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ere long, every Swedish family in Fin- confessions. The Society prints the land would be furnished with a Bible. Bible in all the languages spoken in The demand for the Finnish Testament the Russian empire. At present, it is he states to be so great in the government also engaged in printing an edition of of St. Petersburg, that the whole edition the New Testament in the Polish tongue, was already nearly exhansted. « The according to the Vulgate version, under inhabitants have been famishing for my superintendance, the press being want of the word of life, and now they corrected by the Jesuit fathers. After are almost insatiable.” The emperor has this edition is finished, the Old Testa given the Bible Society the privilege of ment will be printed also. The New sending all letters and packages by post Testament is likewise publishing in the free of expense, so that even Bibles Samogitian language, by the Bishop of may now be sent to the remotest parts Samogitia*. His imperial majesty has of the empire with ease and without been pleased to grant encouragement cost.-The most important part of Mr. to this vast undertaking. Liberal subPaterson's communication respects a scriptions are made for its support by Pastoral Letter addressed by the Roman the rich, and many thousand kopecks Catholic Metropolitan, his eminence are laid together by the poor, and sent Stanislaus Sistrensevitch Bogush, Arch- in to promote its grand object. For bishop of Mogileff, to his fock, and this money, Bibles and New Testaments which has been published in the gazette, are sent to different quarters, and sold recommending to them the reading of at a low price, and given to the poor, the Scriptures. His letter commences gratis. In different governments of the with an extract from the decrees of the empire, Auxiliary Societies are forming Council of Trent, in which it is de. by friends to this cause, of different clared that the Gospel, as contained in confessions, for the purpose of collect the Bible, is the source of all saving lecting subscriptions, and transmitting truth and pure morality, and that those them to the Society in St. Petersburg, are cut off from the society of the in order to receive Bibles for sale and church who do not receive as holy and distribation. The progress of this ge canonical the books of the holy Scrip- neral undertaking, by European Chris tures of the Old and New Testament. tians, may be seen in the public ga. In conformity with this decree, the zettes, But I, by this epistle, give intiMetropolitan states, that in the year mation to my Hock, concerning the 1778 the late Pope Pius VI. had pre. Bible Institution in Russia, and con. faced an Italian version of the Bible clude with the following words of St. with an introductory epistle, explaining Paul; I am not ashamed of the Gospel of the necessity of reading the holy Scrip. Christ, for it is the power of God unto tures, which contains the following salvation to every one that believeth. words :

“ Given in St. Petersburg, De. At a time when a vast number of

cember 14, 1814.". bad books are published, which most

3. A letter from the Rev. R. Pinker. grossly attack the Christian religion, ton, dated St. Petersburgh, June 5, and which are circulated even among 1815, contains a report of the establishthe unlearned, to the certain destruction ment of an Auxiliary Bible Society in of souls, you judged exceedingly well, the sea-port town of Theodosia, in the beloved son in Christ, to translate Crimea. The following is an extract the Bible into your native language,

from this report:intelligible to the people. By the It appears from the plan of the printing and publishing of it, Christians Russian Bible Society, that its primary will be excited to read it: you have, object is to furnish the nations of the therefore, opened the most abundant Russian empire with the Bible in their sources, out of which they can draw different langnages, and in particular pure doctrine and morality, to cleause to afford our own Russian Bible to all them from, error, which is so widely at a low price, and to the poor without disseminated in this corrupt age," &c.

money. We are not from hence to The Metropolitan then proceeds as conclude, however, that it is not per: follows:

"A Bible Society has been esta. • The British and Foreign Bible So blished in St. Petersburgb, under the ciety has granted to the Russian Bible presidency of his excellency Prince Society 2501, in aid of printing and cir. Alexander Galitzin, minister for foreign culating the Samogitian Scriptures.


mitted, or that it is inconsistent with to enliven the remembrance of extin. the aim of the Bible Society, to bestow guished faith, by causing the rays of the gift of this daily bread, containing the Gospel light again to shine upon it, eternal life, on the nations beyond the The inhabitants of Mingrellia have borders of the empire. On tlic con- been more fortunate than their neightrary, the Russian Bible Society, during bours, the Abhazi. They have prethe short period of its existence, has served the faith of their fathers in the already shewn, in its interconrse with midst of the heavy yoke of bondage the British and Foreign Bible Society, which has lain upon their country for as stated in its Report of 1813, the several centuries; and, notwithstand. universality of its spirit of Christian ing the persecutions of cruel Mohame love, and its desire to put the Word of medans, they still continue to hold the God into the hands of those who are Christian faith according to the Greek without the boundaries of the empire. Confession, and perform their religious

“As the town of Theodosia is inhabit- services in the Georgian language. If ed chiefly by foreigners of different re- the poverty of the inhabitants, the ig. ligious persuasions, it will be necessary norance of the clergy, and the strong to inform them, that the spirit and rules bold of national customs, have hitherto of the Russian Bible Society do not prevented the better organization of prevent it from sending the holy Scrip- the Mingrellian Church, which remains tures to their friends beyood the bore without pastors, and almost desolate; ders of Russia. The Bible Society has yet now, wken this country is joined to limited the object of its undertaking to the Russian empire, we may surely exe the distribution of the holy Scriptures pect that some help will be given, pare in different languages, without note or ticularly from the exertions of the Bible comment. . The object, in its simplicity, Society, provided it were only possible is exalted, and worthy of the spirit of to find means for printing the holy the Gospel

Scriptures in the Georgian langnage, The Theodosian Branch Bible So. for distribution in Mingrellia, where ciety will strive to distribute the Word church books are very scareo and very of God among onbelievers, having be- dear*. From what has been here fore it a vast field,-first in the penin; stated, it is evident, that the spiritual sula of the Crimea, and secondly in the wants of the inhabitants of Mingrellia neighbouring countries of Caucasus and are excessive, and demand immediate Anatolia,--for making known the Gospel attention. It is also well known, that to all nations who still remain in Hea- the same scarcity of the Scriptures exists then or Mohammedan darkness. But in Imeretta, and even in Georgia itself.” without exactly fixing the extent of the “ After Mingrellia, the next in order sphere of its operatious, it is easy to is Guria, or Gurial, a small state inhabitobserve, that it will comprehend par. ed by Christians belonging to the Greek ticularly the countries lying on the Church. They speak the same language shores of the Black Sea. Abhazia, as the Mingrellians, and their state is Mingrellia, and Anatolia, being in the the very same, in regard to Christian closest commercial connexion with organization; that is, they are denomi. Theodosia, present a wide field for the nated Christians, though almost stranBible Society proposed to be in that gers, not only to Christian civilization, city.

but even to the external form of it. “ It is well known, that in former " At length, the coast of Anatolia times the Abhazi were enlightened by presents itself to view, extensive, and the faith of Christ, and belonged to the well peopled mostly by Greeks and Ar Greek communion, possessed their own medians, who compose the labouring, bishops, and were reckoned to the or what is there styled the black, part of Eparché of Alanie, the seat, of which the coinmunity. The lot of these Chrissee was Theodosia, and afterwards tians, yet our brethren, sank in igno. Phapagoria. After the fall of the rance and poverty, under the iron rod Greek empire, however, the nation of of Turkish dominion, surely merits our the Abhazi, like the Circassians, beiug deprived of preachers, and not pos. 66 At the time when this idea came sessing a written language, returned to into the mind of the writer, his desire their heathenish customs, and at length was already begun to be accomplished many of them embraced the Moham- by the efforts of the Committee of the medan religion. Surely, it is possible Russian Bible Society."

compassion. " Poverty, prodaced by Mr. Pinkerton adds: 1 rejoice to oppression, bas deeply rooted ignorance say, that our Committee bave unani. ablong them, and this has at length bes mously resolved? to give every encougotten indifference to the knowledge of ragement to promote the final establishthe Word of God. These

e poor people ment of the Theodosian Bible Society, are reduced so far, that they have for and to relieve thie spiritual necessities gotten their native tongites, and dow of the poor Abbazi, Mingrellians, and pray to God in the Turkish language. Anatolians, so affectingly described in There are still Greek and Armenian the above statement, and also, without churches among them, in which'divine loss of time, to send off a qüantity of service is performed; but this is done Groek and Armenian New Testaments, in a very uocdifying way, which may so that no time be lost in tratismitting easily be conceived, when it is known, the treasures of the Gospel with the that even the priests themselves havé first merchant vessels which leave the but a very small knowledge of letters. port of Theodosia” for the shores of Certainly, God is not contined to mag. Mingrellfa a

and Anatolia. I leave yon, nificent temples, and a splendid ritual my dear friend, tô make your own obof worsbip, but accepts for ta 'prayer servations on this wonderful opening every sigh which ascends from the bot: of Divine' Providence, "to rekindle the tom of the heart; yet such deformity in Christian flame among the churches of bis service, humanly speaking, appears' Asia Minor, where first the great Apoto be a dishonouring of his glory, and stle of the Gentiles preached the doctrine ought to touch the brotherly love of of the Cross. For my part, I'coufess; every Christian, and powerfully rouse that no communication, ever laid before compassion for the unfortunate lot of the Conimittee of the Russian Bible the Greek and Armenian inhabitants of Society, afforded me more pleasure, and, Anatolia, who are deprived of every in my opinion, promised such fair open. means of extricating themselves ont of ing to the Word of God into the Turkish their present lamentable condition. To empire, where so many hundred chonfurnish them with the holy Scriptures sands of Christians alone are destitute in the Greek, Armenian; and Turkish of it. O that the Turkish Bible were languages, is the only aid which the ready for distribution! Pray use every Bible Society can afford them. Thereby means to carry iton in Berlin with speed. you will pour into their sorrowful souls There is great encouragement at present the sweet consolations of the Gospel, to put the Word of God into the bands and strengthen their patience to bear of Mobammedans. As a proof of their up under the temporary evils of the strong prejudice against Christianity present life, with the hope of blessed- having abated, I shall instance two nes in the world to come for their pleasing incidents. The other day, I only hope at present is in the Divine met with a Tartar prince, arrived a few blessing, sent down upou suffering days ago from the Crimea, who is 1 humanity, by means of Bible So. major-general in the Russian' service, cieties.

and is about to march for the frontiers **** The Theodosian Branch Society at the head of four regiments of Tartar will take upon itself the sacred obliga. cossacks, belonging to that peninsula: tions of promoting these views, having I made inquiries of him respecting the mumeroas facilities by the central com- character of the Mufti of the Crimea, Whercial intercourse which 'the port of who'subscribes to rubles annually to the Theodosia has with Abhazia, Mingrellia, Bible Society, and is at the head of up. abd Anatolia. From these short re wards of 10,000 Mohammedan priests. marks, it is

easy to observe, how impor. The General said, that the Mufti was an tant and extensive the field is, which enlightened wan; that lie recommended presents itself to the zeal and activity to the priests to read the Tartar New of the Members of the Theodosian Testament; that he had granted perAuxiliary Bible Society. Success, and mission to himself, for he is still a Mos God! He, by his omnipotent goodness, his command, to wear the crosses of diswill direct all for the best, and will tinction conferred by his imperial me nake even impossibilities possible to jesty for acts of valour; and lastly, that contrite spirits, that hunger after his he teaches them, that religion does not righteousness

cousist in meat and drinki 1. " Theodosia; April 3, '1816.****

The second incident is also interest

ing. I remarked to you, in my last, He has begun to pript the Old Testathat the Bacharian Ambassador had, ment. The Society has granted 10001, with his own band, copied part of the to extend the circulation of the Chinese manuscript of the Persian New Testa, Scriptures..! ment. I have since been informed, 7. The Rey. Mr. Supper, secretary that this Ambassador, lately arrived to the Java Bible Society, in a letter from the city where poor Abdalla suf- dated Batavia, Feb. 4, 1815, states that fered martyrdom for his attachment to the Arabian merchants and scheiks read Christ and the New Testament, has with eagerness the Bibles they receive already in his possession a Tartar New of him ; sitting in companies for whole Testament, which be brought with bim, nights for this purpose; the Chinese in and in which he is said frequently to this island also read eagerly the New read."

Testaments distributed among them last The Committee of the British and year by Ms. Milne from Canton. . “I Foreign Bible Society have recently sometimes," he says, go round on pur granted to the Russian Bible Society, pose, and often find Chinese parents for the Theodosian Auxiliary, 6001, reading to their families, in the morn

4. A second letter from Mr. Pinker. ing, out of the New Testament.”. ton, dated June 16th, transmits some 8. The Rev. T. Robertson, in a letter extracts from the printed Report of the from Calcutta, March 27, 1816, observes, Moscow Bible Society, which he states that by the efforts now using, “ knowto be “ drawn up in a masterly style of ledge, the best of knowledge, will be inlanguage, and to be full of piety and creased.” “ Indeed,” he adds, "there zeal for the advancement of the good are manifest tokens of the fall of idolatry cause." Among other striking facts, it at least; and I observe, that all those states the following:

who have learnt the English language, “ According to the most authentic even imperfectly, have acquired new sources of information, it appears, that sentiments with respect to the Author during 234 years, since Bibles were first of their being, withoutthemselves being printed in Russia, no more than twenty- aware of it. Thus the foundations of tre editions of the Slavonian Bible have Polytheism are undermined daily, and appeared, consisting in all of but about a hope excited, that in a little time we sixty thousand copies !

may hear the whole building tumble to And this for all the succeeding ge- the ground. With the sacred Scrip, perations, of a population consisting of tures in our hands, we can have no so many millions of souls !

doubt, as to the temple that will rise 5. Commanications from Mr.Paterson, upon its ruins. We look up to your dated at St. Petersburgh, Ang. 11th and Society, as the great instrument, under Sept. 2d, contain some interesting state- God, for the raisivg of this house of the ments. The Archbishop of Georgia Lord, where the nations of Hindooshas informed the Committee, that some tanee may flow, together under the banof the Mohammedan tribes in the Cau pers of Jesus Christ," casus had requested persons to be sent 9. The Seventh Report of the Philadel. to teach them to read, that they might phia Bible Society, states, that there are be able to use Christian books. A now" within our national limits, seventy prince of the Mongolian tribe, has ear siz societies, who have taken their renestly requested to have the Scriptures spective shares of this great design, sent to him and his people, in a language But lest it should be inferred, that they can read and understand. The there is the less need of the liberality of Committee have resolved to print 5000 professing Christians in this city and its copies of the Scriptures for the inhabi, vicinity, the managers take occasion to tants of Moldavia and Wallachia (the make known, that their proceedings ancient Macedonia), making their six- have continually tended to enlarge teenth lasguage.

their views and opportunities of use The British and Foreigo Bible Society fulness." has granted to the Russian Bible Society 10001. for its general purposes, and 3001. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY, for the Moldavian Scriptores.

1. The Anoual Report made to this Soe -6, Mr. Morison sends from Canton in ciety on the ed of May last has been China, (Jan. 80, 1815,)a copy of a 12mo. some time before the public, and we edition of the Chinese New Testament. bave regretted that it has not been in The cost will be half a dollar a copy. our power sooner to notice its contente.

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It is preceded' by a sermon preached nators to plead; we have citizens to on that day by the Rev. E. T. Vaughan, enrich, and soldiers to pray for us. M. A., Vicar of St. Mary's and All What are all these, but so many enSaints, in Leicester, from 1 John v, 11, couragements to go on with our work, 12. The general doctrine which the looking to ourselves that we lose not those preacher endeavours to establish, is that things which we have wrought, but that we « the reception of Christianity is essen- reccire a full rerrard. tial to salvation.” If then, the heathen " I beseech you, therefore, brethren,

withont Christ, having no hope, can- by the mercies and by the judgments of not be' saved;" if there be none other God; by dawning hopes and by revived name under heaven given amongst men terrors; hy the" aslies of yonr dead which can avail to this end, ""let os friends, and by the spirit of the dead rejoice that there are so many different which breathes in -the living; by the communities even in our own country. groans of perishing heathens, and by pursuing separate and combined efforts the joys of heaven-born, laborious, conin this great work. Let us give ta sistent Christians; by the pajus of hell, each our right hand of fellowship, our and by the glories of heaven; come, good wishes, congratnlations and pray- lengthen the cords, and strengthen the ers: 'Let us sce whether we cannot stakes of your tent-come, bring the make our own labours more abundant gold, the silver, and the stones, which and more successful.” Give your alms are to form the gates, the walls, and to-day, under the awakening convic. the battlements of the last city to be tion, " that thus only shall the heathen built-come, enlarge the commission of come to God! Look at the world-it is your angel, and bid him dy with his úot only a world which lieth in wicked- everlasting Gospel to every nation, and néss, but a world in convulsions; a kiudred, and tongue, and people-to world groaning and travailing in pain preach onto all them that dwell on the together, till all the kingdoms of the earth, from the river to the sea, und from earth become the kingdoms of the Lord the flood to the world's end." and of his Christ. The decree, long, The following is an abstract of the sivce gone fortlı, seems now to be on Report :the eve of its accomplishment! Jeru- The pecuniary resources of the sosalem shall be built: the foundations of the ciety have been greatly augmented, temple shall be laid.

For twelve years its income was 20001. « Onr favoared island and its depen. The 13th year it was 30001, The 14th dencies have an exalted share in the year yielded 11,0001: Its amount during vast enterprize. ' It is remarkable, that, the past year has exceeded 16,0001, whether a faithless and ambitious Con. Considerably more than the half of this queror, or the meek successor of St. sum has arisen from the efforts of Anx. Lonis, fill the throne, Britain, it seems, iliary Associations. Since the last Re. is to be the model of the new frame of port, many fresh Associations have been things: our polity is to be their polity, added to the former list; among the rest, so far as a dissimilar national character an Hibernian Auxiliary Society, of which and state of things can bear it. True an accoudt was given in our Number religion, too, is on the increase here, for April, with various associations de and makes known her march by sound- pendant upon it, has been instituted. ing her trumpet in many excellent in.. Extensive association's have also been stitutions, by which her combined formed for Hull and the East Riding or cause is to triumph. Her sons and her Yorkshire, for Plymouth, for Birming. daughters die, and thus prove them. ham and its vicinity, for the towo and selves to be no better than their fa. county of Bedford, for Manchester and thers; but other sons and daughters Salford, for the town aud county of rise up, and are baptized for the dead. Derby, for York, Newcastle on Tyne, We lose onr Venn, to model; our Cecil, Lancaster, and other places. This en to paint; our Robinson, to enforce; largement of its funds, and increase of our Buchanan, to explore; our Thorn- auxiliary institutions, we may jastly reton-son worthy of thy father!-to gard as the indication of an enlightened counsel and support: but we have a conviction of the duty of all Christians to veteran pioneer or two, still left to lead contribute their utmost to this work of the way: we have still inventive genius mercy; the evidence of a growing sense to plan; we bave still laborious industry of gratitude to Christ, and of compassion to prosecute; we bave nobles and se- for the perishing souls of men.

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