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Villages. Male Female Total
Corlepatto.............................. 8

133 107 240
Eraoorpatto ........................... 21

1818 1922 3740 Manmoney patto. .............

68 7141 6861 14,005 Erowillpatto...................

1318 1295 2613 Poretivopatto ................

642 621 1263 Carewagopatto ................

3495 3388 6883 Samanturrepatto. .............

1328 1351 2679 Nadoo Cadopatto ...........

324 284

608 Nindoorpatto .........

697 631 1328 Akrepatio......

1929 1869 3798 Panoa patto ...........


537 1188



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180° 19,479 18,866 38,345 In the course of a few days I hope to bitants, a number more than four times send you an account of the population in greater than that he has on the island the Province of Jaffna.

· where the Missionary resides. To make In my journey in the interior, I visited the station what it ought to be, we ought a celebrated temple, of which, the Head to have an European Nissionary at Bauti. man of the village gave me some notices. caloa, at the head of the station, with an The temple, which is dedicated to Siva, is Assistant resident with him, and a Catecalled, "the self-originated temple,” for chist at Sumanturrey. The school insti. it is stated that the temple originally tutions of this station are in the most inrose into existence of itself. The temple efficient state it is possible to conceive, stards in the midst of a grove of trees, and these, therefore, should be placed and several sacred trees are growing in under the superintendence and direction the walls. One is shown as of a remark. of an active Assistant-Superintendent able character. I was informed that on of schools ; and an English school on a the eve of very auspicious events, the large scale should be established at the bark bursts, and milk exudes, and that head of the station, under the immediate on the approach of inauspicious events care of the Missionary. When at Batti. blood exudes ! The man who gave me caloa application was made to me to this information maintaincd that he him. bring to Jaffna one or two youths for the self had witnessed these phenomena. purpose of enjoying the benefits of our There is an idol car connected with the superior means of education at this place, temple carved in the finest style. Some of but the difficulty of furnishirg board for the figures are of a very disgusting descrip- them prevented me from yielding to the tion. The annual income of the temple, pressing solicitation. I could not receive situated as it is in one of the most ob the youths in question as Theological scure villages in the district, is £45. students, being unfit in every respect for

The specific object of my visit was to that situation, nor could I make provision give direction respecting the chapel, for them on the Mission premises. I which is in course of erection. But as I hope the parties, however, will be able was anxious to see the district, and to to send the youths in question, as the ad. have an opportunity of judging of its vantages they would obtain would be merits as a Missionary Station, I visited of great value not only to themselves, most of the principal places. The re- but to the station to which of course they sult of my observation was favourable. would ultimately return. Its population is scattered, generally, I am sorry to say that Mr. Hunter was but in soine places sufficiently condensed not able to get the roof of the chapel put to form very good centres of usefulness. on before the rain commenced. The buildAbout twenty-six miles souch of the ing is however advanced, and it is to be island, where the Missionary residence hoped that it will be completed within is, and the civil establishment, there the next monsoon. is a most favourable spot for the residence of our Assistant or Catechist.

STATE OF THE JAFFNA MISSION If he were located at Sammanturre,

SOCIETY AND CONGREGATIONS. a village in itself, coptaining nearly HAVING furnished this extraneous mattwo thousand souls, he would be able ter which is more connected with other to embrace, in a day's walk, villages places than with my own immediate sphere containing nearly eight thousand inha. of duty, I shall now proceed to present a

connected view of the state and prospects being as it were constrained to attend, it of the Mission on this station.

is unreasonable to expect any very No great numerical alteration has taken important results. The accustoming place in the society during the past year. the people to the usage of public There is, however, a small addition, and instruction is almost all we gain in many an increase of interest manifested on the instances. It might be supposed that part of some ; and I have reason to be. those villagers who were formerly in. lieve some members of the society structed in these schools, and espehave made advancement in knowledge cially as such are now very numerous, and piety. The classes are, I feel assured, would from old associations have an in a more healthy state than they were a inclination to attend the public sera year ago. At the love-feast held on vices of the village schools ; but it is not Christmas day, nearly the whole of the so. In Wannarponney we have had a members were present, and many gave flourishing school more than twenty pleasing testimony to the power of divine years and it is still difficult to collect, grace. I am persuaded that if a greater except when extraordinary effort is made, degree of pastoral attention could be more than half-a-dozen persons. Two given to the population generally, and weeks ago I went to Wesley-chapel in to the juvenile part of it particularly, the above village, to conduct the morning we might reap a greater amount of advan. service, and no more than about six tage. My engagements are so various, or ten adults were present, besides those and the attention demanded from me so whose connexion with the schools assemunceasing with regard to the general ble brought them to chapel. I was, howsupervision of our numerous operations, ever,'much gratified and encouraged with that I can do but comparatively little in the juvenile assen.bly, which consisted of the way of pastoral visitation. Mr. three schools of boys, containing nearly Kats applies himself to this duty, but two hundred pupils, and by the novel and still there is an influence about the pastoral very interesting sight of fifty-nine Hindoo efforts of the regular Missionary himself, girls. I catechised the more advanced of that is more effectual than that of an the girls, and was much delighted with Assistant, however well qualified he may the proficiency they had made in the be for the duties of his office.

first principles of Christiani:y. There Not only might we anticipate advan. is something very interesting about a tages to the Society from greater pastoral Hindoo girl. They are generally very care, but our congregations would intelligent, and peculiarly free and talkdoubtless be much, improved by such ative. We have gained considerable efforts. On the whole the attendance at ground on the prejudices of the people the different places of worship is encou. during the year, with respect to the edu. raging, and especially so in the English cation of their females. The view and Tamil departments of labour. As which I give you of the village congreobserved in my former communications, gation is not very encouraging, but it is not only are the European descendants on the facts of the case that I speak. It generally very desirous of bearing the cannot possibly be so discouraging to you, word in English, but also the natives, as it is to those who have to dispense the many of whom are becoming able to un word to a people so apathetic, and so comderstand a sermon in our language. On pletely earthly. some occasions I have thirty or forty W e have, however, the word of proadult natives among my hearers, besides mise to encourage us, and though we the youths who are under instruction in have to sow the seed under such discouthe English schools. The labours there. raging circumstances, there is ground to fore in this department do not terminate hope that those who may at a subsequent on the few English who are resident here, period become our successors may have but extend to the Burgher population the joy of harvest as we have now the generally, and are to a considerable ex. toils of seed-time and hope. tent made beneficial to the native popu. lation.

STATE AND PROSPECTS OF THE Of the native congregations, that in

JAFFNA SCHOOLS. the town at St. Paul's is by far the largest The above notices respecting our conand most important. The village con- gregations may suffice. I shall now offer gregations are very fluctuating and dis. a few observations on the state of our couraging. In collecting a small num. schools, a department of Missionary ber of hearers in the village school labour, which, at least in niy case, abbungalows, the schoolmaster has gene. sorbs a great portion of my time and atrally to make considerable effort ; and tention. The labours of the past year


are now fully before me in their result metic; Specimens of writing and needleas exhibited at the recent examinations work. which have taken place at Jaffna. A

THE LOWER GIRLS' SCHOOL. brief account of these events may best embody the general information on the Fifth Class.--Elements. state and prospects of the schools which Fourth Class.-English will be most satisfactory to you. In No. 1. to fifth page. order to bring forward to the view of the Third Class.- English Instructer, public generally the operations of our ninth page; Appended Catechism, third Mission in the school-department, I de. page, termined on having two days devoted for Second Class.--Second Instructer, page this purpose. Accordingly on the 20th seventeen ; First Series of Catechism. ultimo we assembled all the females re- First Cluss.—New Testament, first ceiving instruction under the auspices of chapter of St. Luke; English Instructer, our Mission.

first part, page twenty-one, second part, They were all convened at the Mis- to eighty-second page; Principles of sion-house from the respective schools, as Grammar ; Grammar of Geography ; follows:

Catechism, Appendix to No. II; ArithUpper girls' school, Mission-House, metir, Numeration and Notation ; Spethirty studying English : lower girls' cimens of writing and needlework. school, Mission-house, thirty-seven study- It would much exceed the limits which ing English and Tamil : native females' it is proper for me to observe in my corschool, Kellatty, thirty-four studying respondence to give you the details of Tamil : native females' school, Carpeve the day. Suffice it to say, that the pupils ter-Street, thirty-two studying Tamil : gave the greatest satisfaction to the very native females' school, Weaver-street, respectable and numerous assembly of twenty-two studying Tamil: native fe- ladies and gentlemen who were present to males from the boys' school, in which witness the scene. I, of course, knew they are taught apart from the boys, fif- what they would be able to show, and do teen studying Tamil; in all, one hundred not gather my knowledge from the day's and seventy.

business. I am happy to say that the Such was the assembly. As the time schools are in the best possible state of would have been insufficient for the ex- efficiency: the order, regularity, and disamination of all, I confined the exercises cipline, are such, through the year, comof the day to those girls who are learning bined with a good system of tuition zeaEnglish. The order of examination ar- lously carried out, as to secure the most ranged for the occasion was as follows :- beneficial results for the pupils. The THE UPPER GIRLS' SCHOOL.

ordinary expenses of the upper-school,

for the past year, are upwards of £50; Fourth Class.--First English Instruct- the whole of which is paid. The lower er; First Series of Catechism.

girls' school is in a prosperous state, con. Third Class.—Read the New Testa- sidering the various obstacles we have ment, xxvth chapter of St. Matthew, and had to oppose us during the year. Its hird Instructer, (Value of Time ;) Cate- expenses, together with a balance standthism, the whole of the first series ; ing against me at the beginning of the Grammar, the whole of Principles ; Geo- year, are about £26, which sum is also graphy, fifteenth page of Grammar of paid, leaving an overplus for this year of Geography; copying their lessons from nearly £1. The donation from the third instructer ; specimens of writing ; Ladies' Society for Female Education in specimens of needlework.

China and the East, was most gratefully Second Class.—Read the xxvth chapter received, and was most timely. I have of St. Matthew, and third Instructer, thankfully acknowledged it, and sent the History of India and Ceylon ; Catechism, Committee of that Society, through Miss the whole of the second series ; Gram- Elliott, a long account of my operations. mar, three parts ; correcting false Eng. There is a possibility that the Commit. lish; Geography, Europe, withdefinitions ; tee may apply to you, to ascertain your Natural Philosophy, as far as the twelfth sentiments respecting the Mission of an page ; arithmetic ; specimens of writing Agent, to be stationed at Jaffna, in conand needlework.

nexion with our Mission. There is, I First Class.--New Testament; Cate- have no hesitation in saying, one of the chism ; Grammar, three parts, correction finest openings in the island, in Jaffna, of false English, thirty-ninth Example; for a young lady of talent, activity, and Geography, the whole ; Natural History good attainments. As to any responsibi. and Philosophy; Ancient History; Arith- lities of a financial nature, I am disposed


to bear a considerable share; and if the the course of the next week, one of the young lady, who might be sent, was com- pupils, a very intelligent girl, began to petent in the various branches of a good pray, and, for this purpose, retired behind education, then I conceive that the whole a mat-screen in her mother's house. This of her expenses might be met here. The strange attempt on the part of the child more advanced of the pupils in the excited the displeasure of the mother, upper school, and those who may be re- who insisted that she should either abanceived in the new relation of boarders on don the thing, or go away,

The little the establishment, who might be designed girl told her mother, that the gentleman as Schoolmistresses, would be the most who instructed her said it was good to interesting objects of the attention of such pray, and that God would hear her; and, an Agent

as I have suggested should be as she was determined to pray, she went

I may observe here, that, being away to the house of the Schoolmaster. encouraged by the Society recently form- In a few days, the mother was induced to ed, I have determined to advance a step allow her to return.

This little story on my lower girls' school, by taking six serves to prove, at least, that even little of the most promising pupils, and placing children can understand the Tamil of a them under the care of a pious and well. foreigner. educated native woman, the sister of Har- You will perceive, from this brief riet, whom I once mentioned in one of sketch, how I am attempting to extend my communications. The accommoda- the benefits of mental and moral training tions I am able to make on the premises

to the females of every class of the popuwill be of the most convenient kind; and lation. In the upper girls' school we the students will be removed entirely have the children of the highest civil from all intercourse with those who authorities; and, in descending degrees, might impose habits on them that would provisiòn is niade in different departments render them unfit for those situations of for the lowest. I am very desirous of usefulness which I hope they will be accomplishing something for every class qualified to fill. This new department of the community, that our Mission may will cost about £40 a year. How I shall be made a general blessing, and that all obtain the money I cannot tell; but I cause for complaint may be removed. have no doubt that some of the thousands In the boys' department we are favour. of our Israel have zeal enough to meet its ed with equally encouraging prospects. expenses. I do not intend to ask you for The examination of the boy's school was any thing for its support, till its merits held on December 27th, according to are tested ; nor even then, if can, by the following order :any means, obtain funds for its continuI view it, prospectively, as one of

OF THE BOYS' SCHOOL. the most important branches of my Missionary labours. The girls I have Third Class. (Upper Department.) – selected are as follows : Johanna, aged First Instructer with its Scripture ; Cateten years ; Tangal, eleven ; Letchymy, chism; noun, adjective, verb. twelve ; Mootto, nine ; Mary, six ; Fifth Class. (Native Department.) – Maria Mootto, seven.

Second Instructer, page 22d ; First The female village-schools are in 2

Catechism ; principles of Grammar good state. As stated above, in the ab- through the verb; first division. First stract of the numbers present on the day Instructer, page 9th : second division. of examination, we have now a consider- First Instructer, page 2d: third diviable number under our care. The effects sion. on the general condition of the popula. Fourth Cluss. (Native Department.) tion will be ultimately very great, I have -New Testament ; read Second Instructno doubt. At present, great prejudice er, the whole; First Series of Catechism, prevails amongst all classes against the the whole ; Catechism, appendix number advancement of the female character. II ; Grammar, Orthography, Etymology, One little anecdote I may here give you, and Syntax; Arithmetic, subtraction. connected with one of the schools. In Second Class. (Upper Department.) one of my addresses to the children one Read the New Testament with First Sabbath, I attempted to gain their atten- Class; Catechism First Series Appendix tion by comparing a Hindoo child with to Number 2 ; Second Instructer whole, a pious Christian child. In my descrip- copying on slates ; Grammar, Orthotion, I mentioned prayer as an important graphy and Etymology; Geography exercise, in which the Christian girl Chapters I. II; Numeration and Notawould delight, and told them how they tion; Specimens of writing. ought to imitate such examples, &c. In Third Class. (Native Department.)



Read Luke xviii; Third Instructer, of divinity, &c. They are now reading Part 1. xx; Part íi. lxxxviii, various Watson's "Conversations for the Young, questions ; showing the knowledge of as are also the more advanced pupils of Grammar, copying a part on slates ; the upper girls' school. The students Grammar, Parts I. II. III; Geography are employed occasionally in distributing page 22d ; Catechism, appendix to Num- tracts, and in the Sunday-schools, both ber II., the whole ; Arithmetic, (Joyce's) in town and in the villages. For their Fractions ; specimens of writing.

accommodation I have erected three wall Second Class. (Native Department.)– rooms on the premises, which afford Reading the New Testament, Luke xv; them the means of retirement and seclu. Catechism II., page 30th; Grammar, sion. This little institution, and the one Parts I. II. III; false English, page for females just commenced, both on 20th; the whole of Geography; Natural the premises, and under my constant Philosophy, page 16th ; Third Instructer, care, I regard with an interest I cannot Scripture History ; Arithmetic, division describe. The family of the Schoolof decimals ; specimens of writing. Superintendent, conducted by his amiable

First Class. (Upper Department.) wife Harriet, and the little asylum under Scripture, Matthew xxv. ; Catechism Il. her sister's care, together with the large the whole series ; Grammar, Ortho- school containing upwards of two hun. graphy, Etymology, and Syntax; Geo- dred pupils, are objects of interest. graphy, the whole, use of Maps ; Natural Visiters on looking over our establish. Philosophy, page 25th; Law, page 6th ; ment are astonished at its magnitude, Specimens of Writing : Mrs. Trimmer's and impressed with the persuasion, that Scripture History, Third Instructer; it must promote the interests of Christi. Arithmetic, principles, Long Division. anity in this part of the island. That

First Class. (Native Department.)— you may see how the premises are Ancient History, page 136th ; Evidences arranged for the different purposes of the of Christianity, the whole of Three Series Mission, I shall accompany this with a of Catechisms ; Political Economy, page ground plan of the whole building. 100th ; Second Series of Catechism, the

MISCELLANEOUS LABOURS. whole; Principles of Geometry, page 78th; Grammar, miscellaneous ques

During the past year, my literary tions, particularly on Etymology and labours have been prosecuted, it is true, Compounds ; Law, page 12th ; Natural with difficulty, but with some degree of Philosophy, Dialogue Ist ; specimens of effect. As a member of the Committee writing; Arithmetic, page 102, Decimal of Revision for the Bible Society, I have fractions; Geography, Europe ; Greek considerable labour; and as the Secretary John i.

and joint Editor of the Book Society, The studies of the first class will serve and as a member of the Tract Society's to show that I am doing all in my power Committee, my labours are also extensive. to give the pupils all the advantages I Our present labours for the Bible Society

The examination was conducted consist of a revision of the Psalms. The by myself principally, and continued Book Society is increasing its operations from eleven till four o'clock. The differ. considerably. Several new works have ent classes gave great satisfaction, and issued from the press during the past one general expression of approbation year, and several more are in course of was awarded to me, for my efforts to lead preparation. I have in hand Bischi's on the rising youth to knowledge and * Instructions to Catechists,” which is to piety. In ancient history and the evi. be published in a revised form, for the dences of Christianity, the pupils acquitted bentfit of the native agents employed in themselves very well, as they did also in the Missionary Institutions. For the Tract the other branches,

Society I have got up a Tract of fortyIn this connexion I may introduce my eight pages, and also a Daily Monitor in theological native-students, as they occupy Tamil on the plan of those published in the most distinguished places in their class, England. The latter work consists of and indeed in the school. I have great two texts of Scriptures for every day in pleasure in stating, that they not only give the year, with a verse of a hymn annexed. me satisfaction in the prosecution of their These two works liave cost me considerstudies, but their general conduct is such able labour, and will, I hope, prove as affords me the hope, that they will extensively useful. The following is the become useful agents among their coun. outline of my Tract, called " Incarnate trymen. In addition to their school Grace.” studies, I embrace every opportunity for Part I. shows the discrepancies exist. aiding them in various ways in the siudy irg between the system of the Saivas and


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