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£ s. d.
£ s. d.

£ s. d. Staffordshire.

Wrentham ................ 14 2 5 Pencaidair, Rev. M. Rees 10 00 North Aux. Society

For E. J. Primrose, Burslem . ................ 13 0 0 and E. Ritchie, at

Llansilio, Rev. W. Thomas 3 11 0 Cheadle .....................

Combaconum ....... 3 0 0 Hanley .....

South Wales Calvinistic For Nat. Tea. S. New

Less exps. 131. 58. 9d. 650 7 0 Method. per D. Charles, land ...**......***.... 10 00

Esq.:Lane End ...................... 3 10 3 Sudbury, Mr. W. Hurrell,

Cardiganshire ............ 202 17 2 Newcastle......................

........................ 2 10 jun.

0 Breconshire ....
Stone ..............

3 2

Glamorganshire ......... 57 1 1 Tean .......................... 1 12 3 Epsom, H. Gosse. Ésa.... 8 0ol Monmouthshire... ....... 21 11 1 Annual Meeting of Aux.

Richmond, on account... 15 00l Pembrokeshire ........... 59 26

8 14 Society 0

Carmarthenshire.........105 10 9 Sussex.

Brighton, Rev. J. N. Less exps. 41. 18s. 100. 62 6 8 Goulty, for tools for

Less exps. 15s. 100.. 498 14 10 Tzatzoe ........................ West Bromwich, Legacy

• 4007. previously remitted. of late Mrs. Whyley ... 1000 01.


Shrewsbury Calvinistic
Leamington, Mrs. Gill,

Methodists ................ 18 5 6 Aux. Soc. per S. Ray, Esq.:for a house for the Nat.


... ol - Tea. J. Gill .......

5 Alderton

0 0

Dumfries South Sea MisBeccles ..................... " 31 7 Stratford-on-Avon ......... 26 8 4

sionary Society ......... 5 11 2 For Nat. Tea. J. Cris o! Trustees of late Mr.

Cavers, J. Douglas, Esq. 100 00 Bergholt 101 Fisher ................... 6

Melrose, for So. Sea Ship 3 1 0 Boxford....

3 0 6

Per Mr. J. Urquhart:
Bungay ........
8 7 8 Kendal-

Aberdeen Mis. Society. 20 00 For Orph. Girl at NaContributions ............ 84

Inch ditto.........

3 0 0 gercoil ................ 1 4 0 For Kendal Castle Sch. 10 0 Two Friends in Tarland 0 7 6 Bury St. Edmunds

For Kent Terrace Sch. 10 0 New Machar Society Whiting-street.......... 17 18 6 For Native Schools...... 7 9 0 for Religious Pur. ... 3 5 0 Northgate-street...... 31 2 0

New Deer, Mr. Wilson 2 0 0 Cratfield

4 2 0 Less exps. 11. 178.... 109 15 1 Clare ...... 111 6

28 12 6 Debenham

20 12 5

Worcestershire. Falkingham .......... 1 1 0 Dudley, for Nat. Tea. Jas.

Peterhead Missionary and Framlingham

9 3 6 Dawson........................ 10 0 0 Bible Association ....... 10 10 0 Gorlestone ........... . 1 4 0 Yorkshire.

I M . L. ............................ 5 0 0
Hadleigh .............. 51 7 5 York Central Aux. Soc.... 141 18 4
Ann. Meeting of Aux.
Whitby, for the Widow of

Dalkeith, Rev. Mr. Na-

32 12 8 the Nat. Tea. Whitby... 3 3 0 pier's, for So. Sea Ship 9 9 6 Halesworth 6 10 10 Per W. Stancliffe, Esq.:

Ayr, Mr. R. Whiteside... 2 0 0 Ipswich


0 Cairndinness, Mr. P. Tacket-street .......... 80 12 3 Halifax, for So. S. Ship 17 10 0 Begbie .................... 1 0 0 Nicholas New Chapel 15 00

-Garleton, Mr. J. Howden 1 1 0 Lavenham ................. 10 1 4

26 10 0

IRELAND. Melford ... 70

Belfast Sun. Sch. Union, Needham Market ...... 0 0 Leeds, for Nat. Tea. Thos.

for School in India .... 10 9 6 Rendham .................. 5 2 0! Scales, and Obadiah Southwold ..

. 12 12 01 Richard..................... 20 0 0 Tea. W. Weir ............ 10 0 0 Stowmarket ...............107

107 2 ol For So. Sea Ship.........

1 Dublin. Lady Shaw ... D. 5 00 For Nat. Tea. J. A.

For Wid. and Or. Fund 20 7 01
Webb, and R. Mor-

rison .................. 20 0 0

41 8 o Swedish Missionary Soc. 10000 Sudbury 36 13 2

JERSEY. Wattesfield ..... ......... 10 0 0 Bradford, for Nat. Tea. J.

A few Friends, per Mrs. Balance of Rents of

| Rennie ...................... 10 0 0 Traveller .................. 1 0 0 Property transfer. Warley, Legacy of late

ST. HELENA. red to the Society,

Rev. T. Hawkins, less by a Member of the

Aux. Society ............... 16 8 8 duty, and deficiency of

Church ...... ...... 30 0 01


...... 70 10

Aux. Society ............... 40 0 0 Wickham Market ...... 611 5

Wickham Brook......... 12 6 2 North Aux. Soc.............. 3 11 0...


*Kingston, Juvenile Soc. Subscriptions .......... 6 2 o Haverfordwest Tabernacle 77 2 1! in the Mico Schools ... 2 10 0 Quarterly Meeting... 12 9 10 Middle Hill

.................. 1 6 6

SOUTH SEAS. For Nat. Schools...... 1 16 0

781. 8s. 7d. --- Tahitian Aux. Soc. ...... 100 8 4 Woodbridge Chapel ... 22 18 8 Trewen, Rev. S. Jones ... 9 8 0

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... 20 0 o Cookstown, for the

For So. Sea Ship .

W. Tyler, Printer, Bolt-court, Fleet-street.




Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Mission House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London; or by any of the Ministers or Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.


two months another school, taught solely by a native Christian. This is now the second

school which I have been able to establish MONGHYR.

upon this plan. A few years ago I could

get no children to attend the native ChrisOur last communication from this sta- tians. I am, however, much tried in various tion bears date 19th December, 1837. ways by the schools, and have comparaMr. Leslie, at that time, continued to tively little satisfaction. I attend myself suffer under considerable indisposition, occasionally, and catechize and instruct the although not such as to prevent his en

children in the doctrines of the gospel. gaging in Missionary duties. Mr. Moore had removed from Monghyr, with his

DIGAH. large family, to Simka, a distance of one thousand miles; which renders it addi

Extract of a letter from Mr. Lawrence tionally desirable that help should be to the Secretary, dated Digah, Feb. 3,

1838. sent to Mr. Leslie without delay. Mr. George Parsons has been accepted with I am thankful that I have had nothing this view, and will embark, it is ex- more than occasional interruptions in my pected, for Calcutta, early in the present regular duties since the commencement of month.

| last year. Our Hindustan worship with the In the letter we have mentioned Mr. native Christians and others every morning, Leslie states :

our services in the chapel on Sunday morn

ings, and prayer-meetings on Thursday We have had, during the last three evenings, as well as our regular English months, a very interesting case, in an old services, have been constantly kept up. native woman, who, after having applied Also there has been preaching and distrifor baptism, and been mentioned to the buting tracts, more or less, almost every church as a candidate, was suddenly taken day, in the streets and lanes of the neighfrom the midst of us by cholera. She had bourhood. With regard to the success been attending, for two or three years, the which has attended these efforts, painful as native chapel; but was, I can hardly tell it is, I must still write in the language of how, entirely unnoticed by, and unknown complaint. I have been sometimes led to

The Lord, however, had been no- hope that good impressions have been proticing her; and had, I have every reason to duced, and I have felt encouraged for a believe, made her a subject of his convert- time; but, like an untimely blossom, these ing grace. When she came to me, I was impressions have soon withered away, and surprised, both at the depth of her experi. I have still to mourn that there is no fruit. ence and her knowledge; and, on making to be gathered in. But, while I grieve over inquiries as to her character, I found that the want of converts from my own neigh. she was one who exhibited no small degree bood, I trust I can rejoice over one gathered of the spirit and conduct of a real Christian. in from a distant part of the wilderness, who I readily, therefore, proposed her to the is as a first fruit of my labours. On the 1st church; but, before the time of her proba- instant, I had the pleasure of baptizing the tion had expired, God took her unto the native respecting whom I have mentioned church above. She was quite sensible dur- something in my former letters. His name ing the attack, and died trusting, nay re- is Baldéo; a native of Farakábád, and of joicing in Christ.

the Rajput caste. He is a man of not much I have also established during the last intelligence, but, I believe, thoroughly sin

to me.

He has been with me about two Since the commencement of November, years and a half, during which time his I have visited the annual Mélór at Hadjimoral character, so far as I can ascertain, pore, and many of the neighbouring towns has been irreproachable. And, for the last and villages. Some of these places I have twelve months, I have had reason to hope regularly visited for the last four years durthat he has experienced the power of true ing these seasons; and many of the natives religion. He threw up his caste after he who have taken books, and with whom I had been with us a few months, and desired have previously conversed, recognized and baptism; but then I was not satisfied that visited me for religious conversation. With he acted from right motives. He has since some of these persons I have been occasionbeen urgently entreated by some of his / ally much interested; but, alas! it is very friends and relatives to return to them, with painful to observe, even in the most pleasthe prospect of being better off in worldly ing cases, a perfect insensibility to the evil things than if he continued with me, and of sin, and the necessity of the atonement has experienced a great deal of ridicule and of the Son of God. Their confessions of abuse from the people of this neighbour- sin are uttered with such manifest apathy as hood who know him; yet he has remained leaves no ground to suppose that they ever with us, unflinchingly avowing his determi- make the evil of sin a subject of deep se. nation to be a Christian. I have delayed rious concern. At Arrah, two Mussulmans his baptism, principally, because I wished came to me, and stated that they had read to be well satisfied first of his sincerity, and the Gospel, and were convinced that Jesus partly on account of the severe afliction Christ is truly the Son of God and the Sawhich he experienced previous to his com- viour of men, and they were determined to ing among us. His affliction was occasioned become Christians. · Can you,” said they, as follows. He had been sent on board a give us some advice? You must be boat by one of the Insurance Companies in aware that, in taking this step, we shall be Calcutta, in charge of insured goods de- persecuted, and cast off by our relatives and spatched to the Western Provinces; and, friends, but if you can assure us that, when having observed some fraudulent proceed- cast off, we shall be protected and provided ings of the boat people, he remonstrated for, we will hesitate no longer.” I pointed with them, and threatened to report their them to the case of the first Christians, and conduct if they persisted. They at first en- exhorted them to imitate their example as deavoured to persuade him to become a far as they could, and they would assuredly party with them, but, not succeeding, they find that Jesus Christ was faithful to his became embittered against him, and formed word (Luke xviii. 29, 30). They appeared a plot to murder and throw him overboard, serious; but there was something vague and report to his employers that he had and indefinite in many of their replies to been taken ill and died on the way. The my questions, and an appearance of a calfear occasioned by the discovery of their culating spirit, so that I have little confimurderous intentions, combined with a gen- dence in their sincerity. What was their eral derangement of health, and the distress real motive I know not, as they appeared of mind he laboured under at that time, pro- men in respectable circumstances. When I duced by his having failed to observe all the left Arrah, they said, I should soon see superstitious ceremonies enjoined by the them at Digha ; but I have yet seen nothing sacred book he had adopted as his guide, of them, though more than a month has drove the poor fellow raving mad. In this elapsed. state he was sent to the Native Hospital at Three weeks ago, I set out on a journey Patna, where he remained seven months to Gyah, but my buggy broke down on the On his recovery and dismissal from this road, and I was obliged to return. I have place, he came to Digha Farm, in the hope had it repaired, and next week (D. v.) I of finding some employ; and, shortly after; purpose to start again. May I find in that he met with Hurridas reading the Scriptures high place of idolatry some who are willing by the road-side. His curiosity was in the to receive the knowledge of the “true and first place awakened to know what the living God, and Jesus Christ whom he has Scriptures contain ; and, as he afterwards sent, whom to know is life eternal!" continued to read and examine them with I am happy to say, that my charge at me almost daily, his judgment became con- Dinapore continues to afford me much pleavinced; and, eventually, I think I can say I do not remember that we have had with confidence, his heart became converted any additions to the church since I last to the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom he has wrote you; but I trust the members connow publicly professed his faith and confi. tiuue to grow in the spirit of genuine piety, dence. Oh! that “ he may hold fast the and enjoy much of the presence and blessbeginning of his confidence steadfast unto ing of God. the end.'




members and inquirers with fifteen churches,

which number is now increased to eighteen While the friends of justice and hu- by the subdivision of our larger churches, manity throughout the empire are re- These, with thirteen other preaching stajoicing at the triumphant issue of their tions (to say nothing of estate and other efforts to achieve the complete liberation schools, which have to be superintended, of our long-oppressed fellow-subjects in and at which services are frequently held), the West, it must be remembered that have at present to be supplied by nine misthis event greatly increases the necessity sionaries. You will allow that their labours of enlarged provision for their spiritual even now must be arduous, but will rememnecessities. We have just received a

ber that the anticipated change in the cirforcible representation on this subject

cumstances of our people on the first of from our zealous brethren on the north ties for the instruction of our people than

August next, will give us far greater faciliside of Jamaica, which we lay at once before our readers. It will be remem- though we must confess that we often feel

we ever before undisputedly enjoyed; and bered that, in this district, our mission ready to sink under our labours, we expect, is better supplied with labourers than in that as these advantages dawn upon us, any other on the island ; so that, if six those labours will of necessity be increased. be needed there, it is even painful to To give you a more comprehensive view calculate the whole number wanted for of our stations as now occupied, we subjoin this island alone. Truly, the harvest is the following list. plenteous, but the labourers are few! John HUTCHINS; Savanna la mar (church),

Fuller's Field (church), Mountain Side. Falmouth, June 7, 1838.

Negril, a promising station, was obliged Rev. AND DEAR SIR:

to be abandoned, the strength of the misYour Missionaries residing in the north- sionary not allowing him to supply it. west section of the Island of Jamaica take SAMUEL OUGHTON; Lucea (church), Green the liberty of addressing the Committee

Island (church), Gurney's Mount(church), upon a subject which, though it appears to and Fletcher's Grove. them of the utmost importance, will very Fletcher's Grove can now enjoy but few probably be to you a matter of surprise. It preaching services; and Mount Zion, an is no less a request than that you will send interior station, has been relinquished, only to this part of the island six additional mis- because it could not be supplied. sionaries. Your surprise will, however, be Thomas BURCHELL; Montego Bay(church), considerably diminished, if you remember

Shortwood, Mount Carey, and Bethel that we have often stated quite as fully the Hill. necessity of the districts in which we indi- WALTER DENDY; Salter's Hill (church), vidually reside, and that the present appli

Bethtephil (church), Greenwich Hill and cation is, therefore, no more than a reitera

Retirement, St. Elizabeth's. tion of our individual appeals. That we

Retirement is about twenty-five miles are not extravagant in making this request from Salters' Hill, and the road is at certain will appear from the following statement. times almost impassable, and nothing but The last population returns made in August, its paramount importance compels the mis1834, give the number of the apprentices sionary to supply it, it being the only Bapand their children in this district thus:

tist station in the parish. Westmoreland


WILLIAM KNIBB; Falmouth (church), ReHanover.


fuge (church), Waldensia (church), and St. James..


24,498 Trelawney.


T. F. ABBOTT; St. Ann's Bay (church), St. Elizabeth


Ocho Rios (church), Coultart's Grove St. Ann


(church), and Cascade. St. Mary.

B. B. DEXTER; Rio Rueno (church), Stew. 25,272

art Town (church). 173,894

Maho Hill, though a promising station, Free persons in each parish

was given up through ill health. The mis

35,000 say 5,000

sionary intends, however, immediately to

attempt to resume it. Total 208,894

John CLARK; Brown's Town (church),

Bethany. From our last tabular statement it will The missionary recently visited the moun. appear that the number under the instruc- tain district of the parish of Clarendon, tion of your missionaries at this end of the where the inhabitants are living in an awful is and was 20,147, who are connected as state of ignorance and neglect of religion.

There is a prospect of a considerable con- | able expense, an increase of native and gregation being collected, but the distance other paid agency, but this is very trifling (nearly thirty miles) is too great to admit of compared with the wants of the population, his frequently visiting the neighbourhood. and cannot be expected, in the present state David DAY ; Port Maria (church), Oraca of society. (except in very few cases), to be bessa (church), Bagnal’s vale.

of a description to carry forward the general (1) We would therefore respectfully suggest

objects of the mission.

Should it be said, that there are many to the Society that they send two missiona.

more missionaries of other societies in this ries to the parish of St. Elizabeth, namely, one to Black River, and one to Lacovia, or part of the island than formerly; while we its neighbourhood; each of whom would rejoice at their success, we reply, that their find abundant room for out-stations. To number, united with our own, is far from this parish the Society has long stood being commensurate with the wants of the pledged, and the people are still desirous of people, even if it were disposed of to the being supplied with Baptist ministers.

best possible advantage. Houses were rented at these places, and for

The expense will, doubtless, be another a time supplied at the request of the So- considerable objection; though, we trust, ciety, but were abandoned in consequence Christian public which has lately subscribed

not an insurmountable one. The same of no missionary being sent. (2) One missionary to Green Island.

so liberally on behalf of those who are This station being thirty miles from Gurney's perishing in the East would, doubtless, conMount, is attended with peculiar difficulties tribute largely to promote the spiritual welas to its supply, while its importance de- fare of those for whom we plead. That mands attention, being situated in the they may see that we have a fair ground of centre of a population of 7000 negroes, and appeal to them, we request that you would affording an opportunity of carrying on the publish this, and we pledge ourselves, that, station at Negril, relinquished by Mr. if that appeal be properly met,

we will raise Hutchins from his inability to attend to it;

as much as we possibly can towards the outas well as Fuller's Field, which, from medi: fit, &c., of those brethren who may be sent cal advice, Mr. H. fears he will be obliged

to join us.

WILLIAM KNIBB, to abandon.

WALTER DENDY, (3) One for Bethtephil and outstations.

BENJ. B. DEXTER, (4) One for Bethany, and a station, as

JOHN HUTCHINS, above referred to, in Clarendon. Mr.

JOHN CLARK, Clark confining himself to Brown's Town,

DAVID DAY, and an immensely-populated district nearer the sea.


Brethren BURCHELL and ABBOTT absent. (5) And one for Ocho Rios and Cascade, Mr. Abbott taking St. Ann's, and Coultart's

While thus conveying to our readers Grove.

the sentiments and claims of our breHaving thus laid our case before the thren, which are admitted in all their Committee, we would again remind them, force by the Committee, it seems necesthat, however necessary an increase of labourers has heretofore been, that necessity ciety are far from keeping pace with the

sary to add, that the receipts of the Sowill be much greater in consequence of the almost immediate transition of our people

enlarged demands consequent upon refrom a state of slavery into one of perfect cent movements in the Eastern field, so freedom. We have often been told, when that a new debt is rapidly accumulating making appeals like the present, that much from that cause. We trust, it will be has been already done for Jamaica, and that shown, that the progress of the gospel there is no part of the world on which so

is not to be retarded for want of the great an outlay has of late years been made means of sending forth and supporting by the Society.We partly acknowledge those who are to declare and enforce it; the force of this objection; but, while we but in what way, or from what quarter, feel grateful for what has been done, we the requisite supplies are to come, does think that far too great a stress is laid upon not at present appear. it. By reviewing the statistics of our Association, you will perceive that the number of missionaries in this part of the island, is

STEWART TOWN. precisely the same as it was seven years ago; while, in the same period, many

From Mr. Dexter, dated 13th June,

1838: churches and preaching stations have been formed. We have, it is true, at a consider- We have, as missionaries, I believe, along

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