Magnetism and Deviation of the Compass: For the Use of Students in Navigation and Science Schools

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1876 - 126 páginas

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Página 113 - ... 16. State to which side of the ship, in the majority of cases, is the north point of the compass drawn in the northern hemisphere ; and what effect has it on the assumed position of the ship when she is steering on northerly, and also on southerly courses ? 17. The effect being as you state, on what courses would...
Página 65 - S2, etc., representing the sines of angles of 0°, lli°, 22^°, etc., remembering, however, that the cosine of an angle is the sine of its complement...
Página 10 - Hindoostan to Bombay; it then bends east, touches Australia, and goes south. In proceeding in either direction, east or west from the lines of no variation, the declination of the needle gradually increases, and becomes a maximum at a certain intermediate point between them. On the west of the eastern line the declination is west; on the east it is east. At...
Página 85 - has no hesitation in giving his own opinion, that the compasses used for directing the ship's course ought to be corrected, and that the efforts of scientific men ought to be directed mainly to the rendering this correction rigorously accurate, and easy of application.
Página 46 - ... exerted as a push. The single force which will produce the same effect upon a body as two or more forces acting together upon it is called their resultant.
Página 119 - B ? 14. If the value either of coefficient B or C be given, also the magnetic direction of the ship's head while she was being built, how by the traverse tables would you determine the approximate value of the other coefficient C or B ; and if the value of both these coefficients be given, how would you determine approximately the direction, by compass, of the ship's head whilst being built?
Página 114 - Northern hemisphere ; and what effect has it on the assumed position of the Ship when she is steering on Northerly, and also on Southerly courses ? 17. — The effect being as you state, on what courses would you keep away, and on what courses would you keep closer to the wind, in order to make good a given Compass course ? 18.
Página 105 - Supposing you have steered the following courses by the Standard Compass, find the correct magnetic courses made from the above deviation table.
Página 123 - ART. 82. 45. Given the heel, the direction of the ship's head by compass, and the heeling error observed, to find the approximate heeling error, with a greater or less given heel, and with the ship's head on some other named point of the compass, the ship's magnetic latitude being in both cases the same.
Página 108 - Deviations" which heretofore formed part of Form Exn. 7, the questions contained in the following list (B.) have been substituted. Candidates for Certificates of Competency as Masters Ordinary will be required to answer at least eight of such of these questions as may be marked with a cross by the Examiner. Candidates for First Class Certificates (Masters Extra) will be required to answer the whole of these questions.

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