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(f) One scholarship of £200 to be awarded annually to an Indian woman graduate (vide paragraph 2 of this Resolution).

Further detailed information regarding these scholarships is given in Appendices to this Resolution.


Secretary to the Government of India.


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(i) Candidates must produce medical evidence of physical fitness to undergo a course of study abroad.

(ii) Except in the case of University scholarships for which (subject to the approval of the Government of India, Madras and Bombay) the Universities make their own selection, each Local Government is invited to nominate annually a candidate or candidates, as the case may be, and the Government of India select from among those nominated the candidates who appear to them the best fitted to hold the scholarships. For technical scholarships no candidate is to be selected by Local Governments on the result of a competitive examination either open or limited.

(iii) Full details including the name and occupation of the scholar's father and place of birth, a summary of his academic career in India and a statement of the course of study proposed to be followed in the United Kingdom, should be furnished for transmission to the India Office some time before the scholar's arrival in England.

(iv) When nominating candidates already resident in the United Kingdom, Local Governments should give the earliest possible intimation to the Government of India regarding the qualifications of such candidates, the course of study they propose to pursue and their address in the United Kingdom. The Government of India will then communicate these particulars to the Secretary of State, and will await a reply from him before selecting the scholars. The Government of India will transmit to Local Governments the views or instructions received from the India Office at the earliest possible date and, if necessary, by telegram.

(v) Difficulties sometimes arise owing to scholars arriving in England with preconceived plans and ideas based on the advice of educational authorities in India as to the course of study they should follow and the institutions to which they should secure admission, or owing to a scholar's unassisted efforts on his arrival to make his own plans

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