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Flowers, &c., No. XXIII., The Dandelion, dccxiv. 33.
Footsteps in Sandstone Rock (rev. G. J. C. Duncan), Dccxxiv.


Forgiveness (rev. G. A. Poole), dccxxvi. 213.

Fraternity, Dccxxv. 205.

Gal. iii. 20 (rev. H. Verschoyle), dccxv. 54.

Germany, Anti-Romanist Movement in, Dccxx. 135.

Girls' Schools, Superintendence of, Dccxxxii. 307.
God's Ways vindicated in the Removal of a faithful Servant,

DCCXxxvii. 375.

Hair, Human, Dccxxiv. 177.

Happy Man, the (bp. Hall), Dccxxv. 199.

Harvest-time (rev. T. A. Holland), Dccxxiv. 178.

Heaven, our Citizenship is in (rev.W.F.Sims), Dccxli. 429.
Hindostan, social Habits and Manners of, dccxx. 121.
Holy Ghost, Deity of the (rev. A. 8. Thelwall), Dccxxxiv.

Holy Seed, the Substance of a Nation (rev. H. Stowell), Dccxxxi.

Humility of Jesus Christ, the, Dccxx. 134:

Imprisonment, Results of separate System of (rev. J. Field),

DCCXXXiii. 315.
Incarnation, Design of the, DCCXXXV. 350.
Ireland; Notes in Dingle, in 1848, Dccxxxvii. 388.

Jesus Christ our Example, No. IX., Dccxır. 194.
Jews, Banishment of, from Spain, by Ferdinand and Isabella,

DCCXxxvii. 378.

Jews, Love for, DCCXV. 55.

The first Mission to in modern Times, Dccxix. 119.


No. L., Dccxxiv. 209.

II., Dccxxix. 249.

III., DCCXXXÜï. 395.

Address to a Child on private Prayer, Dccxvi. 70.
The Blessedness of true Religion (rev. E. Bickersteth),

Dccxvii. 92.

Curious Situations of Birds' Nests, DCCXXV. 205.

Portsmouth, Ohio, in days past (bp. Chase), DCCXXV. 207.

Duty to Parents, DCCXXViï. 244.
Harvest Home, Dccxxix. 262.
Zaccheus, Dccxxxiv. 327.
The God of Love and Hope, DCCXXXV. 347.

Christmas-day, Dccxl. 409.

Keeping of the Heart (rev. E. Dalton), dccxix. 118.

Lebanon, Dccxxxix. 393.

Letters from the East (rev, W. D. Veitch)

No. VII., Dccxii. 17.

VIII., Dccxvü. 187.


Australia, Church of (Murray), Dccxxxiv. 336.

Bayreuth (Dr. Rae Wilson), Dccxxv. 208.

Bishop, the Residence of a, Dccxxviii. 248.
Boomering, the (Murray), Dccxxxii. 304.
Bread, singular Mode of making (Jewish Intelligencer),

Dccxxxiii. 320.
Burial-places in Egypt and in Ireland (Walker's Lectures),

Dccxii. 16.

Capital (Address to the Working Classes), DCCXXü. 160

Caravanserais and Khans (Dr. Rae Wilson), Dccxxxiv. 386.

Cattle-hunting (Haygarth), Dccxxx. 280.

Denmark, Antiquities of (Dr. Rae Wilson), dccxxiv. 192.

Early Attendance at Church (Riddle), Dccxxvii. 232.

Expediency (rev. Dr. Miller), Dccxl. 424.


Holy Land, the (Dr. Rae Wilson), dccxii. 16.

Image Worship, Teaching of, Dccxxii. 160.

Insect Passions (Sharpe's London Magazine), Dccxxxii. 304.

Log-house, a Canadian (Guide to Emigrants), DCCXIV.


Notre Dame, the Church of, at Paris, DCCXXXViü. 392.

Palestine (Dr. Rae Wilson), Dccxxiv. 192.

Phenomenon, a Natural, Dccxxvii. 232.

Printing-Office, the Reader in (Quarterly Review), Dccxxvii.


Redbreast, Anecdote of, Dccxxvi. 232.

Rich Man, the (Dr. Rae Wilson), Dccxiii. 32.
Romanism and Heathenism confederated against the Truth

(rev. J. Thomas), Dccxxii. 160.

Romish Church, the (Dr. Rae Wilson), dccxxü. 176.

Scientific Economy, Dccxxxv. 352.

Sea, Encroachment of, Dccxxvii. 248.

Secular Education (rev. Dr. Miller), Dccxxix. 408.
Ugly Fact, an (Health of Towns Magazine), Dccxxxiv. 336.
Wales, New South, Native Superstitions in (Braim),

Dccxxii. 160.

Woman in the Bush (Haygarth), dccxxix. 264.

Ministry of Angels, DCCXXXviii. 391.

Mission in South Africa, the French, Dccxxii. 156.

Missionary Records,

No. XXXVI., dccxiv. 36.

XXXVII., Dccxix. 115.

XXXVIII., Dccxxüü. 162.
XXXIX., Dccxxviii. 221.

XL., Dccxxxii. 299.

XLI., DCCXXXyİ. 365.

Months (Mary Roberts) -

July, dccxü. 13.

August, Dccxvii. 74.

September, Dccxxii. 146.

October, Dccxxvii. 218.

November, Dccxxxii. 290.

December, Dccxxxvii. 372.

Obedience (hon. H. M. Villiers), Dccxxvi. 210.

Old Man's Child, the

No. I., Dccxii. 2.

II., Dccxix. 106.

III., Dccxxi. 148.
IV., Dccxxiii. 165.
V., Dccxxviii. 234.
VI., DCCXxxiii. 307.


Old Paths, the (rev. J. B. Pratt), Dccxxiv. 130.

Parents, Duty of, to Children (rev. H. Tripp), Dccxxvi. 215.

Parker Society, the, Dccxiv. 34.

Peter the Great, Statue of, Dccxxv. 193.


Advent Hymn (R. H. Shepherd), Dccxli. 430.

*Change, the (J. D. H.), Dccxv. 64.

*Chrysanthemum Sinense, to the (M. C. L.), Dccxxxü. 304.

*Consecration Hymn for the opening of Portadown Church

(Col. Blacker), Dccxviv. 191.

*Cross, the Blessings of the (M. C. L.), Dccxv. 64.

Faith, DCCXXXÏ. 303.

*Faith, Hope, and Charity (rev. J. S. Broad), Dccxü. 15.

*Hymn, Dccxiv. 48.

(W. Gillmor), Dccxxi. 159.

for the Church Missionary Jubilee (rev. E. H.

Bickersteth), Dccxxix. 263.

for the Church Missionary Jubilee (rev. G. Pet.

titt), Dccxxxi. 288.
† The pieces marked thus * are original.

POETRY (continued)

SERMONS (continued)-
*Hymn for a Sunday-school Anniversary (J. H. J.), Bull, rev. J., M.A. (Walthamstow), Keeping the Heart,
DCCXXxvi. 376.

Dccxxix. 256.
*Immortality (Dr. Huie), dccxxx. 279.

CROWDER, rev. J. H., M.A.(Manchester), Balaam's Wish,
*Lines (E. G.), Dccxxiv. 191.

Dccxii. 24.
*Lays of a Pilgrim (Mrs. H. W. Richter),

DAVIES, rev. J., D.D. (Gateshead), The Dedication of the

No. XL., Dccxxviii. 247.

Temple, dccxii. 9.

XLI., Dccxxix. 263.

Davies, rev. R. H. (East and West Lexham), The
XLII., Dccxl. 424.

Carnal Mind, Dccxxv. 200.
*Meditation in the Hour of Sickness (M. M.), Dccxii. 32. Fisher, rev. R. B., M.A. (Basildon), The Propriety of
*Palestine, to the Lily of, Dccxxiv. 191.

Music and Singing in Public Worship, Dcxxviii. 240.
Prayer for the land (M. F. Tupper), dccxxviii. 247. GRANTHAM, rev. T., M.A. (Bramber), The Claims of the

*Psalm xxiii., Dccxv. 64.

Church Missionary Society, dcxxvii. 224.

Psalm cxxvii. (W. H. B.), dccxxxii. 320.

HALL, rev. J., B.D. (Bristol), The Lord's Prayer as it re-

Ragged School, the (Rosa), Dccxxvi. 216.

spect, our Duty towards God, dcxxx. 272.

*Sacred Sonnets (M. C. L.)-

HARVEY, rev. R., M.A. (Hornsey), The Christian's Inte-

No. XV., Dccxii. 16.

rest in his Brethren, DCCXXXV. 344.

XVI., Dccxx. 136.

Hay, rev. C. R., M.A. (Hampstead), The Believer's De-

XVII., Dccxxvi. 216.

light in the Law of the Lord, DCCXXXVIII. 384.

XVIII., Dccxxxvii. 376.

HERBERT, rev. H. A., B.A. (Elderfield), The Imprecatory

*Son, to an only, on his Birth-day, provions to his Confir- Passages in the Psalms, Dccxiv. 40.

mation (Clericus), Dccxxxii. 303.

HEURTLEY, rev. C. A., B.D. (Fenny Compton), St. Paul

*Sonnets (J. D. H.)

and Demas, Dccxxxix. 400.

No. XIV., Dccxv. 64.

Hodson, ven. G., M.A. (archdeacon of Stafford), St. Paul's

XV., Dccxvi. 72.

thankful Confidence for the Philippian Church, Dccxxiv.
XVI., Dccxvi. 88.

*Stanzas : translated from the French (M. C. L.), dccxxxiii. JACKSON, rev. J., M.A. (Westminster), The Lord at Hand,

Dccxl. 415.
Thou art gone to the Shores of the Seraph's Land (rev. JEUNB, rev. F., D.C.L. (master of Pembroke college, Os.
Dr. Lyons), dccxxü. 159.

ford), The Division at Antioch, dccxvi. 96.
Unwarree, from the Persian of, pocxiv. 48.

JONES, rev. E. N., (B.A. (Liverpool), The Rest which re
Welcome Land, the (rev. Dr. Lyons), dccxix. 120.

mains for God's People, Dccxx. 128.
Present Times, the (rev. E. Griffiths), Dccxxiv. 183.

NANCE, rev. J., D.D., (Old Romney), The Born Blind,
Prison Discipline (rev. J. Field), Dccxxix. 254.

Dccxv. 56.
Privileges of a Christian Land, Dccxxviii. 246.

PRESTON, rev. M. M., M.A. (Cheshunt), The Acknow-
Progress, the Elements of the Christian Life, Dccxx. 124. ledgment of God in all our Ways, dccxxxiv. 328.

RAIKES, rev. H., M.A. (chancellor of Chester), The
Ragged School, the first, Dccxxvii. 239.

Pharisee and the Publican, Dccxxxii. 296.
Reflections (Mrs. H. W. Richter), Dccxxxix. 399.

Richards, rev. T. W., M.A. (Holbeach), National pun-
Reformers, Opinions of the, on the Doctrines chiefly can- ishment for National Sins, Dccxxxvii. 368.
vassed in the present day-

RICHMOND, rev. H. S., M.A. (Bath), The Prayer of Daniel,
No. VIII., Jewel, dccxv. 60.

Dccxxxi. 282.

Roman Standards, docxviii. 89.

WOODWARD, rev. T. (Fethard), Messiah stricken for

Man's trangression, dccxix. 112.

Sabbath, Sanctification of, DCCXIV. 203.

Sketches from Natural History-

Sabbath, Value of, to the Labouring Classes, Dccxxxvii. 362.

No. LXXXII. The Cuttle Fish, dccxix. 105.

Scripture, the, the Foundation of Faith (rev. H. Shepheard),

LXXXIII. The Hyæna, Dccxxviii. 233.
DOCII. 127.

Slave Trade, Horrors of the (rev. P. G. Hill), DCCXXXviii.
Self-reform more needful than Church-reform, a Dialogue


(rev. 8, Hobson)-

Solitude (Mrs. H. W. Richter), dccxix. 118.

No. 1., Dccxxi. 138.

State of Departed Souls, the (rev. W. H. Hoare), Dccxx. 125.

II., Dccxxii. 173.

Straying from our appointed Sphere (rev. R. W. Evans),

III., Dccxxvii. 228.

Dccxxxv. 352.

IV., Dccxxxiv. 324.

Sunday Schools, Dccxxix. 253.

V., Dccxxxix. 404.

Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Dccxl. 419.

SERMONS, by the following Divines :-

Tabor, Dccxxxi. 281.

ALEXANDER, rer. W. (Londonderry), The Murder of the Temple, the lame Man healed at the Beautiful Gate of the,

Innocents, Dccxli. 426.

Dccxxxvi. 353.

ASHLEY, rev. F. B. (Wooburn), The Christian Ministry, Three plain Answers to the Question-Why are you a Mom-


ber of the Church of England ? Dccxxvii. 227.

Trials and Afflictions, dccxxii. 157.

ASPINALL, rev. J., M.A. (Althorpe), Aaron standing be-

Trinity, Eleventh Sunday after, Dccxxii. 158.

tween the Living and the Dead, dccxvi. 67.

Sixteenth Sunday after, Dccxxvü. 231.

AYRE, rev. J., M.A. (Hampstead), Christ's Yoke easy

Nineteenth Sunday after, DCCXXX. 277.

and Burden light, Dccxxii. 152.

Twenty-first Sunday after, Dccxxxiv. 323.

BLACKER, rev. B. H., M.A. (Donnybrook), Do thyself Why I love my Church, dccxiii. 30.

no harm, Decatü. 168.
BROWN, rev. A. W., M.A. (Pytchley), The Duty of the Young Men's Society, Church of England, Reminiscencou of,
Church towards the Colonies, DCCIxxii. 312.

Dccxxxiv, 332.

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