31st article of our

* Fromn“ Scriptural Teaching ;” by the rev. W. Blackley, churclı, “ his offering once made was a perfect B.A.

redemption, propitiation, and satisfaction, for all

the sins of the whole world, both original and , only had dominion and authority over all the actual.” The Lord Jesus, then, is a righteous sovereign princes of the world; was “King of branch; so righteous that, though man is guilty kings, and Lord of lords;” but he was to be king and polluted, yet through his sacrifice God can also in a spiritual kingdom, to establish a governbe just, and yet the justifier of him that believeth ment which was to consist of righteousness and in Jesus.

peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, to carry on a But another particular in the declaration dominion in the hearts and affections of a people is, The descent of Christ, or the Branch: “ made willing in the day of his power,” and "The days come, saith the Lord, that I will usher in the period, in his sovereign sway, when raise unto David a righteous branch." As a every knee should bow to him, of things in headivine Person Christ was the root of David; but ven, and things in earth, and things under the as man he was his offspring ; as he himself testi- earth, and every tongue should confess that Jesus fied to John: “I am the root and the offspring Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. of David, the bright and morning star.” The This kingdom is being carried on throughout the Lord had sworn unto David that, "of the fruit of world. The standard has been erected among the his body he would set upon his throne.”

nations, and the people are flocking unto it. Had Christ, then, descended in any other line Daily they are enlisting under his banner, and he than in one from David, it would at once have in- | is leading them forth from conquering and to convalidated his claim of being the Messiah. The quer. Having girded on his sword upon his thigh Jews fully understood this, and set at nought the with his glory and with his majesty, he is in his claim of every person to the Messiahship who majesty riding prosperously because of truth and could not trace up his pedigree to David. And meekness and righteousness. And every heart, Christ himself adverted to this point in his con- which has been made subject to his dominion, and versation with the Jews : “What think ye of submitted to his spiritual sway, swells with the Christ? whose son is he?” Their ready and in- petitionmediate answer was, “ The son of David.” This was so imbued into them as a national opinion

“ Thy kingdom come, and hell's o'erpower,

And to thy sceptre all subdue.” founded on the prophecies in their scriptures, that the apostles deemed it one of their main Another point in the declaration is the certainty positions in their argument with them, pointing of the whole. When the words of my text were out to them most particularly and emphatically first penned, six centuries had to elapse before that Jesus, in addition to his other claiins of the seal of the prophecy in the passage could be being the Messiah, was descended from David. broken, and the particulars contained in the deHence we have St. Paul, in his address at Antioch, claration become matter of history. Through referring to David, and saying: “Of this man's that period generation after generation passed seed hath God, according to his promise, raised away, and the words of the text were only to them unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus." We also have the a barren prophecy, except the comfort which apostle Peter, on another occasion at Jerusalem, those derived from it who looked forward to the in referring to Christ's resurrection, pointing out consolation of Israel, believing that, what God had also his descent from David : “ Hé being a pro- promised, he would, in his own good time, duly phet, and knowing that God had sworn with an fulfil. At length the last night of the long interoath to him that, of the fruit of his loins, accord- vening period arrived: the shadows fled away, ing to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on and it was said to the church : “ Arise, shine: for his throne; he seeing this before spake of the re- thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is surrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in risen upon thee.” Then the Branch, or the Lord bell, neither did his flesh see corruption. This our righteousness, “ arose out of his place,” arose Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we are all in his majesty and beauty, to establish the Lord's witnesses.” It is also referred to in the epistles. temple, and to ascend the throne of his father DaSt. Paul says, in his epistle to the Romans : « Con- vid. Then began the mountain of the Lord's cerning Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made house to be established on the top of the mountains, of the seed of David according to the flesh.” and to be exalted above the hills, that all nations

But the promise that Christ should descend in might flow unto it. Then began “ the heathen the line of David not only regarded the fact of to be given him for his inheritance, and the utterlis coming in the likeness of sinful flesh from Da- most parts of the earth for his possession.". And vid as his progenitor, but there was the implica- why? Because the Lord Jehovah had said that tion of his sustaining the office of David, and it should be so.

There stood the words of my of his sitting, and ruling, upon his throne. And text: “The days come, saith the Lord, that I will this official character of Messiah is adverted to in raise unto David a righteous Branch.” These the verse from which I have selected my text. events therefore must take place. Heaven and He was not only to be a righteous branch from eartlı might pass away; but his words might not David ; but to be * a king, and reign and prosper, pass till all were fulfilled. And we, instead of and execute judgment and justice in the earth.” looking forward to distant ages for Messiah's The prophet Isaiah, also, refers to bim as the advent when he should come to bear our griefs, "Prince of peace," stating that the government and to carry our sorrows, to be wounded for our should be upon his shoulder, and that of the in- transgressions, to be bruised for our iniquities, crease of his government and peace there should and to receive stripes that we might be healed, be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his can utter, in joyful thanksgiving, with Mary: kingdom, to order it and to establish it with “ He hath holpen his servant Israel, in rememjudgment and with justice, from henceforth even brance of his mercy; as he promised to our fathers, for ever. As Lord of the whole earth he not to Abraham, and to his seed for ever."

The Cabinet.

Miscellaneous. PREDESTINATION.- But here must a mark be set A CANADIAN LOG-HOUSE* -As those emigrants to those unquiet, busy, and high-climbing spirits, how who intend settling upon wild lands will have, in the far they shall go; who first of all bring hither their first place, to build themselves some sort of a house to high reasons and pregnant wits, and begin first, from shelter them, until they can erect a better, as well as on high, to search the bottomless secrets of God's

to buy their provisions during the greater part of the

first year, if they commence their operations at the predestination, whether they be predestinate or not. best season for doing so, namely, in July or August, These must necds either cast themselves down head- they would like to know something about the proloug Into desperation, or else commit themselves to bable amount of expenditure required for these purfree chance, careless. But follow thou the order of poses, as well as the mode of accomplishing them. this epistle, and noosel thyself with Christ, and learn Suppose the emigrant's family to consist of a man to understand what the law and the gospel mean, and and his wife, and five children, among these two wellthe office of both the two; that thou mayest in the grown boys (if the family be smaller, two should one know thyself, and bow that thou hast of thyself unite, and help each other), and that he takes a uo strength but to sin, and in the other the grace of house or lodgings for his wife and younger children, as Cbrist; and then see thou fight against sin and near his location as he can, and then purchases a few the flesh, as the seven first chapters teach thee. After weeks' provisions, hires a good axe-man, whom he that, when thou art come to the eighth chapter, and takes, with his two sons, into :he bush, with what neart under the cross and suffering of tribulation, the cessaries they may require for a stay of two or three necessity of predestination will wax sweet, and ihou weeks, or more, according to the distance from the shalt well feel how precious a thing it is. For, except rest of the family. They then make a sort of cabin to thou hast borne the cross of adversity and temptation, sleep in, covered with bark or brushwood. If the sea. and hast felt thyself brought untu the very brim of son is too far advanced for the bark to peel, then desperation, yea, and unto hell-gates, thou canst clear a small spot for their house, which is made of never meddle with the sentence of predestination unhewn logs, notched into and across each other at without thine own harm, and without secret wrath the corners, and roofed with boards and shingles. The and grudging inwardly against God; for otherwise it openings for doors and windows are then cut out with shall not be possible for thee to think that God is a saw; the uppermost log in each opening being half righteous and just. Therefore must Adam be well sawn through at the time of erection, before the next mortified, and the fleshly wit brought utterly to log was put on, in order to admit the saw to cut them nought, ere that thou mayest away with this thing, out afterwards: the joints or openings between the and drink so strong wine. Take heed therefore unto logs, when too far apart, are then chinked up with thyself, that thou drink not wine while thou art yet large splinters, and plastered with mortar, and the but a suckling. For every learning hath its time, whole white-washed, the floors laid with unplaned measure, and age; and in Christ is there a certain planks; and the family moves into the house, frechildhooil, in which a man must be content with milk quently without either doors, windows, or partitions ; for a season, until he wax strong, and grow up unto a a bed-quilt or two, or a carpet suspended from the perfect man in Christ, and be able to eat of more ceiling, being substituted for the latter, and any thing, strong meat.-Tyndale's Prologue on the Epistle to or nothing, for the former, till they have time to get all the Romans.

finished. The cost, besides their own labour, would be THE USE OF PRAYER.-Thy children do use about E12 10s. for a house of this description, sevenprayer to offer thee their service, if it shall please thee teen feet by twenty-three feet long exactly, so as two to use the same. As they do eat and drink, which is twelve feet boards will reach the wbole length, and a mean ordained of thee for the conservation of their project six inches over at each end. The cost of prolife, not looking hereby to lengthen their days above visions for a year for such a family will amount 10 their bounds, which already thou hast appointed, but £50: with care and good management they might do as becometh them to use thy means, which thou with something less. I mean, of course, a family hast ordained to serve thy providence, so do they with a little capital, say £150 to £250; if with less, a herein (as men not curious to know thy providence much cheaper method would be resorted to. For infurther than thou revealest it) use prayer as a meanstance, all the family would go into the bush at once, by the which thou art accustomed to work many of without a hired man, and erect a much less expensive thy children's desires, that according to thy good will house or hut, here called a shanty, and live chiefly thou mayest use the same: they do not think a muta- | upon oatmeal and potatoes, with a very little animal bility in thee (for thou art God, and art not changed; food, at a cost probably not exceeding £20. The cost with thee there is no variableness); and therefore they of household furniture depends upon the quantity and pray, not as men which would have thy determina- | quality required: no family could well do with less tions and ordinances, which are in most wisdom and i than £5 worth, to be at all comfortable ; and done mercy, to be altered, but rather that they might sub- would require to expend more than £20 out of such mit their wills to thine, and make them more able to limited means as I have mentioned. If they conld bear thy will and pleasure. They know thou hast afford more, it would be better to lay it out upon the promised to help them calling upon thee; wherefore house. they doubt not but thou so wilt do, and therefore pray accordingly.--Bradford's Meditations.

* From a “Guide to Emigrants proceeding to Australia HANGING UPON God.-To be taught that we can

or Canada.” not hang on any thing in onrselves, nor in any other, that power belongeth unto God, and to be disposed, when we are brought into the wilderness, to return and hang upon God-this is the result of divine grace. London : Published for the Proprietors, by EDWARDS Till men become believers, they often sink into de- and HUGHES, 12, Ave-Maria Lane, St. Paul's; and to be spair, and think, by putting an end to their lives, to procured, by order, of all Booksellers in Town and Country. put an end to their troubles. But the Christian says with David, “Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice."--Rev.



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