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knowcth our frame; and who can glory that he hath a clean heart? or who can say that he is pure from sin? For we are all worthy of punishment. Let us still pray more earnestly for them, since there is joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, that they may turn from every evil work, and constantly practise all that is good; that the merciful God would hasten to accept their petitions, would restore to them the joy of his salvation, and strengthen them with his free Spirit, that they may never fall or be shaken again, but that being admitted to communicate in his holy solemnities, and to be partakers of his divine mysteries, they may be made worthy of the adoption of children, and may obtain everlasting life.

People. Lord, have mercy upon them: Save them, O God, and raise them up by thy mercy.

Deac. Bow down your heads, ye Penitents, and receive the Benediction.

Then jhall the Priejl fay the following prayer, all (landing but the penitents, who are to bow their heads.

s~\ Almighty and Eternal God, Lord of the whole ^"-' world, creator and governour of all things, who by Christ hast made man to be the great ornament of the world, and hast given him both a natural and a written law, that he might live by the rules thereof as a rational creature; who hast also, when he hath sinned, given him a motive and encouragement to repent, even thine own goodness: Do thou now look down upon these thy servants, who bow the neck of their souls and bodies unto thee; for thou desirest not the death of a sinner, but his repentance, that he should turn from his evil way

and and live. O Thou, who didst accept the repentance of the Ninevitesj who wouldst have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth $ who didst receive again the prodigal son, that had spent his substance in riotous living, with the compassionate bowels of a Father, on account of his repentance: Do thou now accept the repentance of these thy supplicants, for there is no man that sinneth not against thee; and if thou, Lord, wilt mark what is done amiss, O Lord, who may abide it? But with thee there is mercy and propitiation. Restore them' therefore to thy holy church in their former dignity and honour, through Christ our God and Saviour; by whom glory and adoration be to Thee in the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

I'befi the Deacon being turned to the Penitents^ stall fay i

Depart, ye Penitents.

The Form of admitting a Person to be a Catechumen,

*To be used on Sunday morning immediately before the Prayers for the Catechumens.

Deac. What is thy desire ?.

Anfw. I humbly desire to be admitted a Catechumen of the christian church;

Deac: Wilt thou receive and follow the instructions that shall be given thee?

Anfw. I will thankfully receive them, and with God's help will diligently follo\v them.

E 2 Deac.

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Deac. Bow down thy head, and receive the Benediction.

Here the person to be admitted a Catechumen Jhall

kneel down; and the Prieft after having signed

him with the Jign of the cross upon his forehead,

Jhall lay his hands upon him, while he fays the

following prayer over him bowing bis head.

E adore thee, O God, thou Lord of the universe, and give thee thanks in behalf of thy creature, for that thou hast sent thine only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save man by blotting out his transgressions, to forgive him his sins and impieties, to purify him from all filthiness of flesh and spirit, and to sanctify him according to the good pleasure of his loving kindness: Do thou, O Lord, look down upon this thy creature, inspire him with the knowledge of thy will, enlighten the eyes of his heart that he may consider thy wonderful works, and make known unto him the judgments of thy righteousness; that he hating all manner of iniquity, and walking in the way of thy truth, may become worthy of being washed in the laver of regeneration, and thereby obtain the adoption of children which is in Christ; that being planted together in the likeness of his death, in hopes of the glorious fellowship, and being mortified to sin, he may live unto thee in thought, word, and deed, and have his name written in the book of life, through Jesus Christ our Lord j by whom and with whom, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, all honour and glory be unto thee, O Father Almighty, world without end. Amen.


Then stall the Priest say,

TP H E Lord Jesus Christ, who hath overcome ■*. Satan, and delivered us from the wrath to come, receive thee into his most mighty protection, that thou may est come at last by his blessing to his heavenly kingdom. Amen.

And then the person Jhall take his station among the Catechumens.

The Form of admitting a Penitent to Penance,

To be used on Sunday morning immediately before the Prayers for the Penitents*

Note, "This Office is to be performed by no Priests but those who are thereto licensed by the BiJhop himself

Pr. What is thy desire?

Answ, I humbly desire to be admitted to Penance. Pr. Art thou ready to make thy confession? Answ. I am.

'Then the Penitent Jhall kneel down before the Priest, and make his consestion in the-following form.

T Unworthy sinner do humbly confess to Almighty •* God in the presence of this congregation, that I have been guilty of manifold and grievous transgressions, in thought, word, and deed, [ particularly

Here the Penitent is to name the crime or crimes for "which he is to be put under penance, unless it be judged

E 3 impropef

improper so to do:] through my fault, through my great fault, through my exceeding great fault. I do earnestly repent, and am heartily sorry for all my misdoings. I am stedfastly resolved with God's assistance to lead a sober, righteous, and godly life for the future. I earnestly implore the mercy ^ of Almighty God, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ my Saviour; and that I may obtain it, I humbly beg to be admitted to penance, and earnestly desire the prayers of the church.

'then the Priest Jhall declare to the Penitent the penance which the Bi/hop hath ordered him $ after•which he stall ask him,

Wilt thou perform this?

Penitent. I will by God's grace religiously perform it.

Pr. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath said, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him will I also confess before my Father who is in heaven, grant thee his blesling-and remission of thy sins.

tfben stall the Priest lay hu hands upon him, while he fays the following prayer over him bowing his head.

- *

f~\ Lord God, whose long-suffering is not wearied ^^ by our sins, but who allowest us to appease thy wrath by our repentance; mercifully look upon this thy servant, who confesseth his sin unto thee: Give him a broken and a contrite heart, that he may recover from the snare of the devil, wherein he is. now entangled; and graciously accept his penance, that by his continuance in a state of mournful confession and prayer to thee, he may the sooner obtain

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