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The object of the College is twofold: to provide education on Christian principles for the Christian undergraduates of the University, and to bring to bear the best influences of University life as conceived in the gerat English Universities on all students, Christian, Muhammadan and Hindu, in the religious atmosphere which is possible in a Mission College. The College thus provides opportunity for those who have been brought up under the conditions of life in a Mission School to continue their student-life in surroundings similar to those to which they have grown accustomed.

As the English staff is large it is possible not only to secure very close contact between students and professors, bat to ensure the best features of the residential system. In the six Hostels some 200 students out of the 374 in the College are resident.

In the College there are scholarships provided by the Church Missionary Society Endowments, and in the case of Christian students by the Society for promoting Christian knowledge.

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Professor of Philosophy and T. D. Sully, B.A. (Qxon.),

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Mathematics, Mods. and Lit.

H. Mark, M.A. (All.), Philo-

Professor of Mathematics

The Rev. E. F. Bonhote, M.A. (Cantab.), Mathematics and Physics Honours. (On leave.)

Offg. Professor of Mathematies, Hira Lal Khanna, M.Sc,(All.),

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Bhagwati Prasad B Sc. (All.), Homersham Cox Medallist.

Jyoti Prasad Upadhaya, M.A. (All.), Hist y. (Offg.).

Shanker Prasad Bhargava, M.A. (All.), Economics. Pandit Ghanashyam Sharma Moulvi Abdul Mabud.

Moulvi Ali Ahmad Khan.

Atul Chandra Datta, M.A (Cal.), Physics, F.C.S. (Lond.).

First Demonstrator in Physics, Champaram Chaturvedi, B.Sc.

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Bhagwati Prasad, B.Sc. (All.) (Homersham Cox Medallist). Ram Narayan Bhargava, B.Sc. (All.).

Kanti Lal C. Pandya, M.A. (Bom.), Chemistry.

N. A. Yajnik, M.A. (Bom.), Chemistry.

J. W. Paul, B.Sc. (All.).

H. P. Chowdhry, M.Sc. Punj.), Botany.

Haru Ram Mehra, M.Sc. (Punj.), Zoology.

Anil C. Ghosh, B.Sc. (All.). The Rev. L. Steele, F.I.A. (Lond.), F.C.I. (Birmingham).

B. N. Rutton, M.R.S.A., F.I.P.S., F.B.T. (Lond.). Kanhaiya Lal Govil (Comml. Cert., All.).



Inspected-31st October, 1912, and 2nd November, 1917.

AFFILIATED IN ARTS, F.A., 1892; B.A, 1896; M.A., 1899.

College classes were at the outset held in the High School building. A separate College building was erected and opened for use in 1897.

To the main building additions have since been made; two class rooms for lectures on Language and a reading room in 1894, and a Science lecture room and Physical and Chemical Laboratories in 1908. In 1911 the reading room was enlarged and converted into a Library, a common room built for the use of the staff and a gas installation provided. for the College Laboratories. In 1916 the College Hall was enlarged and refurnished.

The College Hostel provides accommodation for about 80 students, Hindu, Muhammadan and Christian. It was opened in 1896, enlarged by the addition of a second court in 1905 and further extended in 1913-14, when two new blocks were built.

A member of the Staff is in residence as Warden of the Hostel.

This College provides for the needs of Cawnpore city and district, and has also been largely attended by students from Fatehgarh, Fatehpur, Orai (Jalaun) and Jhansi districts.

The College is under the general control of the Lucknow Diocesan Board of Missions, and a Managing Committee.

Scholarships for Hindu and Muhammadan students are provided by the Board of Missions and special endowments, and for Christian students by the Society for promoting Christian knowledge.


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Rev. M.S. Douglas, M.A. (Cambridge), Classics.

Rev. E. W. Ormerod, M.A. (Ox-
ford), Classics, Mods. and
Lit. Hum.

S. C. Chatterji, M.A. (Punj.),

A. D. Banerji, M.A. (Cal.),

A. P. Bannerji, M.A. (Alld.),

H. C. Misra, M.A. (All.), His-
Debi Prasad Shukla, B.A.,
(All.), Philosophy and Sans-

S. D. Seth, M.Sc. (All.),

Nanak Prasad, B.A. (All.),
Mathematics and Philosophy.
Pandit Badri Nath Shastri,
M.A. (All.), Sanskrit.

Moulvi Mohd. Mirza Jan.



Inspected-9th February, 1916.


This College, founded in 1844 and maintained entirely by the Durbar, is a free institution, no fees of any kind being charged to the pupils. It now comprises the usual six Arts classes and four Science classes teaching up to the M.A. and B.Sc. standards respectively. Attached to it are a Gymnasium, a Library and a Laboratory.

Three scholarships of Rs. 8 each in the Intermediate classes and three of Rs. 12 each in the B.A. and B.Sc. classes are annually awarded to successful students on the results of the University Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations respectively. The M.A. students get scholarships ranging in value from Rs, 15 to Rs. 20 according

to the divisions in which they pass the B.A. or B.Sc. Examination.

A Silver Medal, founded by Lord Northbrook in commemoration of His Excellency's visit to Jaipur in 1873, is annually awarded to the best graduate of the year from the Maharaja's College, Jaipur. A Gold Medal is annually awarded to the best B.Sc. graduate of the Maharaja's College, to commemorate the visit of His Highness the Maharana Fateh Singhji of Udaipur.


Director of Public Instruction, Makhanlal Bhargava, M.A.
Jaipur State, Principal and (All.), English.
Professor of English Litera-

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Damodar Prasad Saksena, M.A.
(All.), English.

Dattatraya Ganesh Dandekar-
B.Sc., (All.), Physics, Che-
mistry and Mathematics.
Nalini Nath Roy, M.A. (Cal.),

Manmohan Lal Mathur, B.Sc.
(All.), Physics, Chemistry
and Mathematics.

Vithal Vaman Tamhankar, B.A.
(All.), Sanskrit and Political

Vireshwar Shastri Dravid,
an old Scholar (Benares),
Mohammad Baqa, Munshi
Fazil Punj.), Persian.
Syed Altaf Husain, Munshi
Fazil (Punj.), Persian, and
Moulvi Alim (Punj.), Arabic.

Assistant Professor of English Hari Narain Tosniwal, B.A.


Assistant Professor of English

Literature and History. Assistant Professor of History...

Assistant Professor of Sanskrit...


(All.), Persian and Political Economy.

Durga Prasad Mathur, M.A. (All.), English.

Jagati Prasad Bhargava, B.A. (All.), History and Sanskrit. Surya Narayan Acharya (Jaipur), Sanskrit Vyakaran. Nanoo Lal Jain, I. Sc. (All.), Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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