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Strength returned to her, and fhe made Provision for them, and they fat down to Meat, and fhe ferved them.

16. But as foon as the Evening was come, and the Sabbath paft, the Multitude gathered together again about Jefus, and they brought to him difeafed and poffeffed Perfons; and he cast out the evil Spirits, and healed all their Difeafes with a Word.

17. So that not only by his fuffering in our ftead upon the Crofs, but even in This Senfe alfo, by his curing Mens Difeafes, was fulfilled that Prophecy of Ifaias: He took our infirmities, and bare our fickneffes, Ifa.

iii. 4.

18. Another time, Jefus being preffed with a great multitude of People, commanded his Difciples, to get ready a Boat to carry him over the Lake.

19. Which while they were doing, certain Doctor of the Law, who imagined that Jefus would fhortly come to great Glory and Power, faith unto him, Lord, I will be your Follower, and go along with you whitherfoever you


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16 When the brought unto him even was come, they many that were poffeffed with devils : and he cast out the fpirits word, and healed

with his

all that were fick:

be fulfilled which 17 That it might was spoken by Efaias the prophet, faying, Himfelf took our

infirmities, and bare

our fickneffes.

18 Now when titudes about him, Jefus faw great mulhe gave commandment to depart unto the other fide.

19 And a certain scribe came, and faid unto him, Master,

I will follow thee whitherfoever thou goeft.

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20 And Jesus faith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nefts; but the Son of Man hath not

20. But Jefus answered him: If you hope to find fplendid Entertainments with me, you are much mistaken: For I am so far from that, that I have not fo much as a Houfe wherein to lodge where to lay his

my felf.

21. Another, who had already followed Jefus and was his Difciple, faid unto him: Lord, I will continue to be your Difciple and Follower; only fuffer me to go home, and perform the laft Rites of my Father's Funeral, and fet in order his Family and Estate.


21 And another of his difciples faid unto him, Lord, fuffer me first to go and bury my father.

22 But Jefus faid unto him, Follow me, and let the dead bury their dead.

23 And when

he was entred into a

22. But Jefus anfwered him; You have forfaken all your earthly Relations and Fortunes, to become a Preacher of Righteoufnefs; and if your Heart look back to any of thofe temporal Things, you are not worthy of this facred Ministry. No; Do you continue to follow me; and let others, who have not taken upon them this holy Office, take care to bury their own Dead.

23. By this time the Difciples had ship, his difciples fol- provided Jefus a Boat, and he went into it together with his Disciples.

lowed him.

24 And behold, there arose a great tempeft in the fea, infomuch that the ship was covered

with the waves: but he was afleep.

25 And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord fave us : we perifh.

26 And he faith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arofe, and rebuked the winds and the fea, and there a great calm.


27 But the men marvelled, faying, What manner of man is this, that even

the winds and the fea obey him?

28 And when he was come to the other fide, in

24. And as they were rowing over the Lake, a great ftorm of Wind arofe, fo that the Water grew rough, and the Billows beat into the Boat, But Jefus himself was afleep.

25. And the Difciples ran to him in a great Fright and waked him, faying; Lord, help us, we are juft finking.

26. But Jefus defigning to inure them to bear all hardfhips couragioufly and without fear, answered: O ye fearful and diftruftful Men! Have ye thus long heard my Doctrine and feen my Miracles, and dare ye not yet truft your felves to the Providence of God? However, he rose up, and commanded the Winds to cease, and the Waters of the Lake to be ftill; and there was fuddenly a very great Calm.

27. At which both the Men of the Boat, and the Difciples themselves were exceedingly furprized, faying, How great is this Man? And how extraordinary is his Power? That even the Winds and the Waters obey him.

28. Now when Jefus had croffed the Lake, and was landed on the o

to the country of ther fide in the Country of the Gergefenes, there met him two poffeffed Men, which used to wander in defart Places,


and among the Tombs, and were fo exceeding ftrong that they could not be bound with any Chains, and fo fierce that no Man durft pafs that way for fear of them; these Men by the efpecial Providence of God, met Jefus at his landing.

29. At the fight of whom, the Devils which poffeffed the Men, knowing and being terrified at his Divine Power and Virtue, cried out immediately; Wherefore, O thou Son of the moft High God, art thou come to torment us, before the Time appointed of God for our final Judgment?

30. Now there was at a distance a great Herd of Swine feeding.

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the Gergefenes, there met him two poffeffed with devils, coming out of the fierce,fo that no man tombs, exceeding might pass by that


29 And behold, they cried out, faying, What have we to do with thee, Jefus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us

before the time?

30 And there was a good way off from them an herd of many fwine, feeding.

31 So the devils befought him, faying, If thou caft us out, fuffer us to go away into the herd of swine.

32 And he faid unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of fwine and behold, the whole herd of fwine ran violently

*Whether our Saviour permitted this, to fhow the great pow. er of evil Spirits, and how terrible the effects of their Malice would be upon Men, if they were not reftrained by God: Or whether it was to punish the Gergefenes for keeping these Beafts which were a Snare and Offence to the Jews, their Flesh not being permitted to be eaten: Or, for whatever other wife Reafon it was: Certain it is, that this is the only Miracle our Saviour worked, whereby any Man fuffered damage.


down a steep place into the fea, and perished in the waters. 33 And they that kept them fled, and went their ways into the city, and told every thing; and what was befallen to

the poffeffed of the


34And behold, the whole city came out to meet Jefus, and when they faw him, they befought him, that he would depart out of their coafts.

33. At which the Keepers of the Swine, greatly terrified, fled presently into the City, and told what misfortune had befel their Swine, and how the two poffeffed Men were fuddenly cured and reftored to their right Minds.

34. Whereupon almoft all the Men of the City came out to fee Jefus. And being more terrified with the Power of Jefus, and vexed at the lofs of the Swine, than pleafed with his Goodness in the Prefervation of the Men; they defired him to depart out of their Country.


A Palfie cured; and Chrift's Power of remitting Sins, occafionally afferted, ver. 1. The calling of Matthew, and Chrift's eating with Publicans and Sinners, ver. 9. The Difciples not fafting, defended, ver. 14. A Woman raised from the dead, and a Bloody-flux cured, ver. 18. Two blind Men cured, ver. 27. A dumb Man curea, ver. 32, The want of good Minifters, ver. 35.


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ND he entred
into a ship,

and paffed over, and

came into his own city.

2 And behold

unpreparedness to receive his Doctrine, went again into the Boat, and croffed over the Lake, and returned into his own City Capernaum.

ESUS perceiving hereby their

2. And while he was there, they brought to him a Man fo ill of the him a man fick of Palfie, that he was forced to be carried

they brought to


upon a Bed. To whom Jefus, perceiving both his and his Friends Faith by their Diligence to get to him through the Crowd, faid; Son, be of good Courage; your Sins, which were the cause of your Disease, are forgiven.

3. At this Saying, many of the Jewish Doctors who were prefent, were greatly offended in their Minds, and faid within themselves; what a Blafphemer is this Man, to undertake to forgive Sins, which no one but God alone has Authority to do!

4.But Jefus perceiving their Thoughts, faid; Why are ye thus difturbed at my Words: And why do you reafon thus perverfely and enviously in your own


5. For what great Difference is there between forgiving the Man's Sins, and healing his Difeafe? Or, what lefs Power or Authority does it require,

to heal the Difeafe which is the Confequence of his Sins, than to forgive the Sins which were the Caufe of his Difeafe?

6. But I expreffed my felf thus, that ye might fee that the Meffiah has Power upon Earth to forgive Sins; God confirming my Sentence of Abfolution, by the vifible Miracle of healing the Man's Difeafe. Then Jefus turning himself to the fick Man, faid; Arife, take up your Bed, and go home.

7. And the Man was immediately healed, and the ufe of his Limbs returned to him entirely; fo that he took up his Bed and carried it Home.

8. And the Multitude being convinced by fo undeniable a Miracle, of the Divine Power refiding in Chrift, glorified God for having fent to them a

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6 But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power fins, (then faith he on earth to forgive to the fick of the palfie) Arife, take up thy bed, and go unto

thine house.

7 And he arofe, and departed to his houfe.

8 But when the

multitude faw it they marvelled, and had given fuch powglorified God, which

er unto men.

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