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EPUB may please him to give and preserve to our use the kindly fruits of the earth, so as it} due time we may enjoy them.

Anpw. Lord, have mercy: We beseech thee to £earus? good Lord.

Deac. That it may please him to give us true repen-r tance, to forgive us all our sins, negligences, and ignorances, and to endue us with the grace of his Holy Spirit, to amend our lives according to his holy word.

Anfiv. Lord, have mercy: We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

^tben Jhall the Priejl Jiand up and say, the Deacon


Keep us, O Lord, and preserve us by thy grace.

Anjw. Save us, O God, and raise us up by thy mercy. /

rfhen Jhall the Priest say the following Prayer.

i~\ Almighty God, O Lord most high who dwel, ^^ lest in the highest, O thou holy one who restest in thy holy places, thou great monarch of the world without original; who by thy Chqst hast caused thy knowledge to be preached unto us, to the acknowledgment of thy glory and of thy name, which he hath manifested to our understandings; Po thou now look down by him upon this thy flock, and deliver it from all ignorance and from every evil work. Grant that this thy people may fear thee with reverence, love thee with affection, and tremble, before the face of thy glory. Be merciful and propitious to them, and hearken unto their prayers j and keep them stedfast, unblameable, and unreproveable, that they may be holy in body and soul, not liavi ng spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that they may be perfect, and none of them deficient or


wanting in any respect. O thou their defender and powerful God, who acceptest not the persons of men, do thou assist and support this thy flock, which thou hast redeemed with the precious blood of thy Christ: Be thou their refuge and succour, their pro-, sector and guardian, their impregnable wall, their bulwark and security: for none can pluck out of thine hand; there is no other God like thee; in thee is our hope and strong consolation. Sanctify them by thy Truth, for thy Word is Truth. O thou, who dost nothing out of partiality or favour, whom it is impossible to deceive; deliver them from all sickness and infirmity, from all sin, injury, and fraud, from fear of the enemy, from the arrow that flieth by day, and the danger that walketh in darkness; and vouchsafe to bring them to eternal life, which is in Christ thine only begotten Son our God and Saviour; through whom to Thee in the Holy Ghost, be glory and adoration, now and for ever, world without end. Amen.

'Then the Deacon Jianding up and turning towards the People, jhall Jay,

LEt us pray to the Lord for his mercies and com-, passions, and intreat him to fend us the angel of peace, and all things that are good and convenient for us, and that he would grant us a christian end. Let us pray that this evening and night may pass in peace and without sin, and all the time of our life unblameable and without rebuke. Let us commend ourselves and one another to the living God through h> Christ,

Anfw. Lord, have mercy: We beseech thee to hear us, good Lor^,

Tshen the Priest Jhall say the Evening Thanksgiving.

/~\God, who art without beginning and without ^^ end, the maker and governour of all things by Christ, the God and Father of him before all things, the Lord of the Spirit, and the King of all intellectual and sensible beings; who hast made the day for works of light, and the night to give rest to our weakness, for the day is thine and the night is thine, thou hast prepared the light and the fun: Do thou now, O Lord, thou lover of mankind and fountain of all good, mercifully accept this our evening thanksgiving: Thou, who hast led us through the length of the day, and brought us to the beginning of the night, keep and preserve us by thy Christ; grant that we may pass this evening in peace, and this night without sin, and vouchsafe to bring us to eternal life by thy Christ; through whom to Thee in the Holy Ghost, be glory, honour, and adoration, world without end. Amen.

Then Jhall the Deacon turn to the People, and

Bow down your heads for the benediction.

Sshen the Priest Jhall say the prayer of benedic7ionx the Deacon kneeling, both he and the People reverently bowing their beads.

f~\ God of our fathers and Lord of mercy, who **-' hast created man by thy Wisdom a rational animal, and of all thy creatures upon earth dearj|| unto thee, and hast given him dominion over aff

earth- j earth; who hast also by thy will constituted princes and priests, the former for the security of life, the latter for the regularity of worship: Be pleased now, O Lord Almighty, to bow down and shew the light of thy countenance upon thy people, who bow the neck of their hearts before theej and bless them through Christ, by whom thou hast enlightened them with the light of knowledge, and revealed thy self unto them j with whom to Thee, and the Holy Ghost the Comforter, all worthy adoration is due from every rational and holy nature, world widiout end, Amen,

4nd after a pause the Deacon Jhall stand up and say to the People,

Pepart in peace.

flere endeth the Order for Evening Prayer throughout the Tear.




Catechumens, the Energumens, the Candidates for Baptism, and the 'Penitents.

Prayers for the Catechumens, or unbaptized persons who are receiving instructions in Christianity.

The Deacon being turned to the People, jhall fay,

\T E Catechumens pray: Here the Catechumens are .*. to kneel down, on Sundays and all days without exception: And let us all beseech God for them, that he who is good and the lover of mankind, would mercifully hear their prayers and supplications, and accept their petitions; that he would assist them, and grant them the desires of their hearts, as may be most expedient for them; that he would reveal unto them the gospel of his Christ, give them illumination and understanding, and instruct them in the knowledge of God and of divine things; that he would teach them his precepts and judgments, implant in them his holy and saving fear, and open the ears of their hearts that they may exercise themselves in his law day and night; that he would strengthen them in piety, and unite them tp and number them with his holy flock, vouchsafe

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