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day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from the evil one. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.'

- COLLECT. A Lmighty God, Father of thy Christ thine only*^ begotten Son, give me a body undented, a pure heart, and a watchful mind, knowledge without error, and the powerful influence of thy Holy Spirit, that I may obtain and assuredly enjoy the truth, through thy Christ, by whom glory be to thee in the Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen.

Then Jhall the Deacon say,

SEeing now, dearly beloved, that these persons are regenerate and grafted into the body of Christ's church, let us give thanks unto Almighty God for these benefits, and with one accord make our prayers unto him, that these persons may lead the rest of their lives according to this beginning.

Anfw. Lord, have mercy: We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

Then Jhall the Priest say,

WE yield thee hearty thanks, most merciful Father, for that it hath pleased thee to regenerate these persons with thy Holy Spirit, to receive them for thine own children by adoption, and to corporate them into thy holy church. And humbly we beseech thee to grant, that they being dead unto sin, and living unto righteousness, and being buried with Christ in his death, may crucify the old man, and utterly abolish the whole body of

sin; fin j and that as they are made partakers of the death of thy Son, they may also be partakers of his resurrection; so that finally with the residue of thy holy church, they may be inberitours of thine everlasting kingdom, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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'Then jhall the Prieft fay this exhortation following, speaking to the Sponsors Jirjl.

Orasmuch as these persons have promised in your presence to renounce the devil and all his works, to believe in God, and to serve him j ye must remember that it is your part and duty to put them in mind, .what a solemn vow, promise, and profession they have now made before this congregation, and especially before you their chosen witnesses. And ye are also to call upon them to use all diligence to be farther instructed in God's holy word, that so they may grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and live godly, righteously, and soberly in this present world.

And then speaking to the new baptized persons, be sjall proceeds and fay,

AN D as for you, who have now by baptism put on Christ, it is your part and duty also, being made the children of God and of the light by faith in Jesus Christ, to walk anfwerably to your Christian calling, and as becometh the children of light: remembring always, that Baptism doth represent unto us our profession, which is to follow the example of our Saviour Christ, and to be made like unto him; that as he died and rose again for us, so should we who are baptized, die from sin and rise again unto

righteousness, continually mortifying all our evil

and and cofrupt affections, and daily proceeding in all virtue and godliness of living.

'Then Jhall the Deacon add and fay,

<Y*E are to take care, that ye cothe to the Bishop **. to be confirmed by him so soon as conveniently may be, that so ye may be admitted to the holy' communion.



The FORM of

Consecrating the O I L for Baptism,

When the Oil for Baptism is to be consecrated, the Deacon immediately after the Nicene Creed in the Euchariftich Service, shall bring a proper quantity of sweet Oil of Olives in a decent vessel to1 the Bishop, who shall place it upon the Altar -r and then turning to the People, he {ball say,

The Lord be with you.

Answ. And with thy spirit.

Then stall the Deacon say to the People, Let us pray.

'Then the People Jhall kneel down-, and the BiJhop turning to the Altar, and sanding before it, Jhall say the following prayer.

O Almighty God, Father of Christ, and King of every sensible and intelligent Being, sane c|< -* tify Here the Bijhop is to make the sgn of the cross over the Oil this Oil in the name of the Lord Jesus; and grant it spiritual grace and efficacious power, that it may be subservient to the remission of fins, and may be a strengthening preparation for Baptism, that they who shall be anointed therewith, being freed from all ungodliness, may become worthy thy of initiation, according to the command of thine only-begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lordj through whom glory, honour, and adoration be to Thee* in the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen,

vhen the People Jhall rife, and the Deacon JJidtt carry the consecrated Oil into the Festry, or to some other convenient place.

Note, every Priest Must take care to apply to the Bishop for consecrated Oil, who Jhall upon such their application surnijh them therewith.

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