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Christ our Lord: And the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with you always. Amen.

And after a pause, the Deacon Jhall stand up, and Jay to, the People,

Depart in peace.

Note, that if the Eucharist be not celebrated on AJhwednefday, or on any of the fx days next before Easter, then the beginning of the Communion-service as appointed, with the Collett, Epistle, and Gospels Jhall be first said, and immediately after the Nicene Creed this Penitential Office Jhall follow.

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Collects, Epistles, and Gospels,

To be used at the

Ministration of the Holy Communion throughout the Year.

she Colleffs, Epi/lks, and Gospels, to he used throughout the year, are the fame with those. appointed in the Common Prayer Book of the Church of England. But Note,

That no Collect appointed for any Sunday or Holyday; is to be said at the Evening Service next before:

that the Introit, Collets, Epijlle, and Gospel, appointed for the Sunday, shall serve all the fVeek after\ where it is not in this Book otherwise ordered, and then that for the Sunday is to be omitted:

That the Introit, Collect, Epijlle, and Gospel, appointed for the Epiphany, Ajh-wednesday, and Ascension-day, shall serve for every day after to the Sunday following:

That if an Holy-day happen upon a Wednesday or Friday, the Lessons, Introit, Collect, Epiftle, and Gospel, appointed for the Holy-day, (hall be used, but the day shall be observed as a Fajl, except it fa Christmas-day ,*


That if an Holy-day happen us on a Sunday, the Lessons, Introit, Colkii, Epistle, and Gospel, appointed for the Holy-day, shall be used, and those for the Sunday shall be omitted: But if it happen on j4jhwednesday, or any day in Holy-week, on Eafter-day, the Sunday after Easier, Ascension-day, Whitsunday, on Monday or Tuesday in Easier or Whitfuniveek, on 'trinity Sunday, or on a Sunday in Advent, then those for the Holy-day shall be omitted.




Form of offering the Sacrifice, and os administring the Sacrament, os the Eucharist.

Note, 'that none hut the Faithful are to be present at this Office.

Before the Communion time the Deacon shall prepare so much Bread, Wine, and Water for the Eucharist, as he judgeth convenient; laying the Bread in the Paten, or in some other decent thing provided for that purpose; and putting the Wine into the Chalke, or else into some fair and convenient Cup provided for that use, and the Water into some other proper vessel. After -which he shall place them all upon the '•Prothesis, and cover them with a fair -white linen cloth.


she Altar at the Communion time having a fair white linen cloth upon it, Jhall stand at the East end of the Church or Chapel.

At the beginning of the Communion Service shall be said or sung (in the J ame manner as the psalms for the day are said or fung) for the Introit the psalm appointed for that day, the Deacon having first turned to the People, and said, The Introit appointed for this day is such a psalm.

'The Introits. Sundays in Advent





Christ mas-day. —.

Saint Stephen's-day.

Saint John the Evangelist.

The Innocents day.

Sunday after Christmas-day.



Sundays after Epiphany.

I. —


HI. —

IV. —.




Sexagefima. ——

Quinquagestma. ——

Ajk'Wednesday, m^- i

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Sunday next before Easier. - -54

Good Friday. 22

Easier Eve, » 43

Easter day. —— 98

Monday in Easter week. «— 117

Sue/day in Easter week. - - -—134

Sundays after Easter,



Ascension day.

Sunday after Ascension day.


Monday in fPhitfan-week.
Tuesday in Whitfun-week,
Trinity Sunday.


Sundays after Trinity.

I. Blessed are, See. ——
II. Wherewithal shall, &c.

III. O do well, &c. 3

IV. My soul cleaveth, &c. 4

V. Teach me, O Lord, &c. 5

VI. Let thy loving mercy, &c. 6

VII. O think upon thy servant, &c. 7

VIII. Thou art my portion, &c. 8

IX. O Lord, thou hast dealt, &c. 9


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