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Glencalvie, and the surrounding dise Gaelic teacher has been employed for trict, for learning to read the Word of some time. At the end of his labours God in their native langnage, Some among them, twenty-one could read grown-up girls attended it from a dis- the Old or New Testament distinctly, tance of four miles; bringing some and sixteen could read the New Testalittle provision with them, they conti- ment tolerably well; other five scholars nued at school from morning to night, were reading the First Book. The inand the progress made, during the habitants here are of the Roman Cashort space of eighteen days from the tholic persuasion : they have been commencement of the school, was in grateful for the teacher's residence proportion to their earnest inclination among them, of which the following shewn. Several, who never knew a paragraph, in a letter from Alex. Chisletter before, were spelling, and even holm, Esq. of Samlaman, to one of your reading portions of the Psalms and the secretaries, is a proof. They all with Ten Commandments. Supecting that one voice beg that I would give you the they had them by rote, I tried them in trouble to thauk the Society for their various ways, beginning in different great and liberal intentious : their own places; but I found in whatever way I expressions are, May the great God of attempted to prove them, they were grace give you payment, (or reward able to go on. It was a sight gratify- you,) as we cannot, which will be our ing in the extreme,-and if so gratify- constant prayer.'” ing now, what may we not expect from “ Gress, in the parish of Stornoway, the continued operation of the Society's island of Lewis.—The teacher has been aid, combined with the earnest desire employed here amongst a class of of the people to learn. A new era, I people, who were in the most necessitrust, has commenced, in which know. tous condition with respect to instruc ledge will increase, and the precious tion in reading. The number of schoWord of Life be given to thousands, lars, at the close of the second session, formerly completely ignorant of it. last summer, was one hundred and Thanks, uuder God, to the exertions of eighteen: of whom twenty-two were your benevolent Society. At the close reading the Old, and twenty-one the of the session, the proficiency of the New, Testament: twenty-nine were scholars auswered the most sanguine reading the Psalms, and forty-six the expectation of your Committee's cor, First Book. A gentleman resident in respondent, and the teacher has been this quarter has signified his cordial appointed to remain during this win. approbation of the schoolmaster's exter."

ertions. He says the teacher has Saund, in the parish of Gairloch given great satisfaction to all parties where a Gaelic school has been kept concerned : indeed he is indefatigable for three sessions.-Above eighty per- in his endeavours, and has greatly sucsons have derived benefit from the ceeded, having always upwards of a teacher's residence among them. A hundred scholars, some of them mar, number of these were grown up and ried people. It is truly pleasant to see married people, of both sexes, some of the happy change amongst them, ese whom had read the whole of the New pecially on the Lord's day, which forTestament twice over, and a great part merly was generally spent iu idle conof the Old Testament."

versation; but now they meet regularly, At Arinucrinach, in the parish of with Macleod, every Sabbath, and Applecross, there has been a school spend the day as they ought, in reading. open for three sessions, and about sixty I have been there lately and heard a boy persons have made very considerable of six years read the Bible perfectly.' progress in reading their own language. “ Cunnuy.- This island is inhabited At the close of the summer, three were almost wholly by Roman Catholies; and reading the Old, and thirty-four the their attention to the schoolmaster's inNew Testament, sixteen the Psalm- structions, as well as their 'progress in book, and seven the First Book, Anong learning to read, have been remarkable. this number, one man, of sixty-three The first parcel of books wbich was years of age, has learned, with the as- sent having been detained by the way, sistance of spectacles, to read the New and the teacher leaviny, in the meanTestament."

while, taught a number of the scholars " At Glenuig, in the district of Moi. to read their letters and short syllables, dart, and parish of Ardnamurchan, a when the books did arrive, they were Purchased, says the schoolniaster, individuals could read Gaelic, and that

without exception, before I could get but very imperfectly. them off the shore. Several, to assure Torraston, in the island of Coll.-At themselves of the Sacred Volume, spoke the examination of the school there, to me, a month ago, to keep a Bible for during last summer, out of sixty-six them. At the end of the summer ses- persons on the list, forty-six were presion, the number on the list was eighty- sent, with whose proficiency the Rev. eight, of whom five were reading the Mr. M'Lean, and three other visitors, Old, and thirty-two the New Testament, were bighly pleased. It afforded thirty-one the first book, and twenty me,' says this minister,' much pleasure were reading short sentences, or learn to find among them men and women, of ing the alphabet. Forty-eight of these from sixteen to thirty years of age. scholars are under fifteen years of age, Many of these, who did not know the thirty aged from fifteen to twenty, and letters in December last, are now able ten above twenty years old. On seve- to read the Psalm-book with tolerable ral occasions, during the past year, the ease."" dispositions which have been evinced, The Rev. Dr. Ross of Lochbroom, by both old and young, at this station, speaking of the benefits which havé have afforded to your Committee no been conferred on that extensive dissmall pleasure. They are not satis. trict by the Society, observes, “ There fied,' says the teacher, with barely is now hardly a village or glen in the reading the word. Every part of the parish, in which twenty or thirty young Scriptures presents something new to persons can be got together, in which them, which they never heard before, there is not a school, supported solely and this leads them to search them more at the expense of the poor people; and carefully.' The scholars, on getting if they could afford to bny books, or acquainted with the New, could not be could a number of Bibles and Psalm. satisfied without the Old, Testament; books be obtained for them to be diswhile the parents seemed greatly pleas- tributed gratis, the benefit would be ed, if not benefited, by the progress immense. In the district of Monk. which their children were making in castle, a man was taught to read by his reading their mother tongue. About own son, a little boy. In another disfive months after the teacher's arrival trict there is a school on the establishin the island, one man said, “he did ment of the Society for propagating not expect that bis son would ever have Christian Knowledge, a number of given him so much pleasure in matters grown-up yonng women engaged the of religion, as he had done already.' schoolmaster to teach them to read He then added, " that he had received Gaelic, during the winter evenings, more instruction from his son's reading themselves to provide the light. They about Christ, at his own fireside, than lie bronglit a candle every night, and with. had ever known before. When the out measuring time by hours, they seteacher was about to leave the island, parated only when the candle had burnt during the autumn vacation, one man, out, which was sometimes late. In short, who had a young boy at the Gaelic there is a spirit excited, and an eagere school, came to him, thauking him for ness expressed for knowledge, which, the trouble he bad taken in teaching I trust, will be productive of much his son to read the Gaelic Bible; and good.” said, that he understood from his son In the Society's First Report, it was that he had but one half of it, and that mentioned as being one of the probable it gave him so much pleasure to lear consequences of the institution, that what he had, that he would give any the study of the English language would thing for the other part. Another be promoted by it: the Committee alman would not, on any account, part ready perceive several indications of with the schoolmaster till he gave him this result. “ The people here," says his own Bible. With this desire the the Rev. Donald Ross of Kilmuir, in the teacher complied. In December last, Isle of Skye, “ thongh they have not among the population of this island, had the benefit of Gaelic schools long, consisting of four hundred souls, there are becoming anxious for English teachwas not a single copy of the Gaelic ers, which confirms a principle, the Bible! There appears to have been truth of which had some time ago been no more than two Testaments and one very much disputed: that to cultivate Psalm-book, while only three or four the Gaelic language is a certain though indirect road to promote the study of the Waugh; Joseph Reyner, Esq. 50, Mark. English,'”. Other instances might be fane; Robert Steven, Esq. Thomas. adduced in proof of the same opinion. street; and Mr. Tarn, Spa Fields; and

Subscriptions to this Society are re. in Liverpool, by Samuel Hope, Esq. . éeived in London, by the Rev. Alexander


Rev. F. E. Witts, m. A. Stanway V. Rev. Č. M. Babington, M. A. rector of with Upper Slaughter R. both co. Glouc. Peterstow, co. Hereford, Withington

Rev. Daniel Davies, Minister of Ems. Prebend. worth, Hants, vice Henville, resigned. Rev. John Seagram, m. A. Godmanston

Rev. Joseph Boughton Coley, M. A. R. Dorset. Drayton Perpetual Curacy, Oxon. Rev. Charles Champness, a Minor Ca.

Rev. Tho. Clarke, M. A. Broadwas P, non of St. George's Clapel, Windsor. co. Gloncester, vice Roberts, deceased. Rev. Mr. Doyle, Stony Stanton R. co.

Rev. Tho. Heynes, B. A. Wolverley V. Leicester. co. Gloucester, vice Digby, resigned. Rev. John Davis, M. A. vicar of Cerne,

Rev. Henry Scawen Plumptre, B. A. Dorset, Horsey Melcombe Dorset. Lamblethian V. with Cowbridge and St Rev. Edw. Copleston, B. D. Senior PelDonat's Chapel, co. Glamorgan.

low of Oriel College, Oxford, elected Rev. M. W. Jones, B. D. Ospringe V. Provost, rice Eveleigh, deceased. Kent, vice Jackson, resigned,

Dr. C. Hewett, Vice Master and SeRev. John Edwards, M. A. South Fere nior Fellow of Downing College, Camriby R. co. Lincoln.

bridge, and M. B. of Oxford, elected to Rev. Walter Kitson, Marksbury V. the Professorship of Medicine in the co. Somerset, vice Baker, deceased. University of Cambridge, vice Harwood,

Rev. Thomas Grylls, Cardynbam R. deceased. Cornwall.

Mr. Haviland, of St. Joli's College, Rev. J. W. Newton, M. A. Hembling: Anatomical Professor in the University don Perpetual Curacy, Norfolk. of Cambridge, vice Harwood, deceased.

Rev.T.O. Linley, B. A. Trowse V. with Rev. R. Carruthers, M. A. Trinity Col. Lekenham, Norfolk.

lege, Cambridge, Master of the FreeRev. W. F. Drake, B. A. Stoke Holy Grammar School, Holbeach,co. Lincoln. Cross V. Norfolk.

Rev. Andrew Irvine, Clerk, m.a. North Rev. J. Surtees, M. A. Taverham two Molton V. Devon, rice Bampfylde, resig. medieties Ř. Norfolk.

Rev. Wm. Digby, Harvington R. co. Rev. John Robinson, M. A, Falding. Worcester. worth R. with Ulceby cum Fordington

Rev. T. W. H. Beauchamp, B. A. BuckR. both co. Lincoln.

enham R. with Hassingham annexed, Rev. John Cutler, M.A. master of the Norfolk, free-grammar-school in Sherborne, Dor- Rev.J. Fearon, curate of Winterborne set, Patney R. Wilts, vice Lancaster, de. Abbas and Steepleton, Dorset, Portis ceased.

ham V. near Dorchester, cice Rev. Peter Rev.Wm. Bartlett, vicar of East Stoke, Miller, resigned. Newark-upon-Trent Y..,

Rev. E. Morgan, ». A. curate of St, Rev. J. Hammond, B. A. Hannington Mary's, Leicester, Syston V. Leic. rice R. Hants, rice Tabourdin, deceased. Ross, deceased. Rev. T. R. Jolliffe, one of the Prince

Rev. Wm. Maunsell, vicar of Drisbane, Regent's Chaplains in ordinary. ,

in the diocese of Ardfert, Archdeacon of Rev. Dr. Barrow, to a Stall in the Col- the diocese of Limerick, rice Hill, dee., legiate Church of Southwell, Notts, vice Rev. W. Yonge, M. A. Chancellor of Rerdmare, deceased.

the diocese of Norwich. Rev. H. Salmon, B. A. a Minor Canon Rev. H. Bathurst, LL. B. Archdeacon of Lichfield Cathedral.

of Norwich, rice Yonge, resigned. Rev. W. Curwen, Harrington R. Cum. Rev.M. Lunn, and Rev, Thomas Price, berland.

Minor Canons of Worcester Cathedral Rev. J. Whitelock, Deerham V. Cum. the former vice Griffiths, deceased, the berland.

latter rice Webb, resigned.

R. co.

Rev. Francis Howes, M. A. curate of nity Perpetual Curacy, Gloucester, and
Acle, Minor Canon of Norwich Car St. Mary de Lode V.

Rev. H. J. Beaver, Barncombe R.
Rev. Thos. Talbot, M. A. Carleton St. Sussex.
Peter R. Norwich.

Rev. T. S. Smytlı, St. Austell and St.
Rev. R. R. Smith, M. A. Colerne V. Blasee V. Cornwall.
Wilts, vice Rev. J. Wells, resigned.

Rev. George Capper, m. A. Wherstead
Rev. R. Bransby Francis, m. A. Rough. V. Suffolk.
ton V. Norfolk.

Rev. Theophilus Barnes, M. A. StoneRev. W. Gray, chllumpton V. other- grove R. co. York, vice Worsley, de. wise Upton Weare, Devon.

ceased, Rev. R. T. St. Aubyn, Ruan Minor R. Rev. George Chandler, LL. B. Southam Cornwall.

Warwick, rice Sandys, dec. Rev. J. H. Rawnsley, A. M. rector of Rev. Charles Brent Barry, B.A. Quar Belleau, Folkingham R. co. Lincoln. ley R. Wilts.

Rev, M. Pennington, vicar of North, Rev. J. Duncomb, m. A. Mansel-Lacy bouro, Kent, Deal Chapel Perpetual Çu- V. co. Hereford. racy, vice Brandon, deceased.

Rev. Thomas Dupré, Willoughby R. Rev. J. C. Palmer, LL. D. Compton co. Lincoln, vice Walls, dec. Pauncefoot, Sutton Montis, and Stowell, Rev. Wm. Newcombe, Mundfort R. RR. co. Somerset, vice his father, dec, Norfolk

Rev. R. Birch, M. A. rector of Wid- Rev, E. Griffin, St. Stephen R.Ipswich. dington, Bradwell near the Sea R. Essex. Rev. Kenneth Mackenzie Tarpley,

Rev. R. Hoyle, B. A, rector of Salt- Flower V. co. Northampton. fleet St. Clement, co. Lincoln, and mas. Rev. Thomas Gaisford, Regius Profese ter of the Grammar-school at Heighing. sor of Greek, Westwell R. co. Oxford. ton, Granby V. Notts.

Rev. J. E. Harrington, Chalbury R, Rev. W. Gwinnet Hornidge, M. A.

co. Dorset. Ministerworth V, Gloucester, rice Gyl- Rev. R. Cary, a Prebend in York Calett, dec.

thedral, Rev. Wm. Pearse, Drayton and Han- Rev. H. W. Jones, Aberffwaw R. Isle well R. near Banbury.

of Anglesea. Rev. S. Briscall, B, D, Lectureship of Rev. J. H. Randolph, Preacher of the Rodborough, co. Gloucester,

Honourable Society of Gray's Im.' Rev. F. Howes, M. A, St. George of Rev. N. Kendall, Lanlivery V. CornColegate Perpetual Curacy, Norwich, wall. and Bamburgh V. Norfolk.

Rev. John Munden, M. Au Bicknor Rev. W. E. Sims, M. A. West Tofts R. English R. co. Gloucester. Norfolk.

Rev. W. B. Wroth, Ellesborough R. Rev. Geo. Heron to the Church and Bucks. Parish of Terregles.

Rev. Dr. Lamb, Chipping Warden R Rev, Benj. Newton, Wath R,co. York. co. Northampton.

Rev. Wm. Skey, Little Bedwin V. and Rev. Caleb Rockett, Timbersoome V. Rev. B. Wilson to Great Bedwin V. both Somerset. co. Wilts.

Rev. Lewis Jones Howel, Penhow R. Rev. Dr. Batten, President of the Monmouthshire. East India College, vice Dr. Henley, re- Rev. G. P. Richards, M. A Head Mas signed.

ter of the Free Grammar School, Leeds. Rt. Rev. Dr. John Luxmore, Bishop Rev. R. G. Andrews, M. A. Master of of Hereford, Bishop of St. Asaph, vice the Free Grammar-school, Grantham,co. Cleaver, dec.

Lincoln, isi
Rev. George Burdon, A, M. Falstone Rev. D. Basley, Cranford R. North,
R. Northumberland.

Rev. Wm. Spooner, Chipping Campa Rev. C. Laxmore, Cradley R. cice
den V. co. Gloucester.

Hannington, resigned.
Rev. Dr. Forrester to a Prebendal Rev. J. Coldham, Anmer R. Norfolk.
Stall of Worcester, vice Fountaine, dec. Rev. J. Mitford, Weston St. Peter R.

Rev. James Phillott, jud. Stanton Suffolk.
Drew R. Somerset.

Rev. J. Hall, Perpetual Curacy of
Rev. J. L. Harding, Monkleigh V. Stoke, near Clare, Suffolk.

Rev. H. Atkins, Arreton V. Isle of
Rev. Charles Palmer, M. A. Holy Tri Wight.'

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Rev. T. Ackland, Lectureship of St. Rev. P. Penson, M. A. Minor Canon Andrew's, Holborn.

and Precentor of the Cathedral, Dar-
Rev. R. F. Onslow, Archdeacon of ham.

Rev. R. Davers, B. A. Bradfield St.
Rev. J. F. S. Fleming St. John, Severn Clare R. near Bury, Suffolk,
Stoke R.

Rev. T. Myers, Stannington V. North-
Rev. T. Barneby, St. Duustan's R. umberland.

Rev. Wm. Stocking, Normapton R.
Rev. G.Pyrke, Whitchurch and Gane. Lincolnshire.
rew united Hereford.

Rev. George Foxton, M. A: Newtown
Rev. W. Price, Killybebill R. co. Gla. R. co. Montgomery.
morgan, vice Gough, resigued.

Rev. James Haddy Wilson Williams,
Rev. E. Smedley, jun. M. A. Clerk in M. A. Fornham All-Saints R. with West-
Orders of the Parish of St. James, West. ley, Suffolk.

Rev. W. Watkins, Perpetual Curacy
Rev. Dr. Kay, Vice-Chancellor of of Sutton St. Michael's, Herefordshire.
Cambridge, rice Dr. Thackery.

Rev. John Pomeroy Gilbert, to a PreRev. Dr. Tennyson, Grimsby St. Mary bendal Stall in Exeter Cathedral. with Grimsby St. James united VV. Rev. Cornelius Copner, · Naunton

Rev. Wm. Baily Whitehead, Twiver Beauchamp R. ton V, Somerset.

Rev. Rob. Roberts, Haverhill V. Suf-
Rev. Mr. Jolinson, North Chapel R. folk.

Rev.Tindal Thompson Walmsley, B.D.
Rev. T. R. Shepperdson, St. Mary-le- St. Vedast Foster-lane, and St. Michael
Bow R. Darham.

le Quern, united RR. London. Rev.J: Parsons, M. A. first Prebendary Rev. Francis John Wollaston, B. D. of Peterborough, vice Barnard, dec. Rectory Sinecure of East Dereham, Nor

Rev. John Thorishy Bird, Riddles folk, rice Wollaston, deceased. worth, otherwise Riddlesworth and Gas- Rev. J. Perny, M. A. Hill Croome R. thorpe R. Norfolk.

vice Graves, deceased. Rev. R. H. Scott, Chaplain to New- Rev.Robert Chambres Chambres, B.D. castle Infirmary.

Scartho R. co. Lincoln, rice Jones, dee. Iltid Nicholl, Esq. his Majesty's Pro- Rev. J. Boudier, M. A. St. Mary's V, curator General, vice Charles Bishop, Warwick, vice Packwood, deceased. Esq. deceased.

Rev. Stephen Jackson, M. A. Nettle. Rev. Richard Grape, Hinlip R. co. stead R. near Ipswich, Suffolk. Worcester, vice Dr. Graves, deceased. Rev. R. Hodgson, M. A. Dean of Chese

Rev. Wm. Roles, m. A. Sharncott R. Hants, vice Gardner, deceased.

DISPENSATIONS. Rev. Walter Kitson, M.A. Clifton Fo. Rev. C. M. Momt, A. M. to hold Her liat R. Wilts, vice Poplam, deceased. nington V. with Helmedon R.

Rev. Mr. Crofts, to a Stall in Ely Ca- Rev. N. Ruddock, to hold Stockland thedral.

Bristol V. with that of Westbury-com-
Rev. Henry Girdlestonc, B. A. Colton Priddy.
R. Norfolk, rice Earl Nelson.

Rev. Charles Brune Henville, m. A.
Rev. John Coldham, B. A. Snettishain Portsmouth V. Hants, and Sydling St.
R. Norfolk.

Nicholas V. with Hilfield Chapelry,
Rev. James Phillott, M. A. Stanton Dorsetsbire.
Prior R. Somerset.

Rev. H. Watkius, m. A. Prebendary of
Rev. Mr. Dawson, Chislehurst R. York and Southwell, Barmbrough R.
Kent, vice Wollaston, deceased. with Conisbrough V. diocese of York,

Rev. Thomas Wood Simpson. M. A. rice Berdmore, dec.
Thurnscne R. co. York, vice Parker dec. Rev. H. Hall, to hold Edworth R. Bed.

Rev. George Stephen Molineux Mont- fordshire with Weston V. Herts.. gomerie, B. A. Garboldisham R. Norfolk. Rev. Thomas Wingfield, Stapleford V.

Rev. Charles Scott Laxmore, B. A. co. Leicester, and Teigh Rutland. Prebendary of Inkberrow in Hereford Rev. John Wingfield, to hold Broms. Cathedral, vice Hannington, resigned. ; grove V. with Whitbourne R. Hereford

*Rev. 2. Booth, M. A. Firsby. R. with shire. Steeping Magna, Lincolnshire.

Rev. Jolin Lanıb, d. D. 10 hold Chip Rev. C. Cooper, Upper Spodsbnry R. ping R. with Charwelton R. both io co. co. Worcester.


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