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divided into College and School Departments, the former, under the immediate charge, and the latter under the supervision of the Principal.


This College, teaching Arts up to the M.A. standard and also affiliated in Science, has a School Department attached to it. The tuition fees vary from Rs. 12 to Rs. 8 per mensem in the College and from Rs. 3 to Re. 1 in the School Department. Each class has its fixed rate of fee. An entrance fee of Rs. 2 is charged in College Department only. Government scholarships are awarded according to the results of the University and Departmental Examinations. There are also local scholarships, amounting to about Rs. 125 per mensem, in the College Department.

Connected with this College is a Boarding-house for district students.

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Professor of English Literature R. L. Turner, M.A. (Cantab.);

Classical Tripos and Oriental
Language Tripos. Tempor-
arily transferred to the Mili-
tary Department.) O. J.
Gardner, M.A., L.B. (Glas-
gow), B.A. (Oxon.), Lit. Hum.

C. M. Mulvany, M.A. (Oxon.),
Lit. Hum., B. Lit. (Oxon

Lit., Logic H. N. Randle, M.A. (Oxon.), Lit.



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and History.

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B. Sarda Charan Chakravarti,
B.A. (All.), B Course.

B. Chandi Pershad, B.Sc. (All.),
Science, M.A. (All.), Mathe-

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Inspected-23rd October, 1912, and 1st November, 1917.


This College, founded by the Talukdars of Oudh in memory of the late Earl Canning, Viceroy and GovernorGeneral of India, 1856-1862, was opened on the 1st of May, 1864. The institution comprises two departments -the English College, affiliated to the Allahabad University in Arts and Science, and an Oriental Department, teaching Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian only.

Canning College is supported by the Talukdars of Oudh aided by Government. By a Sanad, duly executed, the Talukdars endowed the College in perpetuity with a charge of per cent. on the revenue demand of their estates. This contribution has been now increased to per cent., the addition being the endowment of the Colvin Talukdars' School. The total contribution, amounting to about Rs. 75,000 per annum, is collected by the Officers of Government and deposited in the Treasury to

the credit of the College Committee. Government now grants the College a sum equal to the Talukdars' College contribution together with a supplementary grant rising to a maximum of Rs. 17,000 per annum. The total income from endowment, Government grants and fees aggregates about one lakh and forty thousand rupees per annum.

While the special object of the institution is to afford a College education up to the highest degrees in Arts and Science to the youths of the Province of Oudh, it is open to all classes of Matriculated students. It is at present affiliated up to the M.A. degree in Arts, up to the M.Sc. in Science, and up to the LL. B. standard in Law. There are no Law classes attached to the College. The Oriental Department prepares pupils for the Departmental Arabic Examinations and for the Sanskrit Examinations of the Sanskrit College, Benares.

The College Committee have the right of admitting a limited number of bond fide Oudh students only to the free list, and of granting a small reduction of fee to Oudh students in straitened circumstances. Local scholarships to the amount of Rs. 170 per mensem are awarded to Oudh students only on the results of the University Examinations. The fees for the College classes are the same as in Government Colleges.


Principal and Professor of

Professor of Physics

M. B. Cameron, M.A., B.Sc.

A. W. Ward, M.A. (Cantab.),


Eng. Lit. and His- S.




B. Smith, M.A. (Oxon.),

Eng. Literature ... C. J. Brown, B.A. (Oxon.),

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J. A. Strang, M.A., B.Sc. (Edin.),

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Persian and Arabic Md. Nurul Aziz, M.A. (All.),

Debendra Nath Chakravarti,
M.A. (Cal.), Sanskrit.



Asst. Professor of Mathema- Sashadar Banerji, M.A. (Cal.),


Asst. Professor of Chemistry ... Kulsbhushan

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Bhaduri, M.A. (Cal.), Chemistry. (On furlough.)

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Chemistry... Piarey


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First Arabic Maulvi

Second do.

Sanskrit Pandit...

Lal Asthana, M.Sc.


Nand Kumar Tewary, B.Sc. (All.).

Syed Ali Asghar.

... Abdul Majid, Allahabad.

... Rama Krishna Shastri.



Inspected-14th January, 1913, and 25th and 26th
January, 1918.

AFFILIATED IN ARTS, 1888; IN LAW, 1889; IN Science, 1908.

This institution was established by the educated and more advanced portion of the Muhammadans of Upper India, under the leadership of Sir Syed Ahmad, Khan Bahadur, K.C.I.E., LL.D. The objects in view are to place the benefits of liberal education within the reach of the Muhammadan community who have markedly failed to avail themselves of Government educational institutions; and to reconcile the Muhammadans to the study of Western science and literature by founding a College on a scheme adapted to meet the special educational wants of the community. The College, however, is catholic in its character and is open to students of every creed and race.

The institution was first opened as a school in June, 1875, and in January, 1878, it was converted into a College, and was from the beginning of that year affiliated to the University of Calcutta up to the standard of the First Arts Examination. In Arts the College has been affiliated to that University up to the B.A. standard from the 1st January, 1881, and in Law it has been affiliated up to the B.L. standard from the 1st January, 1883.

The M. A.-O. College is now affiliated to the University of Allahabad for the First Arts and B.A.; for the B.Sc. in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics; for the M.Sc. in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and for the D.Sc. in Mathematics; for the M.A. in English, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, History, Philosophy, Political Economy and Mathematics.

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