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BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE Foreign Department.' I was charged SOCIETY.

to communicate to yon, in the name of Extracts from Correspondence of the our Society, the following Resolutions, Bible Society.

which were unanimously agreed upon 1. From the Rev. Dr. Carey. at this Meeting.

Calcutta, Aug. 26, 1814. «1. The Java Auxiliary Bible So“In all parts of India, the call for the ciety wishes to co-operate with the holy Scriptures is so great, that every British and Foreign Bible Society. exertion to print them sufficiently fast " " 2. The New Testament shall be to answer the demands, has hitherto translated into the Low Malay dialect, been inadequate. The dominions of and be printed as soon as possible.' the Bible are extending daily; and new “ There is between the high and low tribes hear, in their own tongues, the Malay a still greater difference, than be. wonderful works of God. Beside the tween high and low German, or even Tamul, Cingalese, Persian, Malayala, the German and the Dutch language. and Malay (which we have not trans- The high Malay is spoken in the upper lated, but only printed), the Word of parts of the island of Java, and the God is now translated, or under trans- other in the lower; as for instance, in Jation, into twenty-five languages by Batavia and the whole neighbourhood. us; twenty-one of which are actually The holy Scriptures have long since in the press, and nothing hinders the been printed in the high Malay dialect, remaining four from going to press, but not in the low; although many thoubut some trifling work to complete the sands of people speak the latter, with founts for them. This is a work, upon out being able to understand the former. the accomplistement of which my heart On this account it appeared a primary has been long set ; whether I shall live duty, ivcumbent upon our Society, to to see its completion, I know not: but provide the native inhabitants of our I trust a foundation is laid, upon which city, and its nearest neighbourhood, the building will be carried forward, till with the bread of life; and afterwards, the edifice is completed. There are, by the blessing of God, to extend its however, in the East, many languages still sphere of activity farther, when per. remaining, in which no translation of haps the inhabitants of Japan will next the Scriptures exists, and no attempt deserve our attention. But the Ja. to translate into them has yet been panese language is said to be so diffimade. I trust the Lord will smile on cult for Europeans to acquire, that we the work, till the whole of these also be are not a little concerned how to proadded to the list of the languages in a translation into that tongue, which the Word of God is given to men.” which we are so desirous of having.

“ But He, with whom alone is wise 2. From the Rev. J. C. Supper, Pastor dom, who has already removed so many

of the Reformed Congregation at obstacles to make way for his Word, Batavia, and Foreign Secretary of and who never is at a loss for means the Java Auxiliary Bible Society,

or instruments, will certainly know how “Batavia, Sept. 3, 1814. to overcome these difficulties. We have “ My letter of May last will have in- already raised here, in Batavia alone, formed you, that an Auxiliary Bible a fund of about seven or eight thousand Society was to be established here on rupees, in subscriptions and donations; the 4th of June. This has now actually and we trust our resources will increase taken place in the house and under the in proportion as the Bible cause be Presidency of his Excellency Lieute. comes more generally known," nant-Governor Rafies. The designa. tion of this Society is, The Jaca Auxi. 3. From the Rev. Dr. MacIntosh, a liary Bible Society, the object of which Director and English Secretary to shall be to encourage the circulation of the Netherland Bible Society, at Am the Holy Scriptures, without note or sterdam. Feb. 24, 1815. comment, throughout Eastern Asia, and

“ The following is a list of the Bible especially among the native Christians Societies in the United Netherlands, of that part of the globe.'

with the months in which they were « On the 24th of August, the Como respectively instituted. They are all, mittee held their second meeting, at with the exception of the first, divisions which I was elected Secretary for the of the Netherlands Bible Society,


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1. English Bible Society in Holland, nations of the earth, in the four quarters March, 1814.

of the globe, are blessed; succeeding Netherland Bible Society: this remarkable circulation of the Sa. 2. Amsterdam

June, 1814. cred Scriptures, I trust, will be, the out. 3. Rotterdam..

July, ditto. pouring of the Holy Spirit; so that by 4. The Hague

Aug. ditto. the word and the Spirit, there will be a 5. Enkhuysen

ditto, ditto. great and glorious ingathering of pre6. Utrecht

Sept. ditto. cious souls to the Church of Christ. In 7. Haarlem

Oct. ditto. the United States it is truly a calamitous 8. Leyden

ditto. ditto. time, and of sore rebuke; but the ex9. Dordt...

ditto, ditto. ertions of Cbristians appear not to be 10. Assen

ditto, ditto. lessened, in endeavouring to forward 11. Vlaardingen Nov. ditto. the good work of the Lord." 12. Groningen

ditto, ditto. 13. Delft

ditto, ditto. We have received, and have great 14. Leenwarden ditto, ditto. satisfaction in inserting, the following 15. Middleburg

ditto, ditto. communication :16. Goes

ditto, ditto. A special General Meeting of this So17. Schiedam

ditto, ditto. cietywas held at the New London Tavern, 18. Oud Bergerland .... Dee. ditto. Cheapside, on Monday March 6th; 19. Zutphen

ditto, ditto. Wm. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. Vice20. Alkmaar

ditto, ditto.

President, in the chair; 21. Maaslius

ditto, ditto. When the following Resolution was 22. Gorcum

ditto, ditto. unanimously adopted, viz. 23, Hoorn ....

Jan. 1815. “ The British and Foreign Bible So. 24. Zwal

ditto, ditto. ciety, participating in the general sor25. Zirezee

ditto, ditto. row occasioned by the death of the late 28. Zalt Bommel ditto, ditto. Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. discharge 27, Breda

Feb. ditto. a mournful duty in expressing their ve

neration for his memory, and their A plan has been adopted for insti- gratitude for the eminent services which, tating Bible Associations in Amsterdam as Treasurer, he rendered to the interand its environs; according to which, ests of this Institution, from its comAmsterdam and its suburbs, compri- mencement in the year 1814, to the sing nearly 200,000 inhabitants, will be period of his lamented decease. divided into 32 districts, in eaeb of “ Sensible of the importance of those which a Bible Association will be duties which attach to the office thus formed. The smallest sum will be painfully vacated, and convinced, from received, and the annual contribution their knowledge of his character and of one guilder, payable quarterly, their experience of his attachment to monthly, or weekly, will entitle any their object, that he will discharge them person to be a member of these Asson with fidelity and zeal, unanimously reciations. The plan is accompanied solve that John Thornton, Esq. be apwith an Address, setting forth the na- pointed to succeed is late revered ture, progress, and moral good effects Uncle as Treasurer to their Institution, of the Bible system, &c.; and from ten for the remainder of the current year to twenty thousand copies of it will be of the Society, immediately printed, and in due time “While the British and Foreign Bible circulated.

Society bow with due submission to that

dispensation which bas inflicted upon 4. From Robert Ralston, Esq. Trea- them so severe a loss, they desire to ac

surer to the Bible Society. Phila- knowledge at the same time the gooddelphia, Nov. 7, 1814.

ness of Providence in directing them to The Bible Societies in the Vaited the means of repairing it with such States have increased to the pumber of unanimity, promptitude, and real satisBlaty-fire, and one other was expected faction. to be established at Cincinnati in the “The British and Foreign Bible Society State of Ohio, on the 5th of last month. cannot but regard it as a circumstance An impulse is given to this blessed work, peculiarly favourable to their Institution which leaves no room to doubt, that the that the office of Treasurer should be hand of the Lord is in it; and that by permitted to remain in a connection the still small voice of his holy word, the from which it has derived so much CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 160.

2 M

credit and advantage; and devolve up. to a people free in fact and in right, and on an individual, whose past conduct who will not fail to demonstrate to the has afforded a pledge, that he will emu- universe that they are worthy of being late the virties associated with his so. Generosity and greatness of soul name, and reflect that integrity, can- constitute the very elements of the dour, and persevering philanthrophy, patriot's character. In you I have ever of which his revered predecessor and observed these noble qualities, and rerelative furnished so illustrious an ex- cently I have received an additional ample.”

proof of them, for which I must do mý.

self the honour of offering to you the The Annual Meeting of the BRITISH liveliest expressions of my heartfelt AND FOREIGN BIBLE Society will be gratitude. held at Free Masons' Hall, Great Queen “ France, having coucluded a treaty Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Wed- of peace, renews her claim to St. Donesday the 3d of May. The President mingo. Though she has for ever forwill take the chair at twelve o'clock feitel all her pretensions to Hayti, and precisely... No ladies can be admitted, thongh to the French themselves this

loss is owing, she determines nevertheRELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY less to revive them, and for this purpose The Annual Meeting of the Religious has chosen rather to make use of me. Tract Society will be held at the City of thods of conciliation than to employ London Tavern, Bishojgate Street, op- those arms which will always prove posite to Threadneedle Street, on Thurs. impotent. The French general, Dauxion day the 11th of May, at half-past six in Lavaysse, was sent hither as her agent, the morning. The chair will be taken You received and welcomed him, perat half seven precisely.

formed the sacted rights of hospitality,

and admitted him amongst you, with HAYTI.

confidence. He spoke to you in the The following state paper has lately language of his mission, and, at the disbeen received in England, and if it has tance of 2000 leagues from his country, not suffered by translation will convey was not deterred by any consideration, to our readers a strong impression of the from urging with vehemence the predignity and eloquence of the writer. tensions of his Government. Your PROCLAMATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF

chiefs and magistrates were assembled HAYTI ;

in consultation. They listened calmly “ To the People and the Army. to the proposals of France. A govern“ Never, throughout the annals of the ment firmly established on the solid Republic, did a more interesting epoch bases of reason and justice, is capable present itself, than that which you are not only of hearing every thing with now called to witness : never was there calmness, but of judging of every thing one which demanded that the national with discrimination. The propositions character should assert itself with great of the French Government, being incomer magnanimity. - Havtians! during patible with your principles and your four and twenty years, we have fought iustitutions, were unanimously rejected. for our rights, for our liberty. Our in- This will ever be the fate of all such as dependence is the fruit of our labours. shall tend to lead your steps backward, Without this, there can be no warrant, in the career you have ruu so gloriously. no sécurity for the continuance of our Without shrinking from war, you were, present constitution. Already cele- however, willing to evince your desire brated for our military character, and of peace, and to avert from your family our honourable qualities, every eye is and your children the calamities which fixed upon us: the result of our conduct follow in its train, by offering to submit is expected. It will be an example to to pecuniary sacrifices, in order to posterity. I will not rovert to any of silence your persecutors whose cries and the glorious traits by which those men complaints importune the French throne were distinguished who immortalized for the restitution of possessions which themselves in former contests for free. they would be afraid to attack, if they dom. History has not forgotten them know that at their approach they would By her will their remembrance be per. be burnt to ashes. Your chiefs, the petuated.

depositaries of the intentions you had “I address myself to those men whose publicly expressed, especially subsehearts glow with the purest patriotism, quently to the continental peace, were, commissioned is your name, to make Should this be the event, you shall see this generous proposal. It is an honour me at your head, proud to lead you on to you, and will convey as high an to victory or to 'perisit with you. opinion of your wisdom, as it will Whatever may be the fate which Heaven awaken dread of your resentment. has reserved for us, it is our duty to Haytians! You have done what you prepare ourselves for it. Let it be the ought to have done. The right of arms care of those chiefs whose paternal has given you possession of the country. authority directs you, in the districts of It is your unalienable property, and, as which the command is confided to therri, its masters, you are free to make what to establish secure retreats for the inhause you please of that which belongs to bitants in the interior of our mountains. you. By mutual agreement, and a com. For this purpose, let them employ the pact from which they never deviate, workmen under their orders. Let them nations respect the rights of individuals. also multiply, the plantations of every The character of an envoy is always sort of provisions. It is the duty of the held sacred even though his intentions magistrates and justices of the peace to be ever so criminal. The French gene promote unanimity, concord, the love of ral, Danxion Lavaysse, is gone, having labour, and mutual confidence amongst executed the mission with which he was their fellow citizens. The Republic entrusted. You have not to reproach relies on every man's doing his duty. yourselves with having been wanting I hope to set you an example. I have in what you owe to yourselves; you given orders that the documents shall have not violated this fundamental be printed which relate to our comprinciple, which establishes between manications with the French Governgovernments those necessary communi. ment. They will be submitted to your cations which are required by their inspection, at the close of this address. political relations--you have done that you will see what it is that they propose which revders you estimable in your to you, and what answer it becomes you our eyes : you deserve to appear so in to return; the eyes of other nations.' Victory ever “ Given at Port au Prince, Dec. 3d, accompanies the cause of justice. Is 1814, 11th year of independence. not this telling you that it is yours, if

(Signed) “ PETION." the French venture to molest you?


CONTINENTAL INTELLIGENCE. ple of France, against all who may wish The political arena is at this moment to compromise the public tranquillity. occupied by two great parties, on whosé Bonaparte, they declare, having broken movements the attention of millions is the convention which established him fixed, and the fate of nations is suspend- in the Isle of Elba, has destroyed the ed. No sooner was the entrance of only legul title on which his existence deBonaparte into France known at Vien- pended, and, by appearing agair in France na, than the ministers of the eight with projects of confusion and disorder, powers who formed the Congress; has deprived himself of the protection of law, namely, Austria, France, Great Britain, and has proved, that there can be nei. Portugal, Knssia, Prussia, Spain, and ther peace nor truce with him. He is, Sweden, united in a declaration (dated therefore, placed without the pale of civil the 13th March), expressive of their and sncial relations; and as an enemy and firm determination to maintain entire disturber of the tranquillity of the world, the dispositions sanctioned by the Trea- kus rendered himself liable to public venge ty of Paris; to einploy all their means, ance. This declaration, which would and unite all their efforts to consolidate probably have been differently framed, the general peace of Europe, and to could the allies have foreseen the recep guarantee it against every attempt to tion which Bonaparte has met with from renew the disorders and miseries of the people, as well as from the armies,, revolutions; and particularly to make of France, and that he wonld so soon common cause with the king and peo. wield the uudivided power of the French

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Empire, appears to have been followed leave no room to doubt, that the flame by the most vigorous preparations for of war will extend from one extremity hostilites. From England, and from of Europe to the other. The Emperor all parts of Germany, troops have been has proclaimed himself the king of Lom Aowing in large masses towards the bardy and Venice; and has signified to frontiers of France; and it is expected, the Neapolitan Government by an offithat in the course of a few weeks half a cial note, that he considered the advance million of men will be ready to pour the of the Neapolitan Army into the Ecclesitide of war over the face of that coun- astical states, as placing the two country. On the 25th of March, a treaty tries in a state of war. No doubt can appears to have been entered into be- be entertained, that the measures of tween Russia, Austria, Prussia, and Murat have been adopted in concert Great Britain, hy which, proceeding on with Bonaparte. He no sooner learnt the basis of the treaty of Chaumont, that the latter had reached Lyons, than they solemnly engage to unite their re- he demanded a passage for his troops sources for maintaining the treaties through the territories of the pope, and, formed both at Paris and Vienna, notwithstanding the protest of his holiagainst every attack, and especially Dess, forced, his way through them, and against the projects of Napoleon Bona- on the 30th of March attacked the Aus. .parte, till they shall have compelled trian posts at Cesena. On the succeed. him to reli guish those projects, and ing day he issued a proclamation, calling rendered him incapable of disturbing in upon the Italians to fulfil their great future the tranquillity of Europe. With destinies, and to become an independent this view they engage to have each in people. “ One cry," he says, “ echoes the field, in a complete state of equip from the Alps to the Straits of Scylla; ment, independently of garrisons, at the independence of Italy." “ Eighty least 150,000 men, of which one tenth thousand Italians of Naples hasten to shall be cavalry, with a proportionate you. They swear never to rest until artillery, and to employ them in active Italy be free, “ The enlightened of and united service against the common all countries will rejoice in your enterenemy; and they solemnly pledge them- prize, and applaud your triumphs, Eng. selyes not to lay down their arms, but land ! can she refuse you her suffrages; by mutual agreement; or until the object that nation which holds out to others the of the war shall have been attained, and model of a national and constitutional Bonaparte completely deprived of the Government, that free people, whose power of exciting disturbances, or of finest title to glory is to have shed its renewing his attempts to obtain the chief blood and treasures for the independpower in France.

ence and liberty of nations ?” “Your In conformity with the spirit of this courage shall assert your external inde. treaty, the king of Prnssia has issued a pendence: let a government worthy of proclamation, calling on his subjects, your choice, worthy of you and the age, whose banners have already floated over a true national representation guarantee Paris, to march again to the combat, and your internal liberty, and protect your to save the world from the unutterable property,” &c. miseries which Bonaparte will bring These various transactions and declaupon it. A general arming is ordered rations leave no longer any doubt throughout his dominions--and all the as to the renewal of hostilities. lamale population, from 17 years of age, deed, the treaty of the 25th of March, or upwards, is invited to join one or to which we ourselves are parties, other species of force, either the regular it is obvious, can be regarded only army, the volunteer yagers, or the land- in the light of a declaration of war (a wehr.“ Thus, united with all Europe war which can know no termination in arms, we again enter the lists against but in the complete subjugation and proNapoleon Bonaparte, and his adherents. stration of one of the parties--a war, not Arise then, with God for your support, merely for empire, but for life) against for the repose of the world, for or- Bonaparte, and all who shall adhere to der, for morality, for your king and him; and these at present appear to country !"

comprehend the universal French Na. But these hostile movements are not tion. There were, indeed, some indiconfined to the North of Europe. De- cations of a movement in favour of the clarations bave appeared on the part of Bourbons at Bourdeaux, Thoulouse, Austria and Naples, respectively, which Marseilles, and in Dauphiné; but they

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