SOS Venezuela: Disillusioned in the Age of Chavez

Mango Media, 2014 - 148 páginas
No money, no supplies, no structure and no hope. Anti government protestors made their voices heard in the spring of 2014 as they tried to redirect the struggling country, but it made little difference. Today the economy is sinking, inflation is over 60 percent, and barrel prices of oil are down globally. Venezuela is in a state of despair. Every day things get worse for Gabriel Mata Guzmán and his fellow citizens. Mata Guzmán, a reporter in Caracas, details the dominoes that began to fall in the 90s and the current state of his homeland. Through emotional firsthand accounts, he examines where they went wrong and where he fears they might be heading. #SOSVenezuela is more than a social media trend, it is a cry for help.

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