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Prs. ÅF-France : Goneral Observa


timas; Labedoyere, Ney, &a ; Boi. Relig. Com.--Life of Pascal 1709

Daparte; New Army, ác... 562 On 1 Sam. xviii. 10, 11; and xix.

Greai Britain-Rewards te Soldiers

9, 10


of Waterloo ; Ceylon; India, &c 564 Family Sermon, on Mal. ji. 6. ... 717




Miscel.-Disastrous Fruits of Craio-


..... 726

Relig. Cox.-Life of Pascal ..... 565 Litang, a Hymn

eerw. 735

Family Sermou, on Luke ii, 27, 28... 576 Rev. 07.— Yates on the Church in

Dr. Marsh's View of Justification 581 Danger

!..... 755

Extract from a Sermon of Baxter's.. 584 Claims of Establislied Church ..., ib.

Miscel.–Society for Christian Know- Letter to the Bishop of Lincoln, on,



Bible Society ............. lib.

Mr. Xerris and the Bible Society589 Scott's Field of Waterloo. ...,,750

On the Condition of the Gypsies. 590 LIT. INTEL. – New Works; Univer.

Os administering the Lord's Supper · 591 sity Intelligence; Bibles and Pray'5

Roof-Southeg's Roderick- 592 er-books printed ; Regent's Canal,

Reck worth's Sermons ....


*** 760

Lr. IXTILNew Works; Literary Mendicity


Prize at Aberdeen; Irish Aca- Russia- Voyage of Discovery *.1764

demy; Woullen Trade; Steam- . RELIG. INTEL.British and Foreign,

boats; Hebrides ; Porter Brewers 621 Bible Society: Remarks; Iceland;

Relig. IXTEL.-Louisiana Bible So.

Finland ; Letter of Catholic Me-,



tropolitan; Theodosia Bible Soriano

Baptist Mission in India

626 ciety; Asia Minor,; Moscow ; I

Society for Jews-Report

629 Georgia; China ; Java; Calcutta; "

Pos. Ari-France : State of; Elec-

United States

... 765

tions; Spanish Armies; Ney; Rus- Church Missionary Suciety: Annual

sian Emperor ; Protestants 633 Report

2. 769

Netherlands, New Constitution i

Baptist Mission in India ...774


........ 635 Pub. AFF.- Treaty of Peace


Great Britain-Capture of Guada- France-Persecutions at Nismes; Ney ibs

loope; Port Royal destroyed; Ja- Murat ; Napaul War; Ceylon..... 780

maaica Fleet; India; Irish Roman

Catholics; Harvest; French Ships


restored, Bonaparte


ib. Relig, COM-Life of Pascal ... 781

Efforts of French Catholics to cirett-'


late the Scriptures

... 787

Family Sermon, on 1 Cor. xiii. 3, ., 793

Ralic. Cox.-Life of Pascal ...... 637 Sharp and Hammoud on Regeneration 799

Family Sermon, on Matt. xi. 6. 644 MISCEL.-Sabbath at Geneva ... • 800

On Regeneration

649 On Charity Feasts ororono ..... 804

Arguments for the Bible Society.... 650 Røv, 08.-Crool's Restoration of Israel 809 1

MUCIL-On Appendix to Jebb's Ser. Scoti's Answer to Crool



655 Campbell's Travels in South Africa - • 826

Preaching of St. Paul in Britain 660 Lit, INTEL.-Works; Asiatic Journal;

Use qi Psalms and Hymns. 661 London Institution


Errors of the Greek Church

663 American Edition of the Christian

Rev. 07.-Hall on Communion 664 Observer

.. 838

Chalmers on the Christian Life 685 Ancient Authors discovered


Lar. IsTEL-New Works; Discovery RELIG, INTEL. – Cinque Ports Bible

in Africa

694 Society ; Speech of Earl of Liver

Relig, IxTEL.—British and Foreign



Bible Society : Bishop of Lincoln's Society for Conversion of Jews 861

Charge; Mc. Gisborne's Leiter .. 636 College of New Jersey ; Questions

College of New Jersey; Revival of

and Counsel to Students




Strangers' Friend Society


Baptist Mission in India

703 Pub. AFT.-Treaties of Peace 846

Pua. Air France: Change of Mi. Monuments of Art; Slave Trade ; ;

nistrs; Works of Art; Opening of

and Hayti


Chambers; Parties, &c. &c.

France - Funds; La Valetie ; Ney;

Spaio-Insurrection; Change of Mi-

Amnesty; Disturbances al Nismes;


Great Britain Ireland, Seamen Great Britain –Thanksgiving day ib.

Indian War



*: 851

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EAST-INDIA MISSIONS OF THE structed two months, were baptized.

SOCIETY PROMOTING Being baptized, we insisted upon CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. their becomiog industrious in their (ontinued from Vol. for 1814, p. 732.) proper business. All of them had THE Report for 1792 makes very good fields, which they were

bonourable mention of the exhorted to cultivate. To these efforts of the Rev. D. Brown and exhortations, we added ocular inthe Rev. J. Owen, and also of W. spection. I went and visited them Chambers*, C. Grant, aud in their villages. Having examined l'day, Esgrs, to keep alive the So- them in respect of their knowledge, ciety's Mission in Calcutta. The and prayed with them, which was efforts of the Society, however, to commonly done in the presence of procure a supply for that station, a great many Heathens, I desired had proved unsuccessful.

to see the fruits of their industry, Mr. Gerické had baptized 71 on which they fully satisfied me. children and 16 adults, and bad I then exhorted them to be honest, put to press a translation of the in paying the usual rent to GovernPilgrim's Progress in the Malabar ment, which they soon did in a Language. Mr. Swartz had bap: pleasing manner. The appearance tized, in the Tanjore station, 87 was, agreeable, and the prospect Heathens, and had received 23 hopeful. As the water courses in converts from Popery. At Palam- their district had not been cleared coltah, Mr. Jænické had baptized for 15 years, by wbich neglect the 40 leathens, and received 12 cultivation was impeded, and the Roman Catholic converts. At harvest lessened, I entreated the Tranquebar, 18 adult converts bad collector to advance a sum of mobeco added to the congregation. liey to clear them, promising to The schools contained 166 children. send people to inspect the work.

The Rev. C. W. Pæzold was this The work was completely done, and year appointed one of the Society's those inhabitants who forinerly, for Missionaries.

want of water, had reaped only The Rev. Mr. Swartz, in a let- 4000 large measures, called kalam, ter dated Madras, Feb. 5, 1793, reaped now 14,000 kalam, and reobserves concerning the Heathens, joiced in the increase. The whole that many of them were baptized district reaped nearly 100,000 kalast year, and particularly some of lam more than they had done the those called Kaller, who are looked preceding year. But this our joy upon as the worst, and somewhat was soon turned into grief. The resemble the thievish Arabians.-- Heathens observing that many of "These people, having been in their relations wished to embrace

* The death of Mr. Chambers is an. Christianity, and that such as had nounced, in the Report of the succeeding been baptized refused to join in year, as a severe loss to the interests of their plundering expeditions, astrue religion in India, and to the affairs sembled, and formed au encai of the Calcutta Mission in particular, ment. threatening to extirpate

tianity. Now all looked dismal. is every reason to hope, he obMany of the Christians were en- serves, that at a future period Chriscouraged by their relations, who tianity will prevail in the Tinnavelly were Heathens, to form an opposite country. Himself and Sattianaden' camp, But I exhorted the Chris- had severally made journeys into tians to make use of other weapons, parts of the country, where the viz. prayer, humility, and patience; word of God had never before been telling them in strong terms, that preached; and the people were geif they became aggressors, I should nerally attentive, and desirous of disown them. This disturbance hearing: they assembled in hunlasted four months, and became dreds, and shewed him every revery serious, as the malcontents spect, and numbers had conducted neglected the cultivation of their him from village to village. Satown fields, and deterred others tianaden had experienced the same from doing it. I wrote to these attention. More than thirty people inisguided people, (for they had came afterwards to Palamcotta ta mischievous guides,) sent catechists be instructed and baptized.--Such to them, exhorted them not to coin- happy effects, he reinarks, would mit such horrid sins, and reminded often be experienced, could such them that my former endeavours, journeys be frequently repeated. so beneficial to them, had not mie- Mr. Jænické mentions, that Mr. rited such treatment. At last, Swartz had translated the Secre. finding no opposition from the tary's Letter addressed to Sattiana. Christians, and not being willing den, and that its contents had given to be looked upon as the aggres. him unspeakable joy, and had ani. sors, all went to their homes and mated him to a greater enjoyment work, plowing and sowing with of Christ's holy religion, to live double diligence. My heart re- conformably to its rules, to follow joiced at the kind overruling Pro- Christ, to set a good example to all vidence.-Surely he is a God that persons, and to be faithful to the heareth prayer."

charge committed to him. The Rev. Mr. Jænické, in a The Danish Missionaries at Tran, letter dated at Tanjore, observes, quebar state, that 24 Heathens had that, at Palamcotta, he had resided been baptized; that 1000 persons ten months, preaching on Sundays had communicated in the Lord's in Malabar and English, and on Supper; and that 176 children had Fridays in Malabar. Sometimes been instructed and maintained in Sattianaden had preached for him, the Mission Schools, in his native language. The gen- The Report of 1794, contains tlemen and other Europeans regu- the well-known letter of Mr. Swartz, larly frequented the church, to written to vindicate hinself, and the which they were encouraged by the Missions generally, from the mis good example of the commanding representations of Mr. Montgomery officer. During his stay at Palam- Campbell, in the House of Comcotta, he had instructed and bap- mons; and to which we have often tized 60 Heathens, and had likewise referred in our pages. received several converts from Po- The annual account for 1795 pery. The Christians in the Tin. states, that Mr. Claudius Buchannavelly district generally resided in an, who is now going out to Bengal, the country, and formed several promises niuch friendly attention to congregations. For the use of those the concerns of the Calcutta Misat Padpanadaburam, and at Parani, sion. Mr. Swartz, at Tanjore, obhe had erected sone chapels, at the serves, that conteniplating the cirexpense of Mr. Swartz. Many of cumstances of the Missionaries, be those converts were Christians, not could not but feel much sorrow. in name only, but in reality. There One at Tranquebar, Mr. Kæning,

liad lately died; Mr. John had been benefit and advantage is all your ill; and Mr. Pohlé likewise was instruction and recommendation of ailing. We entreat God, Mr. Swartz Christ's religion, if it dočs not reobserves, to send new labourers into form the lives of your own people? bis vineyard.

Could not you first endeavour to The Rev. Mr. Pohlé states from convert your Christians, ere you Tirutehinapally, that on the 8th of attempt to proselyte Pagans ?- Mr. Jan. 1794, he set out for Namaul, Swartz replied to these irsufficient in the Baramaul country, where no objections with so mueh propriety, Protestant Missionary had been and with so wonderful an intrepibefore. Having arrived at that dity and erfergy, that the Bramins place, be continued there with a unanimously said at last, Of a truth Wertby friend, the then command. you are an holy man: if all your ing officer, until the 21st of the Christians thought, and spake, and month. He liad preached daily to lived as you do, we would without the natives, and visited the villages delay undergo the change, and beround, and had had the satisfaction come Christians likewise. Others of being heard with joy and amaze- said, If you would free us from Dept.

sickness and from death, without In the account for. 1796, the hesitation we would apply ourselves Rev. Mr. Pæzold, in a letter from to you : but, instead of that, we Vepery, mentions, that in a jour- see that Christians likewise are Dey to Tanjore, in company with subject to death, and even you the Rev. Mr. Swartz, he had had yourself must die; so that in this the opportunity, at Tripalore of respect you are not to be preferred being present at a conference be- to Heathens.” Having produced tween that excellent Missionary and such trifling observations as these, about twenty Bramins, to whom he they all departed. espounded the Christian doctrine: The Rev. Mr. Kolhoff speaks of pointing out its great pre-entinence his frequent converse with Heato their heathenism and idolatry. thens, of whom the far greater " Their general reply to him was number applaud the doctrine of Very true ; your doctrine, your re- Christ, but are unwilling to submit higion, your instruction, is a pleas- to that fundamental precept, If any ing thing: but it is inconsistent one will be my disciple, let him with flesh and blood; it is repug- deny himself, take up his cross, and want to our carnal affections; it follow me. They continue, therestrikes at the natural propensity to fore, to be what they were before. moral evil, and to worldly pleasures. He mentions the having had much Moreover, they replied, we do not satisfaction in the exemplary consee your Christian people live con- duct of several privates of the 71st formably to what they teach. The regiment, stationed at Tanjore, to Christians appear to be doing quite whom he had several times admicontrary: they eurse, they swear, nistered the holy Sacrament. He they get drunk ; they commit likewise mentions an affecting diswhoredom and adultery; they steal, pensation, in the loss of James cheat, and deal fraudulently with Dods, in the Compairy's service, one another; yea, they blaspheme, “who, with much piety and great and rail upon matters of religion, talents, bad applied himself to the and often make a mock of those study of the Gentoo and Tamulian who profess to be religious : in languages; into the former of which short, they said, you Christians he had began to translate some parts often demean yourselves as badly, of the New Testament, in order to if not worse, than we Heathens. make the saving doctrines of the Now pray, they added, of what Gospel known to the natives,

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