The New Practical Navigator: Being a Complete Epitome of Navigation to which are Added All the Tables Requisite for Determining the Latitude and Longitude at Sea...

J. Johnson, 1807 - 328 páginas

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Página 2 - The circumference of every circle is supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees ; and each degree into 60 equal parts, called minutes ; and each minute into 60 equal parts, called seconds ; and these into thirds, &c.
Página 16 - EXAMPLE. If the diameter of a circle be 7 inches, and the circumference 22, what is the circumference of another circle, the diameter of which is 14 inches ? Extend from 7 to 22, that extent will reach from 14 to 44 the same way.
Página 1 - ... are supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees (marked ° ;) each degree into 60 minutes (marked ' ;) each minute into 60 seconds (marked ".) Hence a semicircle contains 180 degrees, and a quadrant 90 degrees. An Angle is the meeting of two lines in a point, as A (plate 1, fig. 2.) The point where they meet is called the angular point, and the lines AB and AC, are called sides or legs. A Right Angle is that which is made by one line perpendicular to another, or, when the angles...
Página 310 - ... home, when the rammer is to be drawn, and not before. While this is doing, the man appointed to...
Página 70 - SSE 32 miles— SSE I E. 27 miles— S. by E. 25 miles— S. 31 miles, and SSE 39 miles. Required the latitude the ship is in, and her departure from the meridian, with the course and distance to her intended port ? TRAVERSE TABLE.
Página 31 - ... SH is the complement of the arch AS ; SZ is the sine of the arch SH, or the co-sine of the arch AS. XXI. The VERSED SINE of an arch is that part of the diameter contained be*tween the sine and the arch ; thus RA is the versed sine of the arch AS, and DCR is the versed sine of the arch DHS.
Página 12 - ... line on the other side of the centre C. 6thly. From the centre C, through the several divisions of the quadrant BD, draw right lines till they cut the tangent ВТ; so will the line ВТ become a line of tangents.
Página 112 - ... These trade winds, on the American side, extend to 30, 31, or even 32 degrees of N. latitude, which is about 4 degrees farther than they extend on the African side. To the southward of the equator, the trade winds extend three or four degrees farther towards the coast of Brazil, on the American side, than they do near the Cape of Good Hope, on the African side. Between the latitude of 4 degrees N. and 4 degrees S., the wind always blows between the south and east ; on the African side the winds...
Página 16 - The solid content of any bale, box, chest, fcc. is found by extending from 1 to the breadth ; that extent will reach from the depth to a fourth number, and the extent from 1 to that fourth number will reach from the length to the solid content. EXAMPLE 1st.
Página 115 - These contrary winds do not shift from one point to its opposite all at once ; in some places the time of the change is attended with calms, in others by variable winds ; and it often happens on the...

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