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fully preserved from the fevers of the coun- over to the Established Church. Six have try, but have now, as is generally the case been dismissed by letter to other churches, with those who are attacked by them for the and six have died, I trust, in the Lord. You first time during the fourth year of their re- will feel with me that this is a dark part of sidence, been brought exceedingly low. our picture, but I would rather it should be Blessed be our heavenly Father that I can seen, so that the Committee may be able to say, “ When I was brought low he helped judge fairly respecting these stations. Blessed me.For some weeks before I was con- be God, however, we have a brighter side, fined to my bed, I had been troubled with though perhaps not so bright as in some diarrhæa, and directly the fever left me this other churches. There have been eighteen returned as violently as ever. I was thus baptized, and twenty more would have been kept in a very debilitated state for a long admitted by this ordinance but for my illtime, having been absent from my people ness. One has been received by letter, and for eight weeks; and though I am now in several have been restored. Among the mercy restored to them, and to my labours, deaths, too, two or three have been of the I am still suffering severely from the same most triumphant kind. In one of these disorder. The greatest kindness was shown cases, that of a free person of colour, and to me during the time both by our own peo- one of our most intelligent members. I ple and others from whom I could not have visited her two or three times on the day of expected it. One gentleman, an attorney her death, and was much cheered by what I for several estates in the neighbourhood, saw and heard. Her expressions of deep having been told of my illness, and that a self-abasement, of ardent love to the Rechange was absolutely necessary, while our deemer, of unshaken confidence in him, and, nearest stations were so far distant that I consequently, of triumph over the last enecould not bear the journey, kindly came and my, were such as I had never heard from insisted on my removing to the great house any one, either in England or Jamaica. If on one of the properties, and remaining the friends in England could have been prethere as long as might be necessary. The sent, they would have felt with me that this overseers on this and the two adjoining es- alone was a sufficient recompence for all the tates, could not have treated me more kindly sums which have been expended on the if they had been my most intimate friends : mission. Another case was that of an eswhile the apprentices, the majority of whom tates' negro, whom, from the distance at are connected with us as members or in- which he lived, I had not an opportunity of quirers, vied with each other in doing what seeing. On the day before his death he told they could for minister.It is a fact worthy his wife that he had been in great darkness of being known, that, though there are, in and distress, “but,” said he, “it is all over round numbers, about 700 people on these now, and my soul is as peaceful as a lamb.” estates, there have not been more than four Tearing, from the manner in which he or five punishments inflicted since the com- expressed himself, that he was trusting to mencement of the apprenticeship, while some dream or fancied vision, she warned overseers and labourers express themselves him against all such vain confidences, when mutually pleased with each other. While he replied that she was mistaken, he had I write this, I cannot help thinking, “O si not fixed his hopes on anything of the kind. sic omnes.” The disclosures, however, which “ But,” said he, O how great is God's forhave recently been made by the publishing giveness ! how different it is from man's forof Williams's pamphlet, and the investiga- siveness! When man says he forgives you, tion which has since taken place as to its he keeps something back against you in his authenticity, have done much good in this mind ; but when God forgives, he forgives neighbourhood, as they have convinced the altogether. Presently afterwards he said to planters that if they will exercise their cru- his wife, “Well, Betsy, my wing is flapped !elties they must do so at the risk of being She asked, “Do you mean that you are going exposed and punished. We may be blamed to fly?" “ Yes,” he replied, “ I am going to by good men for interfering in this matter, fly, my wing is flapped.' She asked again, but while the curse of God stands on record “ And do you think that you have faith to upon those who see their brethren ready to fly?" “ Yes," he exclaimed, summoning up perish without attempting their deliverance, all his remaining strength, I bless God that we can afford to bear the lesser evil, even through my Lord Jesus I have faith.He if it be only to avoid the greater.

spoke no more, but, in a very few minutes In the church at Rio Bueno there has been his spirit took its anticipated flight into the much to humble us. During the past year presence of that Saviour in whom he trusted. eleven have been excluded; four have with. I went the next day about eleven miles to drawn; two because they could not give up bury him, and was much gratified by hearing their right in their fellow-creatures, and two the overseer and doctor for the property give without assigning any reason. The former him an excellent character for diligence and still attend with us, the latter have gone faithfulness.

But to return to Rio Bueno; our con- time, they disagreed; and he began selling gregation keeps up: the Sunday-school goods here on his own account. Till this is flourishing. having an attendance of time, though he had been kept, in a great from 150 to 200 children; and we have measure, from the prevailing sins of the lately commenced a day-school, having en- country, he had seldom been to a place of gaged a member of Mr. Knibb's church who worship, and, even when he did go, it was had learned the British system at Falmouth. only with a view to ridicule what he heard. There are at present about 50 on the books, He at first began to attend occasionally, but we expect that that number will be con- then more constantly, and frequently, as I siderably increased after Christmas. The thought, evincing symptoms of concern. I master is employed on alternate Sabbaths in did not, however, say anything to him till reading a sermon, and otherwise conducting he one day came to me in the chapel, and, the services while I am at Stewart Town. in an interesting and affecting manner, While speaking of this church, I may remark opened the state of his mind. It appears that our most intelligent member, and the that, while conversing with some of our one who knows most of his Bible, is a blind people, who, to use his own language, had young man. Having been frequently struck enjoyed far less advantages of education with the aptness and correctness of his than himself, he was struck with the greater scriptural quotations in prayer and conver- degree of religious knowledge, especially the sation, I asked him how he acquired this knowledge of the Bible, which they possessknowledge ? He told me that he kept a lit- ed, and with the ease with which they sitle boy, who could read pretty well, to lead lenced his objections. This led him to think him about; and that when they were at that if they were right he had grossly neghome he employed him in reading, frequent- lected his privileges, and he determined to ly for hours together ; "and,” said he, “ mi- search the Scriptures for himself whether nister, when I have heard words two or these things were so. By doing so and atthree times over, I can generally recollect tending on the ministry of the word, he had them.” If he had one of the Bibles for the become fully convinced of his need of an blind, I think he would soon learn to read interest in Christ, and had therefore come it. I have therefore told him that I would to me for advice. I gave him such as I mention his case to you, and you would thought suitable, and, having with much perhaps find some way of getting one for pleasure observed his conduct and apparent him. He is an apprentice, and has nothing growth in grace and knowledge, I proposed to depend upon, or I sheuld have felt it was to him to take the school in connexion with duty to buy one. We have, as yet, no house his shop. Though the salary which I could on the mission property here, and were I, offer him was much less than he could have by any means, to be obliged to leave that obtained in some other employments he which I at present rent, I believe it would readily consented, went to Falmouth to acbe impossible to get another in the place. quire a knowledge of the system, and then It becomes, therefore, important to erect a commenced the school. He has since given small one, and it will be begun as soon as up all thoughts of secular business, that he possible.

may devote the whole of his time to the At Stewart Town we have lost several pursuit of spiritual knowledge. What may members by death, some of whom died very be the design of God regarding him, I know happily; though I have no detailed account not, but I feel it my duty to assist him by of their last moments. There have been imparting to him whatever of such knowledge three excluded and 39 added, and I expect I may possess, and trust that he who has to baptize about 30 more as soon as my given him the desire for it, will teach him strength will permit. The congregation here so to employ it as shall be most for the good continues too large for the chapel; the Sun- of his cause. He will be baptized shortly, day-school is about equal to that at Rio together with the young person who was the Bueno, and a day-school has just been com- means of first leading him to think seriously menced with about 45 scholars. Here, as on the concerns of his soul. He will be at Rio Bueno, there will probably be a con- employed, on alternate Sabbaths, in the same siderable increase directly after Christmas. way as the schoolmaster at Rio Bueno. The young man whom I have engaged for I have not yet been able to make any colthis school, is about to join the church under lection for the Society, owing to my illness, very interesting circumstances. He is the but I mentioned it to the people last Sabson of very respectable parents, contrary to bath, and they expressed their readiness to whose wishes he left England in a man-of- do what they can, as I have no doubt they war, when only about fifteen years of age. will at Rio Bueno. The effort will be made On the vessel arriving at Jamaica, he was directly after Christmas ; I cannot say, with discharged at Montego Bay, and shortly af- Brother Burchell, that it will not interfere ter became clerk to a store-keeper at Stew- with our regular receipts, I believe it will; art Town. After remaining with him some though not perhaps to the amount of what. will be raised for this specific object. The valent to one floor of fourteen feet and a half next year, however, will show. I will en- by thirty-three feet. The schoolmaster also deavour to send my yearly statement of re- is at present forced to reside with us, there ceipts and expenditure as early in the new being no house to let in the town. From year as possible, though it may perhaps not this you may easily judge how we are cirbe till after the meeting of the Association. cumstanced in case of sickness, or a call

Mrs. Dexter and the children (for we have from a brother missionary. I had forgotten had another since I gave you any detail of to say that the only member of Stewart Town family affairs) are pretty well. I have put church who had any apprentices gave them off, from time to time, the enlargement of their freedom on the 1st of August. She is our house, but our increasing family renders a poor black woman, and had nothing else it absolutely necessary. It is the smallest to depend upon. They were four in numhouse I have seen at any of our stations, ber. Both the churches are now free from the whole of our dwelling being only equi- I the stain.




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Contributions rec. ived on Account of the Baptist Missionary Society, from Ja

nuary 20 to February 16, 1838, not including individual subscriptions : Missionary Box, by Miss Spurden.... 0 13 0 Sheffield Auxiliary, by Mr. Atkinson.... 45 18 8 Loughton, Missionary Association 6 14 1 Harlow, by Rev. E. Carey..


0 0 Kent Auxiliary, by Rev. W. Groser..

7 15
Sawbridgeworth, by Do..

1 90 Aberdeeu, by Mr. Souter.. 5 2 0 Bishop's Stortford, by Do..

6 14 Blaenavon, Castletown, and St. Mellons,

Stanstead, by Do

2 20 0
Monmouihshire, by Rev. D. Phillips.. 13 5 0 Northamptonshire Association of Inde.
Shipston-on-Stour, by Mr. Huck vale.... 5 0 0 pendent Ministers, Kellering, Rev, T.
Bourton-on-the-Water, by Do

8 16 3

2 0 0 Grimsby, by Rev. S. Marston..

11 0 0 Mrs. Eason and pupils, Camberwell, for Killingholme, by Do.. 2 14 71 Christian boys' boarding-school.

5 Limber, by Do' ] 971 Buckingham, friends at.

3 10 Cornwall Auxiliary, Balavce, by Rev.

Bridgend, by Rev. J. James..

1 1 1 1 J. Spasshati....!

40 16 9 Collected by Mrs. Arnold, for F. E.. 11 3 Bristol' Auxiliary, by R. Leonard, E«q.. 40 0 0

Rev. James Hargreaves, Waltham Abbey..

5 0
Thomas Wontner, Esq., Islington..

10 10 Friend, by the Secretary..

5 5 0 Mrs. Broadley Wilson, Clapham.

30 Old Friend..

Mr. A. Henderson, Forfar..

Miscellaneous Contributions for Special Objects.
of Miss R. Stacey, Secretary to Ladies Negro Friend Society,
For Schools at Montıgo Bay, by Mr. Burchell

40 0 0
Falmouth, by Mr. Knibb.

30 0 Kingston, by Mr. Whitehorne

20 0 0 ('oullart's Grove, by Mr. Abbott,

10 0 0 Near Brown's Town, by Mr. Clark.

25 0 of C. M., for Schools under the care of Mr. Knibb..

30 0 0 Towards sending out additional Missionaries to India. Rev. J. Lillycrop. 1 0 0 Mr. Davis, Do...

1 0 0 Mrs. Lillycrop..


J. Venuing, Esq., Norwich, per Rev, R.
X. Y. Z


5 0 0 Miss M. E. Smith, Denmark Hill.

5 W. M. Forbes, Esq., Denmark Hill. Miss Dixon 0 8 0 W. Curling, Esq., Herne Hill...

2 0 0 Masters and Misses Marten. 1 1 0 Joseph Curling, Esq., Do ...

10 0 0 Mr. Porter, Brixlon Hill.

5 0 W. Manfield, Esq., Denmark Hill.. 10 0 Miss Wills, Do. 5 0 0 A Friend, Do...

2 0 Mrs. Agutter, Deptford..

T. B. Oldfield, Esq., Champion Hill. G. Stokes. Esq., Colchester.


H. Thompson, Esq , Camberwell.. E. Rust, Esq., Greenwich,

D. F.T Mr. J. W. Rust, Do..

Mr. Teede, Bishopsgale Street..

0 Misses Rust, Do..


Friends at Sevenoaks, by Mrs. Hall 17 10 J. M. W.

0 0 Friends at Bessels Green, by Mr. Paine. 7 10 J. G. Jackson, Esq., Brixton. 5 0 Mr. R. Cartwright

5 Mrs. Austin, Tulse Hill.. 3 0 0 Friends at Amlwch, Anglesea .

2 5 0 Misses Austin, Do.. 1 0 C. M.

0 Miss Gray, Do.

Lady, by Rev. J. A..

10 Mrs. Blacleett, Bri ton Rise. 2 0 0 W. H. Nash, Esq., Royslon,

0 Mr. Anderson, Do.. 0 10 0 Buckinghain, friends at..

5 1 0 Mr. Cooper, Do.

0 5 Friends at Hackney, by Rev. Dr. Cox... 41 0 0 Mr. Joseph Dawson, Do...

Mr. Richard Ball, Taunton.

0 10



0 0




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TO CORRESPONDENTS.-The Box from Worcester has not yet arrived.

J. Haddon, Castle Street, Finsbury.

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HUMAN SACRIFICES IN GOOMSUR. The incorruptible seed of Divine truth has long been scattered over many a dark region in the East, and the results have been as various, and, to no small extent,



as valuable and decided as in any other part of the great field of Christian Missions. But there yet remain large portions of India, amid the cheerless depths of whose moral gloom the light of the everlasting Gospel has never yet appeared, or, at best, has only shed a faint, unsteady ray.

The district of Goomsur, forming the north-western extremity of the Northern Circars, at some distance from the Society's Station of Vizagapatam, maintains in this respect a melancholy pre-eminence. The state of its native inhabitants indicates an urgent necessity for attempts to plant among them the Gospel of the Redeemer; and, from a consideration of the most recent intelligence which has been received, representing scenes of torture and bloodshed in connexion with the religious rites of the people which have never been exceeded in any quarter of the world, the Directors feel that as soon as circumstances will permit, Missionary operations in that country should be commenced, The intelligence referred to was published in a Madras paper at the commencement of last year ; and our brother, the Rev. W. H. Drew, by whom it has been transmitted to this country, considers the thrilling statements which it embraces fully entitled to belief. They are as follow :

“ • Miria Pooja, or human sacrifice, takes place in Goomsur once a year, in one or other of the confederate Mootas* in succession. The victims are stolen from the low country, or brought from some other distant part, and sold to those mootas where the sacrifices are offered: if children, they are kept until they attain a proper age. The cruel ceremony is thus performed.

“ • When the appointed day arrives, the Khoondst assemble from all parts of the country, dressed in their finery; some with bear-skins thrown over their shoulders, others with the tails of peacocks flowing behind them, and the long-winding feather of the jungle cork waving on their heads. Thus decked out, they dance, leap, and revel, beating drums, and playing on an instrument not unlike in sound to the Highland pipe. Soon after noon the Jani, or presiding priest, with the aid of his assistants, fastens the unfortunate victim to a strong post, firmly fixed into the ground; and then, standing erect, the living sacrifice suffers the unutterable torture (humanity shudders at the recital) of having the flesh cut off from his bones in small pieces by the knives of the savage crowd, who rush on him and contend with each other for a portion of the gory and quivering substance. Great value is attached to the first morsel thus severed from the victim's body, for it is supposed to possess superior virtues, and a proportionate eagerness is evinced to acquire it.

“ 'In Guddapore, another and equally cruel sacrifice frequently precedes the one already described. A trench seven feet long is dug, along which the human victim is suspended alive, the neck and heels being fastened with ropes to stakes firmly fixed at each end of the excavation, so that to prevent strangulation he is compelled to support himself by extending his hands over each side of his grave.

“. The presiding priest, Jani, after performing some ceremonies in honour of the goddess Manekisiri, takes an axe and inflicts six cuts at equal distances from the back of the neck to the feet, repeating the numbers one, two, &c., as he proceeds, Rondi, Rendi, Moonjii, Nalgi, Chingi, Lajgi, and at the seventh, Argi, decapitates the victim-the body falls into the pit, and is covered with earth ; after which the hellish orgies first described are enacted.

“ • Women are sacrificed as well as men ; and since the arrival of the troops in the Khoond country, a female found her way into the Collector's camp, at Patringia, with fetters on her legs. She had escaped during the confusion of an attack by our men on the Wulsa (hiding-place) of the people who had charge of her,

* Moota-district.

+ Inhabitants of the hill-country,

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