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1901. Sanskrit Scholar Nila nbar Pant, Mir Central College. Medallist-Girdhar Lal, Meerut College.

1902. Arabic Scholar-Syed Muhammad Isa, Muir Central College.

Medallist-Jitendra Nath Roy, Canning College.

1903. Sanskrit Scholar-Sooraj Narain Di shit, Bareilly College. Medallist-Panna Lal, M. A., B.Sc., Agra College.

1904 Arabic Scholar-Said-ud-din, Muir Central College. Medallist-Seray Mal Bapna, Muir Central College.

1905. Sanskrit Scholar—Keshao Prasad Upadhya, Central Hindų College.

Medallist-Lakshmi Kant Pandey, Muir Central College. 1906. Arabic Scholar-Syed Mohi-ud-din, M.A.-O. College.

Medallist-Gauri Shankar Prasad, Muir Central College. 1907. Sanskrit Scholar-Pramatha Nath Bhattacharya, Kayastha Pathshala.

Medallist-Joti Prasad, Agra College.

1908. Arabic Scholar-Ghulam Murtaza, Muir Central College.

Medallist Suraj Nath Wanchoo, University School of Law. 1909. Sanskrit Scholar- Gaya Prasad Verma, Bareilly College. Medallist Govind Ballabh Pant, University School of Law.

1910. Arabic Scholar-Nizam-ud-din, M.A.-O. College.

Medallist Tirtharaja Mani Tripathi, University School of


1911. Sanskrit Scholar―Jwala Prasad, St. John's College. Medallist-Behari Lal Seth, Morris College.

1912. Arabic Scholar-Muzaffar Husain Khan, M...-O. College. Medallist-Mohd. Anwar Ali Faruqi, M.A.-O. College. 1913. Sanskrit Scholar-Ratnakar Varma, Agra College. Medallist Abdul Qayoom, M.A.-O. College.

1914. Arabic Scholar-Mohd. Iqbal, M.A.-O. College.



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1915. Sanskrit Scholar - Lalla Ram Tiwari, Muir Central College. Medallist - Syed Mustaqui Jafri, M.A.-O. College

1916. Arabic Scholar-Habib Muhammad, M. A.-O. College. Medallist-Kastur Chand, University School of Law. 1917. Sanskrit Scholar-Sadashio Govind Somalwar, Hislop College, Nagpur

Medallist-Bisheshwar Dayal Srivastava, University
School of Law.


Dr. Avinas Chandra Banerji, in April, 1900, placed rupees one thousand by Government Promissory Notes bearing interest at three and a half per cent. as an endowment for a prize of Rs. 35 (minus Bank and other attendant charge), to be awarded annually to the most successful candidate at the examination held for the Degree of Bachelor of Science of this University, and for a parchment certificate to be also granted to the winner of the prize.


1901.- Annoda Prasad Sircar, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1902.-Seray Mal Bapna, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1903.-Hari Gopal Narain Roy, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1904. Purnanand Pande, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1905. Satis Chandra Ghosal, B.A, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1906.-Pushupati Prasad, B.A., B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1907. Bisheswari Prasad, B.Sc., Muir Central College 1908-Mani Bhushan Chakravarti, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1909.-Triloki Nath Varma, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1910--Sidheshwari Prasad Verma, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1911.-Girja Shanker Bajpai, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1912.-Surendra Nath Chakravarti, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1913.-Anand Swarup, B.Sc., Agra College.

1914-Harish Chandra, B.Sc., Muir Central College. 1915. Krishna Kumar Mathur, B.Sc., Agra College. 1916.-Gorakh Prasad, Central Hindu College.

1917. Ishwar Prasannu Mukhopadhya, B.Sc., Muir Central College.

LALA SANWAL DAS STIPENDS. Musammat Bhagwan Dai, widow of the late Lala Sanwal Das, Banker of Lucknow, made over a Government Promissory Note of the value of Rs. 20,000 to found four stipends of the aggregate value of Rs. 50 per mensem in commemoration of the memory of her deceased husband, for the support of poor students of the Khattri, and in their absence of the Saraswat Brahman castes. These stipends, which are styled "Lala Sanwal Das Stipends," are awarded in accordance with the following


1. Four stipends shall be awarded every year, viz:(a) Two tenable for two years, of the value of rupees five (5) per mensem in the first year, and of rupees six (6) per mensem in the second year. (b) Two tenable for two years, of the value of rupees seven (7) per mensem in both years.

2. The two stipends first mentioned shall be awarded every year to the most successful candidates of the Khattri and, in their absence, of the Saraswat Brahman castes, at the Entrance or the Matriculation Examination of the University, and the remaining two (of Rs. 7 per mensem) to the two most successful candidates of the same castes, in the same order, at the Intermediate

Examination of the University, from among the successful candidates of the said castes who may require the stipends to enable them to prosecute their studies further.

3. The applicants for these stipends shall, along with their application for the same, forward certificates signed by at least two respectable members of the Khattri or Saraswat communities, showing the pecuniary position in life of the applicants or his guardian. Such certificates must be signed only by persons who can certify from their personal knowledge, and must also be countersigned by the Head-master of the School or the Principal of the College from which the candidate appeared.

4. The holders of these stipends shall prosecute their studies for the next higher University Examination at a College affiliated to the University, and shall hold their stipends only so long as they prosecute their studies diligently. The Syndicate may, at its discretion, stop the stipend of a student who has not shown due diligence in the prosecution of his studies, and may award it to another qualified student.

5. In the event of any change hereafter in the University Regulations as to the period of previous study necessary to qualify for admission to the Intermediate or the Degree Examination of the University, the Syndicate shall make such changes in the number, value or tenure of the stipends as may be required; provided always that the stipends shall be held only by poor students of the aforesaid two castes on terms as near as may be to those set forth above.

6. In the event of any stipend remaining unawarded. in any year or falling vacant for any reason, the Syndicate may at its discretion award it to any candidate qualified under Rule 3, and it may in its discretion increase the number of stipends allotted to candidates of each class under Rule 2 for such period and on such terms as it may consider necessary.

Application must be made to the Registrar within six weeks of the date of the publication in the Government Gazette of the results of the Entrance and Intermediate Examinations.


1901.-Kanhaiya Lal Kapur, Second Year Class, Canning College, Lucknow.

1902. Har Dayal Khattri and Ram Sarup, Third Year Class, Canning College, Lucknow; Nit Kishore Mehra, Third Year Class, St. John's College, Agra.

1903. Shyam Lal, M. C. College; Chail Behari Capoor, Bareilly College; Shyam Behari Lal and Baij Nath, St. John's College, Agra.

1904.-Man Mall and Zorawar Singh, St. John's College; Rameshwar Prasad and Bisheshwar Prasad, Canning College.

1905.-Murlidhar Kakkar, Kayastha Pathshala; Bisheshwar Nath, Queen's College.

1906.-Shyam Lal Dhawan, M. C. College; Rameshwar Prasad, Canning College; Lakshman Prasad Kapoor, St. John's College; Shyam Manohar Seth, Christ Church College.

1907.--Jagdish Narayan Seth, Canning College; Govind Prasad, St. John's College; Har Narain Khanna, St. John's College; Bisheshwar Nath, Queen's College. 1908. Sukhdeo Prasad Tandan, M. C. College; Shyam Manohar Seth, Christ Church College; Ram Lal, Reid Christian College; Ganga Prasad Mehrotra, Canning College. 1909.-Lal Behari Mehrotra, Christ Church College, Cawnpore; Kailash Behari Seth, Canning College, Lucknow; Kedar Nath Mehra, St. John's College, Agra; and Heera Lal Khanna, Muir Central College, Al ahabad. 1910-Pirthvi Nath Pathak, St. John's College, Agra; Raj Behari Seth, Canning College, Lucknow; Sangam Lal, Muir Central College, Allahabad; and Parushotam Das Kapoor, Agra College, Agra.

1911.-Durga Prasad Mehra, Agra College, Agra; Govind Prasad Kapoor, St. John's College, Agra; Ganga Prasad Mehrotra, Canning College, Lucknow; and Lal Behari Mehrotra, Christ Church College, Cawnpore.

1912.-Sangam Lal, Muir Central College, Allahabad; Purushottam Das Kapur, M. C. College, Allahabad; Gopi Nath Singh Sarin, Agra College, Agra; Achal Behari Seth, Reid Christian College, Lucknow.

1913.-Anand Swarup Mehra, St. John's College, Agra; Rameshwar Nath Tandon, Agra College, Agra; Shivanath Singh, Canning College, Lucknow.

1914.-Amir Chand Mehra, St. John's College, Agra; Purushottam Das Kapur, Agra College, Agra; Bishen Narayan Mehrotra, Canning College, Lucknow; Panna Lal Tandon, Agra College, Agra.

1915. Shiva Gulam Kapur, The Christian College, Lucknow, Shyam Behari Lal Capoor, Ewing Christian College,

Allahabad; Gopeshwar Baboo Mehra, St. John's
College, Agra; Hazari Lal Kapoor, Agra College.
1916.-Junior, Vishwa Nath Puri, Canning College, Lucknow;
Kunj Behari Mehrotra, Ewing Christian College,

Senior, Badri Narayan Mehrotra, Canning College,
Lucknow; Ayodhya Prasad, Agra College, Agra.

1917.-Junior, Debi Prasad Mehrotra, Muir Central College,
Allahabad; Manohar Swarup Seth, Bareilly College.
Senior, Beni Madho Mehrotra, Muir Central College,
Allahabad; Madan Mohan Kapoor, Christian College,

HIMANGINI-BHUWANESHWARI BOOK PRIZE. In August, 1909, Dr. Mohendra Nath Ganguli, of Cawnpore, placed at the disposal of the Allahabad University a sum of Rs. 1,000 in Government Promissory Notes, bearing interest at 3 per cent., for the purpose of instituting an annual prize in books with a parchment certificate, to be called "Himungini-Bhuwaneshwari Book Prize," in memory of his deceased wife and mother, on condition that the same be awarded to the candidate who stands first in Sanskrit in the Intermediate Exami nation of the University.


1910.-R. L. Chandratriya, Canadian Mission College, Indore. 1911.-Jwala Prasad, St. John's College, Agra. 1912.-Murari Sharma, Meerut College, Meerut. 1913. Ratnakar Varma, Agra College, Agra. 1914.-Aba G. Pendke, Histop College, Nagpur.

1915. Lalla Ram Tiwari, Muir Central College, Allahabad. 1916.-Babu Ram Saksena, Ewing Christian College, and Bedhat Ram Chandra, Maharaja's College, Jaipur.

1917-Sadashiv Govind Somalwar, Hislop College, Nagpur.


In February, 1910, Raja Sir Harnam Singh placed at the disposal of the Allahabad University a sum of Rs. 2,000 (now invested in 3 per cent. Government Promissory Notes), in order to found a Gold Medal, to be called "Hewett Sir Harnam Singh Gold Medal," to be awarded annually to the most successful B.Sc. student from the Canning, Reid Christian or Isabella Thoburn College.

1911.-Parmeshwar Dayal, B.Sc., Canning College, Lucknow. 1912. Manohar La Tiwari, B.Sc., Canning College, Lucknow. 1913.-Charu Chandra Chatterji, B.Sc., R. C. College, Lucknow

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