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1897. Syyad Muhammad Raza Muswi, B. A., Muir Central College; and Syyad Mufawas Husain, B.A., Canning College.

1893-Muhammad Ali, B A., M. A.-O. College.

1899.-Maqsud Ali Khan, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1900.-Siraj-ud-din, B.A., M. A.-O. College.

1901. Abu Muhammad Zia-ul-Hasan, B.A., Canning College. 1902-Aulad Husain, B.A., Muir Central College.

1903-Abu Muhammad, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1904-Abdul Karim, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1905-Gholam Rasul, B. A., M. A.-O. College.

1906.-Shah Muhammad Sulaiman, B.A., Muir Central College. 1907-Sayed Fazl Ali, B.A., Queen's College.

1908.-Karim Haider Lodhi, B.A., M. A.-O. College.

1909-Kazi Aziz Uddin Ahmad Bilgrami, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1919.-Mohammad Anwar Ali Faruqi, B.A., Canning College. 1911.-Mohammad Abdul Ghani Ansari, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1912-Mohammad Elyas Burney, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1913. Hafiz Muhammad Yasin, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1914-Mohammad Ahmad B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1915.-Zahid Husan, B.A., M. A.-O. College. 1916.-Muhammad Habib, B.A., M. A.-O. College, Aligarh. 1917.- Ali Amir, Muir Central College, Allahabad.


Sir Charles Elliott, K.C.S.I., Member of the Council of the Government of India, placed Rs. 6,000 in the * Debenture Debt of the North-Western Provinces Club, Allahabad, twelve certificates of Rs. 500 each, bearing interest at 7 per cent. (may be reduced to 5 per cent.) with a view to create a Scholarship in the gift of the University of Allahabad to be tenable for one year in the Muir Central College by a student of the Muir Central College, who has taken his B.A. degree in Physical Science or B.Sc. degree, and intends to proceed to the M.A. degree in the same subject. Such graduate to be selected by proper office-holders in the University.


1889.-Phul Chand Rae, B.A., Canning College. 1890.-Avadh Behari Lal, B.A, Muir Central College. 1891.-Abinash Chandra Bandopadhaya, B.A., Muir Central College 1892. Raghubir Prasad, B.A., Muir Central College. 1893.-Abdul Karim Khan, B.A., Muir Central College. 1894.-Lal Gopal Mukerji, Muir Central College.

The Debenture Debt having been paid off by the N.-W. P. Club, the amount of Rs. 6,000 has temporarily been placed in 3 per cent. Government Promissory Notes.

1895.-Ganesh Prasad Varma, B.A.. Muir Central College.
1896.-Jwala Prasad, B.A., Muir Central College.
1897.-Rup Narain, B.A., Muir Central College.
1898-Birj Lal, B.A., Muir Central College.

1899-Bhoora Lal Hiran, B.A., Muir Central College.
1900-Jagat Prasad, B.A, B.Sc., Muir Central College.
1901. Kanhaiya Lal Nigam, B.A., Muir Central College.
1902.-Seray Mal Bapna, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College.
1905. Shrirang Moreshwar Sane, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central

1906-Durga Dutt Joshi, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1907.-Bisheshwari Prasad, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1908.-Mani Bhusan Chakrawarti, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1909-Lakshman Das, B.Sc, Muir Central College.

1910.-Siddeshwari Prasad Varma, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1911-Mahesh Prasad Bhargava, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1912.-Gopal Sarup Bhargava, B.Sc., Muir Central College.



Abdul Hasan, B.Sc., Muir Central College, given up studies from the 23rd October, 1913.

Nihal Karan Sethi, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1914-Jagat Bihari Seth, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1915.-Jagat Narain Verma, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1916.-Ganesh Bhaskar Deodhar, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1917.-Sudhir Kumar Ghosh, B.Sc., Muir Central College.

GRIFFITH MEMORIAL FUND SCHOLARSHIPS. The Griffith Memorial Fund was formed from contributions made by friends and pupils of Mr. R. T. H. Griffith, and it was determined that the income arising from the fund was to be expended entirely on the encouragement of Sanskrit learning, such encouragement being restricted to the students of the Sanskrit College at Benares.

The trust of the fund was accepted by the Syndicate of the University of Allahabad on the 6th November, 1888, and the following rules were finally laid down:

The "Griffith Memorial Fund" shall consist of the sum of Rs. 6,329-4-11 already realized for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a memorial of Mr. R. T. H. Griffith, M.A., C.I.E., together with such further sum as may hereafter from time to time be collected for the said purpose.

The property in the fund shall be vested in the Univer sity of Allahabad in trust for the following purposes:The fund shall be invested in Government Promissory Notes, and the income accruing therefrom shall be applied

annually to the bestowal of Scholarship prizes for the encouragement of, and reward for, proficiency in the study of Sanskrit learning at Benares.

The said scholarships and prizes shall be denominated the Griffith Memorial Scholarships and prizes respectively, and shall be awarded to such students only as are actually pursuing their studies at the Sanskrit College, Benares.

The income of the fund shall be annually applied in the following manner :

(a) Two scholarships, not exceeding Rs. 5 per mensem each.

(b) The surplus, if any, to prizes in money.

The scholarships and prizes shall be awarded by a committee constituted as follows:

(a) The Registrar, for the time being, of the Allahabad University.

(3) The Superintendent of Sanskrit Studies, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.

(c) The Principal of the Sanskrit College, Benares.

(d) A Pandit of the Sanskrit College, Benares, to be appointed annually by the Director of Public Instruction, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.

(e) A competent person to be nominated by the Syndicate of the Allahabad University, who may hold office for three years and be eligible for re-nomination.

The Committee shall award the scholarships and prizes in accordance with the results of the annual examinations held in the Sanskrit College, Benares:

Provided that the Committee shall award to any student of Sanskrit, whom Mr. R T. H. Griffith may recommend, any scholarship, for which he may be so recommended, subject to the conditions contained in the preceding rules.

* By Syndicate Resolution No. 242, dated the 15th November, 1916, Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Ganga Nath Jha was re-nominated a Member of the Committee.



At a public meeting held at Benares on the 2nd August 1891, it was resolved, in view of the approaching retirement of the Hon'ble J. J. F. Lumsden, C.S., Senior Member of the Board of Revenue, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, who during his long connection with these Provinces, and more particularly with the Benares Division, had endeared himself to all classes, that in order to perpetuate his memory, a fund be raised for the purpose of founding a medal and two scholarships. This fund, amounting to Rs. 7,000, has been vested in the Treasurer of Charitable Endowment for the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. The interest is paid to the Registrar of the University of Allahabad and is expended by the Syndicate in the following manner :

(a) The Syndicate awards every second year a scholarship called the "Lumsden Sanskrit Scholarship" of the value of Rs. 10 (now reduced to Rs. 8) per mensem, as Government Promissory Notes are reduced to 3 per cent. and tenable for two years to the student who passes the Intermediate Examination of the Allahabad University and obtains the highest number of marks in Sanskrit, among those who take up Sanskrit as their second language. The scholarship is awarded subject to the condition that the student continues his studies for the B.A. Examination in a College affiliated to the University of Allahabad.

(b) The Syndicate also awards every second year a Scholarship called the "Lumsden Arabic or Persian Scholarship" of the value of Rs. 10 (now Rs. 8 only) per mensem, and tenable for two years, to the student who passes the Intermediate Examination of the Allahabad University and obtains the highest number of marks in Arabic among those who take up Arabic as their second language. The scholarship is awarded subject to the condition that the student continues his studies for the B.A. Examination. If no student passes the Intermediate Examination with Arabic as his second language in the year in which the scholarship is awarded, the scholarship will be awarded on the same conditions to

the student who passes the said examination and obtains the highest number of marks in Persian as his second language.

(c) The Syndicate also every year awards a gold medal of the value of not less than Rs. 50 and not more than Rs. 60, called the "Lumsden Medal," to the student who stands highest in the examination for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws of the Allahabad University.

(d) If a student holding either of the scholarships discontinue his studies, die, or through misconduct or any other cause be considered by the Syndicate disqualified to hold the scholarship, it will be given for the rest of the term of two years to the next best student of the same year who fulfils the requirements laid down in clauses (a) and (b) above.

2. The Syndicate awards one of the aforesaid scholarships alternately every year commencing with the "Lumsden Sanskrit Scholarship" in 1893 and the "Lumsden Arabic or Persian Scholarship" in 1894.

3. The Syndicate will, from time to time, invest in Government securities any surplus that may remain over annually, after meeting the cost of the scholarships of the medal and incidental charges, and will apply at their discretion the interest received from this source towards increasing the value or number of the scholarships. 1893. Sanskrit Scholar-Govind Sadhashiva Apte, Madhava College.

Medallist-Haribans Sahai, B.A., Muir Central College. 1894. Arabic Scholar-Syed Jalal-ud-din Haidar, Muir Central College.

Medallist-Hari Har Lal, B. A., Agra College.

1895. Sanskrit Scholar-Hari Krishna Tailang, Lashkar College. Medallist-Ganga Sahai, Meerut College.

1896. Arabic Scholar-Fida Ali Khan, M. A.-O. College.

Medallist Jotindra Mohan Chatterji, Canning College. 1897. Sanskrit Scholar-Mulchand Tiwari, Jubbulpore College. Medallist-Pyare Lal Chatturvedi, Agra College.

1898. Persian Scholar-Syyed Hakim Ahmed, Lashkar College. Medallist-Noraton Mal, Muir Central College.

1899. Sanskrit Scholar-Jagannath Misra, Muir Central College. Medallist-Brij Narain Saksena, Christ Church College, 1900. Arabic Scholar-Muzhur-ul-Hasan, M. A.-O. College.

Medallist-Har Prasad Bhargava, B.A., Jubbulpore College.

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